[UPD] Pokémon Sun & Moon News Confirmed for September 14th

The next batch of Pokémon Sun & Moon news has been confirmed for September 14th! As usual we’re expecting another brand new trailer that will most likely lineup with whatever new info we get in this month’s CoroCoro (which could leak as early as the 9th).

At this point it’s all up in in the air on what we could get: Starter evolutions? More Ultra Beasts? The secret behind Rockruff’s evolution? Gary Oak’s Alolan form? Another evil organization?

Either way, the news drop will happen on September 14th at 10PM JST – which is 6AM PST, 9AM EST, 2pm BST, and 11pm AEST! So stay tuned because we’ll be sure to be here to cover it the moment it drops!

UPD: In addition to this, TV Tokyo has confirmed that a big announcement will air alongside next week’s anime episode. It’s unknown what the announcement will bring but we’ll update as and when it happens!