[UPD] Samson Oak Appears in New Trailer!

A new Japanese trailer was released today showcasing all that has been revealed about Sun & Moon so far! The trailer shows very little notable, new gameplay but it does confirm that Professor Oak’s cousin known as Nariya Ookido, is in the game! Tanner and more mullet-er than his famous cousin, he’s in the Alola Region studying the Alolan forms.

In other news, the next batch of Sun & Moon info is coming September 14th at 10am JST! As usual, we’ll be here to cover anything that will be revealed!

[UPD] The Official English Pokémon site has updated and has confirmed that Oak’s cousin is known as Samson Oak.

  1. Serebii is reporting that he isn’t the same Oak. Is it confirmed that he is in Fact professor Oak from Kanto?
    Cuz I would find it absolutely hilarious if this oak was himself an “Alolan” form lmaooo

      1. Prof Oak is Dr Yukinari Okido, so it could just be a relation. Note he doesn’t have any sort of title in the video, so if it is the same Oak, he’s retired.

      2. So do all Nurse Joys tho… I’m pretty sure it is Samuel Oak but I’d find it pretty funny if it was like an “Alolan [form]” (read family member) of professor oak since he’s studying Alola Forms lol

  2. Alolan Oak confirmed. These are some of my thoughts from the last article. The customization in this game has heavily expanded from X/Y. I like the increase in male styles. Also, the areas in this game just look amazing! Lastly, did anyone notice the Trial Captains doing the Z-Move poses? I believe that they will be the ones who gives you the Z-Crystal after you defeat them and beat their trial. rf.

          1. He couldn’t have been a Water user though because of Cress. Besides, he gave importance to Humilau and the best location ever- the Marine Tube!

          2. Yeah, but his whole morality thing like, “You sure youre doing the right thing” Doesn’t fit B2W2. Team Plasma just did a terrorist attack, I think the player is in the clear there

          3. I can see that, but I think it was more emphasizing questioning your morals in general, like the Plasma sect that split off. I don’t think he was referring to that event specifically (unless I’m remembering wrong).

          4. But still, it isn’t very relevant to that situation. Besides that, he really interupts the flow of gameplay. Let’s get team Plasma! But first, get yaself a badge sonny

        1. I don’t think Japan has a whole lot of black people and that’s where the first few games are set.
          Not much of an excuse but that’s all I got.


  4. I think it’s him, had time to grow his hair and tan since we know this games are down the timeline

  5. Maybe it’s Professor Oak’s cousin or something. As I understand it, Oak is just the surname. Professor Samuel Oak from Kanto might have an Alolan relative who would also be called Professor Oak, but might have a different forename.


      1. yep and also the reason why she has more letters in the art is because Dr is also translated

  7. New move for Litten Confirmed (Skitty, Meowth, Purrlion and Espurr can learn this too): Cat Videos. The target is shown a cat video and its accuracy drops 10000000%

  8. we learned that
    Wishiwashi is indeed a Totem and the 2nd island now has Two totems.
    Surfer Oak
    The trail captains might teach u the z-move dances.

  9. GUYS pause at 0:11 in the video. You see that ice cave. What could that be? I think it might be our so called “elite four”… But it definitely looks suspicious.

        1. Something regarding the legendaries maybe. There’s a big sun on that circle and the one below it could be a moon or something? It is on the snow mountain though.

          1. If it’s related to the legendaries it would be different depending on what version this is from.
            Or it could be that the sun symbol is on top when it’s day and a moon symbol at night.

          2. Perhaps. It looks like it could be some sort of chart though with symbols spinning around on rings? Like in Iris’ champion room.

      1. I’m probably far off from the truth, but I’m getting a portal vibe, like the wormholes that we’ve seen.

        1. I dunno.
          I think the wormholes can open anywhere.
          I doubt AF have a portal generator in their gardens.

          1. Maybe legendaries/ultra beasts can create their own portals, but humans can only use the physical one?

          2. If that were the case it would probably be deep inside the structure.

            Though I must admit I would expect that to be more of a science advancement than something ancient locked in a temple.

            Maybe I’ve just been watching too much Stargate though 😛

      2. My crazy theory:
        It’s a temple that only opens during the day in pokemon sun and at night in pokemon moon.

        In other words, they’re both only open during real daytime.

  10. Bruh I’m literally in tears ;D tan mullet-touting professor Oak is the is the single greatest thing to ever happen in pokemon lmaooo

          1. Basically its been said that new merchandise of Mega’s is coming in 2017, but they didn’t show us anything. Given the fact that they haven’t shown us anything, and its coming after the release of Sun and moon its likely going to be of new mega’s and they want to gauge which ones people really like.

  11. I was trying to keep my expectations and hype low this time around, but it’s so hard!! I’m more hyped than I was for XY at this point, I feel like that might be because I don’t know what to expect. Every new trailer, I’m just like “what’s that?” or “what is that used for?”. These games breaking free from the conventions are probably their strongest point so far for me.

