Chinese Riddler Makes Us Solve Their Leaks

Riddle me this, Zubatman

Some of you may have heard about the mysterious Chinese leaker who hasn’t actually leaked anything concrete, but instead gives clues as to what is in the upcoming Nintendo 3DS titles Pokémon Sun & Moon. They seem eerily accurate in rather unique ways. Here’s most of what they’ve gotten right so far:

  • Pyroar & Zubat before the reveal of Solgaleo & Lunaala
  • Pikachu covered in a sheet prior to seeing Mimikyu
  • Image of rock-paper-scissors and innards (?) before Pyukumuku
  • Sandcastle & shovel for Sandygast & Palossand
  • A skeleton on cloth for Team Skull

aristotleThere are still a few unsolved mysteries left to figure out, however. A bust of Aristotle that was posted remains a mystery; some say that Type: Null could be what the Riddler was referring to, others are not as sure. There’s also a grid of Pokémon which shows officially revealed (or, with the starter evolutions, leaked) Pokémon with some teasingly marked with question marks. It even hints that Marshadow may not even be the third legendary, it could simply be an event Pokémon.


Underneath that are also small sprites of Pokémon which may appear in the games (colored) or get an Alolan form (faded). If this is correct, and that is the meaning behind it, we could expect Alolan forms for the following Pokémon:

  • Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, Venusaur
  • Voltorb, Electrode
  • Horsea, Seadra, Kingdra
  • Staryu, Starmie
  • Porygon, Porygon2, Porygon-Z
  • Gen II starters
  • Chinchou, Lanturn
  • Larvitar, Pupitar, Tyranitar
  • Spheal, Sealeo, Walrein
  • Axew, Fraxure, Haxorus
  • Hawlucha

Certainly would be exciting to see some for Pokémon outside of the original Red & Blue!

anabel-spriteThey’ve also posted a picture of Anabel who runs the Battle Tower in the Battle Frontier in Pokémon Emerald! Does this mean the Tower returns? Or the whole damn Frontier?! An exciting prospect for many who pined for its return in Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire. Junichi Masuda has claimed that its omission had been because players nowadays want faster gratification from their games and he didn’t think it would be widely appreciated.

colressSo what is the current fuss about? It just so happens that the Riddler’s avatar is none other than Colress, a villainous researcher and Team Plasma’s second leader from Pokémon Black 2 & White 2 who sought to unlock the ultimate strength within Pokémon. Definitely Z-Move vibes from his past motivations and he even hinted that he wanted to make a device that allowed humans and Pokémon to communicate; could he have been the developer of the Rotom Dex?!

Some fans even claim that Colress was seen during the recent trailer in the Aether Foundation’s headquarters, but the evidence is tenuous at best.


They’ve also hinted that there may be multiple professors in Alola, but whether this means other professors from previous regions may make an appearance or that Prof. Kukui is not the only Alolan Pokémon professor is still up in the air.

Perhaps the most interesting information is that of the potential Alolan forms, but there’s certainly enough to speculate about for the moment! WHAT DO YOU THINK?!

<3 PJ

FEATURED DISCUSSION: Preliminary Sun/Moon Teams

      1. Not necessarily. Perhaps, because of the micro evolution to the climate, Mega Evolutions are only with the original Pokemon, but then it became a non-visible recessive trait in the Alolan Form, and they lost the ability to Mega Evolve.

        It basically may have been bred out of them in Alola.

  1. “Alola form (faded)”

    Nope, that just means the pokemon is on the game (not faded) or not (faded). That does not mean they are getting Alola form lul

  2. No doubt that it’s 20 years since Gold and Silver, like it has been 10 years since Diamond and Pearl (possible remake on the way), let’s expect the new game to show hints for Sinnoh, especially when Cynthia is even hinted of her return in this…

    But if Venusaur is getting an Alola Form, and if there are Mega Stones in the game (which I doubt), then would that mean we would get a Mega Alolan Venusaur?

    1. Diamond and Pearl remakes 100%. Not officially confirmed, but they’ve done with gen 1, 2 and 3 so 4 will follow.

      1. I actually think we’re gonna get something different than D/P remakes. The new director is clearly determined to breathe new life into Pokémon and step away from the traditional formulas. But also Fire Red and Leaf Green are older than Diamond and Pearl. So ignoring HG/SS it’s been longer since we’ve visited Kanto than Sinnoh. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a two region remake with Sinnoh and Kanto. But maybe I’m thinking too base. Maybe something more original than that will happen. Like a brand new adventure that will span Sinnoh and Kanto.

        1. They could easily do both. There are remakes of RBY, G/S and RSE.

          Perhaps they’re making a brand new adventure for the NX. but also remaking gen 4 for the 3DS as final goodbye to that platform and will continue on the NX for future generations (should they ever be made, I dont think it wil)

          1. Maybe so! Ultimately I just love how Ohmori is keeping us on our toes. I’ve never been more excited for the future of Pokémon.

  3. Oh please let the Hawlucha one be true. And I still want my Water/Poison blue ringed Octillery.

  4. I honestly can’t see them giving one starter (Bulbasaur family) Alolan forms without the other Kanto starters getting them too…. I know Venusaur makes the most sense to have one because of the climate etc, but I can’t imagine them favouring one starter like that

    1. i think the other two will get forms aswell but i really hope for The Johto Starters gets forms too

      1. Personally I do feel like only Kanto Pokemon will be getting Alolan forms, but who knows…. I do want a Fairy Meganium or Dark Feraligatr though, that’d be sweet

    1. i went by know your meme this morning and quite literally all Wicke fan art has her how i say…..busting out

  5. Totally unrelated to this article, but 7 in Japanese mythology represents ending or a finished product. Just putting it out there.

    1. Tell that to the final fantasy, mario, zelda, and the hundred other unending japanese franchises.

  6. I doubt the sprites can represent Alola forms and obtainable Pokemon because a) No Rattata/Raticate, b) Persian and Eggseggcute aren’t there, despite Cubone being present.

  7. Oh the Riddler. He’s been around for a while and is leaking at it’s finest lol I think the only thing I really don’t want is for BF to come back….I know I know it’s an unpopular stance, but it’s one I truly believe in. I always found the BF soooooo boring…..Horde modes in certain games can be fun, but Pokemon is a turn by turn game…..I really don’t find anything gratifying about battling over 100 people in a row….It’s just tedious to me. Anyway…..with those gripes out of the way the Riddler has been a very interesting leaker. Do we know for sure that the faded sprites could mean forms? I don’t see any other Pokemon that DO have forms faded to corroborate that. Also I think the grid is outdated. I believe he added the new Pokemon from yesterday to it too. In the new version he has UB-01 next to Aristotle and they don’t seem to have a dividing line between them that would lead me to believe that they are connected.

    1. Some of us at bulbagarden already put together the aristotle statue either means the ultra beasts or Type: Null. Both answers sill link back the Aether foundation in our minds.

        1. I still think it’d be screwed up if Aether played God like that. If anything I find it funny that some people actually think Team Skull made Null.

    1. All of it or just some? The Riddler’s been calling stuff left and right more or less since before we had any solid news. It’s hard to believe someone could be THAT lucky and have all of what they’re saying just coincidentally match up with real stuff…….

  8. ill be very surprised if only one gen 1 starter line gets a alolan form. idk it just doesnt sound like pokemon without a charizard pasted somewhere

    1. Charizard base form is already too powerful and it got 2 mega evolutions. Why would it get an Alola forme as well? Literally overkill.

    2. Charizard is already made of some hardy stuff so it could probably survive in Alola as is. Blastoise is a turtle so it could fare well in Alola’s waters. Venusaur’s the only one I can see making sense that it would adapt to Alola’s environment.

    3. the Alola region serves no extremes that would cause them to alter
      Venusaur are naturally attuned to the lush tropical climate
      Charizard enjoy rugged dry areas such as volcanic cliffs and craters
      and Alola’s beaches are heaven for Blastoise

      they just don’t need to change


    Digging around, this is a more updated version of that Pokemon list. It appears the Aristotle bust was actually hinting towards Ultra Beasts, along with Aether, since Aether is the 5th element in Alchemy.

    As for the list of colored and faded Pokemon, the popular opinion going around is that the ones that are colored are the Pokemon we’ve seen in trailers, and the faded ones are Pokemon that will appear as well. I can’t really comment on that tho because I don’t feel like watching all the trailers to correlate the Pokemon to those seen on the list.

    Anyway, The Riddler has been a very credible leaker for these games, and the fact he posted a picture of Anabel I feel is huge news about the Frontier. Wait and see of course…now if only he could post a picture of France and make my dreams come true ;~;

    1. did you hear my theory that the Aether Foundation is trying to create genetically perfect Pokemon that if pokemon were resiliant and resistant to pain or damage there’d be no more suffering

      i based this because as you said Aether is the fifth element and they in mythology it was also refereed as quintessence which has all that alchemy mumbo jumbo, but most importantly “it was thought to be the pure essence that the gods breathed, filling the space where they lived” so its easy to theorize that the Aether Foundation are godlike trying to watch over mortals, but also this could also stem off and they try to make Pokemon just as godlike

      1. I did not, but I like the sounds of it! Honestly after yesterday, I am at a loss theory wise, my brain is just caput after the curveball we got thrown. Here I am just hoping Kalos returns, and suddenly there’s the Aether Foundation. Combine that with Sina and Dexio having us look for Zygarde, Ultra Beasts, the Tapu guardians, Team Skull, and heck even Solgaleo and Lunala’s relevance and I’m just struggling to find out how everything fits! xD We are in for one heck of a story, that is for sure

        1. that we are

          seriously my team is extremely malnourished
          and lastly Mudbray

          i may pick up a Jangmo-o since i can’t ignor a warrior’s stride

          1. Ground/Fighting would be a great combo, surprised it hasn’t been done before.

            My team atm is:
            Alola Ninetales
            Jangmo-o (who I really hope becomes Dragon/Steel)

            Pokemon I’m considering include Bewear, Wishiwashi, and Salandit.

