Legendary Gets Rights to Pokémon Live Action Movie

Legendary Entertainment has won a bid to create the first official live action Pokémon film.

Legendary will be partnering with The Pokémon Company to create a live action film based on “Great Detective Pikachu,” a game which came out in Japan in early February, but has not seen a release elsewhere.

Between this news and the overwhelming success of Pokèmon GO, Pokèmon seems to be experiencing a mainstream resurgence that rivals its popularity during the 90s.

Few details are known about the film so far, other than Universal Pictures will be handling the film’s distribution outside of Japan. This coincides with Nintendo’s partnership with Universal to create Nintendo themed attractions in Universal parks (although the Pokémon Company is its own autonomous company.)

We can only hope that Legendary and The Pokémon Company make the right choice and cast Danny DeVito as the voice of Pikachu for English audiences.