    1. Games breaking the conventions of their series is what leads to greater games. Ocarina of Time is an example of this (And soon Breath of the Wild)

      1. I’ll be honest, when I heard Ohmori was directing the games, I was scared, because ORAS wasn’t the best, but man, has he outdone himself here. Just wow.

          1. Comparatively though, to other games, it doesn’t match up. Definitely better than XY. But sadly they took away the difficulty that the originals had.

          2. I think Pokemon games in general are tough to make hard. We’re all experienced now and while we may have had a hard time in the past, it’s easier now. I recommend turning the battle style to “Set.” Treat it a bit more realistic, might have more difficulty. Plus Mega Evolution also makes the games a ton easier xD

          3. Yeah, but it’s not that I’m getting older and better at games, because DPPt gives me a hard time still.

          4. LOL XD ORAS just were really good imo. Introduced a lot of new things and had a ton of charm that stayed true to the originals.

          1. Yah, a lot of things are better than X and Y and ORAS was. But it wasn’t as good as Emerald, it lacked in heart that Pokemon games usually have…

          2. For me, Platinum and Black2/White2 are still the best games overall, so far. Lots of stuff to do after the main story, places to explore, battle facilities and high-leveled trainers for you to battle and level up your pokémon.

    2. Yeah totally that’s why it’s so funny to me when people are complaining that they’re releasing too much information ahead of game release. We may be getting spoiled with new info monthly but we still know NOTHING

  12. Guys. I looked up Persian and you know how that thing shows up on the side the Says the Pokemon, Species, type etc., There were pictures of “Persian” but the biggest picture was an Espurr and not a Persian XD

    1. Our usual translation guy isn’t here.
      I could do it but it would take me forever and it wouldn’t be appreciated enough to warrant the effort 😛

        1. Omg, I can see that there’s a clothes shop, a TM-like store and some sort of hair cutting boutique, so CUSTOMIZATION confirmed!

          1. I mean… Most of them, I’ve watched at least 8, but Roadside Attraction absolutely sucked. So I only watched it 5 times.

          2. No way. I loved Little Gift Shop of Horrors. Not as much as the others, but still. Roadside Attraction was genuinely bad tho.

          3. This party never stops. Time is dead and meaning has no meaning. Existence is upside-down and I reign supreme. WELCOME, ONE AND ALL, TO WEIRDMAGEDDON!

          4. We’ll meet again. Don’t know where, don’t know when. Oh, I know we’ll meet again some sunny day.

          5. Ha ha ha ho! This is just too perfect! Didn’t you brainiacs know the zodiac doesn’t work if you don’t all hold hands? And what’s better, you’ve brought every threat to my power together in one easy-to-destroy CIRCLE!


        1. You know, the guy from gen 1 who was working on teleportation, turns in to a Pokemon accidentally, and is also in charge of the Pokemon storage thing. Fusion! Fusion! It’s always fusion!

          1. Well I’m not sure which reference were you… er, referencing so I decided that it’s likely one of the many GF references being thrown out at that time. 🙂

    1. Atmosphere!!! Personality!!! A REAL LIVING BREATHING WORLD!!! That’s how you do it Gamefreak!

      You all realize that many triple A open world games don’t have this very simple and seemingly unnecessary feature? But it adds so much to the realness and immersion of a game world! I’ve said it once and I’ll say it a thousand times, THESE ARE MY NEW FAVORITE POKEMON GAMES

  13. I really hope we get walking with our pokemon in the D/P remakes. These games have so many of them walking around, plus amity square exists, we need this

    1. I’ve accepted the fact that that was a one and done type feature. It’d be great, but with the amount of Pokemon and the graphics I don’t see this happening.

    2. My musts for D/P remakes:
      -Game corner
      -Girantina story
      -Battle Frontier
      -Something special with Amity square. Walking with pokemon everywhere would be great of course
      -Gym Leader rematches
      -Revamp of sinnoh underground
      -New features for pokemon contest

      1. They have to change the game corner if they do it unfortunately, with ratings being E, can’t depict gambling

          1. If a kid asks for the game, and their parent sees a mature rating, they won’t be too inclined to look further into it or buy it. So yeah, it’s pretty necessary.

          2. To the parent of a young child, yes. I was six when I started playing; if I had asked for a E10+ game at six, my parents never would’ve gone along with it.

        1. They could take out the gambling feature and turn it into an arcade. That’d be even better. If not, I say screw Europe and just take it out of their versions.

          1. I just realised, even with Brexit we’ll still probably be subject to PEGI rules.

            Dammit PEGI, why do you do this shit to us!

          2. It’s just one of those stupid laws that exists for no reason :/ Buying a pack of pokemon cards is basically gambling so I don’t see the harm.

          3. That’s different though because there’s no loss. Sure, you can get sucky cards, but you haven’t lost anything. You paid money, you got the product. It’s nothing like gambling.

          4. It has an element of randomness that I would argue is random.

            The value of a good is equal to what people are willing to pay for it, hence some of the cards inside are worth more than others.

            It’s possible that you could spend a lot of money on card packs where the cards inside, when sold individually would total to less money than you paid for them.

