Pokémon Go Team Leaders & More Revealed at SDCC!

The official artwork for Pokémon Go’s team leader’s was revealed during Niantic’s panel at San Diego Comic-Con! Introducing Team Valor’s Candela, Team Mystic’s Blanche, and Team Instinct’s Spark! Previously seen only as silhouettes when prompted to choose a team once you reach level 5, they’ll play a bigger role in the game as time goes on. What I want to know is who decided the names for these guys. :s

Here are some other tidbits from CEO John Hanke at the SDCC panel:

  • Server issues: Hanke told the crowded ballroom that Niantic “wasn’t provisioned for what happened” and that they’re working hard on keeping the servers up and reliable before they add new features. Hanke specifically mentioned they’re working on fixing things like the broken Pokémon radar system.
  • Legendaries are coming to Go: “There are some rare ones that haven’t showed up yet that will be showing up.” Fear not, all original 151 will be available despite only 145 being catchable now.
  • Your team will be more important: Team Instinct, Team Valor, and Team Mystic has one of the three Legendary Birds associated with it, and that might play into which of those same birds players can catch. “They’re kinda aligned with the teams, and we might have something to announce about the teams soon,” says Hanke. “Plus, the leaders of each team will start dispensing advice to players sooner rather than later”
  • Pokémon Centers to come: Hanke hints at being able to turn some Pokéstops into Pokémon Centers, where you can heal your Pokémon, just like in the main games.
  • Users haven’t found everything…yet: Users have independently discovered that nicknaming Eevee “Pyro,” “Rainer,” or “Sparky” will ensure that it evolves into Flareon, Vaporeon, or Jolteon, respectively; Hanke confirms that this was intentional, and there are plenty more easter eggs which players haven’t found.


Is your first look at the leaders making you second guess your allegiance? How many Pokémon have you caught, and what level are you in Pokémon Go? Let us know in the comments below or in our forums and our brand new chat!




  1. O boy..how exciting…why were they even a secret anyway? They don’t even do anything at all. Spark is also a horrible name. They seriously couldn’t come up with anything else?

    1. They weren’t a secret….Niantic said they just hadn’t finished them yet before the release of the game lol

      1. Sounds lazy. They could’ve waited a week or two. And I honestly don’t find their gym system to be good at all. I think it needs a major overhaul

    2. They are based off the Eevee brothers who only Rainer and Pyro’s names are known so it fits

  2. No word on updates for Gen 2 Pokemon. Unfortunate.

    Whatever you say about Pokemon Go, you can’t deny its taken the world by storm.
    It’s not perfect by any means, but it is a lot of fun. Here’s hoping they introduced further battling features, trading, and of course the next generations of Pokemon.

    1. I am highly positive Gen 2 pokemon won’t be added for at least a year. At least.

      1. I hope they are released within the year a useful birthday present in December

    1. Same, I think the Prof is kinda ugly. I wish they also hadn’t taken the name “Willow.” Not that I think it has any effect on the actual games, but I still bet they’ll avoid that name for a long time.

  3. Huh, I really wish Sugimori did the art for this game honestly. :p The art style doesn’t invoke Pokemon at all.
    I wonder what other Easter eggs there could be…

      1. Awesome! Me and my brother ran outside with out shoes because we saw a Pikachu but we couldn’t find it and it was super hot outside

    1. You always say ‘Mmhm, gud info in (insert amount of days here)’, but when the news happens you get upset, because Fairy types exsist

      1. So far the roster hasn’t been too favorable
        Very little powerhouses which I naturally crave

        1. Thats due to them showing early game ‘mons. Plus these are almost all prevos. Salandit could become a powerhouse, Komala too. So who knows?

  4. PokeQuiz
    Prize: Bragging rights
    1. What is the only Non-Legendary not yet released to go?
    2. To find normally in wild what is the hardest to catch in Gen.3 ?
    3. What is the strongest starter stat wise?
    4. What Pokemon has Ash had shorter than any other?
    Bonus. what was my first screen name?

      1. You got two out of five Ash caught a Beedrill but he gave it up the same episode In Johto and it actually was from back in March it was Sneasel44

        But you could argue Beedrill for having that shortness but good job

        1. I haven’t seen the Beedrill episode, but is that shorter than when he was traded a Raticate for his Butterfree before trading it back?

