New Pokémon Sun & Moon Trailer Coming, Japan Gets GO

Today we have two exciting developments in Japan:

The first is that brand new Pokémon Sun & Moon information will be released on August 1st at 10PM. This will probably be another trailer showcasing new Pokémon or game systems.

The second is that the birth country of Pokémon has, at long, long last, received GO! Fans here have been waiting an eternity, but can finally see what the rest of the world is going crazy over. And yes, that means I will finally be able to try it myself!

<3 PJ

  1. We can rely on updates twice a month for now on, with the beginning and the middle both getting treatment. Exciting stuff, what an amazing year of Pokemon hype! I knew that the pain of 2015 would be worth it in the end.

    1. Ugh 2015 was painful. All my friends that were into Pokemon lost interest last year 🙁

      But now they’re back into it so yay for Pokemon GO and 2016 ??

      1. We don’t need people like that in Pokémon. If your friend can’t wait a year or two without a pokémon game and lose interest, they’re not real fans and shouldn’t be playing Pokémon anyway.

        1. I mean, it wasn’t really the wait that made them lose interest. It was all kinds of stupid people that told them to stop playing pokemon since its to “childish and boring.” Unfortunately everyone is always worrying about how people think about them so they stopped.

          But now that everyone is playing pokemon they are back in it and upset that they left from it for a whole year and a half…

      1. The thing is that ive heard of ppl finding shinies but since none of them have shown pictures then i think they are just lying

          1. I’m pretty sure it was him, but he was said something like “Well, shinies are in Pokemon GO and I’m gonna go looking for them for a bunch of hours”

          2. I meant to clarify that. I heard that there were shinies from some other person on PokeJungle and didn’t realize that it was still undetermined. Turns out that the “shinies” were faked.

    1. I’ve heard that shiniest haven’t been introduced. I bet if they do introduce shinies it would be in the gen 2 update since gen 2 is the gen that introduced them.

  2. Not surprised there’s news coming at the beginning of August. They’ve started this trend and I didn’t think it would end after only two months. Either way I figure they start focusing on the actual game features now that they’ve shown off a crap ton of Pokemon. At least that’s what I hope they do now. We have so many Pokemon from the games and yet we know so little about the region and gameplay. lol

  3. alright guys August 1st is going to be an ultimate Pokemon Festival,which means we need to figure out what will be in Pokemon Sun and Moon next,so let’s come up with some great ideas.

  4. Well I still stick with my prediction for next month.
    They will (possibly) revile the second stage evolutions for the starter Pokemon, and depending on how they look, will prove my rather irritating gut instinct telling me that those leaks for the final evolutions are real, or not. 😀
    Which I hope they are real. 😀

    1. not so sure we can really count anything out. I didn’t expect something like dewott to evolve into Samurott afterall.

  5. Oh yay! That’s great! I like this monthly news reveal.

    So I think we get a gym leader, maybe evil team?? two new Pokemon and some details on a new feature. What do you guys think?

  6. Nice <3 Really liking this news updates that they introduced 😀
    Would like to hear more about things other than new Pokemon, but I don't mind having a few surprises about those things when playing them 🙂

    1. *Cocks Shotgun*
      I do believe you should reconsider your previous statement

  7. Our ever so clever Gamers continue onward on their 10-day Journey to the ultimate Pokemon Festival,their trip will allow the see what new information will Pokemon sun and moon will give out next.*train whistle blows* in 10 days it is smooth sailing from here. 🙂

  8. As much as I’d love for new info, I think they should really stay put for a while. I don’t want every single pokemon revealed before the games even come out.

  9. This is what I love about this info release cycle. We get info, and then as soon as the dust settles, we get confirmation of a date for new info. Although I hope the game has some surprises.

  10. I just hope it’s Starter evos
    That way we can finally shed some light on the rumors

  11. I want gym leaders,city names,confirmation of megas. I’m fine with the number of new Pokemon as of now.

  12. Ok guys, I’ve made an updated list of the shinies I have remaining + those I have reserved. If you didn’t see my previous post, you can pick 3, and I got them from trades so some are nicknamed and I can’t guarantee legitimacy. Just give me your in-game name and FC, and you can give me Scatterbugs or whatever in return; they’re completely free!