            Besides, in pokemon you aren’t using any real money. It’s less harmful than letting a kid use a freemium game where they could drain the parents’ wallet.

    1. Considering everything..they probably aren’t. They don’t remember like it, which makes us think they are, which game freak knows well think, so theyvwont, so we’ll be surprised

    2. I think they’ll just have a different set of values. Like they truly do want to better the world of pokemon but they’re so set on that goal they don’t notice what they’re actually doing.


    I CANT.


    The hype is SO real. <3

    And it's confirmed for sure this time: Cubone has no Alolan form, which just seems incredibly odd to me. xD
    Pikachu, I get. It's the franchise mascot, it doesn't change types but adds Psychic, yada yada.

    But Cubone? Going from Ground to Fire/Ghost? It just seems so odd.

    1. Wouldn’t be the oddest thing about this game.
      At this point I’m not even batting an eyelid at that.

      1. GG did a good video awhile back talking about how its likely their a reference to this Hawaiian folktale about these ghost warriors that march through the night that you have to bow your head to, otherwise they’ll kill you and make you join their ranks. The only ones spared are those who have family among the warriors.

        As for the fire; well they did say that their mortal enemy are grass types and they want to protect cubones form them.

    2. Cubone have no new forms is jarring but it would honestly be worse if cubone had a new form and then Marowack was the same. Now that would be stupid

  15. So if Aether is evil and we take them down, what happens to the paradise? What if it gets remodeled for the post game? Or what if we get control of it like the Join Avenue?

        1. I think they have good intentions, i see them more as rioters! Rioters usually have good intentions but do the wrongs thing to show it

          1. Well they are mad because they couldn’t become trail captians. What if they become Gym Leaders? :O I mean, they did want to have those kinds of positions!

    1. Maybe it’ll become the supposed Pokemon league where the elite 4 show up in the post game lol

        1. i loved join avenue! i literally spent 30 min daily there leveling up the shops, pokemon and their friendships, hatching eggs, and those special chests with stones on it. I just love BW2 so much

          1. They’re great games packed with loads of features 🙂 I just feel as players we weren’t really encouraged or reminded to come back

  16. Are we going to discuss the fact that you can’t even see all of Exeggutor in the evolution screen?! xD
    I’m literally dying!!!

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  17. I figured out that the Aether Foundation might not be evil but the scientists! The ones who were attacked by grunts. The definition Aether helped me thought of this. It means heaven or colorless sky or a kind of liquid that is pleasant smelling and highly flammable. Aether FOundation might either be a kind of Jurassic Park Lab, or whatever

    1. “a kind of liquid that is pleasant smelling and highly flammable.”

      Actually that’s ether. In chemistry it’s explicitly only ever spelt as ‘ether’, never ‘aether’.

        1. I have researched it, that’s exactly why I’m saying this.

          “Commonly Confused With: Aether is not the same thing as the chemical substance, ether,
          which is the name given to a class of compounds containing an ether
          group. An ether group consists of an oxygen atom connected to two aryl
          groups or alkyl groups.”

        1. lol We could get it the week before Thanksgiving break depending on what store. For me, I preordered Moon at Gamestop and i have November 18 till November 20 or they will give it away…..

  18. I shall say no more

    Aristotle proposed a fifth element, aether, in addition to the four proposed earlier by Empedocles.

    Earth, which is cold and dry; this corresponds to the modern idea of a solid.

    Water, which is cold and wet; this corresponds to the modern idea of a liquid.

    Air, which is hot and wet; this corresponds to the modern idea of a gas.

    Fire, which is hot and dry; this corresponds to the modern ideas of plasma and heat.

    Aether, which is the divine substance that makes up the heavenly spheres and heavenly bodies (stars and planets).

    1. I think this means the Aritsotle head was actually predicting the Aether Foundation, and the new leaks claiming to be from the same person are actually someone else.

      But what do I know, I’m just a dead guy.

  19. I did some translating.
    1) I don’t know what “ライドギア” (Raidogia) is (and very well could be a named thing, or an english word).
    2) Hau saying something like “The Ultra Beast is really hurt” with a smile.. @1:23.
    3) Kukui is saying “ウルトラビーストが いたとしたら どん” @1:24. Talking about Ultra Beasts, but I don’t understand it.. probably an unfinished phrase.
    4) Wow, Dr Burnet from Dream Radar might be int he game!! “バーネット” which is “Baanetto” @1:25. Matches the name in Bulbapedia: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Professor_Burnet.
    5) Tan Professor Oak is talking about their investigation of Region Forms.
    6) @1:41, Litten has: なきごえ Growl / したでなめる Lick / にらみつける Leer / ほのおのキバ Fire Fang

    The rest are Z-Moves, nothing interesting.

    1. ウルトラビーストが いたとしたら どん

      Ultra Best ga ita to shitara don?

      I’ll work on it later.

    2. All I can tell about 3 is that it seems in the past tense.
      it’s almost certainly an unfinised sentence.

      “ita” is apparently the past tense form of “iru”, the verb ‘to be’

      “toshitara” seems to be a conditional, it translates to “if it happens that; if we make…; if we take…; if we assume…”

      I think the ‘don’ is the don used for sound effects and to add emphasis to things, but I could be wrong.