          2. yeah but i just want them to do it right
            because they’re going to need on hella of a advanatge to overcome our Water heavy meta and to be fair
            Ground/Fighting offers a crapton of weaknesses Water, grass, ice, psychic, flying and fairy……….

            mine would be
            Guts/Sheer Force
            HP: 120
            Atk: 145
            Def: 100
            Sp. Atk: 30
            Sp. Def: 95
            Speed: 70

  10. Masuda didn’t put the battle frontier in ORAS because he didn’t think it would be appreciated..? Bullshit because everyone wanted it. And given the picture of Anabel, I’m going to be upset if all they give us is the battle tower. I just never liked that facility. Aside from that, alolan forms for Venusaur and Tyranitar seems odd. They both have megas and would need alolan forms of those too. I would love Colress to reappear though. He was interesting in that he wasn’t really a villain but was just kinda using team plasma for their resources.

    1. well technically this was Ruby and Sapphire and the battle frontier didn’t exist until prior the events of Emerald

          1. Suicune and Eusine, Battle tower in Crystal (which was updated to frontier for HGSS), Buenas password, Crystals in-game trades, maybe other stuff.

          2. Well yes, but Emerald is the same thing. It only slightly altered the story. I mean, it’s like saying we shouldn’t expect a BF in D/P remakes because it was only in Platinum and not D/P.

            Also, the Battle Tower was in R/S, just like it was in Crystal. They could’ve gone the extra mile like they did in HG/SS and upgraded it to the BF. But they didn’t even give us the Battle Tower in ORAS. They just copy/pasted the stupid maison. And yes, you could argue they just copy/pasted the BF from Platinum into HG/SS but they at least made the effort in the first place to update the BF from Emerald to Platinum. Honestly, there is just no excuse in my book. I still like ORAS a lot, but including the BF would’ve made it a near perfect game for me.

          3. Thats because ORAS are not 100% remakes of Ruby and Sapphire. I mean they are gen 3 remakes obviously, but set in an alternate timeline, at least that what I think.

          4. But they set the rules so it’s not like, “well the BF wasn’t in R/S so we don’t even have to bother.” They included features that weren’t in R/S like soaring and stuff so I don’t think BF gets a pass.

          5. Well the Battle Frontier did feature in ORAS technically, but as a prototype in small scale size in the Resort.

          6. I really hope so! I was too young and inexperienced to fully appreciate the BF from HGSS. Now I want to give it another go in better graphics and mechanics.

          7. Same! I won’t lie I was disappointed it wasn’t in ORAS, because I to wanted to conquer it now that I have a much better understanding of competitive Pokemon =/ But now I can look back and say yeah, if it’s in Sun and Moon instead, with THESE graphics, I’m all in xD

          8. It’s strange how something so unimportant to the story is so loved by fans 🙂 For me the grandeur of it all it so exciting. It’s like a big beautiful theme park for only the best of trainers.

          9. Ugh, now I have to go listen to the music. I just realized the maison leaders use updated frontier brain music and I’m a bit upset.

          10. I love that remix ! ;~; Yeah it’s not their theme, it’s sorta like looking at Wallace and saying “How dare you stand where he stood” as that meme so eloquently states xD But damn, it’s a great remix.

          11. GameFreak has always copy and pasted tbh. They didn’t do anything differently in ORAS that they didn’t already do in previous games. The only reason HGSS had a Battle Frontier was because it came after Platinum, which it was designed for. If HGSS came first, 100% they are copy and pasting the Battle Tower from Diamond and Pearl instead. With the Maison in ORAS, they copy and pasted it from XY, which is an improvement to the original RS considering Maison is a better version of the Battle Tower. Also, I think it’s clear they wanted to save the Frontier for these games.

            Honestly, my only complain with ORAS is that it didn’t have Gym Leader rematches, even tho them being in Trainers Eye shows they were at least planned.

          12. I think GameFreak is paying more attention to the timeline aspect of things. 100% the Frontier will be in Sun and Moon, which I still deem as the 3rd games to XY, even tho it’s a new generation. Clearly continuing the story XY started.

          13. Yeah, I noticed that too. Well if they told us in ORAS that it’s under construction they better follow through on that.

  11. Also, the Frontier should absolutely be returning. I don’t buy that interview with Masuda, I still own it up to a mistranslation from multiple times over, or just not wanting to tip hands as to what they had in store for the future. But ORAS dropped so many hints to the Frontier returning, something GameFreak does all the time, but they outright told us it was basically coming back and to stay tuned.

    – Battle Tower model on Battle Resort, with a sign that says the Battle Frontier project has started.
    – References to Brandon in both XY and ORAS.
    – NPC says scouting of the “Pike Queen” is done, and will anyone else measure up to Scott’s expectations.
    – Battle Chatelaine Morgan has this to say in ORAS after defeating her in Super Rotation:
    “Just the outcome I would expect… Honestly, I’m not telling fibs! You really are the Trainer I thought you were, aren’t you now, pet? Heh heh… Might I ask something? Would you consider becoming the owner here? Me sisters and I have to be returning to our Battle Maison in Kalos someday. I suppose we’d feel safe trusting you with the Battle Maison name. There would also be the matter of our plans to build an even more impressive battle facility in the area. If we get our ducks in a row now, we may make oodles when we leave here. No more talk about it now, but do consider the idea, won’t you, pet? Well then, I wait eagerly for our next battle and for your favorable reply!”

  12. This is basically the most accurate leaker, followed by the Chinese leaker. I believe he also posted images of a sea cucumber and a fist, hinting towards Pyukumuku. I guess Rockruff only has one who that their going to reveal in the CoroCoro next week. Does anyone remember the leak which hinted towards time being different in the both games?

    1. We can’t take what this guy says as 100% accurate, he forgot to add cutiefly’s evolution on his first version of this ‘riddle’.

          1. Why the fuck would be getting boy/girl based branched Evolution and then why would Jangmo-o’s final evolution be branched? If this all comes true, this is so retarted and I may have to cancel my pre-order. A dragon, then a sword? WTF?

          2. yea i agree with you. he think its gonna become a legit sword not something based around a sword

          3. Dude. The sword is a reference to what it will be. Do you really think we’re gonna have a rugby player and then a monkey? No. We’re supposed to get a mix. They’re just pictures. Of real life things to reference the evolutions. Calm down.

          4. Uhhhhh thats not a sword, its a scepter with a crown on it. So its evolution will probably be based off of the “Royalty theme” Like it becomes a “Royal Knight” when it hits it’s final evo. And that I can totally get behind. 😀

    1. BRUH, you always be freaking out. Calm yourself. These are just hints. It could all be bullshit, who knows.

  13. Imagine an alolan bulbasaur that grows a volcano on its back
    And a water dragon charizard
    And grass steel? Idk blastoise
    Dat be coo
    But the alolan bulbasaur could totally work because grass poison sucks and the poison could be changed into idk, maybe just pure grass? I love pure grass…
    All the johto starters have only one type each so just throw on another type and we gucci
    And blastoise can recieve the treatment next gen, whatever other wacky ideas theyll spew out next

    1. well, down below @TCMets:disqus made a good point these could also be pokemon that will appear in later trailers, and in-game.

        1. not trying to burst your bubble or anything just making sure you dont get disappointed if we dont get a alolan venasaur

          1. Yeah, it’s fine. Alolan Venusaur would’ve been nice but an Alolan form being limited to just one of the Kanto starters doesn’t make sense so ehhh

  14. I’m looking at the list of sprites and I DON’T see Abra, Kadabra or Alakazam anywhere. Alakazam was just shown in the most reacent trailer yet it isn’t even on the updated Grid. This may hurt the leaker although I hope not.

  15. The Colress thing has my attention.
    Didn’t he work with gene splicers ? didn’t he aide in a sense fusing Kyurem with the DNA of the other 2 ? I’m also intrigued by Gladeon. is that actually a pokemon that belonged to him and the Aether foundation ran experiments on it ? Does the Aether foundation think they’re gods ? because the word aether or ether means the essence that gods breathed / the space they occupy. maybe the Aether foundation goes to far and accidentally create Ultra Beasts or ultra beasts are in communication with certain people of Alola.
    Maybe they tried to run experiments on Lilly because Colress wanted to communicate with pokemon better maybe he’s the inspiration behind or the mastermind of the Aether foundation. maybe it went wrong . maybe . . . MAYBE !
    maybe I’m drunk :/
    for a game directed at 10 year olds it sure does rattle the minds of the older people LOL

    1. Aether is the 5th alchemic substance, and it is regarded as being superior to the other 4. Thus making it essentially being in a higher plane of existence. So yes, the Aether Foundation might very well consider themselves as gods.

      1. yea, and i also read that it is connected to Aritotelic Physics so theres the sculpture connection. i think you end up working WITH team skull after siding with the Aether foundation for a good portion of the game.

  16. That arrow pointing to the the possibility of Colress being in Pokémon Sun & Pokémon Moon is actually pointing to a Machamp. The Japanese trailer shows Machamp in the background during Wicke’s introduction. What you’re seeing in that close-up image are Machamp’s arms with the bottom pair on its hips.

    Now, here’s a wonderful image of The Four Relevant Leaks.

      1. So, you didn’t read I said close-up image? Got it.

        Anyway, I highly doubt that’s Colress in that other, non-close up image.

  17. I have to wonder if the bust of Aristotle (which it definitely is Aristotle) ls just referencing Sophocles, another famous greek person that a trial captain in sun and moon is named after. its a bit of a stretch, what do you think?