        1. Great, my FC is: 4785-4857-4656. Also, maybe this is too much to ask but could I take the relicanth off of your hands too? I understand if I can’t, that’s alright.

          1. Thanks so much for the shinies! 😀 Sorry I didn’t have anything good to give you, I haven’t played in a while.

          2. It’s okay, I wasn’t looking for anything in return! I don’t care for shinies (despite my collection), and I’m not a battler, so I’m content with what I’ve got. 🙂

          1. Yay! Thanks so much :D! By the way those pokemon I traded you had pokerus so if you didn’t have it already enjoy it but if you did hey you have more fodder to spread it from.

    1. Im interested may i have auroras noivern and machamp?
      (are these three competitive?)

  13. oooh I’m super excited! since I finally have internet I will be getting a copy of splatoon and super Mario maker today! hype!
    also, cant wait for the new ad, that isn’t too far away. hope they confirm mega evolution. the treehouse has made me nervous that they’ve removed it. I will very very sorely miss my mega Altaria 🙁

      1. yeah I hope you are right. a lot of people hate megas, but it really gave some pokemon a second chance (mawile, I’m looking at you).

        1. While it ruined others (sableye, I’m looking at you.
          They completely took him out of the prankster and stalker niche that he filled.)

          1. Mega Sableye is a monster though! that thing is hands down one of the best megas in the game! or maybe that’s because I watch league battles and hes awesome there?

          2. He was my best Pokemon in XY meta, and was a prankster staller. It might be a good Mega (I was never into ORAS meta) but it changed the niche to an attacker.

          3. nooooo, mega sableye is super bulky disruptor. he prevents status moves with magic bounce so he cant be poisoned via toxic, and deters the opponent from using entry hazards. to top it all off, he has access to STAB knock off, and obviously the first turn priority will-o-wisp (the turn he mega evolves he still has prankster)


          5. Woah I had no idea that he still had access to prankster on the first turn. Thanks for the insight, I’ll have to get used to these for SM meta. I was never into the ORAS meta because I only had one copy, and I wanted to replay it, so I never used the ORAS Megas much. I really wish they’d patch XY.

          6. yeah I’m kinda surprised they didn’t patch x and y myself. the way mega evolving works is that the game decides the turn order before you mega evolve, so it has already decided that Sableye goes first, then it mega evolves.

          7. Then how could anybody possibly beat it
            Prankster is by no means a simple ability to counter
            It is beyond broken, you try to taunt it out taunts you, spams leech or sub or wisp crippling anything that doesn’t resist it
            And just cause nothing but trouble

          1. you know, I never had a problem with any mega pokemon. and I’m a super casual competitive battler (if that makes sense) that only uses pokemon I like.

          2. And I’m a psychopath battler who has battled the meta nearly every week for almost 2 years
            And believe me some are pushovers and some ruin your entire day with their BS

          3. yes I’m very aware that there are some very powerful mega pokemon (mawile, kangaskhan, salamence, metagross, lucario, etc.) and I’m also not saying I don’t lose, but if you are prepared, its definitely more than possible to overcome them. I’ve been into competitive battling since diamond and pearl haha that’s why I love those 2 games, they showed me that battling was more than just 4 strong attacks.

          4. and don’t forget Mega Venusaur
            Seriously that thing is just insanely bulky, they’re the absolute bane of my Poison conquering career
            Poison monos should be easy pickings but they always coast on it and Gengar (seriously half the time they don’t carry a single poison attack)

          5. my serperior eats mega venusaur for breakfast haha. sually they switch it in to counter serperior, but mine carried HP Flying to deal with it, and after a a good couple of leaf storm boosts (could tank venusaurs hits thanks to assault vest) wreck it with an hp flying!

          6. Which you could only do with the equally broken contrary leaf storm
            Try beating it without then I’d be slightly impressed

          7. but that’s the point I’m trying to make. someone decides to switch in a mega venusaur to wall my serperior, a pokemon that normally cannot handle mega venusaur, but since I took the time to weigh my options and prepare for that possibility, I can take it on. if you’d like another example, I also have a Vivillon on my team whos Hurricanes are no joke. My team also had a very strong Fire/Water/Grass core that was very bulky and formidable.