          1. Yes he caught Beedrill at the end then within 3ish minutes gives it to girl at the end

      1. Well it’s for a Fire/Poison type or just a Salandit evo
        But nonetheless a fiery cloud of smog

          1. Then get ready for flammable mucus and flammable gas filled mucus bubbles that explode if ignited

  5. Designs are meh but I’m happy they are updating and working on the app to keep people (including myself) interested…

  6. Still haven’t played the game because it’s not out in Brazil and when I finally go back to France I will still not be able to play it because it’s not out there either uhhhh

  7. I’m bored
    I might start up Animal Crossing City Folk and totally $&@! up that village

  8. I just watch some Aura guardian videos and a thought passed me what do you think are the best Pokemon designs my personal opinion is Weavile my Favorite Pokemon

    1. Mine obviously is Rhyperior, the apex of Ground and Rock types
      Big, Heavy, massive stone armor, a friggin drill and my personal favorite the club tail
      Truly a Pokemon worthy of my admiration

      1. Nice I assumed that for you for me Weavile because it’s fast a trait I admire, it looks like it is a little animal that would seem cute and cuddly till it tries to mug you, and if the new Tcg Steam siege card is right it has been classified as a cat like creature mabey the Nakamata for its two tail like things!

          1. Haha, oh god yes, that thing is so godly! Even if the cool-down sucks, the insane defence saves it from going down.

          2. Yeah my team is normally this for Conquest
            Me- Umbreon
            Oichi- Wigglytuff or Jigglypuff
            Kenshin- Galade
            Shingen- Rhyperior
            Ginchiyo- Luxray
            Yoshihiro or Motochika- Gurrdur or Samurott

            I wish Conquest 2 would come I actually made a fan fiction and it turned a little dark towards the end!

          3. By dark I mean Shingen and Kenshin almost die by over exerting their energy from Primal Groudon and Mega Mewtwo Y
            And some more

    2. I just adore Togekiss, the shift from dainty and fairy-like to becoming more aerodynamic and speedy-looking, quite angelic and mysterious was awesome and gave one of my favourite Pokemon, Togepi a real use finally. The pinnacle of serenity and elegance in my eyes, Milotic and Mega Altaria may be lauded as beautiful, but for me Togekiss is far more beautiful.

          1. God, I’m so happy for Zygarde. I’m in love, I knew he’d become super bad-ass, just like his fellow gimped bro, Kyurem. 😀

          2. It’s almost as bad as Jirachi
            Seriously TWave and a 60% Flinch chance, it’s just criminal

          3. Haha, I liked it before i even knew it had that OP strategy and I’d still like it if it didn’t have it though.

          4. More of a reason to ban it
            And it’s not even luck based its just pure mathematical hax

            If you’re paralyzed then your speed is dead, then you have to worry about not only a 60% chance to flinch but a 25% chance to not move at all, and behind a sub, it is basically a 85% chance of being completely helpless and a rare 40% to to try and do something

          5. Yeah, I know that full well, but design-wise I love it. It’s been my favourite for a long time, as long as your Rhyperior I suppose.

    3. Espeon and Gardevoir <3 although there are tons I also think are good too, I jsut don't want my post to become a tl:dr post xD

      1. That’s cool of Eeveelutions that’s my favorite design but not my favorite

  9. I mean, I didn’t imagine Blanche to look that way, he still rocks my socks 😛
    Although the other two look awesome too. 😀

      1. Yeah, I see that too, but I dunno, Blanche has more masculine features to me.
        Either way, that design rocks and I don’t regret joining Mystic in any way. Blue + Articuno + Mystic’s name + Mystic’s ideal = me really.

          1. I am 🙂 I like the design, and I’m not sexualizing it in any way.
            People can be like that, you know 🙂

      2. It’s interesting, they certainly have a feminine name and face but it’s ambiguous enough that we can’t really know for sure until naintic tells us. Blanche is actually rather androgynous.

        1. Exactly, like I see both really. I really don’t care at the end of the day since I happen to really like the design (All three of them really)

  10. I haven’t been able to join a team yet, but I had all the intentions of joining Instinct. Now I definitely will because I love Spark. <3

  11. Well today was emotionally draining, starting tomorrow at precisely 9:00 AM a soild week until info
    Night jerkwads

  12. My hopes for Pokemon game future

    Sun & Moon
    Diamond/Peral remakes
    Conquest 2
    Pokemon Ranger 4
    Mystery Dungeon 5

    1. I can get behind this, except I thought Conquest was alright, wasn’t a huge fan of it :3

      1. Oh I already had some creation of a maze forming so the Hero’s and Villans could fight with the Legends

      2. Conquest was amazing imo. I literally got EVERY PERSON their perfect link… i know, weird.

    2. I personally think diamond and pearl remakes should wait until gen 8. No need to rush all the remakes out. Plus it could be on an engine EVEN BETTER than gen 7s.