    1. Several characters in the franchise have names referencing to gods or other mythical creatures. I genuinely think there’s a pattern which ultimately will result in something major, perhaps in Sun and Moon.

    2. Arisotle is the Man who first stated the Earth wasn’t flat.
      Which I feel is a connection.
      As Solgeleo seems to be named after Galileo as well as Sun and Lion, which fits as he was the guy who said, “Hey wait we orbit the sun”, he also studied the phases of the Moon, and part of his name could be in Lunalas name, though I’m still coming up blanks on that one, but Basically, Sun, Moon, Earth

  18. I hope that Komala gets an evolution. Though the Chinese Riddler recently mentioned Bruxish, Drampa, Mimikyu, and Salandit would be not be standalone Pokemon (from I video I watched by Cresselia on Smogon who translated the original Chinese leaker’s leak). and I don’t see evolution ?’s for them here. It’s possible though that the Chinese Riddler doesn’t want to risk his job too much so maybe left them out of the pic here. Rockruff has a ? mark next to it, while Pikipek has two ?’s.

    1. the pokemon you see on the grid is pokemon thats gonna be announced or have been announced

  19. Apple announcing their waterproof iPhone like its this huge new thing. Sony and Samsung did that ages ago.

    1. Oh the days of being a teenager and angsty over a company releasing a product that I personally didn’t want to buy. Oh how I do not miss those days.

  20. Aristotle is one of the first people to theorise Earth was round. I’m looking for more connections but, it could hint at an Earth Legendary, Sun, Moon and Earth. I know most peopl think Eclipse, but I honestly feel Earth would be a better fit.
    Aristerra or something like that could be it’s name.
    A mix of Arisotle and Terra, (Because Sol, Luna, Terra)
    Worth mentioning Solgaleo might be named after Galileo as well as Sol and Leo.
    Not so sure about Lunala apart from the Luna part, so lemme know if you know any Philospher or scientist with connections to the Moon with Ala in it.

    (Side note: Aristole believed the Earth was round, but that it was the center of the universe, Galileo thought the Sun was the center of the universe, so Lunalas nameing most likely would come from a Scientist/Philospher related to this, but about the moon)

    1. There’s already two Earth legendaries, Zygarde and Groudon. Sun and Moon’s theme is clearly revolving around alchemy. An eclipse Manticore or scorpion seem most plausible to me.

      1. I’m just connecting things together, Zygarde at this point seems unconnected to the other 2, And it’s not the Earth Legendary, it’s the Order Legendary, who keeps order. The third Legendary is also most likely to share the Psychic Type with Lunala and Solgaleo. At the same time, a scorpion would make perfect sense for an Earth Legendary, Psychic/Poison would be a pretty neat type, as I doubt it would get Ground or Water, as Solgaleo isn’t fire and Lunala isn’t Dark or Fairy. Ariscoterra sounds like a pretty deadly Pokemon name to me.

          1. There are elements of the Alchemy theory turning out to be true, Aether foundation adding to that. But theres nothing saying it’s the Earth Pokemon.

          2. An Earth pokemon would make the least sense imo. A Water type to complement the Land, Sky and Ocean trio could happen or an Eclipse Pokemon to stick to the lore.

          3. They like trinities though, and Sun, Moon and Earth is a Classical Trinity, specially in Alchemy.
            Also, Zygarde 50% is based on the snake at the bottom of the world Tree (Deer, Bird, Snake (From the world Tree) , Kyurem is Grey (Black, White, Grey), Giratina is from an Alternate Dimension (Time/Space/Dimensions), and Rayquaza is from the Sky (Land, Ocean, Sky), They’re all trinities Earth makes perfect sense, specially when paired with this Aristotle “Clue”. That’s not to say there won’t be an Eclipse Pokemon, but it would probably be seperate from the trio, as suggested here, if Marshadow, which sounds like it could be, is it, it wouldn’t be the first time. Im telling you, and I’ll stick by it, the Third legenadary will be Earth, not Eclipse.

          4. Yes it is, but colour scheme wise it is Grey, which fits, Zekrom is Black, and Reshiram is White, between Black and White, is Grey, which is why before B2/W2 we predicted Grey.
            Similair to how we thought there would be a Z, based on the Pokemon.
            So Earth makes a tonne of sense.

          5. What Theory? Zygade is literally the Z Pokemon. Xerneas is X, Yveltal is Y.
            On the same line of thinking, Solgaleo is Sun, Lunala is Moon, so Earth only makes sense. Because of recent discovery’s it seems that Zygarde, while playing a role in S/M is probably not actually connected to them at all. Though it is interesting to note the World Tree seems to be on the 4th island.

          6. Your theory that the 3rd legendary is Ground type or an Earth pokemon. The presence of Zygarde in S/M debunks that for me. Its clearly a plot-based Pokemon in the game.

          7. I never said Ground type, I said Earth Pokemon, going by Lunala and Solgaleo Ground wouldn’t make sense, and the third legend would most likely be Psychic/Something.
            Zygarde is clearly Plot based, but that doesn’t make it the third legend. Going by Patterns that “Mascot” Trios have, it’s very likely there is a third Legend, with a Psychic/Something Typing, which is based on the Earth. Sun/Moon/Earth, the Solar Trinity. And theres evidence to support this which I’ve already stated which you seem to have glanced straight over. In This case, Zygarde Presence means nothing other than it’s in the game.
            The World Tree also seems more likely to be connected to Zygarde. Your only arugment is “But Zygarde” when I’ve already explained how both can work

            On your idea of Ho-oh howver, I would like to point out that:
            a) In Kalos theres the sea spirits den, named after Lugia but we never got Lugia, just the birds
            b) It’s more likely to be related to the Tower, could be in similair vain, though whether this means Legendary beasts I’m not sure

          8. Also, going by your earlier logic on “We already have an earth pokemon” we also already have Moon legends, that isn’t stopping Lunala. Zygarde means nothing in this respect apart from it being part of the plot, though that’s not actually confirmed, just that it plays a role in some way, it could very well be side story. But I’m 100% Sure there will be an Earth Legendary, and come November, we’ll see, and I’f I’m wrong I’ll accept it, the question is, will you accept it if it is Earth?

          9. The World Tree may very well be used to summon Ho-Oh, there’s very concrete evidence I’ve seen that supports this.

          1. Yes but as mentioned, Solgaleo isn’t fire and Lunala isn’t Dark or Fairy, so we can’t assume it would be a Ground or Water type. And we’ve yet to see Psychic/Poison so it would be pretty cool.

    2. Aristotle was apparently the one who introduced the concept of Aether as a fifth element. Seems to me, like that picture might relate to an actual Aether Pokemon, as the leader of the Legendary Trio :S

  21. Each alola starters have only one final evolution but there are minor physical changes when evolved during day or night

    Adding to the starters, all three final evolutions undergo an “Enlightenment” phase after using a Z-crystal, similar to Solgaleo and Lunala’s phases

    There are only 97 new Pokèmon and 28 Alola forms.

    New Pokémon: a boar, a tiki, a cloth, a dolphin and a flamingo.

    – Parcuatro, a legendary Grass/Flying based on a flower Bird of Paradise.

    – Asterzoid ROCK/FLYING

    – Tikiriki GRASS/FIRE

    – Triblaze GRASS/FIRE

    – Mirori PSYCHIC/STEEL

    – Geysaur WATER/DRAGON

    – Plesiotorr WATER/DRAGON

    – Sandoom GROUND/GHOST

    – Cassoul Ground/GHOST

    (very probably supposed to be the English names of Sandygast and Palossand, which aren’t correct)

    – Dryxop FIRE

    – Igneyetor FIRE/STEEL

    – Nimiflo FLYING​

    Malshadow is based on a flying whale, is Psychic/???

    Alolan Forms:

    – Alolan Jynx is Grass/Psychic

    – Alolan Bellsprout, Weepinbell and Victreebel are Grass/Electric

    – Alolan Tentacool & Tentacruel are Water/Electric

    – Alolan Zubat, Golbat & Crobat are Dark/Ghost

    – Alolan Snorlax is Normal/Fighting

    – Alolan Oddish, Gloom and Vileplume are Grass/Fairy

    – Alolan Dratini, Dragonair and Dragonite are Water/Dragon​

    PWT and Battle Maison returns and is accessible through S.S. Anne postgame.

    Agatha from Kanto is an Island Kahuna

    HMs still exist but optional, Pokemon riding costs money. Here are the Pokèmon available for riding as follows:

    – Rock Smash: Tauros, Donphan, Lairon, Rampardos, Bouffalant, Tyrunt, Orgurilla/Mudsdale

    – Fly: Charizard, Togekiss, Tropius, Staraptor, Braviary, Noivern, Harpicoot

    -Surf: Lapras, Mantine, Sharpedo, Floatzel, Carracosta, Aurorus, Porphin

    -Rough terrains: Dodrio, Mamoswine, Numel, Bastiodon, Scolipede, Avalugg, Mudsdale

    -Dive: Dewgong, Mantine, Sharpedo/Milotic, Gastrodon, Carracosta, Clawitzer, Porphin

    -Special: Luxray, Gogoat, Stoutland​

    Z-Greninja occurs after using a unique Z crystal, distributed as an event

    Instead of badges, captains gives you shards which forms into a medal to be used in catching the two legendaries

      1. The “leak” is BS, and the Riddler doesn’t leak information in this sense. He only leaves remarks and pictures as hints, doesn’t outright say this or that will be in the game.

      1. Because Team Skull are foreigners. Look at their skin tone and then compare them to Alola natives like Hala, Kukui and Hau. I think they came from another region.

          1. No its a theory going around. Their skin tone is clearly much lighter than that of Alola natives.

          1. yea but i dont think skin tone should identify whos from Alola and whos not. yea darker skin tone for tan but still

          2. Alola is a tropical region, so natives will naturally have a more darker skin tone, unless they have a skin condition,

          3. Hoenn is attached to the same mainland as Sinnoh, Kanto and Johto so the conditions are still different. Phoebe the Hoenn e4 member is also from Alola, I’m very positive about this.

