Gym Leader Showdown: Hoenn

Greetings Junglers, Evan here! It’s time for the results of last time. The best Gym Leader in the Johto region is… Clair! She won with 26% of the votes! Second place goes to Jasmine (22%), followed by Morty (21%).

GLS - Clair

This time we’ll have a look at the Hoenn Gym Leaders. Tell us who your favorite is and let us know why in the comments!

RoxanneHoenn - Roxanne

  • Gym Leader 1
  • Rock
  • Geodude and Nosepass
  • Rustboro City
  • Stone Badge
  • Rock Tomb (Gen 3 and 6)
  • Name: Rock
  • Trivia: Roxanne is the only female Rock-type specialist.

Hoenn - BrawlyBrawly

  • Gym Leader 2
  • Fighting
  • Machop and Makuhita
  • Dewford Town
  • Knuckle Badge
  • Bulk Up (Gen 3 and 6)
  • Name: Brawl
  • Trivia: Brawly is a Fighting-type trainer that likes water, while Crasher Wake is a Water-type trainer that likes fighting, plus they both wear blue, black and orange clothes.

WattsonHoenn - Wattson

  • Gym Leader 3
  • Electric
  • Magnemite, Voltorb and Magneton
  • Mauville City
  • Dynamo Badge
  • Shock Wave (Gen 3), Volt Switch (Gen 6)
  • Name: Watt
  • Trivia: Wattson is the founder of Mauville City.

FlanneryHoenn - Flannery

  • Gym Leader 4
  • Fire
  • Slugma, Slugma and Torkoal (or Slugma, Numel and Torkoal in Gen 6)
  • Lavaridge Town
  • Heat Badge
  • Overheat (Gen 3 and 6)
  • Name: Flame (omg that rhymes)
  • Trivia: Flannery is the only Hoenn Gym Leader whose team changed between originals and remakes.

NormanHoenn - Norman

  • Gym Leader 5
  • Normal
  • Slaking, Vigoroth and Slaking
  • Petalburg City
  • Balance Badge
  • Facade (Gen 3), Retaliate (Gen 6)
  • Name: Normal
  • Trivia: Norman is the only known father of the protagonist in the games.

WinonaHoenn - Winona

  • Gym Leader 6
  • Flying
  • Swellow, Pelipper, Skarmory and Altaria
  • Fortree City
  • Feather Badge
  • Aerial Ace (Gen 3), Roost (Gen 6)
  • Name: To winnow, wing, wind
  • Trivia: Winona’s Gym battle can be skipped until the League in Gen 3.

Tate and LizaHoenn - Tate and Liza

  • Gym Leader 7
  • Psychic
  • Solrock and Lunatone
  • Mossdeep City
  • Mind Badge
  • Calm Mind (Gen 3 and 6)
  • Name: Levitate
  • Trivia: Tate and Liza are the only pair of Gym Leaders. Tate is also the only male Psychic-type Gym Leader.

WallaceHoenn - Wallace

  • Gym Leader 8
  • Water
  • Luvdisc, Sealeo, Seaking, Whiscash and Milotic
  • Sootopolis City
  • Rain Badge
  • Water Pulse (Gen 3), Waterfall (Gen 6)
  • Name: Water
  • Trivia: Wallace uses his Champion team from Emerald in the Delta Episode.

JuanHoenn - Juan

  • Gym Leader 8
  • Water
  • Luvdisc, Sealeo, Seaking, Crawdaunt and Kingdra
  • Sootopolis City
  • Rain Badge
  • Water Pulse (Gen 3)
  • Name: Pronounced similarly to water
  • Trivia: Juan is the only Gym Leader without a VS-sprite

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  1. First off YAY for Clair winning, had no clue Jasmine was so popular. Guess she caused some wet dreams in many peoples childhood.

    As for gen 3, Winnona definately. She made me sweat with her Altaria.

  2. I used to have a crush on Flannery as a kid when Ruby and Sapphire were released lmao

  3. Winona! Flying-types are my fourth favorite types of all time and her design, her gym puzzle(s), and her epic anime battle with Ash makes her one of my biggest favorite gym leaders! Plus she’s really pretty, but still not as hot as Falkner.

  4. The “Gym Leader Showdown” is quickly becoming “Who’s the hottest?” contest. If you want proof, just look at the previous articles, or just literally scroll two comments down.

          1. And before something about spraying water to solidify the magma a quick geology lesson
            Volcanoes are basically a gigantic cauldron of infinitely increasing heat, half the amount of water or ice would evaporate before getting close enough to completely cool the molten rock and the rest would just barely do enough damage

          2. It’s cooked into a lifeless husk, dehydrating it and weakened
            Searing in its juices and rapidly burnt to ash

    1. Well… tastes differ. I mean, I don’t like big, bulky men and others love them and vice-versa. Plus, they may only note that aspect of the gym leader because it’s most relatable and an easy way to get your point across to someone. 😛

    2. I feel like I’m the only one who based his votes on the type difficulty and so on
      But then again i don’t find any of the Gym Leaders attractive

  5. As for my pick, Winona always gave me the hardest time, and as I’m sure you know by this point (I whine about it a lot lol) I love difficulty in Pokemon games, so I’ll have to go with her.

  6. I have a tough time deciding between Wattson, Flannery, and Norman. I’m not a fan of Norman’s outfit in the original RSE, but ORAS Norman is looking really cool. While it’s really close I may have to go with Norman actually. Wattson and Flannery are tied for second essentially. The rest are fine, but not as cool to me lol

        1. Sorry if this is stupid but is he also responsible for the Pokemon designs as well?

          1. It’s not stupid at all! We’re not sure which Pokemon he’s designed yet, but it’s likely that he’s done the official art for all of them. He’s notable for creating Xerneas and Yveltal though.

          2. When I find out I’ll know if I like his style or not. I REALLY hate some of them, but I REALLY love a few, so the response is mixed for me.

    1. Well they didn’t replace him. He’s just not designing all the art now. He still does the final versions of all the Pokemon and characters. It’s just now he’s taken more of a role as director rather than coming up with designs.

  7. That was a hard vote. I went for Tate and Liza since I loved their twin gimmick. They’re also Psychic users (including Xatu), so I’m predisposed to liking them 😛

  8. Norman’s trivia should be changed slightly to say the only known father of the protagonist, I mean Cedric Juniper is also a father!
    As for these gyms, the hardest were deffo Tate & Liza – Emerald version I think where they had more than one Pokemon each

    1. Yep, a very tough battle. They actually used strategy, Earthquake/Levitate, Sunny Day/Solarbeam/Flametrhower

      Tough for all the starters.

    2. There’s also:
      -Silver and Giovanni (confirmed in HG/SS)
      -Bianca and her dad
      -Roark and Byron
      -N and Ghetsis (whether or adoptive or natural remains to be seen)
      -Alder and Benga (it’s his grandson, but he’s still a father to someone)
      -Brendan and Birch (I think this is right? Either way, one of the protags is his child)
      -Oak and Gary (again, grandfather thing)
      -Barry and Palmer
      -Roxie and Pop Roxie (yes, that’s his name)

      There are probably more lol

      1. Always read the articles, I mean if people spend their time to write em, of course I’m gonna spend my time takin it in!

  9. Gonna have to go with Wallace. He’s it’s cool that he becomes champion and also that he mains milotic. Not to mention he’s a contest star and you can challenge him in the master beauty rank in ORAS! I also like (and also hate) Liza and Tate, because they were friggen difficult in Emerald. Third place goes to Flannery or Norman, who both posed a good challenge in Gen 3.

    Also, I posted this in the other article before realizing there was a new one…but I bet Comfey will be a gift pokemon!

  10. All of them, all of them are terrible
    I never liked Hoenn and ORAS was pandering and causes me nothing but anguish
    Earthen votes for Roark

  11. Honestly, this was tough… It came down to Wattson or Wallace. But I would say Wattson…. Just because I like his loud personality better XD

  12. Best set of Gym leaders in my opinion.

    Gotta give this one to Tate and Liza, simply for being unique. And my two favourite Pokemon are Psychic types (Metagross, and Gardevoir)

    1. I struggle between Malamar and Claydol
      Malamar because I like the design and Claydol since I like the whole floating psychic idol vibe and that’s it I really don’t like Psychic types

    2. Gen 3-5 all have good gym leaders. (Along with gen 1 but perhaps mostly for nostalgia)

        1. I like them all except Gen 2 (worst, imo). Gen 6 is alright, it’s just the leaders had little story influence.

  13. It was between the adorable Tate and Liza and fabulous Wallace and I chose Wallace.

          1. True but his only saving grace is that he has the intelligence to use a Honchkrow 🙂

        1. Don’t even get me started on little miss Air Battles
          *Spits* that kinda attitude in regards of gym leaders makes me sick

        1. Flat…lining the hearts of the all the men who think they have died and gone to heaven when seeing her

      1. You want to know the sad thing about both of these cards?

        They were both illustrated by a woman

  14. Of course Sabrina won… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    Of course Clair won… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    Of course Fannery will win… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    Of course Candice will win… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    Of course Elesa or Skyla will win… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    Of course Korrina will win… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    ( ͡0 ͜ʖ ͡0)

        1. True. We don’t get much backstory besides their speech before/after battling. Outside of that, unless the anime reveals anything or they’re party of the story, they’re just like every other NPC in the game

          1. Gen 5 is the exception though (Except the ice one) Most of those leaders are pretty good with Elesa even getting Bianca’s dad to give her permission to battle and stuff

    1. Candice won’t win. Volkner will.
      Elesa will win unova or maybe Iris..
      Korrina will probably win XY cause she actually had story presence but Clemont could give her a close race because he has anime influence.