      1. True yet I have seen they go in order so many want X/Y or B/W but if GF continues the legacy they are next but I could see them in Gen.8

        1. Well I figure that they just won’t have a remake this gen, as with gen 5. I didn’t think they would remake anything non sinnoh.

          1. That sounds fair yet I hope if anything next remake this Gen. Or not D/P next please

      2. I am going with one remake per console (until I’m proven wrong) so I doubt Gen 4 remake will be on the 3DS… 🙂

    3. Sun/Moon
      Third Game of Gen 7 (eclipse or something)
      Mystery Dungeon 5 (I hope they make it like the first two)
      XY2 (if they don’t finish the story in SM, I think gen 7 XY2 could be cool)
      Gen 8
      DP remakes
      VR snap 2
      25th anniversary RB remakes

      1. With the mystery dungeon thing, I really hope they return to form with the next game. The stories of the 3ds mystery dungeon games have been very dissatisfying, Gates to Infinity in particular.

        1. The first two PMD games’ stories were the only two games to ever make me cry because of the story. It had twists and betrayals and stuff. The last few games lost the spark that the first two had. Also small nitpick I hope they make the bad guys less obvious. I feel that often the bad guys are dark, poison, or ghost, and it is easy to pinpoint the enemies.

          1. I didn’t think that one particular guy was pretty obvious. Also the other dark Pokemon wasn’t a factor at all. And finally, some of the villains were Psychic.

      2. Diamond and Peral have to come next if they follow their pattern

        MD like the originals I would like

        Sun &I Moon I think would come like Platinum

        25 anniversary is good idea


    4. I’m such a huge fan of the Mystery Dungeon series, as I played those before any main series game, but I honestly hope PSMD was the last installment. I think it has strayed too far from what it used to be, and they don’t even feel like the same games to me. I’d much rather have a handheld Pokepark game.

      1. If they keep going down the same path as GTI and SMD, than end the series. If they plan on going back to the roots and genuinely put their heart into making the story and game, then continue it.

        1. I honestly loved the story in PSMD, tbh. It made me cry a few times, and I liked the twists at the very end that I totally wasn’t expecting.
          I feel they did put their heart into making SMD, but I guess we’ll agree to disagree 🙂

      2. Yeah I gave up in Super MD I was a Pikachu Pokepark I would like them back I loved Pokepark 2 Wonders beyond

      3. I disagree, I thought PSMD corrected what GTI did wrong and was returning back to what PMD Red and Blue and PMDTDS did. It felt like PMD game more than GTI did for me.
        But I’ve liked every PMD game and they all have their merits.

        1. I though this one had some features I did not like how you had to push your friend or no befriending Wild Pokemon!

          1. Push your friend??
            And yeah, befriending wild Pokemon would have been amazing, but the way they did it in PSMD wasn’t too bad 🙂

          2. The way you couldn’t just walk past them without a stupid r button you could only walk and they would not move out of the way

          3. I mean, it make sense to me that way, why would you move through them? Sure, it got annoying at times, and I constantly forgot, but I think it made it realistic in a way

          4. Yeah but I liked it when I didn’t have to scream at Nuzleaf to get out of the way.

            Damn how am I getting past you Snorelax?!

          5. Sometimes I need to push the teammates, though, so they’ll be in a perfect position to attack without having to walk.

            I liked having both options (switching and pushing), but I would’ve preferred switching to be the default, and R+move is pushing.

    5. My hopes are:

      Sun and Moon
      Third game to sun and moon OR a game that ties in both Kalos and Alola
      Gen 1 remakes
      Definitely Mystery Dungeon!
      Gen 4 remakes
      Gen 8

      1. Dude if they follow tradition D/P is next and I want it for its my favorite Game ever I mean it Ever!

          1. That I was implying I was meaning what region that wasn’t new would return and frankly I think D/P would be a good way to put Gen.7 as my favorite

        1. It was rejected because Pokemon Conquest was being made. Maybe Nintendo can give this a shot now…

          1. Fire Emblem is needed always, one of my favorite franchises, i just wish people appreciated the older ones more, not just awakening and fates because they were very anime centered

    6. a Mystery Dungeon game that would bring back Friend Areas. Idk, but back when I was a kid, I used to like the idea of free roaming Pokemon in their Friend Areas.

  13. I think the only reason why I’m not dying because we still have a week until the next Sun and Moon information is the new episodes of Steven Universe along the way :p

    1. Since I’m new to this, I just downloaded all the episodes and will be having a marathon from the top, to the end of season 2.

      The pilot is weird. I can’t wait until Connie shows up.