      So closest I can make it to be is “If the Ultra Beasts had been …”

        1. If it’s half a sentence, the whole sentence probably would have been a spoiler, but they’re probably keeping out the important bit on purpose :C

          1. I think meeting UB-01 happens quite early.

            @PercyEspeon:disqus Translated some of the previous trailer which indicated that the player, whilst in Aether Paradise, was only just about to begin their “island hopping”.

          2. I thought that “Shimameguri” referred to the act of traveling to another island, no? So, maybe, when we are done there, we go hopping again.

          3. It could be, considering I have help via online translator when I do mine (Since I am still in the process of learning Japanese) and shimameguri there translates to island hopping. I’d take my translations with some salt. The meaning’s there, but definitely not what they definitively said.
            But I definitely translated pretty well that one of the employees said ‘Good luck with your island hopping/traveling’ after we save the Slowpoke, so maybe the Slowpoke rescue is after we’re done our tour and we’re moving onto the next island.

          4. Don’t worry Percy, so do I most of the time 🙂
            Can’t do much about the chronology of the trailers.. but good eye on the slowpoke catch! I remember the Aether volunteer thanking the player for being there to save her. Might be our introduction to this team.

          5. Yeah, could be anything at this point.
            And yeah, she did thank the player and, in the same scene, said the good luck line. That might be the first Team Skull and Aether Foundation interaction that we see.
            Like, what I’m thinking is that we stumble on it, Faba is there, guides us through, we meet everyone else, Ultra Beast maybe?, and at the end the Slowpoke rescue. I might be off here or there, but it would definitely be weird if she said ‘good luck on your travels’ but we immediately get swept into the tour and not leave the island.

          6. If I could remember which article it was, I’d direct you to where me and Percy translated the trailer where Team Skull was revealed. We found out about Guzma’s vendetta towards the Trial Captains and Plumeria’s role as the ‘big sister’ before most other people 😛

          7. No problem 🙂 I’ll definitely be translating any future Japanese trailers, as it does help me learn the language better I feel. thanks for the discussion :3

          8. I think there are 3 possibilities in regard to Aether Paradise
            1) We visit there after beating Hala (Kahuna of Melemele) and get convinced whilst there to visit other islands
            2) It’s a sort of hub area the player can visit any time
            3) It gets visited once at the end of each island and becomes available to visit any time after the 4 islands are cleared.

      1. Yeah, I got something similar as well 🙂 Sucks that it got cut off. I was having the same problem yesterday with Gladion’s dialogue, since two of the scenes were cut off before the sentence was finished.

        1. At least if we turned up the same result we can both rest assured it’s probably a broken sentence anyway 😛

  20. I really hope Ride Pokemon ends HM Slaves. I hate that Soos knows Surf, Waterfall, Dive and Giga Drain

  21. sun and moon has gave us more info then x/y and oras ever did and we still barely know the plot

    1. Isn’t it great?? They really want this to be the best Pokemon game yet. Last time hype was this big was back in Diamond/Pearl.

      1. Although everything they’ve revealed I’ve been very very happy with, and still don’t feel like they’ve revealed a lot..

      2. It’s really clear that they’re holding a lot back. There’s still a couple months before the game releases, we know this much… but we don’t know enough to put it all together yet. The other Ultra Beasts, the starter evolutions, Marshadow, the goals of the various groups, other island trial captains, what about a pokemon league? Other pokemon, other alola forms, mega evolutions… sooooo much more.

  22. GUYS!! does this mean we are in the alternate mega universe? does professor oak have a twin or did jigglypuff used sing while he was tanning?

      1. Yup, probably an alternate time-line where Oak is Gen I professor staying in Alola.. much like Dexio and Sina are there. Seeing how he is SO tanned, maybe he has been there for a long time! Probably after Red/Blue/Green/Gold/Silver?

        1. Do you think Dexio and Sina might say something about the events that took place in x and y? or will it be like how N mention the character from black and white 1 but in black 2 we never saw him?? they better take us back to kalos!!!

          1. I wonder, they might exist, but the events might be completely different! Though it would be weird to reference other regions so much, but not continuing the stories of those characters. Hopefully, yes.

    1. Did you not see his mullet!!!!!! 😮 i wonder what happen to him and is that why he didn’t showed up in x and y… maybe he skipped that boring region (boring due to the cliffhanger and many unsolved questions) and went straight to the fun stuff lol!

      1. Yep, remember I did that translation for the previous JP trailer.
        And I’ll try my hand on it, but some of the lines have kanji in them which I haven’t learned yet.

        1. I thought so, but after a point everyone’s usernames and icons blur into one and I forget who said what DX

    1. ME TOO!! Solgaleo and Lunala!!! though loL! but did you see that they didnt fought, it like they met up and went inside a portal… maybe they are after the UB with their visor type things and that eye that shows up when they attack.

