Koromori Battle Vid

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJeGvg8C3mI Finally it emerges!  Nice wing animation IMO 😀  And confirmed that Grass Mixer does lower accuracy, just as my post yesterday had described and it also matched the 2ch rumor posted earlier.  Changed videos because this one is simply the battle scene That’s it for now <3 pokejungle ps- Prob won’t be any new … Read more

Reserve Black/White?

According to a post on 2ch that links to a news article on the official Pokemon website reservations will start on the 31st of July~  It doesn’t impact 98% of my visitors so whether or not it is factual will not affect you too much… BUT… I am hoping to see what the pre-order incentive … Read more

Latest Rumors [UPDATE]

+ Above image of Desukan surfaced this afternoon~ you can decide if it’s real or fake.  Looks like fanart as I said in my previous version of this post 😀 + [NOT RUMOR] New video will be coming soon that depicts Tsutaja and Koromori vs Zoroa (appearing as Hihidaruma) and Mijumaru.  Tsutaja uses Grass Mixer … Read more

New toys reveal Pokemon?

These images have recently surfaced and we see that the brown pokemon is one that was previously featured in the beta artwork for the anime (here).  So… is this a new pokemon toy of it + a pokemon not previously seen? Developing story!  Frankly the yellow and green one does not look like a pokemon … Read more

Rumors of new Pokemon

Yes.  There are rumors that a new pokemon has “big eyes” and “pointy ears”.  OH. MY. GOD.  That only fits about 350 out of 500 pokemon that have been created over the years.  Frankly I don’t know why this was even newsworthy which is why I didn’t bother posting it when SPP put it on … Read more

Small updates~

The demo that I announced over a week ago has finally gotten firm dates. August 7th – September 12th special buses will be touring Japan offering demos.  Maybe I could put in a special request for one to stop in Minnesota? Also SPP has 3 new screenshots that are not really anything new at all, … Read more