      1. Candice is cool though. Volkner is just an emo cry baby.
        And Iris isn’t really that cool until she becomes champion. Drayden is the better leader.

        1. I like Volkner because of his character design and preference for electric types. Plus his gym is home to one of the coolest and greenest cities in all of pokemon. He is a bit broody but he opens up 🙂

          1. Sunnyshore city never really clicked with me I guess. I suppose I just didnt like cities with gyms you had to fight after you caught the legendary. I like going to the E4 right after

          2. The story is a bit flat after you defeat team Galactic. I agree that you should just go straight to the E4. I like Sunyshore though, it begs to be done in 3D and even receive some sort of cool expansion like Maville.

      1. But is it really girl power if you’re only voting for them because they’re sexy..? Seems counterproductive

        1. um i dont find them sexy.. lol. in all honesty mus of the female leaders are more memorable than the males one. the only bad batch of female leaders was gen 4

          1. I didn’t mean you personally 😛 But a lot of people are voting for them because they’re hot

        2. I was going to say the same thing. It’s more objectification if anything 🙁

          1. That’s how I feel. I don’t think any of the gym leaders are actually attractive, but I also
            1) am ace
            2) find it illogical be attracted to artwork

      2. The arm doing the punch makes sense, but the other arm that is setting up for a dab that never happens… it’s tilting me. It seem so lost ;_;

  15. Sad that Jasmine didn’t win, but whatev, I like Clair too 🙂
    I voted for Tate and Liza cause I found the idea of twin leaders that are Psychic and 1st and only Double Battle leaders awesome and still do <3 Plus they are adorable.
    I also really like Roxanne, Flannery, and Winona for various other reasons <3

  16. They’re all bland and two-dimensional.

    Sun and Moon better give us Gym leaders with actual Personalities :

    1. You mean Gym Leaders with a story presence? All of them have their own personality. I’m assuming you want leaders similar to the ones in B/W.

    2. Earthen’s Gym Leaders
      Sandra: Ground, Local Beach goer who’s known for amazing sand sculptures
      Rusty: Grass, Owns a large farm and raises Pokemon and crops
      Cade: Electric, Slacker arcade enthusiast, shirks off duties to play in town’s arcade
      Capt. Fluke: Water, Highly respect mariner who sailed the region
      Leopold: Ghost, a young Blind Violinist who communes with the spirit world
      Merlin: Psychic, A magician who uses his Pokemon to weave stunning tricks
      Tyra: Dragon, tough as nails wild women who command Dragons with great loyalty
      Masters: Fighting, old yet extremely seasoned battler who has been training with Pokemon since his birth

        1. Funny joke Dark type gym leaders
          And besides I had a dark type gym leader
          Bailiff: Dark, Chief of Police, originally was a criminal who decided to use his Pokemon to stop crimes then commit them

          1. Not trying to be a grammar nazi, but I assume you mean “than”, because it confused me for a second because you said he was originally a criminal but by using “then” you’re reversing the order >.< I like that though, perhaps we'll get one this gen :O

            90% doubt it though 🙁

          2. Hmmm then I’ll use reverse psychology
            Do you know what, I’ll use the one thing I don’t ever use,

      1. May I ask the name origin behind rusty? Wouldn’t it be better as a steel gym name?

      2. And if your wondering
        Dune Badge
        Sprout Badge
        Token Badge
        Brine Badge
        Void Badge
        Trick Badge
        Fang Badge
        Disciple Badge

        1. Gym puzzles
          Just a beach cove filled with trainers
          Corn maze….Maize Maze
          Player stands on a DDR platform and moves in adjacent with a screen match colors
          A pirate ship involving pulling down gangplanks, Gym leader crow’s nest
          A pitch black room and you must follow the music into different rooms
          Guessing games (parlor themed)
          Four switches each opening a giant dragon’s maw
          Five straight battles, no questions

  17. Flannery or Winona are my pick. Both are sexy Gym Leaders! Yet, I’m going to pick classic bae Flannery. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

        1. We need a petition to change the name of the contest to “Sexiest Gym Leader Contest”.

          1. We’ll I’m sure the 15 people who voted for Tate and Liza would beg differ.

          2. And we all know Wallace will win this, if not come close. Flannery is a fly on the wall

        1. Holding back from making a dirty joke here, I’m sure you can figure it out though.

  18. Winona because she is the most memorable gym leader in my emerald run ( her team is beast)

  19. Time for one of the best leagues (Emerald not RS). I loved how Emerald made this league.I have so many choices in this too Wattson Flannery Liza and Tate and Juan all are really.
    Roxanne 2/9: definitely the weakest link of the hoenn league but still pretty decent
    Brawly 3/9: Very hard gym leader Bulk up and Vital throw no bueno, but still not that cool
    Wattson 8/9: Something about his super happy face is just awesome and his team is amazing Especially having mantric he gave me trouble
    Flannery 7/9: You would think anybody that would have torkoal as their ace was bad but I was sorely mistaken!
    Norman 4/9: Cool dad thanks for never coming back home sometimes, ;~;
    Winona 5/9: So majestic, I love it
    Liza&Tate 9/9: These guys honestly have made me cry before many times
    Wallace 1/9: He was cool until he took Steven’s spot now I hate him! He is the worst part of emerald
    Juan: 6/9 Now he’s the cool guy here. And he’s fabulous
    TL:DR Im voting Liza&Tate

    1. Another thing I loved about Hoenn (Emerald) league is they actually used strategy!
      Omg Bulk up Makuhita, You’re only the second gym stop setting up!!
      Paralysis is a amazing strategy on its own and having Magneton AND Manetric Calm Down Im ten
      Flannery Having Attract Sunny Day, AND Overheat AND White Herb. This isn’t a wifi battle!
      Winona having: 5 pokemon/ Skarmory and Dragon Dance and Earthquake Altaria. Predicting most mega altaria sets since 2005
      Liza And Tate: EQ and flying/leavitate. Light Screen. Sunny Day and Solarbeam. Satan comes in two forms…
      Juan: Resto Chesto, Double team and ONE weakness (and you probably don’t have a dragon type thats not weak to its ice beam either) Just so scary.
      Emerald is hard, I have trouble every time I replay it. I love it!

        1. Lol, I’m not really a Steven fan. He’s not interesting like Alder or formidable like Cynthia. He’s just kinda…there. Better than Lance and Diantha though.

  20. Flannery cause she’s the “hottest” 😀 eh? Eh? Anybody? Nobody? Darn…ok

  21. I took inspiration from Tate and Liza for my own gym.

    Its a set of elite trainers both knights of an old castle, who are gym leaders who use Psychic and Dragon type Pokémon and they are the final gym leaders in my region. My regions gyms are decently levelled and the elite four is starting at lv 65+

    Alakazam (Mega) lv 60
    Starmie lv 56
    Metagross lv 55

    Garchomp (Mega) lv 60
    Kingdra lv 56
    Haxorus lv 55

    1. Not a bad idea, but I’m a stickler for traditions
      Why not dual Steel with one with Aegislash and the other Bastiodon or Double Dragons

      1. My 6th gym is actually steel 🙂

        Magnezone lv 44
        Scizor lv 45
        Aggron lv 45
        Excadrill lv47

        Magnezone is used to paralyze everything and excadrill is then able to sweep is the idea.

        1. Jeez just remember they’re here to test trainers not shove their face in the dirt laughing maniacally (Granted I’d do the same but then again I’m crazy)

    2. Lol, that sounds HARD! TWO megas?! For a gym leader?! Goodness, that’s one tough gym. Are you making a fangame?

      1. Yeah it’s just a bit of a laugh for myself really 🙂 My idea for the two megas is because it’s technically 2 trainers haha so they can get away with it.

        My elite four and champion have disgusting teams haha

    3. reminds me of me and my friends’s idea. Since one of her favorite types is fire and one of mine ice we said we would do a Fire Ice gym Where you have to melt some ice to get to us

      Talonflame 40 (Brave Bird/ Flare Blitz/ Roost/ Tailwind)
      Volcarona 42 (Heat Wave/Bug Buzz/ Fiery Dance/ Energy Ball)
      Blaziken 44 (HJK/ Flare Blitz/ SD/ Protect)
      Abomasnow 40 (Blizzard/ Wood Hammer/ Ice Shard/ EQ)
      Lapras 42 (Whirlpool/ Perish Song/Freeze Dry/ Light Screen)
      Froslass 44 (Shadow Ball/ Blizzard/ Reflect/ DDraining Kiss)

          1. now is 8pm in est time …the show should beginning in 9 pm.

            sonic game without Shadow is just a shit though …they should realize that.

          2. Yeah shadows very annoying, edgy just forget the sake of being edgy. That and all sonic games after Heroes are bad.

          3. Hey man at least sonic isnt dark and gritty just because its “cool” honestly its kinda annoying. Sonic isnt much better though.