      1. Yes I was thinking the whole time they were going for each other but at the end it made it more of a mystery as of what they were going for could just be speculation but with GF who knows

  23. So, from the Riddle = Kirsi from Darker than Black and Yukie Nakama.
    Kirsi is a doll in the series(?) and Yukie (Yuki = Snow) Nakama (teammate). Haha, this leaker guy is quite fun!

    1. I have my doubts about him because he forgot to add cutiefly’s evolution the first time round, so I’m suspecting either this is a different person pretending to be the original riddler or they don’t actually know as much as they pretend to.

      1. Yup, someone was saying that he might be a trailer editor, and THAT evolution wasn’t in the chinese trailer, so there was no way for him/her to know.

        1. I’ll be fair, that would make sense.
          It would explain why his riddles are close to what trailers reveal and why he missed other stuff like Tortunator and Crabrawler.

      2. thing is though, he likely didn’t. He generally sates only revolutions that we already know about, not the ones we don’t know. As well the first list was a month old or something.

        1. The list was a month old and we’re only just hearing about it?
          I thought the jungle was more up to date with rumours than that 😛

          1. He’s been leaking things since March I think, but it really wasn’t until the sea cucumber pokemon that people pretty much started saying that this leaker was worth anything.

          2. I had looked at his stuff a bit before Pyukumuku, back when it was just Rock-Paper-Scissors and ‘Bloody Organs’.
            Apart from that I only read the Aristotle and Pikachu sheet things though, and I lost my link to the original thread.

          3. Yeah. Really until the rock-paper-scissors blood organs thing, you could have seen a lot of things as lucky guesses. In any case though, Here’s hoping that froslass gets a new sister with his leaks.

          4. One thing I notice though, a lot of his greyed out pokemon have appeared in boat form in the previous Japanese trailer.

            Steelix, Whiscash and Huntail.

          5. The riddles aren’t exactly that public. Mostly people form bulbagarden and a bit of 4chan actually keep up with it.

    2. Hmm…perhaps their going more for the Yin angle. yin -(in Chinese philosophy) the passive female principle of the universe, characterized as female and sustaining and associated with earth, dark, and cold.

      So we have something associated with women, cold, earth, and darkness and a woman named snow and teammate. So new ice type pokemon. maybe a new version of the Yuki-onna

  24. Update on Serebii saying It’s confirmed that “It’s confirmed that the man is Nariya Oak, Professor Oak’s cousin, in Japanese”. Not Samuel Oak

      1. That mullet though!!! wy they got to do us like that with oak!!! what if he asks the Ub-01, are you a boy or a girl? lol! then the ob-01 will criticize his mullet and he will capture it and wear ub-o1 on his head!

  25. Allan form Proffesor oak! I love!!! It all comes together!
    Still praying Allan forms are not exclusive to kanto Pokemon because that would be a huge waist of opportunity

  26. The Chinese riddler was right… Why didn’t you point that out. The riddler said something about a lot of professors being in this game, right?

  27. Guys!! i think that maybe UB-01 is like some type of clone of lily and not her. Velma though! Wickie is Thickie!! lol!

    1. “UB-01’s body is composed of a glass-like substance. However, it’s constantly changing shapes, never settling on one.”

      1. i know but ppl on u tube started speculating that in the scene where Aether prez, the main character and hau where witnessing ub-01 and lilly was absent.

  28. The visuals look uh-may-zing, now all I’m worried about is the size of the region. I’m scared that they’d sacrifice region size for more visually pleasing graphics.

  29. I still think the Aristotle head was supposed to be a hint about the Aether Foundation:

    Aristotle proposed a fifth element, aether, in addition to the four proposed earlier by Empedocles.

    Earth, which is cold and dry; this corresponds to the modern idea of a solid.
    Water, which is cold and wet; this corresponds to the modern idea of a liquid.
    Air, which is hot and wet; this corresponds to the modern idea of a gas.
    Fire, which is hot and dry; this corresponds to the modern ideas of plasma and heat.
    Aether, which is the divine substance that makes up the heavenly spheres and heavenly bodies (stars and planets).

    1. It could be both the Aether Foundation and a new pokemon though. We do have Solgaleo which can represent Earth and fire, and Lunala that can represent Water and Air. Why not make the third legendary also be Aether themed. Maybe a pokemon created from the Dna of one, or maybe both legendaries, resembling something like a Manticore.

          1. The aristotle statue hint was up for a while now, not to long ago he updated said hint with the words: 4 elements ->5th element -> celestial bodies -> hole -> Hyperspace

      1. Plausible I suppose. To add to that though, another interesting thought, some more info about aristotle:

        “gravity (the tendency of earth and water to sink) and levity (the tendency of air and fire to rise). He later added a fifth element, aether, to describe the void that fills the universe above the terrestrial sphere.”

