Road to Sun & Moon: Demo Content

42 days until Sun & Moon release! Some of our older readers maybe remember our Journey to X & Y and Road to Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire countdowns back in 2013 and 2014. Now, we’re with back Road to Sun & Moon! What we want to see in the demo I am just as … Read more

Pokémon GO Announced For Apple Watch

Niantic Labs announced today at Apple’s event that Pokémon GO will be made available to Apple Watch. The Apple Watch version of the app will be slimmed down, and display the distance needed to hatch eggs, experience points needed to level up, and some information about the user’s fitness. Similarly to Pokémon GO Plus, the … Read more

Team Skull are Just the Delinquents Pokémon Needs

When most people think “Pokémon villain” they think of Team Rocket, as Team Rocket served as the antagonists for the first two generations of Pokémon, and continue to serve as antagonists in the Pokémon anime. However, for Pokémon fans who primarily enjoy the Pokémon video games, Team Rocket haven’t held the villainous spotlight since Heart … Read more

Legendary Gets Rights to Pokémon Live Action Movie

Legendary Entertainment has won a bid to create the first official live action Pokémon film. Legendary will be partnering with The Pokémon Company to create a live action film based on “Great Detective Pikachu,” a game which came out in Japan in early February, but has not seen a release elsewhere. Between this news and … Read more

Sun & Moon Speculation Pt. V: Starters’ Secret

Since Corocoro Magazine hinted that Rowlet, Litten, Popplio, and Rockruff (previously known only by it’s Japanese name “Iwanko”) all hide a secret, many Pokémon fans have speculated what that secret could be. Some fans have concluded that the Pokémon all relate to alchemy, or perhaps will all have Mega Evolutions, but some of us have … Read more