      1. The Snorlax was owned by a trainer in the game, so that doesn’t debunk it all because it might be a gift from a trainer not native to Alola.

        1. The Snorlax that you get is an evolution of Munchlax that you receive in an in-game event. It evolves, within Alola. If Snorlax was going to have an Alola form, it would have it then, unless Munchlax /and/ Snorlax have Alola forms, which is unlikely, as Snorlax is already listed as its normal form on the Japanese site. Love your theories, but you’re graspin’ at straws on this one.

    But wait: A normal Haxorus can be seen during Battle Royale in the yellow corner…?

    1. these are pokemon that r gonan appear in the region, faded means they have yet to be shown but they will be there

        1. It’s speculation. Riddler only leaves hints and leaves us to figure it out. But then announcements come and confirm hints that he left, that are too out there to be coincidences. Imo, the picture above has nothing to do with who is or isn’t getting Alola forms.

          1. I hope so… I actually don’t want an Alolan Haxorus, especially when it’d lose its Dragon typing.

          2. well. Alolan forms arent always gonna lose their typing, look at exeggutor and Alolan Rattata Kept their typing just gained a dual one

  23. 4871-4094-0555 thats my FC my IGN is Paul and my tourney team is finally done so if anyone wants to battle me .

  24. I think something related to battles exists in Sun and Moon, in the Japanese trailer I saw this dome/stadium thing with Machamp and Hariyama statues on the left and right sides, respectively

  25. Interesting that they don’t list Growlthe/Arcanine as having an Alolan form, which is listed in the largely-confirmed Chinese leak. Also, using that logic, where’s Abra/Kadabra/Alakazam? I’m skeptical about this.


    1. Arcanine isnt getting a Alolan form. its already on the japanese in the section “pokemon found in alola” and this list doesnt mean Non-Alolan and Alola it means pokemon that are gonna appear but faded means we havent seen them yet

      1. basically nintendo made a runner game out of Mario for mobile phones. They showed it off at the apple press conference thing today.

  26. I saw this one 4 chan ( if someone posted this im sorry)
    >Add a d to her name and you get wicked
    >Faba’s italian name is Vicio, add us and you get vicious

  27. Marshadow might be a Psychic/Water or Psychic/Dark hinting Mar(ine)Shadow it might be the real threat not Yveltal? And it could cause a tsunami? Marine means found by sea if you thought the marines in camouflage lol

  28. Are we to assume that the pokemon shown in the bottom of the leaker’s image are everything (excluding new pokemon and known alola forms) that will be available in the Alola dex? If so, outside of a few that evolve from pokemon in early generations and Rotom (who is required because of the dex itself), only two Sinnoh lines are found in the region (Garchomp and Lucario). Does this make Diamond and Pearl remakes any more likely?

    1. no since sun and moon are not on a new platform , sinnoh pokemon can still be found in XY and ORAS anyways.

  29. I can prove this may be false knowing rival Pokemon almost always appear together in a game series like Electabuzz and Magmar yet no Magmar, Vullaby and Rufflet yet no Vullaby

    Also why would Munchlax be Available if it were event only this part is less accurate but maybe true

    1. two things:

      1. Perhaps the absence of rival pokemon means that their going to be given alolan forms? Again we have no idea what the list means. It could mean that those shaded in are those we’ve seen, and the faded ones are pokemon that are confirmed, but haven’t been sceen yet.

      2. The Munchlax were getting via event has happy hour, a move only event pokemon can have, and comes with that z stone that might be an event exclusive item. Nothing about that though means that we won’t be able to obtain a munchlax in the wild.

      1. For the Munchlax what caused the theory is from the Torchic event is the only way to get it and the item so it was an assumption

  30. It’s a good read from the director of the games for anyone who didn’t see it:

    “Why I chose “Sun” and “Moon” for the titles
    We live on a planet overflowing with life. This earth of ours revolves around the sun, and in turn, the moon revolves around the earth. When you look at the sun and the moon from Earth, they appear to be traveling through the sky in similar orbits, but when you change your perspective, you come to realize that their orbits are completely different. Yet the Earth and the sun and moon are all tied to one another, and life grows and flourishes as they work their influence upon one another.

    Humans also interact with people of all different kinds. They influence one another, and in turn, are influenced by others. It is only through this miraculous balance that we can live here as we do.

    In these titles, what I wanted to express is the brilliance of life and of the relationships between humans and Pokémon as they influence one another. That is why I chose to name them after the sun and moon, which have so much influence over our own Earth.”

        1. Black2 and White2 are sequels, not a third different but similar regional game for black and white.

  31. Man I haven’t been able to get on here as much as I want to because I’ve been real busy but for right now I have two things to as
    1. Are we gonna get an Alolan Persian since we saw both Rattat and Raticate or did they just show us fat Raticate to tell us about the differences in the games?
    2.What if in the dimensions that the Ultra Beasts are in Pokemon aren’t in pokeballs and thats why they’re not considered Pokemon?

  32. I just noticed that Marshadow can also be a combination of Mar (Sea in spanish) and Shadow. Dolphin legendary confirmed?

    1. I was thinking it could perhaps be Mars since the Sun and Moon are astrologically related. But yours is plausible too 😮

      1. Also it could be localized as Malshadow, implying that its evil since L&R are largely interchangeable in Japanese, even if their technically is a way to write out which one you mean.

          1. yeah, and the idea of a mythic pokemon being a dolphin isn’t that much of a stretch. They usually do have simpler animations.

        1. I’m pretty convinced it’ll be a Dark type, because its meant to balance out the mascots and essentially being able to overrule them.

  33. I am pretty disappointed that Nintendos mobile Mario game is just an auto run. I expected them to bring some actual creativity to mobile games but I guess not

    1. Flappy Mario ?

      they cannot do very much without degrading the user experience that we have with handheld devices (real buttons, etc)

        1. Mobile games are not to be played seriously. They are only to pass time while your waiting for the bus/train.

          1. Never said it did. But wanting every game in existence to be top notch in unrealistic.
            They serve their purpose, and that’s all that matters.

    1. it seems more likely that their talking about pokemon we knew were coming as of august. Like how it doesn’t list a question mark for cutiefly, despite the fact now we have seen it, all be it briefly.

    2. I don’t believe that possible at this point? I mean, we have like 40 something excluding start evos, the other 3 tapu pokemon, the third legendary, and multiple other evos.

      1. And I really can’t tell in this image, but are his eyes green? Like that yellowish green we’ve scene with some other characters?

          1. yeah, looking at shots from the anime, its more gold. Perhaps a colleague though, or maybe even a family member?

        1. They’re more yellow than anything. I really am praying he returns. I love continuity between the games

    1. YES! This is what I said yesterday. It just makes sense to me, especially with his buttons being diamond-shaped.

      1. The official site pretty much states they aren’t. I just think he put it there arbitrarily… Not to hint that it’s a pokemon

      1. Also it appears to be a Buddhist staff next to it, Zhuge Liang i’m certain of, and some anime guy and I’m guessing someone well known in Japan or china. Maybe like their names combine to hint at something?

      2. That’s one of the things that makes me think this is fake.
        Nobody who actually knows what Rugby is would confuse it with American Football.

    1. I think this proves we shouldn’t read too much into this.
      He left Cutiefly’s evolution out of the first one, which may indicate he had no knowledge of it, which may indicate this isn’t the same person, it’s someone else just piggybacking off of other rumours.

  34. I REALLY REALLY hope the battle frontier returns, or at least something along those lines. They were actually challenging and a lot of fun, and actually added something to the post game. But seeing how cryptic these leaks are, I believe Anabel to be something less obvious.

      1. Agreed completely. Having trouble with the tower today? Go to the factory! Don’t like the pike? Go to the (insert something here)! The variety made it infinitely better than the maison.

    1. Not really, most of his riddles are really obvious once they get announced. For example, before Lunala and Solgaleo, he posted a picture of Zubat and Litleo. Before Bewear’s name, he told people to “Beware of fake leaks” or something like that. Before Team Skull, he posted a picture of a cloth with a skull on it.

          1. Sun and Moon are the last games in the timeline (before new games eventually get made). ORAS takes place around the same time as the events in Gen 1. XY take place around the same time as the events in BW2. And we know Sun and Moon take place after XY now because Dexio and Sina.

          2. Ah, I get it. Yesterday I heard a few people refering to SM being the latest games, and it confused me. Thanks for filling me in! 🙂

          3. Dexio refers to XY being in the past, and XY is after RS, so if RS and ORAS are at the same time, SM should be after ORAS

          1. I made a post much earlier, but I guess I’ll copy and paste it.

            “TCRowlet 5 hours ago
            Also, the Frontier should absolutely be returning. I don’t buy that interview with Masuda, I still own it up to a mistranslation from multiple times over, or just not wanting to tip hands as to what they had in store for the future. But ORAS dropped so many hints to the Frontier returning, something GameFreak does all the time, but they outright told us it was basically coming back and to stay tuned.
            – Battle Tower model on Battle Resort, with a sign that says the Battle Frontier project has started.
            – References to Brandon in both XY and ORAS.
            – NPC says scouting of the “Pike Queen” is done, and will anyone else measure up to Scott’s expectations.
            – Battle Chatelaine Morgan has this to say in ORAS after defeating her in Super Rotation:
            “Just the outcome I would expect… Honestly, I’m not telling fibs! You really are the Trainer I thought you were, aren’t you now, pet? Heh heh… Might I ask something? Would you consider becoming the owner here? Me sisters and I have to be returning to our Battle Maison in Kalos someday. I suppose we’d feel safe trusting you with the Battle Maison name. There would also be the matter of our plans to build an even more impressive battle facility in the area. If we get our ducks in a row now, we may make oodles when we leave here. No more talk about it now, but do consider the idea, won’t you, pet? Well then, I wait eagerly for our next battle and for your favorable reply!””