  30. I may not be the first to say it cause I’m late but i noticed each 1 of the trial captains does the stance of the z move. It wouldn’t make sense for them to specialize in a type if you didnt battle them so What if there is a trial captain for each type and the “badge” you get for defeating them/complete the trial is the Z-crystal for that type? So fro example you beat Kiawe/complete his challenge you get the Fire z-crystal. Granted 18 sounds kind of excessive so there may not be a trial captain for every type

      1. I dont have a problem with it being longer but there are already so many important characters. I don’t want to see any characters get any bad treatment. But I’m just happy someone thinks my theory is plausible

  31. The new trailer is amazing. I hope Sun and Moon live up to the hype they’re giving it. Alola looks beautiful. If only it were in HD. ;~;

      1. The games themselves. They at least need smoothing of some kind. They look gritty and awful, but good at the same time?

        1. Would be hard to have a HD handheld.
          Or they’d be really expensive, or just have one screen instead of two.

          1. I think it’s an easier thing than you’re thinking it is……..At a certain point they’re point to have to cross that bridge and eventually nobody will be able to say that it’s hard to make an HD handheld. The PS Vita was about $200 and it’s an HD handheld. The New 3DS is around $150ish. That’s not that huge of a gap. The vita in terms of graphics is WAY better (god bless it’s little heart lol)

          2. $200 is a lot of money.
            Besides, Vita has only one screen, the 3DS has two screens.
            Also the vita isn’t HD, it’s 960×544 pixels.

          3. $200 is the same as a new 3DS XL. I would consider it sub HD, but it looks good regardless.

          4. I love my Vita! I feel bad it never got the support it deserved, but as far as hardware and in some ways software it was way better than the 3DS

          5. I’ve been tempted to buy one for Digimon and some classic games. But Nintendo games just have so much more charm

          6. It’s really all what you’re up for. I’d say in the long run it’s worth the investment, but you need something good to get you to buy it in the first place. When I got mine I played Gravity Rush a lot lol

          7. $200 is only $50 more than the New 3DS….if the extra $50 is a deal breaker than you’re already spending too much money on the Nintendo console…….Either way consoles are gonna be expensive. I’d rather spend the extra $50 on one that’s got a better screen than one that’s a little cheaper and has two mediocre screens any day. Nintendo has been dragging it’s feet for too long imo.

          8. They could do it. Just keep the bottom screen the same and bump the top to 720p. Hell, I wouldnt mind them removing the 3D

          9. Honestly I think they need to move away from the bottom screen thing.. It’s a fine thing to have, but there are plenty of games that don’t NEED a second screen to do menu screens and such. Plus it’d make designing the hardware easier most likely lol

          10. I like the second screen. It makes it stand out, gives the games more features, and leaves more room on the top screen. I can’t imagine future Pokémon games without it.

          11. I don’t hate the second screen and agree it’s useful, but I could definitely see them eventually moving away from it. It wasn’t a bad ting, just a thing….hahaha

          12. Again other games do just fine on one screen……..Just because you’re accustom to the two screens doesn’t mean one screen is worse. If you by that logic they should add another screen on and make it have 3 instead of just the 2.

          13. I’m just pointing out the reality of it.

            By having a single 1200×720 screen instead of one 400×240 and one 320×240, you’ve got to relocate everything on the lower screen so it’s displayed on the main screen, and that main screen has to be touch sensitive. It has a lot of implications, menus and minimaps moving to the top screen is just one of them.

            It would also affect the move select screen, the pokenav plus, the pokedex.

            Not to mention power consumption, the GPU used and the amount of VRAM needed.

          14. I think you’re underestimating the people that make consoles and games as well. Game developers make games that utilize maps and extra functions all the time and they’re all on one screen. The people that make Zelda and GF would just have to be creative about how they handle it all.There are ways to make higher res handhelds with or without two screens. Either way I’m not quite sure why you’d be against a handheld that offers a higher quality game………again the price is hardly going to change and we’d get games that look great! Anyway I guess there’s no point in arguing about this as neither one of us actually know how to develop consoles or game( at least I assume you don’t lol) Lets just a agree to disagree. lol

          15. Well I stand corrected then don’t I? hahaha Well either way I’m sure with all the resources that GF AND Nintendo have they can find a way. Anyway I’m tired and would like to go to bed. I enjoyed having our little back and forth and hope you have a good night as well lol

          16. It would mainly be Nintendo, I’m pretty sure GF only does the games and doesn’t get much say in how the console is put together. Maybe Nintendo can cut a deal, but typically they like sourcing their parts from Japan, so who knows.

            Enjoy your sleep *6am here*

    1. I thought they reduce the quality cuz they want to hide some details in the trailer cuz the previous trailers have better quality …..but still didn’t know wat r they.

      1. Nah. It’s the result of Nintendo going with 480p for their resolutions but giving the devices processing power for higher resolutions.

      1. Technically though the constellation has 9 stars, two being the parents (I think).
        So maybe UB-08 and UB-09 too?

    1. Finally, someone else noticed Dr Burnet!! I want to battle Colress again.
      Also, still hoping for no Ash Greninja.