  14. Day-old article: translated Famitsu interview of director Shigeru Ohmori and producer Junichi Masuda


    “When asked why the new region is based on Hawaii, Masuda said that the Pokemon World Championships have been held several times there, and he thought that it’s a very energetic land. It has seas, volcanoes and waterfalls, and also has a lot of rainfall compared to most of America.”

        1. A Canadian one my bet here will be the next region

          Gen.8- Australia
          Gen.9- Canada or Italy
          Gen.10- vice versa of last one
          Gen.11- South Korea
          Gen.12- Germany

          That’s about all I’ve got so far.

    1. Now we know why we havent seen any footage of rowlet fainting! They want it to be a funny surprise to us probably

  15. 8 days left,our gaming Heroes continued on their journey to get some more information on Pokemon Sun and Moon,until they got stopped by a herd of fairy-type cows.oh come on,Cows seriously!

  16. I am excited, i caught a Pikachu and Rhyhorn in Pokemon go, I am also amazed how oddly strong exeggcutor is…

    1. Meanwhile I have never seen a Pikachu in my life in GO. Heh heh. And there are like, no Eevees.

      I have a couple of Scythers and Rhydon though.

      1. Apparently my little boring countryside town in Scotland is where Eevee like to hide, I’ve seen 3. 😛

    2. I can’t find Pikachu at all yet I caught Nidorina and Meowth last night yet Pokemon I want but won’t come close to me or I’ve not seen at all

      Psyduck, Porygon, Growlithe, Pikachu, Magnemite, Tauros, Lapras, Poliwag

  17. Personally hoping for Pokepark 3 on the Wii U, with all Pokémon Gens 1-7 and Amiibo Support, plus the only reason it wasn’t done last Gen was because there wasn’t enough Pokémon to issue a new one, but with Sun and Moon, releasing arguably over 100 new Pokémon, it’s more than likely we’ll get a new one, would also like to see Diamond/Pearl remakes too.

    1. I think I was just dreaming but I really remember they was they make commercial pic for Pokepark 3 long time ago ……where is that?

    2. I would love both of those ideas and ones I want are
      D/P remakes
      Pokepark 3
      Pokemon Conquest 2

    3. I hope it’s not on the WII U. I haven’t been able to afford one. 🙁

      I’d rather it be on the 3DS, but I know that’s unlikely.

  18. 1.) Candela and Blanche are female, right? I can’t tell
    2.) How does one get a pic like Ozymandis’?

  19. Jackpot I got a Female Magikarp in a lure ball
    Which brings me to my next idea, what if in Alola there’s a collector outside the Slaking Motel or the battle place and he’s collected Pokeballs from all over the region and sells them for BP
    But some will be very expensive or not available like Cherish, Sport, Dream and Park
    And obviously Master isn’t available

      1. Females pass the Pokeball they’re in
        And folks these days want to see special Pokemon in fancy Pokeballs
        So a Lure Ball would be visually appealing for a Gyarados

        1. Oh that’s strange, passing down a cage like it’s genetics. I think they should implement something where you can choose which ball a pokemon goes into when you hatch one.

          1. That would be extremely convoluted
            This system is simple and has worked just fine

          2. This system makes no sense. What’s so convoluted about
            “Your egg has hatched! Choose which ball to put pokemon”

          3. One you’d had to supply the Pokeball since it’s just not going to magically appear out of nowhere
            And these Apricorn balls aren’t exactly everywhere, so with the Pokeball collector you’d buy the Pokeball, catch what you want with it, i.e. a female for breeding and pass the ball naturally

          4. Well ofc you would have to supply the ball!
            btw go to the discord chat! The only change is the location. We’re all there and it’s as active as ever. Dont be lazy, you dont even need to download the damn app.
            Also there’s a bot so it’s more fun

    1. I fail to see how a Pokémon’s sex determines whether it’s offspring gets the ball or not. IVs, sure, but pokeball should pass on regardless of sex.

          1. I have, I just don’t see how, or even why, for that matter, it was even implemented this way.

          2. I’m just curious what would your explanation be is what I’m looking for.

            My only justification would be that in reality, most male animals breed then leave whereas the the mothers go back “home”. When the offspring is born it is at the same “home” as the mother, whereas the father is elsewhere.

            I may have just answered myself lol

  20. So, this has happened to me twice. I nicknamed my Eevee ‘Rainer’ and it worked once. The second time I did it, I got a Flareon. Then I got a Jolteon yesterday.

  21. Hey guys, this is the last post I’ll make here about shiny Pokemon; after today, I’ll be moving over to the forums. Again, I’m giving away shiny Pokemon, I can’t guarantee legitimacy or competitiveness, and you may pick three (for now). I don’t expect anything in return- they’re completely free! All I need is your FC and your in-game name so I can make sure I trade with the correct person.