          4. I mean, he is a little over the top sometimes but its not because its “cool” Shadow has a lot of personal issues that make him the way he is

          5. I hate typical hero ….they r boring just like Cena …..Dark hero is more interesting.

          6. Espio’s team was always my fav, Charmy was cute, vector was kinda an idiot and Espio was super cool, I honestly wish they got their own 3D game where Espio is the main character

          7. I dunno there’s boring Sonic (although I personally don’t find him to be such) and then there’s the annoying trying-to-hard-to-be-edgy shadow. The latter gets under my skin a TON more.

          8. I love shadow, but he does make the game good or bad, tbh everyone always hates on Shadow the Hedgehog (the game) but I actually love it and hold it high up there with Heroes, and the adventure games… the new games hurt my heart but I think they can fix it…. I really just want to see the chao garden return and have my fav character Cream return

          9. Of course they can fix it. All they need to do is higher playtester and actually give the team enough time to make a game.

          10. Hmmm… A lot if not all of my favorite sonic games are ones that don’t include shadow tbh. i.e. the original 2d games and Sonic Unleashed :/

  22. Signature Pokemon according to PWT

    Roxanne- Probopass
    Brawly- Hariyama
    Wattson- Manectric
    Flannery- Torkoal
    Norman- Slaking
    Winona- Altaria
    Tate- Solrock
    Liza- Lunatone
    Wallace- Milotic
    Juan- Kingdra

      1. I think Whiscash fits him more honestly, but I see your point they finally switched magneton to mantric but went from mitotic to Kingdra

  23. Roxanne for sure, especially after the redesign, in those leggings you can tell she has… Actually, on second thought im going to keep that thought to myself.

    1. Wow! A Roxanne fan! I’m surprised there are so few of you out there tbh. She’s really adorable :3

      1. I like her more after the redesign. Nosepass did put up a good fight back in the day too

      2. I wouldnt say “Fan”. I like her dont get me wrong but im a huuuuuge fan of Candice, shes by far my favorite character in all of pokemon, With viola ad a runner up.

        1. I really just ment as far as Hoenn gym leaders go. My favorite gym leader from Hoenn, Wallice, nowhere near my over all favorite gym leader.

  24. So this is kinda off topic but today I finally finished my new D&D joke campaign
    The Danger Rangers
    A renegade group of….”heroes” who savagely protect the innocent whether they want it or not, led by their obnoxiously heroic leader Biff Studley a vain over zealous paladin who leads the rangers in a path of truth and possibly scoring on the rebound, Trax Travers the weak wimpy engineer whose constantly abused by his teammates but he repairs the Ranger’s steam powered vehicle “The Badwagon”, Baron a hulking feral beast man who only communicates in growls grunts and bodily noises the DR found him in the woods and “adopted” him; lacks all forms of intelligence and acts like a dog, and lastly Roberto the team’s spy; a sultry charismatic bastard who steals anything not nailed down
    These idiots are a small village’s only hope for saving and I’ll be first to tell them….they are screwed

  25. I voted Tate and Liza because they were the first and I do believe only gym leaders to use double battling (as well as their being two of them) double battles will always be my fav type of battles and I really hope we see another gym with two leaders and double battles in the future. ^_^

    1. Idk the head bangin long haired dudes LSD seems to be kicking in so I bet its pretty good for him

  26. I voted for Tate and Liza who are actually my favourite gym leaders of all time 🙂 I find them super unique. As a child I actually used to hate them because they would beat me every time and I had to grind a lot in order to defeat them haha.

    1. I voted for Flannery for being the best looking Character of all time in Pokemon (Jasmine second, and Candice third)

        1. Yeah too me those are the most attractive gym leaders yet Flannery was good I admired her team for being that good to fry my Azumarril for a bit

      1. Bye hahahahhahahhahahhahahhaa-
        BTW I just saw who won the buyback and I- I’m so done with this season. Watch him target Natalie 🙂

      1. its just a huge mess all around… maybe this is why their past few games have been so glitchy, their team seems a little unprofessional

  27. I’m done at the beach I caught
    3 Magikarp
    Tentacool egg
    Nidoran male
    2 sandshrew
    Gastly egg
    Magmar on the freakin ocean in a boat!
    2 Duduo

    Still looking for Psyduck and I saw over 20 pasted me and missed all of them and a Sandshrew pic.

    1. Funny, my family and I went to the beach today as well. Finally got my Slowpoke haha my gen 1 bae will be here soon

          1. I own it and play both the sonic games every few months, they are still just as good 😛

          2. Sorry but your head isn’t as caved in as I remember
            *Wallops you with a crow bar*

    1. at least the host has an adorably peppy demeanour, it gives me a little ray of hope in this utterly tragic stream

          1. Peppy upbeat behavior
            Usually I feel an irrepressive urge to beat them savagely with a haunch of scrap metal

            I will be the dirt outta you with a rusty pitchfork if ya do

          3. Fine I won’t tough him
            *Snaps fingers*
            *A horde of mini earth elementals burst out of the ground and beat on him*

          4. don’t wake the beast that resides in this kind looking body earthen, I’ll show you just how twisted fairy tales can get 🙂

          5. *continues to smile and lets it happen*
            You shouldn’t have done that
            Watch yourself, you never know when the fairies will strike

          6. And a precaution
            *Drops a Nature’s Ward Totem*
            This bugger heals me every five seconds

    2. that’s look exactly like the old games ..kind boring …..they should add Shadow as playable character at least.

    3. They’re kind of grasping at straws here… Just relying on pure nostalgia :/

      1. one question I have is… why is a 2D old looking sonic game taking them that long to release… surely it won’t be that long of a game or really even take many of their assets up

  28. This old guy is just living right now, I swear
    him: “Holy cow my sanic songs still getting the kids and the ferries bumpin out their seats, I’m so cool”
    Him: “Im the sanic hero the world needs”

  29. Well I think tomorrow I’m going to either be replaying Sonic Adventure 2 or Robotnik’s Mean Bean…..don’t ask let’s just say I was really good at it

  30. Along with Sonic Mania coming to PS4 and Xbox One in Spring 2017, Sega just announced “Project 2017” for Holiday 2017 on the PS4, Xbox One and NINTENDO NX! I just happened to tune into the stream right before that was announced. I was almost certain Mania was it! I really need to play Colors now, at least. Sorry, I’m not even a big Sonic fan but this really excited me for some reason. Back to your regularly scheduled Pokemon website.

  31. the Pokemon Sun and Moon Journey continue onward,there was only 9 days left until their train ride was over.

  32. Here are some points from the Famitsu Interview with Shigeru Ohmori & Junichi Masuda:
    – Reconfirmed that Ohmori is the director of the game since Masuda wants to pass down the torch of game development to key employees.
    – S/M will have no grid restrictions, they revamped the trainer’s line of sight (with the new animation seen in the E3 footage), they’ve received a lot of positive feedback about the UI and look of the game.
    – The sea and sky could be easily seen on land, they worked on displaying proper time progression from day to night, you could hear the sounds of waves when you walk near the ocean!
    – They used a new visual engine in the game, which is different from X/Y, it allows them to represent things more leisurely and show trainers in battles.
    – Solgaleo and Lunala govern over nature. While designing Pokemon, the team tries to deeply understand their movements (like Rowlet tilting its head 180 degrees).
    – Pokemon S/M has a mature presentation by incoperating breathing and living environments.
    – Battle Royal was created to have battles more closely. A strong trainer cannot always win the Battle Royal as others could team up on them.
    – Rotom PokeDex was created because the team thought a living PokeDex would be cool, so they stuck a Rotom in it.
    – Characters will have more animations ans expressions in cutscenes to make the cutscenes more immersive in the story.

    1. This all sounds like they have done a great job on it I will definitely team up in Battle Royal

    2. “Ew Ohmori directed xy and oras there is no way sm will be good then!”
      -People who complain to complain

    1. By the way why is their no father in any but gen.3 and only a mother? Someone please explain

      1. idk a lot of people have absent fathers in real life, like where I live even though most of the fathers are still around they are deadbeat dads who don’t care about their kids or wives at all, maybe they wanted to be true to the real world lol

        but in all honestly idk

        1. Yeah most dad’s are a little dead beatish (happily not my dad) so I can see that I guess it will be one of those mysteries that will be unknown for now

          1. It’s no longer on chatango… well the chatango one is there but it’s dead. We’re all on Discord now. I dont have the invite link on me rn but Im sure it’s on the chatango chat if you scroll up a bit.

          2. Because chatango gives trouble. It deletes messages randomly and Discord just looks better, plus Discord has a feature to have multiple channels so you can talk about certain things in different channels.
            We have a general chat, a pokemon, splatoon, tv discussion, etc

          1. yeah but there are more absent and deadbeat fathers in the world then mothers

      2. How about some progression GameFreak. Make single parent in Gen 8 a dad.

        1. True true a change where the mother is absent you might have a better relationship with him than your mom who is saying ok go off now

        2. I honestly think they should have a single dad. They kinda paint them in a bad light.

          1. Or how about one where you have your dad, but the professor for that gen is your other parent! and it’s your other dad!!!! /~

  33. Fuck it all to fucking hell
    Once a successful 4.6k rating down to a pathetic 1.2k

  34. What major changes are you wanting to see in the next games? Or any major additions?

    The most obvious/ popular ones:
    HM’s going bye bye and replacing them with (someone else’s idea of) passive abilities.
    More postgame.
    Remaining the champion after E4 and protecting your title.

    Personal dream:
    I have said this before, but I want Ice to get a new type advantages to buff it up. Maybe make it strong against fairies to weaken that overpowering type rn.