  32. In the trailer Lunala seems extremely fast (beside being sooo beautiful). With two weaknesses x4 I predict it being the first fast sweeper mascot legend:

    HP 100
    ATT 80
    DEF 100
    SP. ATT 150
    SP. DEF 120
    SPEED 130

    HP 150
    ATT 130
    DEF 120
    SP. ATT 100
    SP. DEF 100
    SPEED 80

  33. I like Solgaleo 100X more with it’s claws out than I do when it’s normal……..Not a fan of the shoe look they have normally……

      1. I just can’t get behind it…..It’s head is fine, but it’s body looks too…..idk what I can compare it too. It’s like it’s wearing a body suit or something….and maybe that’s the point, but I don’t like it as much as I LOVE Lunala lol

  34. Serebii : “The next Pokémon Sun & Moon news will come on September 14th at 22:00 JST which is 14:00 BST, 15:00 CEST, 09:00 EDT, 06:00 PDT, 23:00 AEST”

    1. Totally a CoroCoro recap, but at least we’ll know when we’ll get official word on them plus when to expect CoroCoro leaking

    2. Not surprised. If they’re gonna show off Rockruff’s evo they’ll likely show off the starter evos too in some form as they’re connected.

      1. I need to catch up on around 2 weeks of Game Grumps episodes. That’s what I have to do with my time.

      1. Rockruff’s evo is something I wanna bet. I sure hope its a Warewolf with types based on night and day (ie maybe Rock/Dark at night for evil, and Rock/Fighting in day for good).

        1. I can’t quite remember but didn’t they say that this issue would reveal Rockruff’s evolution(s)? If so, I’d love your idea to come true. Rock/Fighting is something I’ve been pushing hard for this generation.

          1. They did and honestly if the rumors are true about Rockruff having split evos/forms based on the night time it makes sense they’d start talking about the day and night system being different for the games this week to gain our interest in the whole thing.

          2. Exactly, I think it’s an obvious conclusion at this point. That would explain why they revealed the feature now in the first place. Perhaps the starters also have day and night evolutions?…which is the secret they share?…which could be revealed in CoroCoro as well?

          3. I’m still sticking to that theory about the starters having split evos or rather evo forms. I like it as an idea as it’d even further make these games stand out among all the others lol

          4. We may have already been spoiled by the final starter evolutions, but how cool would it be if that wasn’t everything? Every surprise is good in my eyes. I cherish these speculation periods. It only happens about as often as the Olympics after all.

      1. Hey DefensiveBastiodon, been a LONG time since I last saw you (reveals for XY). I came while the news last 😀

          1. I think my username then (before Discus) was DaisukeReds. Hope you’ve been doing well, mate. See you Gen 8! haha

      2. I felt like I was tripping out when I saw…basically everything in the last update. Type: Null, Jangmo-o, UB-01, it’s like a different series.

        1. Pokemon, old and new, creatures that arent pokemon, hot characters like Guzma and Kukui, geez

          1. TBH, now that I think about it, I would say the same thing about Ho-oh if that name were revealed today.

          2. “Ho-Oh and Houou are alternate transcriptions of 鳳凰 Hōō (phoenix), specifically the Chinese phoenix, Fènghuáng. The ou may also refer to 皇 ō (emperor) or 王 ō (king).”

            Still seem dumb?

        2. Yeah I was just kinda staring at the screen without saying anything.. Just blinking as if I was trying to figure out if this was a dream or am I really seeing this shit lol. I was utterly confused

          Actually I’m still utterly confused

    3. Hopefully they will expand on something we already have. They just keep introducing new stuff without giving any real depth into it

      1. But that’s what keeps us interested. We’ll find out the rest when we buy the game. Which is their whole goal, don’t forget

        1. True. I guess I’m just used to their usual way of expanding on things. We usually never get new stuff back to back like this without some sort of expansion. The game is only 2 months away though so soon I’ll have my answers.

      1. Serebii said the ‘Okido’ in the trailer is actually a relative of Oak, not the original Prof. Oak.

  35. I need this! The author is “whereshadowsthrive” on tumblr and he or she has a lot of other cool variants too.

    1. I hope one day it will get new skins. You know like as special giveaways or something or something in a future game where it can change its disguise to all types of popular Pokemon like the eevelutions and the starters

  36. Didnt a leaker mention that 3 of the totem pokemon would be gumshoos, wishiwashi, and lurantis? After they show the totem gumshoos they showed wishiwashi and lurantis.

    1. Lurantis was confirmed to be a totem the moment it was revealed. We still don’t know for definate that Wishiwashi is, but we do know Raticate is.

    2. i was just about to comment something like this . I think that wishiwashi will definitely be a totem pokemon according to this video, isn’t the leak that mention him also reveal the starters evo and the fire volcano pig (as the last totem ) ?

      1. I dont remember if that leaker revealed the starter evos but yeah they mentioned a fire pig. i’m excited to see what it might look like if it’s legit

      2. Only thing that makes me question that is that he hasn’t been shown to have a totem aura yet, but he/she is in the area where Lana’s trial takes place.

      1. We don’t know for definate, but so far all the confirmed ones have a previous form (Wishiwashi isn’t confirmed, just hinted).

    1. Yukinari (THE Prof Oak’s Japanese given name, 幸也 or 幸成) was easier to find because it’s a more common name. :p

      I’m not sure Nariya is even a name real people use…

      (I hope I’m wrong.)

