Professor Burnet in Sun & Moon?!

professor-burnetThe most recent Japanese Pokémon Sun & Moon trailer was an incredible showcase of what has been revealed so far. Featuring the already loveable new Pokémon, the immediately memorable new characters, and the gorgeous scenery of the instantaneous fan favorite Alola Region. The footage was wonderfully edited, being driven by text bubbles exclusively from noteable characters including Professor Kukui, your rival, Hau, all the Trial Captains, and more – but one text bubble stands out among the rest. The phrase in question can be found at the 1:25 mark of the trailer and reads a cut off sentence that talks about “Ultra Beasts” and the word “feared.” But what’s really interesting is who is saying this: Baanetto. Or, in English, Burnet.

For those who don’t remember, Professor Burnet is the researcher that aids you in your journey in the Pokémon Dream Radar 3DS app: the incredibly fun, quick-paced AR game from Gen V. Through the game it is revealed that Burnet studies the “Interdream Zone” (a space between dreams and reality) and that she’s friends with Fennel from college. But other than that not much is known about her.

So lets just assume that this Burnet talking is the one we met in Dream Radar – what does that mean for Sun & Moon? Well, if we look at it in a more serious light, in the latest Aether Foundation focused trailer where Ultra Beasts were first introduced, it seems that UB-01 comes out from a portal – and in the most recent trailer Solgaleo and Lunala jump into one. Many have theorized that these portals are leading to another dimension, but could these portals and Ultra Beats maybe have something to do with the Interdream Zone? Could Burnet be in Alola working for the Aether Foundation as part of her research, similar to Colress’ theorized and possible appearence in Sun & Moon? Could she have been working at a different branch of the AF all along? Or does this mean that a mini game similar to Dream Radar will have a presence in the game? Or does this prove absolutely nothing, we’ll most likely just get a meaningless cameo from Professor Burnet, and we’re reading into it too much? The latter…not so likely. The Pokémon Company is very careful about choosing names and making sure that important character names don’t repeat in the game canon. And it just seems so strange for this previously used name to be included amongst other key characters intentionally if they weren’t going to play a part in the storyline. Either way, only time can tell if Pokémon Sun & Moon will mark the return of Professor Burnet!

So what do you guys think? Do you think this is the same Burnet from Gen V? And how could she be related or fit into what’s happening in Sun & Moon?



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