    Minor additions/ changes:
    New weather: Fog/ Smog. Ghost types are immune to its effects, everyone else loses accuracy.
    Dialogue from NPC’s that changes if you continue to talk to them. I want this world to feel more alive.
    Keep the pokemon that fly by (like wingull and beautifly in ORAS). Add some swimming nearby, etc. Imagine a swarm of cutiefly buzzing past you. Looking up and seeing a Komala in a tree, etc.

    1. Fog actually does exist in Sinnoh it lowers accuracy in it appears before Celestic Town and Mt. Cornet before Snowpoint City.

      1. OH sweet! I totally forgot! Still would be nice to have it as a move in these games.

        1. Or make it so that, yes, it affects the battles, but we don’t need to use Defog to actually see where we are moving our player. I would be fine with a low fog that we can still navigate through, but the use of Defog was annoying.

        2. That would great!
          And my idea of what might happen

          They may have a few HM’s but I doubt Surf or Fly will be back since riding Pokemon is available but I believe Cut may be back and possibly Flash

          Gyms may be modified to be different then the usual gyms.

          My hopes that the Pokegear comes back and that you can Rebattles gym like things

    2. To add onto your smog idea, make it like a poison type hail. Make poison types faster and stronger in smog plus it hurts everything except poison types every turn.

      1. I thought about poison types, but they already have toxic, and ghost doesn’t have a weather or status effect in their arsenal that’s specific to them if I’m remembering correctly.

    3. The HMs are never going away, why is this such a difficult thing, obstacles blocks progression, HM to find, Badge Needs to be obtained, Gym battle, progress
      And ice could never be improved at this point

      My Personal Dreams, that Super Attacks are only during F4As, Fairy Weak to Fire
      5-7 Fully evolved Pokemon of each type that way everyone has a wide range
      Prankster completely gone
      Customizable Pokeballs
      A god damn cowboy hat and visible mega accessories

          1. I think u misunderstanding me ….if the pkmn learn cut and then u delete it …ut should be still work in over world ..still cutting tree without having cut move ….just a wish.

      1. Oh yeah! I want new pokeballs! Those are always fun. I used to be a fan of only using pokeballs and masterballs (OCD) but I’ve since tried using whatever I can!

        And Ice can totally be improved. Dragon and psychic have been nerfed. Poison became even more competitive last gen, etc. It can be done.

        And passive abilities could totally still be based on progression. A gym leader gives you the knowledge of how to cut (for example). You as a trainer now know how to teach any of your pokemon who can cut how to do so effectively. They could give it some name like the O-powers were given a special moniker. They wouldn’t even need to go into that much detail. It could honestly just be unlocked and shown on the party screen like they are when HM’s are learned by your party pokemon.

    4. I like ur last point seeing pkmn swarming around u is cool idea …and I would like to catch them in this way …it would be better than find them in the grass …they need to put many way to find pkmn ,finding them on the grass is so typical.

    5. Battle frontier
      Gym rematches
      Expansive post game
      More interactions with gym leaders outside gym
      No hms/ Lessen need for hms
      Challenge mode back
      Ice type buffs
      Medal System

    6. HMs are not completely going bye bye. I think GameFreak will decrease the amount of HMs to Fly, Surf, and Strength.
      Buffing Ice Types is needed and debuffing Fairy Types is necessary.
      We’ve already had Fog in D/P/Pt; it was fuckinf awful, which is why it never came back.
      I doubt that NPC stuff will happen. No modern RPG (except Persona with Cooperations and Social Links) have that. It’s a waste of time.
      We’ll see some Pokemon in the environment.

      1. Its just a hope list. No need to tell people their hopes wont happen. Im sure the person knows the chances. Plus you saying that doesnt add to anything to their hopes. We can have hopes even if says otherwise.

          1. Lol but the thing is, we never know what will happen with Gamefreak. People thought another type would never happen. *Fairy says HI*

          2. True. I knew the Fairy Type was happening because of rumours. I didn’t mean to super harsh. I just hope you saw what could and could not happened.

          3. Oh yeah no worries. I made the list, I expect to hear responses both in support and against. I have counter points. Its all just good, speculative, communal fun.

          4. You know, when you post things on the internet your open to criticism? It’s nothing new and I’ve sone this before on “hope lists” others have posted. Sorry, if you thought I was rather tough, but it’s internet talk.

          5. Youre right. Im sorry. That was my fault. It’s just a little (big lol) pet peeve i have when people criticize someone just for dreaming. I wasnt attacking you either. Just the second one to see do it so i thought i woyld say something I apologize.

        1. Lol its okay, but thanks! I think you can still have progression in the story with passive abilities or items (like the Eon Flute) that are given to you after beating a gym leader.

      2. Fog will if Diamond and Pearl get remakes Go Remakes of my Favorite games!!

    7. HMs will probably never leave because they are roadblocks to a story. Hopefully they decrease
      I want the PWT back.
      Ice/Poison being buffed. Fairy to be debuffed (what was GF thinking tbh)
      Competitive abilities, which looks like then generation is doing

    1. noooooooo it has to be hideous under there! that’s too cute to need a mask for its entire life! I want to see mouths for eyes and other messed up shit like that

    2. I love Mimikyu and I hope it evolves but there is no way that it is more popular than pikachu. Absolutely no way.

        1. Why does it make sense? I’ve never heard of a furry ghost. Ghosts are usually slimy or whispy.

          1. Well I would hope if they did do a fuzzy ghost type it wouldn’t be fuzzy just to be fuzzy. I would only like a fuzzy ghost type if it was fuzzy for a reason.

  35. Tough question here: If you had to get rid of one type from the game, what would it be and why? (Please dont just say fairy because its the newest, like I wanna know a good reason)

    1. Honestly, ground (it has nothing to do with earthen though). Most of the grounds could be retyped to rock or steel, or could just drop the type altogether.

        1. yeah but earth would confuse people as that encompasses grass and plants as well as the ground and such

          1. Well, mushrooms aren’t considered plants so calling Paras, Foongus, et al. plant-type Pokemon wouldn’t be scientifically correct.

            And yes, mushrooms aren’t grasses either. So I theorize the GF staff wanted a catch-all term for plant-based and plant-like Pokemon. Thus they settled on grass, which is akin to fields where plants grow from.

          2. Language, dude.

            And yes, I know that. Read my previous comment for my thought process.

    2. Rock because honestly having both rock and ground is a little redundant and all rock pokemon could be considered ground but not all ground pokemon could be considered rock.

          1. Lol Its cool. Rockruff is a temp profile pic right now. I plan to change it later. Ice is still my all time favorite type.

          2. Rock would be better if they worked harder to differentiate it from ground. When I was younger I didn’t even realize that there was a rock type. I thought rock and ground was the same exact thing. Their weak against almost all of the same things

    3. Honestly the Normal type, it truly serves no purpose and many of the Pokemon classified as such can easily be retyped.

        1. Simply my opinion. I don’t understand what the type entails and why it exists in the first place.

          1. I think it exists purely for that reason. Like, it encomapsses everything that cant be classified. Miltank, for instance, really doesnt fit anything. Its not a fighting, not a ground, not a fairy, etc.

          2. That’s understandable. I couldn’t really see Miltank taking on any other type, yet it’s one of the few I can think of that can’t be retyped. Perhaps a name other than “Normal” would best fit the type’s diverse roster.

          3. Im not saying I disagree with you not wanting normal type, but I do disagree that most of them can be retyped, they would have to create another basic type for them if their wasn’t normal

          4. I saw that, I believe that they are one of those random you tubers that I don’t watch willingly, one of the clickbait-y ones

      1. I disagree, I think there are some Pokemon such as ratata that, while I suppose they could be fighting or fairy(but I digress), make more sense not having a real element associated with them because they are elementally plain.

        1. And I get that. I think it’s the name that makes it a rather strange type to associate with so many different Pokemon.

          1. (This is gonna sound like im attacking you but I promise Im not): What would you call it instead?

          2. yeah but really, they are normal in a nutshell, so changing the name doesn’t change what they are, y’all said you didn’t like the name so i suggested another one, but you cant really change what they are

          3. That’s a good question. If I had the option, I’d get rid of the type altogether. The thing about Normal-type Pokemon is that they aren’t normal. They don’t fit any of the other classifications so they have their own category. Perhaps a word synonymous for unique would best fit them.

          4. yeah but in the pokemon world they are not unique, they are just there, normal, basic. Yes still amazing pokemon, but still normal.

          5. True, I think it would be better if they didn’t tack it on to Pokemon with elemental types already(i.e. Flying types), but it is what it is.

          6. IDK I can see them adding it to make that pokemon unique in typing, make it weak to fighting as a way to balance it, but its also given to some of the creatures that are based on animals (like heliolisk and pyroar in the new gen). Maybe thats what normal is, the “animal” type wihout actually saying “animal” since its in another universe.

          7. that pretty much is what it is, with the exception of a few pokemon, I thought thats what most people knew it as but maybe thats just me

          8. I had my own mini personal epiphany that many have known for years. Good on me.

          9. The problem is that they are inconsistent about it. There are plenty of animal designs that don’t have the normal typing such as the pikaclones, elemental equines, and the 2 fire type dog lines to name a few.

          10. Yeah I think its for animals that dont have an element attached to them. Everything you named has an element. Some have two types. And then some of the animals that have an element and normal typing is probably for balance sake and maybe to justify movepools.