            These hints combined with a credible leaker now posting a picture of Anabel? I’m willing to believe 🙂

          2. I want to believe, I really do, but I need to keep my expectations low. Battle frontier was so great, that would be one of the highest expectations yet. That being said, going off of this evidence, is this suggesting that the battle frontier we will supposedly visit is the hoenn one, on the same island from ORAS? I guess it makes sense.

          3. I mean, these hints would suggest that it is on the battle resort (I believe it was called?) if Scott was there and they had a scale model.

      1. I agree with this, yet the battle frontier returning would be the obvious choice, and nothing has been anounced, leading me to think it won’t. But I’ll hold onto hope. Maybe the negative reaction from the removal of it in ORAS got their attention.

        1. I think it was planned to always be included in Sun and Moon, otherwise they wouldn’t have hinted at it so heavily in ORAS.

          1. GameFreak always hints at future plans, and while a lot of the times they are subtle, they’ve been blatant about a couple things in the last 2 entries:
            1) The backpacker in XY who was hyping up Sun and Moon
            2) Battle Frontier

            If Battle Frontier doesn’t return, I will be absolutely shocked. Literally ORAS just screams it’s coming everyone! Just hold out a little longer, we have something big in store!

          2. You’re definitely right in the sense that in pokemon games, every little hint usually means something. All we can do is wait, post game features like these likely would be kept until release.

  35. I need your help. I need a new anime to watch. I’ve seen the “major” ones (death note, naruto, bleach, AOT, fullmetal alchemist) and have no idea on what to watch next. What to you recommend based on the list I gave? And should I maybe give pkm a chance again? (stopped watching in the beginning of Best Wishes)

      1. Oh yeah, I forgot about that one. But I think the Bee Movie should do a crossover with that anime. They are the best

    1. Pokemon Anime has been phenomenal recently. I usually never watch the anime unless I’m super bored, but I’ve been watching recently. Definitely worth 21 minutes a week.

        1. I just started from XYZ 38 because I’m busy, but if you have a lot of time on your hands, start from XYZ.

          1. Ok, so I found the entire XYZ saga in Italian on youtube. Going to start it now (learning Italian, so won’t understand everything but whatever). Anything I should know from the arc before that?

    2. if you need a quick fix My Hero Academia was considered one of the best anime’s of last season and likely of the year. its only 13 episodes so it can be powered through in a day.

          1. Hey that’s how they localized those photographers in the english dub. Gotta love Funimation. Really though I do love the dun and it is amazing to see All-might having piccolo’s voice.

    3. If you don’t mind gratuitous blood, tokyo ghoul s1 has a fantastic plot and great animation. I say s1 because you probably don’t want to watch s2 unless you’re looking to be incredibly confused

          1. Well. If it was supposed to be a Pokedex, then he should’ny have edited it because people have seen his unupdated picture

      1. Why does he have UB01 as a pokemon? I mean, he probably knows better than I do, but I thought we concluded that it wasn’t a pokemon.

        1. I think its not so much a pokemon, but it might have some sort of entry in the pokedex or something. Either that, or he just needed a place to put it. Like we nave new pokemon, legendary pokemon, UB’s, mythical pokemon, and then alolan forms.

    1. It’s not a pokedex……It’s clearly just him organizing both the Pokemon we know about and presumably will know about soon.

  36. There’s a monkey who has a baseball mitt (nothing to do with rugby) and three more Pokemon. Two of which are in the same line, both Electric/Dark. It’s some electric eel with a giant hook on its belly. It looks like the hook spins around or drops down like a fishing hook. The evolution is a larger version with an anchor instead of a hook. The third is a Steel/Bug and it’s basically a giant conch shell with spikes around the perimeter of the body, as if it’d roll on the ground.

    Rockruff has two evolutions depending on if it’s night or day.

    Guzma offers you to work with him near the end of the game. You can buy Team Skull cosmetic items.

    The starters do not have split-evolutions.

    Rowlet’s middle evolution is basically a shorter version of the final evolution, but the bow tie is long.

    Hau has Krabby in his team.

    Plumeria used a Litten while Lillie declines to take a Pokemon.

    Lillie has a Zygarde Core in her bag.

    You can buy Mega Stones (which work in the Z-Ring) in a shop that opens up once you beat the game. You can Mega Evolve Alolan Alakazam, which is pure Fighting.

    Lunala is #822.

    Pyukumuku doesn’t evolve while Cutiefly does.

    Gigareki has nothing to do with Sun/Moon. (Gigareki has been confirmed to be the title of another game)

    Battle Frontier, AZ, Zygarde, and you can take the SS Anne to Kanto. All in the post-game?

    Marshadow has two forms. It has the Solar Eclipse Forme which is Poison/Fire, and Lunar Eclipse Forme which is Poison/Ice. It has a history with Zygarde and capturing it is Team Skull’s objective.

    There are 16 Trial Captains, one for each type minus Dark and Poison. Four for each island. Guzma and Plumeria kinda act like captains of Dark and Poison, respecitively, except it’s a lot more battle-based and less gimmicky “task” based.

    Alola forms are exclusively Generation 1. Alolan Corphish was planned according to its Pokedex entry.

    We’ve only seen about half of the Alola forms.

    Mimikyu doesn’t evolve. A little girl gives us one early on in the game (it can be Shiny). We can catch it later on in the wild, maybe about a third of the way into the main storyline.

    Pikipek stays as a Normal/Flying woodpecker. The beak apparently becomes much larger, sword-esque design.

    You begin at the bottom of Kanto after being dropped off by the ship and can work your way up the region.

    Guzma is “a Poison guy”, there’s some joke regarding his “toxicity” as a person. He uses an Alolan Nidoking near the end of the game, which is Poison/Fighting. He uses Skuntank as well.

    Hala lets you take over Mele Mele Island as Kahuna, which lets you give people tasks on collecting items and possibly Pokemon.

    Mimikyu’s Shiny is dark purple and the black spirit underneath is white.

    Magearna is an additional man-made part of the Tapu Koko totem pole with the others. Magearna is obtainable as a Pokemon in the normal storyline.

    You can bond/merge/fuse with the final evolution of your starter.

    The types of the final evolutions are Grass/Flying, Fire/Dark, and Water/Fairy.

    You can change the color of your Z-Ring and you can buy Team Skull clothes.

  37. Wait, Type: Null is a human-made Pokemon using DNA of other Pokemon… what else was? Mewtwo.
    What if Blaine, Fuji, and/or Giovanni are in S/M, along with Colress for the Aether Foundation…
    I know, just fan-boying over here.

    1. Type: Null is a Chimaera and obviously a the result of the starters’s evolution+Rockruff merging together in the attempt of recreating Arceus.

  38. Also the pokedex thing he posted has to be somewhat off. It’s extremely hard to believe that pokemon like Morelull, Salandit, Bounsweet, and Wimpod are single stage.

      1. I could see it if it was a little bit bigger, but it’s just so small in game. Not saying that there aren’t small one stages, but I’m the opposite. I’d be shocked if it doesn’t get an evo.

    1. It’s possible these ae just pokemon to be revealed soon. It’s very reasonable to assume that they would only really be ingame as they have no real story importance

    2. given the updated one posted below, its likely that this isn’t a full dex, and rather is based on information we have so far. Like how the one on here now doesn’t have a slot for a cutiefly evo, yet the updated list has added it.

    1. honestly those look similar to the things on Arceus’s body thing thing. I don’t know what you would call it. His golden wheel?

        1. I’ve scene the theory around and it wouldn’t be that crazy. It looks like Arceus, is said to have power comparable to a pokemon of mythology(perhaps a god pokemon), and likely was created by a group named Aether, which was once considered the god element. So yeah, it’s a good guess to say that its an attempt to making a god pokemon, and perhaps Aether has a bit of a god complex.

  39. Seeing as how many new pokemon we’ve seen so far, and we’re only a little over halfway into the new release cycle, I’m betting we’ll get 105-110 new pokemon with 20-25 alola forms. What do you all think?

      1. I hope we do, but I have a feeling we’ll get another 25 to 30 new pokemon until release. Hold on a sec.

      1. Honestly the only real reason I’m expecting this number is because of XY. If they release 105-110 new pokemon before XY, people would have thought that was a relavitely low number, but coming after XY that seems like a ton.

  40. Now I get this Riddler guy. So the Pokemon next to Jargmo-o is not the evolution. It’s a separate Pokemon that has yet to be revealed. If it were an Evolution, he would of put a ? mark like Rockruff and Pikipek’s.

    1. yeah you got it. The problem though is that its really kind of hard to figure out what that thing is. Like I”m guessing its a Buddhist monks staff or something like that. Any ideas?

      1. No. I’m not sure what that is. But I know the thing to it’s right is a football player, which indicates that rugby monkey from the other Chinese leaker. And it looks like two football players squeezed into the one image, indicating it has an evolution.

        1. Yeah that makes sense. I think the fan guy is Zhuge Liang, a famous strategist from the epic of the three kingdoms, and I nave no idea what that last one is though.

  41. Out of the 151 original Kanto Pokemon…

    Only 10 have been revealed as new Alola forms. These include…
    Vulpix, Ninetales, Sandshrew, Sandslash, Exeggutor, Meowth, Raichu, Marowak, Rattata, and Raticate, with Persian most likely having an Alola form as well.