    *Note – the list on the right are Pokemon that have already been reserved

      1. Completely for real! I don’t want them anymore because they’re not special to me, so I’m giving them away.

        1. That’s awesome. I would have love to take some off your hands, but I don’t have a Pokemon game atm :/

          1. Are you getting one in the future? I’ll reserve some for you if you want. I’m already saving Furret for Exeledus for the Sun/Moon release.

          2. Hell yeah! I’m getting Pokemon Moon on release. And no thanks I wouldn’t want to stress you out, but thanks for the offer tho.

          3. It’s really no problem; I just make a note on the side. But if you don’t want to that’s fine as well.

        1. Uh, can I have it? If it’s one of the ones you’re giving away? It’s one of the things I need to complete the dex. I can give you my name and FC in a second if so.

          1. I would love either Hawlucha, trevenent, noivern, aigislash or greninja…

          2. Can you narrow that down to Arceus + 2 others? I’d like to give everyone a fair shot. If I’ve got more when I move over to the forums you can get more.

    1. Idk if you saw my comment last time but i asmed about noivern aurorus and machamp

    2. I would love that sableye, Lilligant and Togekiss if you wanted to depart with them :3
      IGN: John
      FC 2492-4342-8850

          1. thanks you just helped me complete my shiny fairy collection (minus legends of course)
            now the mr. mime and Misdreavus do have some perfect Iv’s as well which are marked 🙂

          2. Is misdreavus fairy type? I thought it was ghost… You learn something new everyday I guess.

          3. nope, it could have been imo but it is not. lol I traded him the misdreavus and mr. mime 🙂

          4. Oh I was confused, I thought you meant that misdreavus and mr mime were members of your shiny fairy collection.

          5. I thought I had all of the fairies in shiny form (one per family) but I am actually missing klefki, granbull and dedenne, but Im sure I can get them soon. I have Whimsicott, Carbink, Azumarill, Mawile, Slurpluff, Togekiss, spritzee and Aromatisse, Clefable, Jigglypuff and Wigglytuff, Blue Florges, Gardevior, and Sylveon. Once S/M comes out ill be hunting for all the new ones though

          6. me too, Im really hoping that mudsdale gets a dark almost black shiny, I really want a black horse lol, and I just hope they are all creative and not unnoticeable

          7. YES!!! Also a traditional camouflage bruxish might be funny and a slick black vikavolt would be sweet. They really didn’t do any unnoticeable shinies last gen and I hope they keep it up.

    3. many of them r awesome …..all fire starters would be cool and Agieslash ….unfortunately for me I can’t have any …..I still haven’t my 3Ds yet but thank u bro.

        1. thanks!!
          my fc is 5129-1593-4621 and my ign is Joao but I can only trade in a few hours, would that be a problem?

          1. right now it’s 3pm in here, I’ll leave work at 8pm, so probably around 8:30pm~9pm

    4. Are these random natures? Nick name-able? I’m eye-ing Ninetales, Greninja, and Charizard…

      1. I cannot nickname them since I got them all in trades. I can check the natures of those three in a sec if you want.

    5. Charizard, Ninetales, Greninja, Hydreigon?

      Fc: 2766-8914-0858
      Ign: Yvonne

      For my wife as a surprise, if possible 🙂

        1. Sorry, didn’t notice you had four here. I’ll give them all to you since you’re doing something kind with them. 🙂

    6. I would love to have the Aurorus, Tyranitaur, and the Noivern if their still available Please and thank you. 😀

      FC: 4570-8129-6767

      1. Aurorus and Noivern were already taken. You can pick two others, and I would recommend checking the previous comments to see what’s taken. 🙂

    7. I would like Gardevoir, Gallade, and Ampharos if they’re still available
      Andrew: 0361-7001-2261

      This is very nice of you, thank you 🙂

  22. According to this Panthster’s ability could make his target flammable …once attack him with fire move that target will burn immediately…..nice cheap way that’s how dark type play.

    1. I think litten3’s ability will be the same as all the other fire staters, blaze.

        1. Well we know panthster is a fake name since the european employee was proven false

          1. And seriously you name a Tiger Wrestler Panthster?
            Panther and Gamgster…..

            We should stick with Heatigre

  23. Ok, now all I need are darkrai, keldeo, meloetta, and volcanion to complete my dex! This is the first time I’ve ever caught ’em all, so to speak 🙂

    1. Cool I am close I’m within 100 left only need of neede Legendaries: Tornadus, Landorus, Uxie, I forgot the rest

        1. Nah I mostly GTS a good Pokemon for a basic then evolve then breed them then re-GTS them.

  24. Ayo Wes I registered you
    4038-5998-9262 for the mighty Earthen’s FC
    Add me if you dare
    FS is Ground

          1. I keed I keep
            Out of the three Nidoking has the most *ahem* potential with having both Sheer Force and Timid, ergo can be Hyper Trained
            The other two are novelties

  25. Hmmmmmm so apparently that there Shiny Nidoking is 6IV’d Timid with Sheer Force
    Ergo utter perfection…..so this is probably a hack
    But you did give me a nifty Cafe Battler to rake in the dough, breeding ain’t cheep

    1. I figured some of them had to be hacked. That’s partially why I wanted rid of them; no effort was put into getting them.