    4. Fairy.

      Because it’s incredibly strong in its current state. I wouldn’t mind it being weakened slightly, another weakness and a couple of things that resist it.
      Also They were introduced to counter Dragon Types, but due to the extensive move pools of most dragon types, they just forced them to adapt their move sets slightly, causing fighting and dark to take the brunt of the fairy revolution. (Also they screw my favourite fighting type, Scrafty)

    5. I’d get rid of Rock. Not very many interesting designs, and those Pokemon could have Rock replaced with something else like Ground.

      1. Also, looking at the list, if you remove fossils, there are very very few rock types.

        1. That’s what I mean, and you could easily replace the fossil’s Rock typing with Ground since they exist in, well, the ground.

  36. If we were to return to Kalos in the postgame of S/M, on a storytelling level, how would that tie into the story of Alola?

    1. I dunno, at night there is a moon, and in day you see a sun? So… every region has the Sun and Moon

    2. Yeah with Zygarde, Alola could be a model for a perfect ecosystem, so you are tasked with helping Kalos after becoming the champion (and thus a master of the Alola region) because something is up and Zygarde is going CRAY.

  37. Going off of Rockcrawdaunts awesome question, I have one of my own. If you could add one type to game that is not already in it what would it be? (this is just a theoretical question so calm yourselves if you’re gunna rage)

    For me it would be sound type because there are already so many sound based moves and a lot of pokemon the have sound motifs like the Noivern line, Explode line, Chatot, Meloetta, Kricetune line, jigglypuff line, and chimecho line
    ohh and Audino

    1. Aw thanks! And yeah, id go with Cosmic/ space type. Give it to clefairy, deoxys, jirachi, beheeyem, etc. Itd work great. So many cool opportunities: a comet pokemon, an orbiting pokemon, more aliens, etc.

        1. It could be another actual nerf for dragons since they could arguably be based on dinosaurs and you know, meteors, and stuff.

          1. true (lol my poor dwagons) (its my third fav type, used to be my fav)

          2. Lol i like them too, the problem isnt with their resistances and strengths, its that compared to other types (like bug) there are very few if any weak dragon lines.

          3. They should make Dark and Fighting have something on Dragons like Dragon Super effective against Dark for thrives would sneak into Dragon lairs and be killed or escape with treasure and Fighters would be Knight like and Beat Dragons like that.

      1. Psychic is already as Cosmic as we should get. Itd be pointless to add it in. It would just unbalance the game like fairies did.

        1. Or rebalance it! 😀 Make it super effective against fairies. Science vs. fantasy.

          1. It has three weakness and is only strong against poison and Fighting. The only way it would be buffed too much is Gardevoir.

          2. If it wasn’t weak to Bug. The bug type would be the worst type in the game only having Grass cause let’s be real if it wasn’t strong Psychic it wouldn’t on Dark

          3. THIS!!!! Cosmic type would be a great addition. Being pyschic and being literally from outer space are two different things

      2. I agree with both types. They are the only ones that make sense, and there’s already a number of Pokémon and moves that can be classed as such. Sound and Cosmic would be a prefect finish to the type chart

    2. *trying to suppress sound type rage*
      Um… I think I would want a………………………. Uh……………. Nuclear type… I don’t know….. I’m fine with the types we have honestly.

      1. yeah thats fine, its just a question, I’m not saying I want it to happen because I don’t, I like the types we have now, but I think its a cool theoretical question….

    3. I honestly don’t think we need another type, and I have a really hard time with this. I would have to agree with you on sound, but still… I think it fits with the normal type…

      1. ok… once again… its just a question, I’m not saying I want it I was just hoping for some creative responses but thats cool

        1. Yea totally… I know it’s just for discussion, I was just saying it’s so hard to think of another type since we have basically everything. But sound is definitely a great idea!

          1. idk I can think of like 30 different theoretical types off the top of my head and reasons for all of them but I guess thats just me, thanks though

          2. Light, Magic, Bird, Spirit, Multi (Kinda like the opposite of normal), Cyber/Tech, Virus, Mythic (a type for legendaries), Dream, Neutral, Plasma, Fossil, Air, Space, Mystery, etc

            Now obviously a lot of these types are very similar to types we already have, but that was the point of my question, to be creative.

          3. Aight. Yeah you’ve got some copies of ghost, flying, psychic, electric, rock, etc. But dream type sounds cool. And a mythic type with either nothing special about it (to balance legendaries) or some great advantages (to make them really special for once) would be tight.

          4. yeah some of them could be considered copies but at the same time not, like bird/flying and flying/air, yes a lot of flying types are birds but not all, bird would just be a specified version of flying for some pokemon, also flying=/=air because air is a separate thing, but as it is right now in the pokemon games flying=air 🙂

          5. Yeah I’d like flying renamed to air, but having a bird type is kinda pointless since it would just make things complicated. More so than they need to be.

          6. But that sort of typing is incredibly too specific. If that’s the case then we would need a “type” to reflect every animal. If there’s a bird type then we would have to have a rodent type, a fish, a cat type, etc. that’s not how these games operate and idk why you would wish to muddy the wwhole game up.

          7. excuse me, but if you had any decency to actually read my other comments on the matter you would know that this is not something I want and am quite happy with the types that we currently have, so get it through your head already that this was a “just for fun” question and stop being so rude just because you feel like you need to have an opinion on everything to feel validated….

          8. I did, I’m just saying that, while these are creative, it is hard to come up with a new type that is not encompassed by another type, which I’m sure is what Pokemania88 was saying.

          9. yeah but I wasn’t asking for a new type that was totally unique or not already infringing on another type that already exists, so it really doesn’t matter if they are redundant or not, it was just supposed to be a creative fun question

          10. I like almost all of them I think fossil could be a type that would replace Rock for the Fossils!

            Mine would be Celestial, Magnetic, Crystal, Light, Beast.

          11. Light and sound will never make sense as Pokemon types. What’s next? a time type? All things on earth produce sound, light, and time. These are not elements

          12. I always say Cyber type would make more sense than a sound type.

            A celestial type would make sense too seeing as there are so many Pokemon already with strong connections and references to outter space

    4. I’ve always been a person that doesn’t like to add new typings, but I can agree with you that Sound type makes sense 🙂 It’s one of the only ‘new type ideas’ I can get behind

    5. Maybe a King type for more Regal Pokemon and Crystal type is a good one for some rock types and Fossil you mentioned earlier would be good for Fossils like Omanyite Fossil/Water, Aerodactyl Fossil/Flying, ect.

    6. Jesus Christ I hate when people make this suggestion. Sound is not an element people. It’s not an element, it’s not a classification, it’s not a cultural phenomenon. If there were be a sound type, would EVERY Pokemon fall under this category? Seeing as how pretty much everything that has mass on earth typically generates sound.. Not to mention that sound doesn’t even exist in most environments outside of earth.. There’s no sound in space, would a sound type be able to exist there? The whole idea just doesn’t make any sense when you think about what sound really even is.

      1. I’m well aware of all the things you just said but really, whats your point? dragons are not an element, fairies are not an element, not all the types are elements…. see this is what I was talking about yesterday when I said people didn’t understand my “just for fun” question, I don’t think there will ever be a sound type, or a light type, that wasn’t the point, it was just a fun question and for you to be so rude about it isn’t necessary so why don’t you go bother someone who cares

          1. Wait you Are 7 yet your friend green is 13 wow you guy are far apart in age

          2. Nah, i’m just pulling his leg, I’m the same age as Green XD, I don’t think he saw the Slaking

          1. OH NO. Not like that. Way more in the… I live for moments of confusion and “who are you’s.”

  38. Here’s another question(because we seem to be in a Q&A mood today): If you could remove one FEATURE from Pokemon what would it be?

    1. I LOVE QUESTIONS. We need this energy when we are in a momentary info drought.

      I dont like berries. At all. The whole “one time use, you have to grow em system” sucks.

      1. Plus most berries’ effects suck anyway, the only advantage to them is that the Pokemon holding them can eat them in battle, I’d rather them be overhauled than removed personally though.

        1. They’re pointless and there’s so many. People complain about the eventual multitude of mega stones- look at berries….

          1. They aren’t pointless though, their uses are to:
            1. Heal status conditions, HP, and PP in a competitive setting or without loosing a turn
            2. To create Pokemon food for contests

          2. You asked me what I would remove. The game is pretty balanced. I had to choose something lol. Berries man. I almost never use them.

        1. I want the game to teach you as much as GO did. Or teach you without directly teaching you, if that makes sense.

      1. With the addition of the Rotom Dex, I think we’ll be getting an even more extensive tutorial, unfortunately. Hopefully there are features you can toggle on and off to make for a less assisted experience.

    2. That Trainer PR Studio from XY. It likely won’t return, but it was useless and I didn’t have any fun utilizing its tools. Contests should have been put in its place in XY.

      1. I wish contests were more like they were in the anime. But how they would go about doing that is beyond me.

    3. Uhh something to remove I don’t know but I would bring back naming your Rival since BW excluding 2 you can’t name rivals!

  39. *sighs* I wasn’t aware that trying to be creative was such a foreign concept in the jungle, or that it had rules but cool… (╥_╥) bye

    1. My goodness, can we not have a discussion?! I’m sorry if I offended or alienated you 🙁

      1. no you both were fine, i just feel like no one really understood my question and took it as a chance to explain why we don’t need something rather that just have it be a fun discussion :/ I’m not offended or alienated I just feel like people didn’t understand what I was trying to say and I don’t know how to fix that

        1. To be really nitpicky, the difference in our questions was I said “if you HAD to remove a type” and you said “if you COULD add a type.” Only one of ours will get a “we dont need” response.