        2. I don’t necessarily hate megas, but I wouldn’t be disappointed if they’re gone. I don’t get much use out of them as it is, and I think it would give Gen 6 something to come back to in the future.

          1. Basically my thoughts. I don’t care if they are in of not, concerning the metagame, but the downside is that they seem to be replacing normal evos.

          2. Exactly. I’d much prefer time spent toward making completely new Pokemon. Ones that can actually exist on their own.

          3. aww man could you imagine gen 6 remakes? lol. to think, if hoenn remakes were released when BW came out, and they kept on the pattern, we’d be getting Black and white remakes after sun and moon, that’s just crazy to think about.

          4. Imagine Castelia in full 3D though. That would fulfill every wish I’ve ever had for Pokemon! But getting it in Gen 8 would make it even better, I hope.

          5. Wouldn’t it be more like gen 10? Cause D/P remakes will probably be Gen 8, rather than this gen.

          6. I’m glad that was not the pattern. I haven’t had nostalgia for gen 5 yet, so it’s way to early. I’d say wait until there is so much nostalgia that people are demanding it, and/or making memes out of it (hurrn confirmed)

        3. That second chance could have easily came in the form of a perminant evolution. Instead we get an AMAZINGLY designed mega evolution that’s only good in-battle, if you use a Mega stone, and honestly mega mawile looks so much more advanced in appearance than Mawile that I can’t even fathom how it’s not a perminant evolution. Some Pokemon completely change forms when they mega evolve, and others just slap on a new weave and say viola.

    1. Have fun, those are both fantastic games. They could last you ages if you let them 🙂

      1. I just really hope my internet is fast enough for splatoon. I did a check, (as suggested by Nintendo) and it says I’m within range to play it just fine, but I’m still worried. it runs online smash bros just fine, but I think splatoon is a much more fast paced game that connects to more than just 2 consoles… just worried is all.

  14. I gotta go to fart faced work….
    But this weekend I’m going to gather up the best Dittos of Adamant, Jolly, Modest, Timid, Impish, Careful, Relaxed and Sassy which are pretty much the best natures for every build of Pokemon

        1. Well try not to get caught if homicide is inevitable. It would be awfully quiet here without you. 😉

    1. You missed Brave, Quiet, Calm, Bold, Naive, Mild, Naughty…

      ALSO, you’re better off catching the dittos in S&M, so they’ll be Gen 7-certified.

  15. Hopefully they reveal a dark would be nice too. I’m guessing a gym leader, maybe some info on the evil team or a tease for them. And if they’re following a pattern, we might see the starter evos in September

          1. It’s really more of a evergreen tree mixed in with the abominable snowman
            Very little true yeti qualities

            Mine would be Yekid and Coldossus
            Ice/Fighting with either Iron Fist or a new ability Snow Sprint which Doubles speed in hail because something as fragile needs a leg up to be any use

          2. I always kinda pictured the abominable snowman to be hefty and large and slow moving , while yeti are more of durable ice gorillas, fast and wild. But maybe that’s just me?

      1. Aurorus is one of my favorite ice types! Maybe we’ll see the fossil pokemon soon too…

    1. They would never do that; they would’ve said already (Although I’d be fine, as I just got a new one :p).

      1. I know they wouldn’t but I guess the question there was more “how many people wouldn’t be able to play these if they were new 3ds only?” lol. speaking of which, how is new 3ds? is it worth getting one? I never really use the 3d, and as much as I loved Xenoblade chronicles on the wii, I don’t think id ever play it again (just…. too long, you know?)

        1. Well, I would definitely recommend it if you’ve got the money to spare. I don’t use the 3D either, but I feel the screen is much clearer and easier to look at, even when not in 3D. And loading speeds for starting up games, connecting to internet, etc. are much faster which is a blessing.

          1. alright I may consider it someday. its just something I overlooked as something I didn’t need. thanks for the insight though.