    And about 24 have been revealed to not have Alola forms, according to trailers and the Japanese Pokemon site. These include…
    Gyarados (and by proxy Magikarp), Spearow, Cubone, Exeggcute, Pikachu, Arcanine (and by proxy Growlithe), Alakazam (and by proxy Abra and Kadabra), Dragonite (and by proxy Dratini and Dragonair), Zubat, Pinsir, Lapras, Psyduck, Slowpoke, Poliwhirl (and by proxy, Poliwag), Hypno (and by proxy, Drowzee) and Snorlax.

    We can also probably assume that Charizard, and the other original starter Pokemon will not have Alola forms, and that the legendaries won’t either. That knocks out 9 starters and 5 legendaries, that’s another 14.

    If we go further and exclude the 12 Kanto Pokemon that have Mega Evolutions, we can knock out Aerodactyl, Kangaskhan, Ghastly, Haunter, Gengar, Weedle, Kakuna, Beedrill, Pidgey, Pidgeotto, Pidgeot, and Slowbro.

    That brings it down to 91 Pokemon that we don’t know whether they will have Alola forms or not.

    I want to take it a step farther though. I want to knock out Pokemon that have final evolutions that aren’t counted in the original 151. These include Golbat (Crobat), Oddish, Gloom, and Vileplume (Bellossom), Poliwrath (Politoed), Magnemite and Magneton (Magnezone), Onix (Steelix), Lickitung (Lickilicky), Rhyhorn and Rhydon (Rhyperior), Chansey (Blissey), Tangela (Tangrowth), Horsea and Seadra (Kingdra), Scyther (Scizor), Eevee, Vaporeon, Flareon, and Jolteon (the rest of the Eeveelutions), Electabuzz (Electivire), Magmar (Magmortar), and Porygon (Porygon 2 and Porygon-Z). That’s another 23 Pokemon that I’m pretty certain won’t get Alola forms, since if they do, their evolutions would probably get Alola forms as well that wouldn’t be in the original 151.

    Boom, we’re down to only 68 Pokemon left. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that Ditto, Kabuto, Kabutops, Omanyte, and Omastar aren’t going to get Alola forms either, being unique in their own right, which brings us to only 63 Pokemon.

    Out of the 63 Pokemon remaining, who do you think will get Alola forms or not? Your guess is as good as mine!

    Also consider that many of the later Pokemon games have populated wildlife of various generations, so it’s a bit ridiculous to assume that all of the Kanto Pokemon are going to be available in the wild in the game. It’s likely that there really won’t be all that many Alola forms. I’m going to guess maybe… 25-30 max.

    1. Yeah I’m think 25-30 as well, though hoping for at least 50. Really want Pokemon that didn’t get a mega evo to get one. So guess My top candidates I want to see are Tangela, Ponyta/Rapidash, The elemental punchers (Jynx/Electrabuzz/Magmar), Koffing/Weezing, Grimer/Muk, Magnemite/Magneton and Voltorb/Electrode

  42. My prediction info release cycle until the release of SM:
    September 11-15 (CoroCoro)
    September 21-24 (Something small, maybe 2 or 3 new pokemon)
    October 1-4 (Monthly big news drop, like yesterday)
    October 11-15 (CoroCoro)
    October 23-26 (I feel like since we have no CoroCoro in November, they’ll spread out the news more.)
    November 8-11 (Something big)
    November 17 (Last minute stuff, probably final evos of starters)
    So that’s how I think the next two months will play out.

    1. What do you mean there’s no Corocoro in November? Corocoro comes out on the 15th, SM isn’t out until the 18th…

      Other than that, seems reasonable. I’m expecting one more news drop this month to announce the stuff in Corocoro, then 3 official news drops in October and November (not counting Corocoro).

  43. Also the image is already missing Cutiefly’s evolution. Going to call a bit of shenanigans on this one.

      1. Just like every other rumormonger can update their predictions when new information comes out.

          1. It’s possible they could be right, sure, but besides the original leaks with the potential starter evolutions (and only the ORIGINAL, not the tacked on ones about all the other alola forms), are the ONLY leaks to have been proven right since the get-go.

            Every other list of leaks, however mysterious, have been debunked within 48 hours. This list of leaks could legitimately be from a guy that works at some manufacturing place, perhaps for strategy guides, magazines, products, or the games themselves, but I have a feeling the accuracy is going to fall off pretttttty soon.

          2. The Riddler leaker has been leaking things for months at this point. From the starters, to the legendaries, to alolan forms, to Mimikyu, to Pyukumuku, to Sandygast & Palossand, to team skull. At this point its pretty clear that their not making things up. Theirs getting lucky, and then theirs saying a new pokemon will be based off of rock, paper scissors and a bloody heart.

  44. To Moving: I tried your link but it says it has expired. I signed up through the main chat link for now.

    1. OMG I didn’t forget, I’m just lazy. I still need to do 100% of the work I need to do on my team. It isn’t much, but I just haven’t done it. xD

        1. I have everything planned out, I have for two weeks. It’s the actual training and breeding part that I haven’t done. I need one more IV on one pokemon, and then I need to train two pokemon, and I’m good. I could easily get it done in around a half hour, but I just don’t want to. xD

  45. I see lot of people doubting the Riddler…..To that I say you obviously don’t see what he’s doing. He’s called the Riddler for a reason. Even before we got any solid info he was predicting and hinting at all kinds of things like Solgaleo/Lunala and the starters animals. at this point he’s one of the most credible leakers out there. He’s just leaking in a way that’s very different from what we typically see. I for one appreciate the way he’s doing it.

    1. I personally love the way he’s doing it. It opens up for specualation, and it can be fun to see if somebody got it right.

    2. My doubt doesn’t come from his choosing to do riddles instead of outwardly saying things, my doubt comes from one or two discrepencies that have been made this time around.

      I’m not even convinced this is the same guy.

  46. If you look carefully, you can see in the grid, in the list of previous pokemons, there are more that are depicted in shadows, so there must be be more alola forms. The problem is that, that ones, are covered by some words, so we can’t see which of them are. As they are ordered, we can imagine that those pokemon must be between Tyranitar and Hariyama. It means that they must be one of the firsts pokrmons in generation 3.

  47. Anabel has 6 letters. You know what also has 6 letters? Leader aka the Gym leaders. Elesa was a gym leader in Unova. Unova is home of the Pokemon World Tournament.

    1. Pokémon World Tournament starts with Pokémon ! Milotic is a Pokémon ! Feebas is found around the world now. And I use milotic in tournaments !!!

      Mega Alolan Milotic Confirmed ?

  48. Sony and Apple’s events were rather good today. I just got a 6S about two-three days ago, I’m not buying that. I already have a regular PS4 and I’m not going the Slim nor Pro. Their a big waste of money in my opinion and don’t serve any purpose aside from 4K (on the Pro). I seriously need the Spider-Man PS4 and Mass Effect: Andromeda. It looks absolutely outstanding! Also, Super Mario Run looks really fun. It’s a fully Super Mario Game and it’s going to be on the App Store first, then the Google Play Store. Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing mobile was pushed to releasing before March 2017. It’s no longer releasing this fall and a 2017 release date is most likely.

  49. Anyone following the current Ps4 pro fiasco ?

    The shots are being fired by Microsoft’s Major Nelson ?

    ” Want a 4k streaming And gaming console ? XB1s shipping NOW ”

    Hahah love a good sly dig ?

      1. The ps4 pro cannot play 4k Blu Ray discs.

        So major Nelson just threw a few sly digs at Sony after the conference.

        1. ehh, big talk coming from a company that seems to be pulling out of the console market all together.

          1. Ah they all are to be honest haha. Eventually it will come to an end just not in the way we expect. And this is coming from someone who works in the gaming industry.

          2. Yeah, I know. But I like cutting people down when they kind of overstep themselves. Nobody knows the future exactly. But it is safe to say Microsoft is probably going to switch to being pc exclusive next gen.

          3. I imagine next gen they will release a PC but market it as a product similar to what gamers call a “console now” but it’ll be a PC.

            Sony if they do make a ps5 again will simply be a glorified PC like Microsoft’s but marketed as a console to ‘fickle’ customers. Who just think it’s a console not a PC.

          4. Well when Microsoft can basically have it’s game be played on a PC which is an ever evolving thing without the need for them to actually make a system themselves I can’t blame them. PC’s have always been the better systems technically. It’s just that many people are used to what the typical console is.

          5. Ehh, there’s debate for that, but that neither here nor there. Really I just meant it as someone trying to act very high and mighty when Sony destroyed them with the PS4 and that after the disappointing launch of the XB1, they were considering it being the final console, simply due to the fact that it was much better for them to make/publish games and have them put in windows then to make a box to play them that can lose many of its sales if one person says the wrong thing.

          6. Oh I agree that Microsoft is one to talk. I think all the companies could probably do better in one way or another. Hitting a good stride can be tough tho. Also debate for what? lol

          7. On PC’s being the better system. From a tech perspective I fully agree, they are better, but their are things that home console has over it in my opinion, but I meant it really didn’t matter for the conversation. Its mostly a thing of preference and certain games benefit more on one or the other.

          8. Oh yeah I meant tech wise lol I agree with you about regular consoles. I think the main difference that often divides people is the ability to play on the TV and the use of a proper controller. either way I think those are easy fixes. In any case we seem to be on the same wave length lol

  50. Are there any specific rules other than OU Rules. (Like for specific Pokemon…. Say leftovers Blissey? :D)

  51. So Marshadow is leaked to be a dolphin with a jewel on its forehead. I think Solgaleo (Psychic/Steel) and Lunaala (Psychic/Ghost) will be obtained by collecting a sundial puzzle from each Trial Leader. Marshadow, however, is not confirmed but people are starting to beleive that the leaks are true. Marshadow’s type might be Psychic and either Water or dark. If Marshadow IS NOT a LEGENDARY following the pattern BUT a Mythical it might be Water/Dark or Water/Ghost. Marshadow might be name by Marine (Found or produced by sea) and Shadow. It is also said that it might have a unique move set. I think it might have the power of the aPOKElypse lol.