          1. Amazing how a simple word change can elicit different responses. I dont think anyone meant to attack you, and Im not saying you were being dramatic, the internet just calls for very specific wording.

        2. Well if you weren’t actually feeling offended or alienated and you just felt like no one understood your question, please don’t leave dramatic comments that make everyone feel bad.

          1. I wasn’t feeling alienated or offended, but it still didn’t make me feel very good… and my comment wasn’t dramatic, this is the internet you can never tell what the emotion is behind someones comment, but it certainly wasn’t meant to be dramatic. That is all.

          2. Okay dude, I really don’t want to continue to argue with you and I’m not here to hurt people’s feelings because I’m not a horrible person. I hate the feeling that I hurt someone’s feelings and the feeling that someone is angry at me. I’m just here to discuss a video game series that I love and if you have a problem with the fact that I will not agree with everything and think everything is a good idea disqus makes it very easy for you to block me.

    2. Dude, when you put something on the internet, people will critique it. You have to be able to counter theirs. Its all constructive here, we’re all fans of the same game. And we all have different parts of this game we find fun or annoying. You had some good points and questions. Sorry you got upset. I tried to be casual about the discussion.

      1. no Rock you were fine, its all fine I just don’t think people understood my question. However, imo constructive criticism is not telling people what is bad about something, but rather telling people whats good about something and encouraging them to expand upon that, thats the canadian way at least, and I find it builds better results and finished products then only focusing on the bad or wrong

        1. Okay cool. I can definitely see that. For me, constructive criticism is nicely speaking of the negative in order to improve. Its not insulting or berating someone excessively, but pointing out the bad in a gentle way while hopefully also praising the good.

          1. eh, unfortunately most people tend to only focus on the negatives and never mention the positives

          2. its fine, I don’t imagine it will happen again, I don’t think I will be coming back for a very long time because it seems people are not pleased with what I have to say, (and again I do not mean you)

          3. Aw, that’s quitter talk, don’t let the bad eggxecute ruin the good omelet you have~ We like you here, is a question worth leaving over? We can’t stop you, but we will miss you, the good eggs will miss you~

          4. its not this question, I’ve been thinking of leaving for a few months now because there is just too much negativity sometimes and it stresses me out so much so that I cant breathe, and yes I have tried to ignore it but, really I think I will just be reading the articles occasionally and thats it

          5. Bummer dude. Sorry to see you go. I liked the question and while that doesnt really help much, you’ve always been really positive on here and I liked seeing your comments.

          6. Well, if it makes you happy, do it, don’t let us stop you, it’s really your choice in the end, i am just saying it might be possible to fix your misunderstandings here, but please, you have a whole life ahead of you, don’t let us stop you.

          7. I’m on that same boat. I’ll have to see how things go. I might wait out until release date, but yeah

          8. Aww I feel people are leaving for the same reasons and I feel responsible I’m sorry to all who I offend!

          9. Oh it’s not you haha you’re far from the reason. You’ve been nothing but kind to me so no worries haha

          10. I’m really sorry, but please don’t leave over one thing.
            It was something I did awhile ago, and I sort of regret that I wasn’t around during that time. I really missed the Jungle.

          11. I will miss you buddy I might not agree with you always but your fun to have I’m with you on the Fairy train!

        2. Constructive well criticism is never pointing out the good, that’s praise. Constructive criticism, which I will not claim to always make, is criticism that points out the bad to help the criticized change for the better.

        3. You’re gonna have a hard time finding positive people if you leave arguments instead of love with your responses, deer. Try this idea: “I will respect the opinions of others, but understand and evaluate them at least once in my own mind.” Try on their ideas, see it from their perspective, you may find your ideas shifting towards more friendships and less haters or distasteful discussions. I am merely offering a new perspective myself, so if you need to, ignore it, no hard feelings, i am just here to help~

          1. ok, I wasn’t arguing with anyone though… I respect peoples opinions I was just hoping for an actual response to my question instead of getting the “we don’t need it” response, but its fine

          2. honestly don’t know how I became the bad guy all of a sudden, all I ever do on this site is try to challenge hate for the things people usually hate on (like the fairy type, normal types, change of any kind, megas, people picking on people for what they like) but ya know, if thats how people are starting to see me then its definitely time to leave

          3. You’re not the bad guy tho D: And I really like that you do that.
            The reason I left my response was cause I had no ideas as well as the fact it’s something I don’t think should happen.
            I knew I couldn’t contribute wholly to the discussion, but I still wanted to, you know?
            Please don’t leave over something like this, please D:

          4. I wasn’t here for the whole ordeal, but i’ve been here long enough to know you don’t have to feel targeted, if someone is troubling you, speak up, or work it out with them, i made friends before just listening to people, whether they agreed or not with me. I am listening wholeheartedly here, you speak your mind and don’t be shy, deer~

      1. If they don’t add second gen soon, the game’s gonna get stale quick. Not a fan of the microtransaction system either…

        1. Also, I sound like such a hipster, but I dont like how everyone likes pokemon now. My friends cant even pronounce them all correctly and claim to and are better at Go then me. Try battling me in X and we’ll see how you do. Thats what I want to say. 🙂 lol

          1. I want to ask if they even know how many pokemon there are, but I hold my tongue 😛

          2. Exactly try beating us at anything but Go I will be impressed but not at Go

    1. My life right now
      I want summer to end, but at the same time, college starts up soon and it’s just like ‘Summer please come back’

      1. See Im torn. I love being at home (the food, clean bathroom, bike riding, etc.) but college has all my friends and all these fun things to do!

        1. Same, except I don’t have too many irl friends, and my bff is not at my college.

          1. Yeah 🙂 And I don’t mind, I’ve always been content with a few friends anyways. Plus I suck at making new friends xD
            And yeah 😀

  40. Been thinking about this third legendary, Marshadow.
    If it maintains the same pattern as Solgaleo and Lunala, I expect it to be Psychic/Dark due to the “shadow” in its name. If not, I’d like to see it be Ghost/Water or Dark/Water, seeing as the “mar” in its name could signify a body of water. It’d likely represent the rising/falling tides and/or eclipses.

    1. Ive only ever heard Marsh and shadow squished together whenever I hear it. Water/ dark confirmed. lolol

    2. I think, and this theory is not my own, that Marshadows name refers to Mars, another celestial body, because it fits a little better with the Sun and Moon.

      1. I liked @Dicie suggesting the Dark/Water (though may be unlikely) because of evidence suggesting Mars once had flowing rivers. The Dark typing is the obvious “-shadow” suffix

    3. Marshadow is not confirmed though so I’m not trying to ruin your speculation but I wouldn’t get your hopes up

  41. I still need more info, I swear we better get some kind of living tiki
    And a specially defensive fire type, and my Yetis

      1. I had an idea for a Ground/Dark type Landprey that is basically a subterranean leech that gnaws just below the surface with its rotating teeth and waits for prey to get near its wide open mouth to suck it down and gobble it whole

  42. I don’t think Flannery’s trivia is true. Wattson had a Manectric in Emerald,

    1. I’m REALLY looking forward to Sonic Mania!! Also generations 2!! I mean because that’s the only thing that other game could be right? lol

  43. Want to know what grinds my gears How Their is only One Pure Flying type I mean Normal/Flying is by far the most useless dual type make them Pure Flying I mean they are typical birds but normal serves no purpose make them Flying!

    1. Totally agreeable a Staraptor shouldn’t be be a Normal type with its awesomenesws

      1. Oh but it still there are way too many i mean yes some should be for being very basic but why not make more pure flying it just makes flying completely useless as a type for having almost none that are pure of it

        1. Because when you actually think about it half the time they’re just creatures who just happen to fly, namely all of them, the creature = Primary Type be it most commonly Normal which is mammalian or in this case avian then just the ability to fly
          Pure flying just isn’t plausible like other types, unless it’s pure wind it will always have a primary base

          1. Agreed. There’s plenty logic behind most of the avian pokes being normal/flying , however to please fans and to increase competitive play, there should be more unique designs created to be pure flying. Not everything that flys has to be a bird, it could be more abstract like a Pokemon that is the personification of wind.

          2. True at the moment I think Swablu should be Flying it looks almost exactly like a baby cloud

    2. Because Flying cannot purely exist without a base
      Tornadus being a Wind Elemental is a perfect example
      Flying is always secondary type unless it was pure flight I.E. a Wind Elemental, but even with that it always has a type that makes up the creature then flight

      The only other exception is Noivern and Noibat as the only primary dual typed flying type being Flying/Dragon, but I give it a half-pass since Noivern has to do with sounds and wind with very little draconian influence, even that it still could’ve easily been a Dragon/Flying type

    3. All it does is make them neutral to fighting type attacks, which is super unfortunate because the regional birds are usually frail in the defense department

  44. Day two of the Pokemon train trip and it was a heatwave as hot as being on a frying pan or Sun Tanning on the beach,all of the gamers were trying to fan themselves off on a very hot day like this,even the train was sweating.

  45. By the Twitching of my nose Sun & Moon info this way blows!

    A use of Poetry to say during the next leak!