  37. Oh and just to further confirm character customisation (even though its obvious) you can see a clothing store 12 seconds into the trailer

  38. It’s funny how the trailer ends very dramatic with loud music, but then Snorlax appears and cries. Very anticlimactic haha.
    Also: much better hairstyles for men:

    1. Waaay better. They’re even seems to be more hair colors, like that light-orange-ish color.

  39. Just an idea, but I think it would make sense that each island might have a Professor.
    They might possibly be related to old Professors, and give you a starter from their respective region. So this dude gives you a Kanto Starter, we do know they’re in game due to Pokeride, and it wouldn’t make much sense to just have Charizard.
    So it’s possible we could get 2 more, maybe Johto and Unova.

      1. Yeah, like I said, 1st island new starters, oak seems to be on the third, then 2 more, on the second an 4th islands,

          1. I don’t buy Ben’s theory.

            You don’t need one professor per set of starters, it could easily be the case that Oak gives the Kanto starters and Kukui gives the rest, or vice versa, assuming the player won’t just acquire the Alola and Kanto starters and none of the others.

          2. It’s less of a theory more of a cool idea, the islands seem distinct enough to have their own Professors, and we know 2 do, so what’s the issue with the other 2 having them.
            Kukui researches Moves, New Oak regional variation. So it’s possible.
            Likely there won’t be, but it’s a cool idea, I mean, we’ve seen a lot of unexpected things so far, so I wouldn’t rule it out, It’s like in HG/SS, Steven gave you the Hoenn Starter, Oak gave you the Kanto starter, and Elm gave you the Johto starter. They didn’t have to, as you said the regional professor could have easily done it, but it shows it’s possible.

          3. It’s stated that he studies regional Variation, so it might be possible, though maybe unlikely, that we get Alolan Form Kanto Starters from him, though we have already seen Fire Charizard

    1. I guess it would make sense if we got the Sinnoh Starters since we’ll be playing DP remakes in a couple of years

        1. Well, there’s only one Kanto meowth in Alola as far as we can tell.

          There was only one sudowoodo in Hoenn and Johto, and only one Snorlax in Kalos and Johto.

          1. There was, however, all of the ride Pokemon seem to also be pokemon you can use in the region, we’ve seen a couple in Battle, though whether that means Charizard is we’ll have to see. If Charizard is then it’s likely we’ll see Venusaur, who is on another leak people are taking as accurate, and Blastoise, who is in concept art from the reveal trailer.

          2. As far as I know, we’ve only seen Lillipup around.
            Might have seen Lapras but I’m not sure.
            Tauros has been seen around, never in battle though.
            Not seen Sharpedo in battle.
            Mudsdale we know for definate.

            I’m not convinced by the guy who ‘leaked’ Venusaur.
            Haven’t seen the Blastoise concept art.

            I still think it’s more likely to just be offered Kanto starters, the only time starters were found in the wild before is XY friend safari.

          3. I never once said in the wild for Charizard, and we have seen Lapras in battle, I think the Tauros, despite being not in battle, we’ve seen multiple on a ranch, so I’m sure they will be in the wild, I don’t see wh ythey wouldn’t, which brings us to Sharpedo, I’m not sure why there would just be 1 Sharpedo, and it does seem like the right environment, so I’m pretty sure those will be wild too, or at least Carvhana.
            Charizard really is the big what if, we need to really know who the one in charge of the Ride service is, and the reason for using the Pokemon they have.
            Blasoise was in the reveal trailer being used on a firetruck, whether or not that’s in the final game we’ll see. But it’s very possible that someone would give us the Kanto Starters, which tbh I don’t see the need for, given we can move them from gen 6 and VC1 but then again, similair things have happened. I Don’t see it not being in the regional dex if it’s clearly in the region though, and it doesn’t garauntee the other 2, they do tend to favour Charizard, but it wouldn’t make sense to just have him, but we’ll see

          4. Yes but as an event, and that was expanded on in OR/AS where it finally made sense, like they made it, and decided, heck lets release it on this game instead. So not part of the actual game like Charizard is.

  40. “Hmm… Now, what was my cousin’s name again?”


    “Ah yes! DOUCHBAG. That sounds right.”

  41. These are the most beautiful Pokemon games ever! (reload)
    also seems that Z Moves work like the Mega Evolution button in the screen.

    1. Not exactly a mega but the z crystals yeah…. Z moves is just that powerful move I think

  42. Did you notice that Solgaleo and Lunala are warping in a wormhole like the one from which UB-01 appears? Interesting detail

  43. I’m not sure I like the idea of there not being an Alolan Cubone. It really makes no sense for it to go from Ground to Ghost/Fire. At least Pikachu and Exeggcute keep their Electric and Grass typings when they evolve into their Alolan form evolutions.

    1. Of all the crazy things to happen this time around, that one’s starting to seem less weird by comparison.

  44. Ahaha at 0:10 into the trailer someone’s got Jessie and James’s Magikarp submarine xD

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