  26. what’s everyone currently doing in the games right now? Now that I’ve found my copy of X and bought bank I’ve finally started my live dex.

      1. Good luck 🙂
        I hope you find it. I’ve never had good experiences Shiny Hunting….

    1. Breeding & Training Pokemon for NU and Fire Mono and S&M
      And soon as those are done, I’m going to Ditto Hunt and find the highest legit IV’d one I can find and prep it for HT
      But parts of me kind of want a Ditto from Sun with my name and future Trainer ID since I vowed to only use Alola Pokemon in Sun and wait a month until I transfer

    2. Well I gave up on shiny hunting and I didn’t want to play Pokemon yellow so I started Super Mystery Dungeon :p

    3. In games in general, I’m trying to beat Sans in Undertale, but in Pokemon I’m shiny hunting for a Miltank that I’m going to name BluMoo, a play on the milk brand TruMoo.

    4. Well I recently just completed my living dex (except Volcanion of course) but idk what else to do I guess. I don’t really enjoy shiny hunting but I still do the lottery and make my secret pals search for stones.

  27. Here’s an interesting question:
    What Pokemon do you guys often forget exist? For me I’d say Aipom, Maractus and tyrogue.

      1. I was looking at my pokedex when I chose so…. That’s easy enough.

        1. I don’t need the dex tho. I always forget about Carnivine for some reason even though I like it.

    1. Always Wobbufet for me. I don’t forget Maractus because it’s one of my favorites.

      1. I think the major reason why I don’t forget wobbufet is the anime.

    2. This is a difficulty question because like nb97 said, I can’t remember many. xD I’d say Chimecho and Gligar.

    3. Well i would pachirisu but probably there is another one so forgetable that i couldnt remember it lel

          1. Okay so i had forgotten about seel shellder pineco clamperl chingling ferroseed shelmet and binacle haha

    4. Tyrogue, Cherrim, Burmy Line, Finneon line, Carbink, Furfrou, Bouffalant, Heatmor, Clamperl

  28. Alright, I’ve asked about favorite Pokemon, but this time I’m going to ask: what’s your least favorite Pokemon and why?

    1. Mine is Swoobat. For one I hate the design, and on top of that it was a pain to deal with in the games.

    2. Pikachu because im that type of hypster that hates things that are too popular haha jk i would say muk because it is literally a pile of toxic waste with eyes but it isnt that bad i guess

      1. I have mixed thoughts on Pikachu. I like it as a Pokemon in itself and all, but I dislike it because, it being the mascot of Pokemon and all, it overshadows Raichu, who I like much much better.

    3. Design-wise, I don’t hate a single Pokémon. I guess that’s just the inner artist in me that appreciates the uniqueness of each creature. Battle-wise, I hate literally every dragon type.

    4. Hmmmm….. Voltorb because it has a lame and bland design. I would be content if it didn’t exist.

    5. talking about hate I only hate humanz I can’t hate pkms but if we r talking about design I will choose Voltorb line.

      1. There’s beauty in volt orbs simplicity. The worst pokes tend to be the ones with really complex and intricate designs.

        1. Ehhh it goes both ways.
          Simple: Ditto = Bad Design
          Complex: Volcanion = Bad Design

          1. Aww not Ditto I think he’s cute Voltorb isn’t my favorite but it’s grown on me

    6. I don’t know…. Design wise stunfisk.. There’s something about stunfisk that makes me feel hate towards it and I don’t even know why…

        1. I dislike how it was shown in the movie as well. I felt like Hoopa stood out from the art style of the rest of the film, and that made me dislike it more.

          1. Hoopa’s design is severely displeasing to my eyes. The weird gray skin and rosy cheeks just clash horribly. Not to mention its STUPID voice in the movie made me dislike it more.

    7. Garbador because of its ugly design

      Greninja because of its ugly design and specifically it’s extremely angular head and tongue scarf

      Kink kelang because it’s overall design is bad. Its stake. Has no personality and honestly it looks more mechanical than any other Pokemon. Like what is this exactly? It looks like an inanimate contraption. Are we really suppose to believe this to be a creature of nature? Horrible.