          1. Ehh when no ones around a little I’m not crazy but I agree with my self sometimes…

  46. My Pokemon go keeps telling me that I’m throwing curveballs when I clearly am not. Now I have zero pokeballs and a stupid goldeen fled from me. I’m so irritated

    1. I think holding the Pokeball square and center (which is hard) does the trick. It’s finicky enough that holding the side of it causes it to think you’re spinning it if you twitch in either side.

    2. Yeah same here, I found if I hold the pokeball for a couple of seconds and swipe. It’s not 100%; my brother compiled some data. The results were that the 2-3 second holds yielded about 78-83% success (pre-Razz Berry) and 69-76% success (post-Razz Berry).

      We noticed that post-Razz Berries, the balls tend to want to curve more. We also did the data based on Pidgeys (most abundant where we live) with CPs between ~100-150.

      If there’s anything else we can do to improve, please let me know. My brother works with me haha he programs a 3D program for the lab to view proteins, nucleic acids, etc. in, well, 3D,but I digress

        1. To also do, the reason for the low percentages was because of either missing, due to curving, or the pokemon popped out. Just remember that this data only corresponds to my brother, my wife, and I and doesn’t not represent the whole population. I would need a much MUCH larger sample size for that haha

  47. Do you guys think HMs will return? Or better question: Do you think //all// the HMs will return? The biggest argument I’ve seen for keeping them is that they provide roadblocks, but as we’ve seen we have literal roadblocks now (refresh for image). I personally think they could nix all of them while only keeping the necessary ones like Surf, Fly, and Waterfall as TMs (l mean Sweet Scent and Dig are out-of-battle moves but aren’t HMs). And even then, Soar could replace Fly, and Surfing and Waterfall can be replaced by having certain ridable Pokemon in areas where they’re needed.

    1. I think they will, but if I made the game, I’d love to have be equivalent to what soaring was in ORAS

    2. I think the only HMs that will be left are Surf, Waterfall, Strength, and Fly. Soaring might replace Fly, but they should keep it’s essentials. If they do that, then HMs will become TMs. Yet, I’m open to totally HM removal.

      1. I think that Cut, Strength, Flash, and Rock Smash should stay HM yet Surf, Waterfall, Whirlpool, and Dive will be useable upon riding Pokemon, Fly will be Soaring abilities, Defog ain’t coming back

        Yet Cut I see should come back and Strength and If wanted they could reinstall use of Rock Smash and Flash

  48. I was listening to BW/BW2 soundtrack, gosh do we have to wait like 10 years for remakes if there is going to be one…

    Actually I don’t want any remake, instead I want Black and White 3 to continue the legacy of an amazing story.

    1. Why stop there? Just make the rest of the franchise expand upon Unova. Black and White 9 would be great. :p (This is sarcasm, by the way, but I do like the idea of BW3)

    2. I think B2/W2 properly closed the story. I don’t think there is a need for a sequel. Yet, I would love a remake!

      1. There could always be a way. Instead of playing the same story again, we can have a story that at least continues on from what we have left in terms of time. That’s what suits Generation 5 “remakes”.

      2. I thought BW closed the story at the time, but BW2 came around and changed that. A story can always be continued.

        1. I DISAGREE! B/W left the story open with N leavimg, Ghetsis’ believes and wants, and the future of Team Plasma. B2/W2 closed all the story threads!

          1. Well I believe N left again (correct me if I’m wrong), we still don’t know a thing about the Shadow Triad, and in hindsight I believe Colress could have potential ties to mega evolution (unlocking a Pokemon’s full potential? Megas.) Either side of this argument has plenty of evidence so it could realistically go either way.

    3. This comment inspired me to sit around and listen to Pokemon music for an hour lol

    4. I think BW/b2W2 used actual official composers thats their music was so amazing, if GF was to do that again with improed sound fount it wold be amazing

        1. It’s never too late
          But Lonely nature is the worst for it so that’s a plus
          Get ready to have Knock Offs and Crunches thrown your way with that thing around

          1. Another reason I don’t care for Shinies
            If they ain’t usable they’re pretty much collecting dust or being sold to the highest bidder

          2. That’s why I like pokemon, there’s not just one way to play! You can be a competitive battler, or a shiny hunter, or really play however you like.

          3. I only got events and my brother and I have seen in Wild
            Me: Weedle, Gulpin, Krabby
            Brother: Zigzagoon, Geodude

            Sadly He beat Geodude and I lost Krabby in a trade to get it out of a game I was restarting

            Gulpin and Zigzagoon are in Ruby and Emerald

            Weedle lives happily as a Beedrill in ORAS but was caught in SS

    1. nicely done bro! I got a shiny horror story and a shiny success story for you as a reward.
      there I was, I naïve kid of 11 playing pokemon sapphire. I looked on the internet machine to find out how to get things called “regis”. I got regirock, and was on my way to get regice. my traditional GBA was almost dead, so I saved infront of it, and decided to see what it looked like before I changed my batteries.. and I see stars fly by it. I fumbled for my master ball, but before I could even open the bag, the battery died…..
      fast forward 12 years, pokemon alpha sapphire comes out. I had just beaten the game, and wanted to test out hoopa’s rings while soaring. I stopped on an island, and I was curious as to what pokemon the game was describing (it said an electrical current fills the air or something or other.) I guessed raikou. but when the blue eyed beast that was shiny zekrom came out of that ring, I nearly dropped my DS, I couldn’t believe it! I chucked my quickball and captured it because legendaries are too easy to catch nowadays.

      1. Amazing I have only gotten as best shiny catch Weedle is SS or Gulpin in Emerald

    1. The most interesting part and kind logical “There are gyms but not in the traditional way. After you defeat the evil team the gym leaders can finally open up their gyms again. So they allow you to face all 8 of them in a row and they each give you a gem of their type after you beat them. The only gyms I know is dark, normal, and poison. They all use synchro moves”.

      1. Of course there’s a dark type gym, a bit of a red flag at this point tbh.

    2. same. i read rumours for fun not for actually overanalyzing and make my mind suffer

    3. That is actually the best I’ve heard I would like these or mabey we could become a gym leader our selves in a way!

    1. Sun and Moon will most likely be my favorite game while that will go down as my least favorite region

    2. Yeah, X and Y look very jarring after seeing so much promotional material for Sun and Moon.

    3. It’s interesting to know that they used a different engine to make Sun and Moon then they did for Gen 6. That aside While chibi characters are fine I think what’s most jarring is that they kept going back and forth between full sized models and the chibi ones. It always felt odd to me

      1. It’s kinda obvious their using a new engine with the graphics and all. Also, the Pokemon series has always used a full representation of the character in battle. I’m assuming your talking about cutscenes? Nothing felt “jarring” to me.

        1. Idk it was just kind of weird to em going back and forth. In the other games the sprites made your full character look small anyway, but now in full 3d the difference is way more noticeable.

    4. I’ll always love X/Y for trying its best on the 3DS. GameFreak was obviously getting aquanted with the system during that time. S/M is their full achievement of the hardware. It’s funny how so many fans have 180-ed, while we thought X/Y looked amazing back in 2013. It’s wonderful how much the game improved in a short amount of time.

      1. X and Y looked good for the most part. It looked great in top down-perspective, which the gameplay spent the most time anyway. However, overworld cutscenes where the camera actively changes were one of the Gen 6 games weakest points, the Chibi models just aren’t made for cutscenes. It is great to see GameFreak improve so much in such a small amount of time, good on them!

        1. Agreed. The scene in Team Flare’s secret HQ showed the texture issues. The devs said that S/M will have improved facial expressions and animations! So far, it seems like they’ve done it! rf.

          1. Not only that, some textures on the pokemon models were messed up too, blurry, pixelated, or poorly crafted. This was really apparent when zoomed on in the camera for everything, but dang, the water in X and Y was still kinda pretty, even if it looked tiled in certain places.

          2. Regardless though. Comparing x and y to any of the other games makes it look beautiful! I mean, compare it to red and blue. It’s gorgeous! Sun and moon will obviously be the best yet but we can all appreciate x and y as a good effort, pretty polished game, that was a huge leap in the right direction.

      1. seeing pics now and remembering the gameplay after 2 years have passed make you change your mind about XY alot.

        1. Yeah I remember thinking it was pretty decent…..well for Pokemon anyway lol Now it’s crap no matter what hahahaha

  49. Guys, apparently the starter final evos with the Archer, Wrestler and Siren were proven fake ? I read it in some YouTube comments. Does anyone know more about this? I know Joe Merrick aka Serebii thought they were fake.

    1. Really? If you could find the Youtube or Joe Merrick’s comment, do post an image. I liked Rowlet’s and Poppilo’s evolutions. Litten’s need a serious change. Nobody wants Tony the Tiger to be the final evolution. I just want a Fire/Dark or Fire/Ground quadrupedal Pokemon.

      1. I dont like either of those type combinations but anythings better than another fire fighting! If there is one someone should seriously hold a petition or something. The only pure fire we’ve had is typhloshion, they’re all bipedal… If there’s another fire fighting bipedal then GAMEFREAK are either really stupid or they’re trying to wind fans up.

  50. Hey, Wes, I told you that I could trade yesterday, but I can’t right now. We’re visiting Detroit right now so I can’t trade until Monday. Sorry.

    1. I actually can’t trade on weekends anyway, so Monday’s good. I might make a new comment here (or on whatever is the newest article) tomorrow, but after that I’ll move over to the forums.