          2. I hadn’t considered it either, but when my old one stopped working, I decided to go ahead and upgrade.

          3. yeah that’s definitely a good reason to get on. I guess If mine ever broke, id get one too, I mean might as well. unless its like the sun and moon release date and I need one ASAP, id just get a 2ds lol

  16. I don’t know if this is important or not, but I just noticed that the next Corocoro claims to have a “Southern Islands Alola Guide.” Note that islands is plural, not possessive. Does that mean there are more islands, or is it simply referring to the southernmost island?

    1. From what ive see it’ll either be just talking about Alola AS the southern islands or it’ll be talking about the two islands that are technically more southern. They’ve focused a great deal on MeleMele island and I’d be willing to bet the majority of the Pokemon we got reside on either MeleMele or the Volcano island next to it. That could mean we’l start getting Pokemon specific to the island with the snowy mountain and the island that appears to be where the legendary Pokemon end up being. Either way it’ll be interesting. I’m hoping they start talking abut the region itself and less on the Pokemon. We’ve seen so many and I’d like to hear about Alola and it’s feature now lol

      1. That’s what I assumed originally, but I thought I might’ve been on to something. Oh, well. I do hope we get more focus on features. As many Pokemon as we have, we hardly know anything about the games themselves.

        1. Oh yeah definitely. I think this is the first time we’ve had so many Pokemon, but nothing specif on the region. We have a small handful of characters, but we know nothing about the evil team or story. I really hope that means they’re hiding something awesome for us lol

  17. *Pokemon Festival train continues its 10-day Journey throughout the land,until it was Blocked by a band of fairy-type pixies *Blow train whistle* Hey move out of the way we’re trying to get to our Pokemon destination! XD

    1. And I’ll add large rusty spikes and a cow catcher that’ll show those stupid fairies

      1. Good job the path is unblocked! *Blow train whistle* train continues its Pokemon destination! XD

  18. I hope next update they reveal some stuff about riding pokemon in the next update, and whether scolipede can be ridden or not. It’s one of my favorite pokes and I just got a shiny one from Wes and it would be just be awesome.

    1. I seriously doubt that the models when riding would be shiny, but it would be nice attention to detail.

      1. yeah same, they weren’t in XY or Oras (aka no shiny lapras or sharpedo)

      2. I don’t know I don’t see why they wouldn’t do that, I don’t think it would take that much effort you would just have to recolor the models in some cases. But still they didn’t do that in XY or ORas so I dont know, I hope ;~;

      1. You messed up the photo link, it links to a slideshow on an article not an image 😛 The particular island on the slideshow you linked is the same as the one I linked.

        That southern island on that map looks like the one I linked to me 😛

    1. It’s hard to say what they meant as “southern island”. Some people are saying that they were referring to the region as a whole as the southern islands rather than the islands that are more south in Alola. It could be talking about one island or all of them and the region of Alola is south of something. I guess we’ll find out next month tho. Either way I think we’ll definitely get more characters other than Pokemon. As well as a feature on the other islands in general. They’ve been going so hard on the actual Pokemon reveals that it almost feels like they’ve been biding their time before revealing new people and story elements.

  19. I hope chain fishing returns because I desperately want to see what shiny Bruxish looks like.

    1. Hmmm somebody snag some official art and replace
      Magenta with Lime green
      Yellow with orange
      Aqua with violet
      And purple with pink

  20. Friend code 0361-8092-8221
    if any of you have the balls to add my fabulous ass. Love you all (even Earthen) <3 <3 <3

    1. I’ll try and remember to add you when I get home from work 😛 I’m not sure what my fc is off the top of my head

  21. One thing that has been in the back of my mind, do you guys think that there will be sidequests (like the ones from Yo-Kai Watch) in this game? Especially since Yo-Kai Watch has been a huuuge success in Japan and the fact that upcoming Nintendo games seem to be breaking out of the usual formulas. Removing gyms (unconfirmed, coming from the Chinese leaks) could also be due to Gamefreak favoring sidequests instead.