      Serperior because snowy had so much potential and they just chose to make it a pretty basic run of the mill grass snake. It doesn’t even have arms or anything even close to interesting going on with it.

      Emboar it’s number 3 in a long list of fire/fighting starter evolutions and it’s just not pleasant to look at and its stats aren’t terrific either. Just a large fat pig that doesn’t even really look natural

      Lastly, samurott because it’s a really gross looking combination of a a seal, a sea lion, an otter, and o don’t even know? A horse? It’s the worst example of a final starter evolution and it just doesn’t make sense at all. Why does it have a helmet out of nowhere? Why does it walk on four legs for some reason? Why couldn’t we have gotten a bad ass samurai outter as originally planned? Nothing about samurott looks like a samurai. Even the tail makes no logical sense on a creature like this. It’s just bad. Definitely the Pokemon I hate most.

      There are many other not so great ones but I can usually deal with that. For every 10 Charizards, there’s gotta be one exeggcutor

      1. I like Klinklang, I have learned to respect Greninja, and Garbodor isn’t that ugly

      2. Whattttt. Serperior’s design is great and elegant. I think they knocked it out of the park. I agree about the others.

      3. I like Samurott it’s one of my favorite final evos. if that Popplio doesn’t evolve into the Mermaid it will be in my favs.

    8. Golbat they are too common, too fast, and too many moves that are annoying to fight and they aren’t even a very good in battling partner!

    9. Dunsparce. I don’t really know why. I just despise the thing. I guess the name is stupid, it’s weak, not really appealing in any way and for whatever reason is super hard to find in gen 2

      1. I can’t blame ya hard Pokemon normally are hated but another is Gen.4 Chansey it hatches bad has no good stats and learns no good moves!

    10. Bidoof and Biberel, ick. Something about them makes me gag. I like to pretend they don’t exist. Garbodor too, though I actually liked Trubbish.

    11. I’m not one to hate on any Pokémon, I love most if not all of them (as well as the new ones), but I can’t lie to myself, I completely hate Delphox; I don’t know if my opinion is unpopular or not, the concept behind this Poké is awesome, as well as it’s pre-evos, but Delphox just looks horrible with that tiny head of hers. (And Mega Sharpedo, that one could be a little better).

  29. Man I cannot wait for Hyper Training. All my shiny babies will become more relevant than ever!!! It’s gonna be so gorgeous battling here in S&M (if people do battle unlike oras). My teams will consist 30+ of my pretty shiny babies. #ProudMMFather

      1. People have speculated that Wimpod will hold them since the site says it collects things, but that could just mean pearls or something else.

        1. And people going too far with Dex entries, it just picks loot out of the garbage they eat

        1. I hope they’re at least 100 I mean we don’t want too many Legends to just supercharge do we?

          I don’t want this just to be some magic IV spitting machine that takes all the work out of it

  30. Pokevision has honestly become such a handy site considering that the ingame tracking has the 3 footprint bug
    Love how the app gets me out of the house on the regular

      1. Well because the site relies on the Trainer Club system, it’s been a lil temperamental to start with however it’s very accurate

      2. It’s pretty accurate, not anything spectacular. It gets the job. Done and has helped me a lot.

  31. I hope Candela, Blanche, and Spark (especially Spark) have cameos in Sun/Moon. I don’t think it would serve much purpose, but it would be a neat way to tie in Go.

    1. Idk, I think that would bring me out of the game. They weren’t designed by GF anyway, so I doubt it’ll happen.

      1. They could have a trio of NPCs that reference what the 3 teams stand for without outright saying they’re Candela, Blanche, and Spark. But I see why they wouldn’t be included as well.

        1. I would like that more. Like a subtle reference somewhere in the game. I just don’t want GO to be considered Canon with the main games, what little of it there is.

  32. Earthen ibored…..I was rewatching the E3 thing analyzing the actual gameplay, the weird noodleily animations, I hope they at least let you run in tall grass

    1. I keep trying to turn on the internet, but I keep getting a service maintenance message. :/

    2. Online servers are down for a few hours. I’m not going to up long enough to be able to trade today, but I’ll most likely be on again tomorrow, or you can message me on the forums and we’ll work out a time to trade.