  51. gotta take a break from splatoon.,.. my hands are seriously aching. I’m not even joking, I gotta move so fast in that game. I’m kinda afraid if I don’t take regular breaks I will end up with carpaltunnel (spelling lol)

    1. Like it fucking matters, everyone is just going to vote to the one they jerked off to the most anyway

  52. Good Morning Jungle and Question Why can’t I find the Pikachu meets the Pichu brothers short on YouTube? I see every short except it!

      1. Nah people will always be around the comment sections of the articles lol

    1. Personally I like the old one better. I can’t use this on mobile without downloading the app.

        1. I’ll consider downloading it. I like using disqus more, and I never really used chat much to begin with, but I might give it another try.

          1. I fucking can’t, I don’t even have any other devices, just my iPad since my laptop is dead and my phone

          2. Really? It should work if you click the invite link after you’ve made an account and logged in through the first link. At the very least you should be able to get in, but to a broken page. I recommend trying to get the app.

          3. My Apple account is on the fritz, ever since my dad’s credit card hack all of my family’s apple products can’t download without permission

          4. Ah, seems like you might want to create a new account. I can help you out on chatango if you want. Doesn’t feel the same without you :<

          5. I’ve been trying this stupid discord for over an hour
            But today has just been extra bad, chat’s gone, an insane amount of losing today, a throbbing headache that has been paralyzing me since 5AM and I’m home alone for the third day in a row

          6. T_T are you even listening….
            Chatango works it’s this stupid discord whatever that doesn’t, but apparently Chat is dying or whatever deleting messages or something

          7. I am listening. I’m telling you that we’re not switching back to Chatango. But Chatango is where you can get help. 😛

            SO COME.

          8. Trust me, this is better. I know it sucks right now that you can’t access a web version on mobile, and that there’s no embedded version that we can put, but the different channels makes it so easy to only follow what you want to see. You don’t want to come to chat and just see people talking about PAD, or other games you don’t care about, do you? Please, remaking and setting an account isn’t hard, I can help you.

  53. GUYS!!!! Remember the concept art about the water mansion/gym/museum whatever? Well i was thinking about it an it came to me that the lady in the art was actually lillie

    1. It’s definitely a possibility, but she doesn’t appear to have her large-brimmed hat. I could be wrong though, as it isn’t the clearest image.

    1. I have a shiny Lv.100 Breloom with Spore. I got it from a trade though, so I don’t know if it’s legitimate. I’ll give it to you free if you want it. 🙂

        1. No problem! My IGN is Wes; just go ahead and initiate the trade whenever you’re ready!

    1. I hatched an Abra last night whats funny every one complains they got a 2km eggs yet i have gotten all 5km and 2 10km eggs!

      1. My friend still hasn’t gotten a 10 km egg while I’ve had 3 so far 😛
        It’s something I playfully hold over her

    2. Nice! What level are you at? I just hatched a slowpoke which gave me enough candy to get a slowbro!

    3. The game is so much fun. I was recently in a place where there were 4 Pokestops in close vicinity and all had Lure modules all the time. Got so many good and rare Pokemon
      Coming home sucks however, the nearest stop to me is a 10 min walk away into town and it sucks that Niantic aren’t accepting anymore requests for now
      Still a good way to pass the time however

  54. What I think for the the evos. of them all that have not revealed evos. yet

    Comfey- two
    Komala- one
    Rockruff- one
    Mudsdale- none
    Wimpod- one
    Bounsweet- two
    Salandit- two
    Drampa- None
    Togedemaru- None
    Bruxish- one or none
    Mimikyu- One or two
    Beware- ???
    Cutiefly- Two

    1. Comfey – none, too gimmicky looking
      Komala – one, because it reminds me of pancham
      Rockruff – one, it looks too complex to be a first of three stages
      Wimpod – two, each stage getting more confident, and they couldn’t pull it off in one stage
      Bounsweet – one, like cherubi or cottonee. I also don’t know how they would pull of two evos for it, it’s a fruit
      Salandit – one, believe me I want two but I think the design will be nearly complete after one stage and I don’t think they will over complicate it
      Drampa – none, it’s too complete, but also doesn’t look like it needs a prevo
      Togedemaru – none, regional pika and all that
      Bruxish – none, like alomomola or basculin. Some say that it is like magikarp or feebas, but it is too complex and confident looking to be that, plus it has a dual typing already which doesn’t work in its favor
      Mimikyu – one, either a Raichu evo or something completely different, but I doubt that it is a one stage Pokemon at this point
      Bewear – prevo, they are hyping it up to be super powerful, so no evo, but it looks too big to be a one stage non dragon Pokemon
      Cutiefly – one, like combed or something. The regional bug spot is filled, and not too many other bugs have three stages. Plus idk what they’d do with it
      Mudsdale (whoops forgot this one) – prevo, it is complete design size, but I just have a gut feeling that it will be a two stage. My only evidence is that it looks like you’d catch him on the farm on island two, which is too dearly in the game for something that can total a car with one kick.

      1. While I agree that Bruxish probably won’t get an evo (based on its typing & design), I’d like for it to get a pre-evo! It gives my Finneon/Lumineon vibes for whatever reason.
        Plus the whole “ugly ducking” trope has already been fulfilled multiple times (Feebas/Milotic, Duckling/Swanna), and so I don’t think that’s an adequate basis to demand an evo.

  55. Similarly to bellosom and froslass, if you were to give an already existing Pokemon a split evo, what would it be?

    1. Combee->Vespiquen would be really cool!
      Deerling->Sawsbuck might be interesting? [Does don’t have antlers iirc]
      I think Tropius deserves an evolution in general, possible have a split evo but idk into what
      Eevee, ofc 😛

      1. Stingking
        Deerling already has 4 forms it could never pull off a branched evo
        And I had an idea for both a prevo and mega tropius
        It would be a ruddy sauropod with a banana on its head like those weird head thingy
        And Mega Tropius would have a bigger body, a thicker banana bushel on its neck, antlers with berries, it’s back would have small palm trees with coconuts, larger broad leaf wings, and lastly at the very tip of its tail a pineapple

        1. I like the Tropius idea! I was thinking for Sawsbuck that the split evo wouldn’t have the seasons gimmick (seasons aren’t even in the new gens anyways), so all the Deerling forms would evolve to have the same coat.

    2. Hmmmm
      Everything is already pretty awful
      The only thing I can think of is Pancham, since Pangoro is born from a Pancham led astray, I feel that Pancham could evolve into a Fighting/Psychic Type and focus its energy into state of zen and perfection

    3. Vigoroth. Although Slaking is very powerful, the Tuant ability sucks… alot. I think it should evolve into a glass cannon. Unlike Slaking, Enerking (I suck a names) cannot take as many hits, but can dish out more damage than Slaking due to it having Vital Spirit instead of Truant. Slaking has Legendary stats (670 base stat total) but it has a bad ability. I think with the Hidden ability Moxie, Enerking (with enough momentum) could sweep teams if it out-speeds most of the opponents Pokemon. I think it’s spread would be similar to Vigoroth’s, having: 90 HP, 130 Atk, 80 Def, 50 Sp.Atk, 60 Sp.Def, 105 Spd, and a BST of 515. It has similar stats to Garchomp in regards to it’s speed and attack, but it can outspeed a Garchomp that isn’t scarfed. I bet someone is going to say it’s broken… and I don’t care. (Also it is pure normal)

      1. The only reason they let Slaking have that power is that it has a clear defined drawback

        1. Like I said “Slaking has Legendary stats (670 base stat total) but it has a bad ability” Mine will only have 515 Bst, 670 with Truant=515 (I think)

          1. Well here:
            Ability: Vital Spirit (HA: Moxie)
            Base stats: 90 HP
            130 Atk
            80 Def
            50 Sp.Atk
            60 Sp.Def
            105 Spd
            BST: 515

          2. Warhog: the Macho PKM
            Ability Guts/Sheer Force HA: Anger Point
            HP 120
            Attack 145
            Defense 100
            Sp Atk 20
            Sp Def 95
            Speed 70
            Bst 550

          3. Because Warhog is clearly better
            Sure a little slow but one hell of a bruiser

          4. Has nothing to do with the question tho. Save your fakemon boasting for a separate thread and try not to be rude to the people who post thoughtful responses to other’s questions.

          5. But your stats are too high, I could easily raise mine to 580 (Legendary bird status) but I need it to be believable.

          6. Oh please Arcanine has a higher BST then Warhog
            The best part is this thing have sp atk that is basically nonexistent

  56. With recent happenings in the Undertale fandom, just felt like I should remind people that when you talk to someone on the internet, there is a human being there. Harassing them and bringing them to misery is not okay. I’m thankful that Pokejungle is such a wonderful, friendly and healthy community. Never change that.

        1. It’s so sad to know that people will just go to those lengths for people that disagree with them/their ships. My heart goes out to whoever they have hurt at all, including antifontcest.


  57. i never thought the sentence “i found a cubone in the noodles and company bathroom” would make sense to me and yet here we are

  58. What if Salandrit learned a brand new Poison attack
    Damage: 60
    The user sprays a concentrated acid onto the opponent. This move is super effective and usable on Steel types

  59. Why hasn’t there ever been a double battle gym since Liza and Tate? I can’t believe more fans are as upset over this as Ian. The gym battles and leaders have gotten extremely stale, especially in gen 5 and 6. It’s like they’re not even trying anymore.

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