    1. The list updated. If my theory of the riddler being a trailer editor is correct, it’s possible they didn’t know about it because it was only in the japanese trailer, not the chinese one.

        1. Oh, it’s just a theory i have of the riddler being a video editor for the trailers given that they only seem to leak info that’s coming up soon

      1. Yeah I could see that. There’s only so much a single branch could know. Many of the smaller parts of the Pokemon company probably just get stuff as it comes and if it’s not relevant to them they won’t necessarily know about it unless they hear from people talking. I do like your idea that he’s a video editor and that most of the stuff he leaks is about near future concepts lol

  52. Off topic, but I really hope we can catch the Ultra Beats, or that they have catchable forms. Otherwise they’re just entities like Bittercold and Dark Matter, which always irritated me. I just wanna catch ’em all. ;-;

    1. Well if they’re not considered Pokemon there may be a reason as to why we could supposedly be unable to catch them.

      1. I understand that, but still it bothers my collecting tendency. If there’s something I can’t obtain, it’ll bother me to no end. ;p

        1. There might be a special section of the pokedex to record data about them, so you might still be able to ‘collect’ the data about them by encountering them.

    2. Judging by their visual similarities to some of the human characters, I’m betting they’re strongly tied to those characters, if not outright part human themselves. And you can’t catch humans. That would be weird (although it’s TOTALLY normal to be able to catch Pokemon that look like humans, Pokemon that control the weather and spacetime, and Pokemon that are literally god).

    1. Good question. My guess would be that their some sort of lifeforms from another universe that are powerful enough to jump between them under their own power. Like a cthulhu, or something like that. Who knows though.

          1. Just to answer any future questions, nobody knows anything about type:null, ub-01, or its connections to lillie or aether, it’s all just theories

        1. My guess: Type: Null might have been created in order to combat an Ultra Beast that was on a world ending threat level and they quickly tried to create a pokemon that could combat it, but it might be that in creating it they’ve developed a bit of a god complex and now plan to use the UB’s as they see fit. People have brought up how the President of Aether name might have connections to Lucifer, and Aether itself is also known as the god element. Generally its safe to say something evil’s going to revolve around them.

  53. ~ Most popular theories thus far:
    1. Ultra Beasts – Pokemon or ethereal beings capable and powerful enough to jump between worlds by utilizing aether/ether (credits to Lockstin / Gnogign) or experiments by the Aether Foundation.
    2. Type: Null – A failed attempt at cloning the Pokemon equivalent of God: Arceus by utilizing the four elements: salt (Rowlet), sulfur (Litten), mercury (Popplio), and lead (Rockruff). According to user SSJKamui of Youtube, he writes, “Null means ‘zero’ in German and in programming languages, ‘variable not set/defined.'” He writes furthermore that he has a strange idea by saying, “… According to German mystic Master Eckhardt and the Japanese philosophers of Kyoto School, “God resides in nothingness… Nothingness is equal to God”” He proposes that the meaning behind the name of Null is due to these aforementioned reasons.

  54. I need to clear something up: yesterday I said something about fighting Hala at lv. 30 or so. Well, I watched the JP trailer again, and I mistook lv. 15 for lv. 35. My mistake, sorry for any confusion. Altough only lv. 15 for a kahuna? I mean, crabrawler’s lv. is never shown, but I assume it’d be around popplio’s lv.

    1. Well maybe we don’t actually battle the Trial Captains and only battle the Kahunas. Though that’s kind of weird honestly.

        1. Well we do know we battle the Totems of their specialities. so there’s that. And maybe they’re just like the gym trainers you fight in the gym rather than the Leaders. I don’t know. This is why we need the Demo released so we can figure this out. I’m still confused how the Island Trial system works.

          1. I don’t think they’re totems of their specialties considering there’s a normal or dark type you’ll be facing at the same place depending on the time.

          2. True though I think that both are available to encounter in each game, it just depends on when you play. Serebii and everywhere I’ve checked seem to think it’s just version exclusives, but I thought they said it was dependent on when you reach that point in the story.

          3. The trial captains don’t own the totem Pokemon though. This and their type specialties make me think you can battle them.

        1. But then there’s really no distinction from “ether” without context. And now that I think about it, eh-ther sounds better because of words like aerodynamics and aerosol having that “ae” sounding like “eh”. Oh well; I’m not a linguist. :p

    1. I think it’s actually pronounced by the latter, but I can see why people would pronounce it the other way.

  55. This riddler has been the most reliable source so far. All the other ‘leakers’ were speculations/ theories based on his hints.

    1. It will be such a disappointment if GameFreak doesn’t bother introducing anymore cross-gen evolutions anymore…

        1. That’s impressive. I didn’t realize man. Honestly I usually think about MMO’s long term and not how many hours you put in during the first week.

  56. In Ancient Greek mythology, Aether (Light) and his sister named Hemera (Day) were the offspring of the cosmic egg that was believed to have given birth to the universe itself. Aether also represents the classical element, “Aether” which is the material that fills the region above the terrestrial sphere and was used to explain phenomenas and provided a medium through which light could travel in a vacuum. Aether is also related to a Greek word meaning, “to burn,” “incinerate,” or “shine” or could literally translate to “people with a burnt visage.” If the level of aether or ether were to ever deplete to a morbidly low level, it was believed Earth could be affected by the heavens and gods themselves meaning a literal rip in space and time. Drinking an elixir of aether or ether was believed to rid the body of impurities or illnesses. How does this relate to Sun/Moon? I don’t know, but the research was intriguing.

    1. Well for starters Arceus was said to hatch from an egg from the center of the universe, and has been speculated to be a reference to the cosmic egg.

      1. And in the mythology of Aether and Hemera, it was said that time (Dialga) and space (Palkia) circled around the cosmic egg in a serpent-like motion after having given birth to the primordial gods and goddesses and the universe.

        1. Also that point about Shine could connect to the whole guess that the president of Aether is going to be like Lucifer given one of his name meanings is the shining one.

          1. True. Lucifer was the morning star, venus, shining one, how ever you want to describe him and as any reader of the Bible knows, even though Lucifer was considered the holiest of the holy angels, he soon fell to corruption and wanted to be better and greater than God and that is how I see Lusamine: a woman who is holy, pure, and non-corrupt but soon develops a god complex and leads the Aether Foundation into darkness.

  57. Aristotle is probably referring/predicting the Aether Foundation as Aristotle, as the student of Plato, did a lot for integrating aether into the four element model that was popular at the time.

  58. seriously the internet is really digging Wicke
    everywhere has tons of fan art of her and Lusamine

        1. Well there’s Madame Boss, but she hasn’t been in-game. It’d be neat if she at least got a mention.

          1. She’s Giovanni’s mother, the previous head of Team Rocket. Miyamoto, Jessie’s mother, was her favourite operative. They both come from a Japanese special that to my knowledge was never released in English.

          2. I checked Bulbapedia, it’s from “The Birth of Mewtwo”, the prequel special to the first movie. The Japanese version was quite a bit longer than the English one.

            So yes, yes it was a long time ago :p

      1. Of Wicke or Lusamine? I’ve seen more NSFW stuff of Wicke in all honesty for some reason? It came on my Twitter feed. I was not searching for this at all.

      2. I don’t like Lusamine because it gives me a, “deceitful bi*ch” vibe and I love Wicke because her name’s awesome and so is her design. I could care less about the scientist.

        1. Lusamine looks cool. Honestly everyone is jumping to conclusions about her. She could just be nice.
          Wicke is nice enough. Looks like Velma
          Scientist guy is funny, he looks like a bug

          1. She could be, but that would make for a boring story. Even if it is predictable, there’s always layers that can be added to spice things up. Plus, no story is truly original anymore. Everything is a different version of something else with new characters and backdrops and the only way to truly put an, “original” stamp is through creativity and language.

  59. Lucifer was the morning star, venus, shining one, how ever you want to describe him and as any reader of the Bible knows, even though Lucifer was considered the holiest of the holy angels, he soon fell to corruption and wanted to be better and greater than God and that is how I see Lusamine: a woman who is holy, pure, and non-corrupt but soon develops a god complex and leads the Aether Foundation into darkness. Lucifer was one of four archangels created by God, but became deceitful and prideful and was then cast down to Earth to forever be condemned by the creations of God and as a warning to all those we object God. Lucifer is also known to have created demons and although his ways are wicked, they see him as their God and father.

    1. EDIT: he was an archangel, but he rallied other lower angels into rebelling against God to seize his throne and was known to have carried an, “intimate secret” belonging to God.

    2. Out of topic: I dont understand the bible. How can an angel become a demon if he does not have free will ? and why only humans get tested? I guess its flawed and man made just like the fainting Arceus lol although arceus is regarded as the creator of pokemon he can be caught in a free premier ball.

      1. The archangels, the holiest of the holy angels were servants of God who oversaw the hierarchy of heaven itself and thus, had freewill as mentioned by Isaiah and other books of the Old Testament. As such, when Satan or Lucifer was casted down onto Earth, he was still able to practice free will akin to Adam and Eve who committed mortal sins. However, due to Lucifer being an angel of God, his sin amounted to a much greater scope than that of Adam and Eve.

  60. I’m open to the idea that Pokemon outside of Gen 1 will get Alola forms but I have doubts about Pokemon that already have Mega Evos getting them. Still, anything can happen.

    A thought just came to me: maybe the Mega stays the same across the species regardless of whether they are original flavor or Alolan.

    1. So I’m kinda wondering if flying on pokemon from the pokeride is like soar or if it’s just like fly. They haven’t shown any soaring shots, but I hope it returns :/ It’d be kind of weird if you can ride all of these different flying pokemon but you don’t even get to enjoy it.

