Pokémon GO Announced For Apple Watch

Niantic Labs announced today at Apple’s event that Pokémon GO will be made available to Apple Watch. The Apple Watch version of the app will be slimmed down, and display the distance needed to hatch eggs, experience points needed to level up, and some information about the user’s fitness. Similarly to Pokémon GO Plus, the game will also alert you when a Pokémon appears without needing to look at your actual phone.

This will come as a surprise to some critics who claimed that Niantic would never make Pokémon GO compatible with Apple Watch in order to push sales of the Pokémon GO Plus peripheral – which is still confirmed to be released by the end of this month.

While this news is likely to excite the relatively small number of Apple Watch owners, Niantic still has a long way to go to combat the waning popularity of Pokémon GO.