    1. I honestly hope so because side quests are often my favorite aspects of games, especially in the Ranger series.

      1. Speaking of the ranger series, I’m bummed out that they never made a new ranger game for the 3DS or WiiU.

        1. Same, although I never played the third installment. I simply have not found it anywhere.

    2. If they did do side quests, I hope they would be a lot less frivolous than the ones in Yo-kai Watch. You don’t actually get anything from doing them in Yo-kai Watch.

      1. Your avatar just made me realize quests could be easily made possible through the Rotom Pokedex. It can show you the location of new quests as well as where to go for ongoing quests.

        1. Well the items aren’t ones that are really rare or anything, I would hope in sun and moon you would get something more than some not very rare item for completing a mission, maybe you could get bottle caps from them.

      1. I think the reason why ditto hasn’t shown up yet is because they don’t know how to implement transform as a move to use in gyms.

  22. Is chain fishing in ORAS? I’ve been chaining Carvanha, and I lost count after 70, and I’m starting to get irritated. x-x

    1. I thought so, although I tried to chain feebas and I got really long chains and never found a shiny one so I don’t know for sure.

      1. Well, my chain broke somewhere north of 100, so yeah I’d say it was some pretty bad luck. I even had the shiny charm…

    2. I used to chain (pokeradar) in X/Y, but I’ve since moved onto full-odds hunts.

  23. I hope towns and cities are bigger in S&M. I’m tired of them consisting of like four or five houses and a Pokémon Center. Yo-kai-watch had nice cities and areas.

      1. That’s hard to say though. XY’s map did not show every building, but ORAS’s map did. It could go either way.

    1. Eh. I don’t know about that based on some of the areas we’ve seen. Also, Yo-Kai Watch has a hub world. You can’t even enter all of the buildings.

      1. Yeah, the world in Yo-kai watch is one big city that is smaller than the worlds we traverse in Pokemon games. Pokemon games have small cities because if each city was the size of a city in yo-kai watch the world would take a painful amount of time to traverse and would have a lot more filler/unenterable buildings.

        1. They could be treated the way the apartments in Mauville Hills are- some locked, some vacant, some owners telling you to go away. Realistically, you wouldn’t be able to walk into everyone’s houses anyway.

          1. I just feel if they are going to make huge areas, I’d honestly like them to be areas such as caves and forests rather than large annoying cities, I like there being cities like castelia and Lumios but I wouldn’t want all of the cities to be like that.

        2. GameFreak did something similar with Castelia and Lumiose City. I just think it would add some emphasis to a living world! Yet, it’s rather unnecessary to fill areas more than what’s needed. It could be possible, not every door should be unlocked anyways.

          1. Am I the only one who gets lost in Lumiose City? I honestly have to use Fly multiple times or call a cab to make sure I get to the destination I want or start all over via Fly and then try to find my destination.

  24. I adore all of the new Pokemon we have gotten, but I want to see more of Alola. I know CoroCoro will cover one of the islands, yet I’d like to see more info on Alola lore. I also want to see the clarifications of Mega Evolution and the Special Attacks, more mechanics, and details of some areas. I would take less Pokemon in this update to see the aformented details.

    1. I mostly want to learn about some characters. Some more details on the ones we know, and maybe a reveal of some ones we don’t know.

    2. I agree. We barely know anything about the region/new mechanics, plus I don’t want to see most of the new Pokemon leaked by GameFreak like what happened with XY

    3. My roster is looking thin
      Popplio my creative battler
      Rockruff gutsy and loyal
      And Mudsdale the stoic powerhouse
      I need something the spice this team up maybe a Grass/Fire type

      And speaking of fire types I think it’s high time we got a Specially Defensive Fire Type, since to date the highest in Sp Def non legendary fire type is M Char Y at 115
      And non mega is Flareon at 110

      Since some asshole had the nerve to say “go get a water counter on a Fire Mono” seriously… outside the abysmal Char Y’s sun that’s fairly difficult to do

  25. Id just like to take a moment to say that Splatoon runs perfectly with my internet speed. For team Marie, in my very first online turf war, we covered 96% of the stage. Then i lost 2 but we arent gunna talk about that lol.

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