        1. i am American and i’m rock hard after seeing this spectacular trailer
          ya got a problem bro!?

    2. Also it seems that we might have scene the Steel z-move. It looks like its that silver tornado that’s shown towards the end. Pretty cool I guess.

    3. any body can read Japanese here I want to know wat is Litten move it kinda have dark and ghost type move ….wat r they ?

    4. Wow! That gave a great look at so many new areas! Also I can’t wait for the GX analysis of these trailers, it’s gonna be great!

        1. So far, nothing interesting.. but!
          1) I don’t know what “ライドギア” (Raidogia) is (and very well could be a named thing, or an english word).
          2) Hau saying something like “The Ultra Beast is really hurt” with a smile.. @1:23.

          Most of the dialog doesn’t end and is cut quickly.. Will continue.

          1. 5) Tan Professor Oak is talking about their investigation of Region Forms.
            6) @1:41, Litten has:
            なきごえ Growl
            したでなめる Lick
            にらみつける Leer
            ほのおのキバ Fire Fang

  61. Why are Solgaleo and Lunala traveling through a wormhole at the end, I don’t know what these games are doing! And we saw the giant tree that a lot of people speculated to be Zygarde’s post-game area. I have no guesses anymore!

      1. Are the Mega and Non-Mega universes being tied together? Is this how it all comes together, wtf, idc, just GameFreak can take my money

          1. Which takes place the same time as DPPt. Assuming we have at least two years inbetween time slots after that, this should be 6 years after. Or 8 years after RB.

          2. Oh. xD Well, we have at least two years in between BW and BW2, but we don’t know how much time is inbetween DPPt and BW, or BW2 and XY. Or XY to SM for that matter.

        1. lol prolly 😛 all i can picture atm is the first episode of the alola season of the anime where ash just arrived and tanned oak is greeting him with all the pokemon he left with him.

  62. A few things I notice from the trailer:
    – You can’t see Alolan Exeggutor head after it evolves.
    – Alolan Exeggutor shirt that Dexio was wearing is wearable by the player. Some of the customization styles look great.
    – Professor Oaks long lost black brother. I’m guessing that he’s a Kahuna.
    – Did you notice that all the Trial Captains did the poses for Z-Moves? I think they might actual give you the Z-Crystals once you defeat them and complete their trial.

  63. In the new trailer, in the scene at the beginning with all the different Pokemon boats, what is the little blob at the man’s feet? Is it a Pyukumuku? I thought humans were repulsed by it?

    1. Not all humans, otherwise people wouldn’t battle with them or help throw them back in the ocean.

  64. I’m watching at 10 fps (still haven’t finished yet :p), but I just want to say that I fully believe that Colress is seen walking in the background at 1:21.

          1. I’ve got a channel on Disqus that I’m using to slowly build up a map of all the locations that have been shown to us among other things. I’m keeping it hidden from the rest of the public until I’ve got a decent amount of info in it though.

  65. It seems Poni island is a lot more inhabited than we thought, with the port town and now the tree town. Also isn’t it a bit weird that we haven’t gotten any town names?

        1. We’ve never had anything transition to two completely new types before. We’ve had things drop 1 type in favour of another, but everything always retained at least 1 typing.

          And yes I checked everything on the list numerically 😛

  66. Serebii says: “this oak looks a bit different from the one we know”; as if this is a different oak. This is the same oak, right?

  67. Guys, looks like we have some moves of Litten. If at least I knew Japanese. Can someone help me?

    1. Colorwise, that attack is ghost for certain. At 30 pp, its most likely lick or shadow sneak. Lick more likely given its a cat and we’ve seen it lick itself.

  68. I don’t think the faded spirit are for Alola Forms but megas also. In the new japanese trailer there’s an Starmie, a regular one, none a new form, also, I believe it’s an obvious move to give mega evolves to Gen II starters. Fun fact, Cutiefly hasn’t a question mark nexto to it, even the last japanese trailer shown a suposed evo.

    About Aristoteles thing, I figure it out that, Aristoteles was an defender of geocentrical theory so that must be a reference that a Earth (planet) focus PKMN (togheter, like a system, the sun, the moon and the earth)…

    Sorry for the bad grammar.

  69. Does the normal Starmie featured in the new trailer debunk the “Chinese Riddler’s” Alolan form list?

    1. I don’t think so, though I don’t believe that the faded ones mean they’ll get alolan forms as, as far as I know, that’s another of his riddles, people just speculate that’s what it means rather than the leaker having stated it. He just gave out the list.
      But, not to ramble, I don’t believe so because if I recall correctly you see it in one of the areas of the Aether foundation which would justifies it.

  70. Not to burst anyone’s bubbles but that pic with all the pokemon doesn’t have Crabrawler or Turtonator those are just two that come to mind. Why would they leave those out?

  71. The faded Pokemon could also be the Pokemon which recieve their own Z-Move. Because all of these can’t have Alola forms it’s only for gen 1

    1. It’s not confirmed to be only gen 1, but some of the faded ones are confirmed already to not be Alolan forms, so Z moves is a very good idea, though I question if Greninja should be there, assuming that is related to Z Moves

      1. I kind of messed up since Snorlax has a Z-Move and it’s not faded. It could also mean. Pokemon which are highlighted have their own Z-Move and Pokemon which are faded are pre-evolutions of Pokemon who do have a special Z-Move. I’m still trying to guess my way around this

        1. Could it be Mega Evolution perhaps, though Venusaur and Steelix already have, quickly ruling that out, also interesting how not every pokemon we know is in alola is on that

  72. So my take on this is the following. All the Pokemon that are shown below this picture either HAVE an MEGA Form already or will get an Alola Form or an OWN Z Move…. though the greyed out Venusaur breaks that theory. But the rest fits so far.

  73. I’m pretty sure those sprites in the bottom don’t mean some (the faded) are getting Alola Forms. Unless the riddler said so, of course, but I am pretty sure he didn’t… he is a riddler, he wouldn’t state it.
    Those sprites are most likely the old pokémon who will be available in the game (i.e. will be in Alola dex) but weren’t confirmed so far. The ones highlighted were shown in trailers already so they were “kinda confirmed” to be there while the faded ones didn’t.

    1. They’re the Pokemons that have appeared in trailers & gameplays so far. The ones greyed out are those that are shown as statues or posters in promos but have not yet appeared physically in the game(eg. Meganium patterns on an Alolan man’s t-shirt)

  74. “They’ve also hinted that there may be multiple professors in Alola, but whether this means other professors from previous regions may make an appearance or that Prof. Kukui is not the only Alolan Pokémon professor is still up in the air.”

    And this has been proven to be true thanks to Oak’s cousin from the latest Japanese trailer.

    1. What makes you think he’s a professor – just because they’re cousins doesn’t mean they have the same job…

        1. Doing research doesn’t require being a professor.
          He could be a Doctor or he could have no title at all.

    1. If that were the case the whole line wouldn’t be faded and it would just be the fully evolved stage faded.

  75. Well, we’ve already got a trial captain called Sophocles. Maybe the bust of Aristotle clue simply means we have a character called Aristotle coming up? Gamefreak does love their themed naming…like all the flower names recently. It’s possible there’s a group of people in S/M all named after ancient Greek dudes.

  76. This is weird because this conflicts with their previous “leak” about Arcanine getting a water? So what’s up with that?

    1. Chinese Riddler did NOT leak the Pokemons getting Alolan formes. He specifically gave hints for Alolan forme mechanic. Fake leakers figured the riddles out and proceeded to make their lists. Alolan Raticate was a very good guess but the rest have not been confirmed or verified yet..

  77. So how do I debunk this leak it has been confirmed cutie fly has a evolution so thank you and goodbye.

  78. hey this is my theory this is a short version, of my really long theory basically just a the gist of it
    you want to look at the image at the bottom before reading.
    If my theory is correct then this is the next pokemon game after sun and moon.
    i know its really early to be thinking of the new games but while waiting for the release of sun and moon i thought i might do some research about mythology, alchemy and astrology, and see how it relates to the pokemon games. i got the inspiration from lockstins videos if you haven’t seen his videos check them out its really good, anyways, if corless is a really real then this will make my theory all the more correct. just remember this is the short version if you want the long version let me know, so anyways enjoy =)

    Solar eclipse


    The left pillar

    The left pillar of Judgment is made up of the sephiroth of:
    § Understanding (Saturn) ho-oh
    § Severity of judgment (mars) marshadow
    § Splendor -(mercury) (yin and yang), (zekrom and reshiram),

    Lunar eclipse
    Right pillar
    The right pillar of Mercy is made up of the sephiroth of:
    § Wisdom (Neptune) colress
    § Love / mercy(Jupiter)lugia
    § Victory (venus) (death and strengthening) yvelta and xernes.

    Middle pillar
    The middle pillar of Mildness is made up of the sephiroth of:
    § Crown (source)(kether) heaven (heaven)(???)( Could possibly be type:null because arceus is already the middle pillar otherwise I would think it would be arceus)
    § Pluto forgotten lost (gartina)
    § Beauty (union of feminine severity of judgment and masculine love / mercy) (sogleo)
    § Foundation (union of feminine glory and masculine victory) (lunala)
    § Kingdom (manifested physical world) earth= (zygarde)

    So to conclude I think marshadow will be the solar eclipse pokemon and gigareki will be the lunar eclipse pokemon


    1. colress i thought was a pokemon name lol its actually a guys name, so instead put gigreki in his place

      1. Gigareiki isn’t a pokemon, its another GameFreak game. You are missing the Hoenn trio, Darkrai and Cresselia, who would tie in well to eclipses and occultations (new moon and full moon)

  79. i dont see how or why voltorb would get an alolan form…its basically a failed pokeball expirament, whih means its kind of bio-robotic creature.. no one would hunt and I dont think it wold need to adapt to anything

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