  33. So the August Coro Coro introduced Megas during the x and y releases, does anyone think the August 1st info could be Megas considering the next Coro Coro promises southern island info instead? Also, what mega would you want? (I’m holding out for weavile and froslass)

  34. I have an interesting Question what Pokemon from previous games that has not been shown yet mine is Weavile!

      1. Any old Pokemon you would like to appear in Alola like Corphish or Joltik or Drowzee.

        1. I would love the Zebra Pokemon to come back and it might knowing the abundance of Electric types it might be in

        1. Horsea was shown in a fountain concept art so it is extra likely it will appear haha

          1. Who knows maybe you can fish in the fountains on specific days (like when nobody’s watching)

          2. I feel Kuiki would say whatever Maaaannnnnn!! So biking indoors man come true!

          3. I say those voices in my head better shut the f*ck up, it’s mah game and I do what I want!
            It’s bad enough the voices in my head tell me to do things, I don’t need another set telling me NOT to do things

          4. You hear kukui’s voice in your head “There is always a time for something, cousin, but right now is not that time, it gives me chicken skin whooooee”

      1. I would like Meowstic back that would make lots of cat Pokemon and I would love it ! I love pet based Pokemon

      1. Axew and Shinx I have disbelief only cause Shinx has appeared in normal circumstances once but I would love it back and Axew I don’t see I don’t know why but the rest I can see.

          1. Like no trading from other games, before elite four or beating Legendaries, or Friend safari, or trading from someone who got it!

          2. Oh ok i was just thinking that since alola is “chockfull of nothing but rare pokemon” maybe shinx could appear in it since it has only been in two or three regions since its introduction

          3. I think Shinx would be a good Canidate for Alola so would
            Shuckle, Heracross, Sneasel, Abra, Shinx, Houndour, Tentacool, Snubull, Smeargle, Ducklett, and more!

          4. Yeah i think that alola will be inhabited by the underdogs or overshadowed pokemon from other regions along with the pokemon native to alola

  35. Today is a milestone, Bred 5 5-6 IV’d Pokemon (in the right places today)
    2 left to go then that’s it

  36. …..a moment of silence if you’d all please
    I just lost a very dear friend…..
    My lucky chest hair is officially gone….. Plucked in its prime….
    I had it for three years….over 3 inches in length….
    It will be deeply deeply missed

          1. I dont think a book will help rearrange my DNA and get rid of the gene that makes me hairless everywhere but my head, armpits and…somewhere else

          2. Hmm I’d help but this sounds like a uhhhh not 15 year old’s help with it!

  37. Wes, if you’re here I’m ready to trade. Green: 3239-3723-6799.
    I would like Gigalith and Eelektross. If Eelektross is unavailable, Lilligant.

    1. Have I ever told you… MY TAHP TEHN POKEMAN

      cuz ur one of them ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  38. I know this is a random and really not that important question but is yungoos the only pokemon that isnt native to the region of the gen it was introduced in?

        1. I don’t know. I’m curious about that myself! Maybe they’re native to Alola ;P

    1. Because dex entry lingo
      Just because it said it was a foreign Pokemon for the region that doesn’t mean this is a cleverly crafted foreshadow of another Region
      Yungoos and Corphish are a classic case of non-indigenous species introduction, where they were once foreign to this land and now decades of living there and a population boom they might as well be native to there now

      1. Yeah i know it doesnt mean that much i was just curious if any other pokemon are “officially” not native to their region

  39. I would like to know what are your favorite Pokemon attacks mine is Faint Attack

  40. Can someone help me evolve my poliwhirl into a politoad by trading with me and then sending it back please. My code is 1891-1280-0860.

    1. I have an empoleon that I’ll be willing to give level 39 that I don’t care about.

    2. In case you didn’t find anyone yet, I might be able to help, but I’ll be at home (instead of in the office with no wifi) about,.. 9-10 hours from now.

        1. Ok, will you be back later? You can keep the Empoleon too. I don’t have anything to trade evo so I’ll just let you hold one random shiny dodrio.

          1. Heyy why dont we battle right now then! Come on i havent had a battle in ages.

          2. Sure! I haven’t battled online in a long time and I’m trying to get into it, which is why I wanted a palpitoad since it’s kinda hefty.

        1. -Now go to the game
          -Go to PSS option on bottom screen
          -Click the three wifi bars
          -Say yes
          -Save game
          -Find me on Friends or Passerby (IGN Huntark)
          -Touch me on bottom screen
          -Tap trade
          -Say yes to trade pokemon
          -Save game
          -We start trade
          -we trade then trade back
          -then we close trade

          1. Did y’all suddenly quit Chatango?

            That’s a good move, BTW, Chatango was kind of unwieldy and I never wanted to use it again. 🙂

            I’ll have to bookmark it at home. Restating URL since I can easily keep track of my own posts. https://discord.gg/rDeBh

          2. yeah it was being ass. Discord is so neat and organized and please come we need new faces

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