BW Pokemon Transfer! (UPD! New pokemon!)

New details have emerged from today’s Oha Suta airing… right now I can bring you information about transferring pokemon to Black and White.  It looks like this is how you get Pokemon from previous DS games (DPPtHGSS) into BW.  It’s called “PokeShifter” and a small minigame will ensue after in which somehow you will have … Read more

Lati@s Giveaway

Press release: Pokémon TM Trainers get ready to unlock the secrets of the Enigma Stone as The Pokémon Company International and Nintendo of America Inc. introduce a limited distribution via the Nintendo ® Wi-Fi Connection service. Beginning this Saturday, July 31, through Friday, August 27, players of Pokémon HeartGold and Pokémon SoulSilverVersions who have wireless broadband Internet … Read more

BW Demo Bus starting soon!

Some locations and dates were given out… and the first stop is August 8th… so like a week and a half (if not a little more) before we are going to get some new info!  And hopefully it’ll be the same demo as we saw the Hatooboo pics from so we’ll know if it is … Read more

Small rumor for Midnight

Aight, I’m posting this more because I think it’s an interesting concept rather than its plausibility.  I don’t really believe this information to be true and it comes from 2ch just like most crazy half-assed rumors usually do 😉 Golduck will get an evolution named “Bossduck” (Bosudakku) if its traded with the item “Aqua Booster” … Read more

Chiramii romanized to Chillarmy

I feel like even talking about this is a bit confusing as it is not the English name.  But as some of you have found out throughout the course of Pokemon names leaking… there are a LOT of different ways you can potentially romanize the names (which are in katakana).  So now it looks like … Read more

Pokemon Sunday: Bikutini Revealed (UPD2)

UPD: Added images :3 Cut out a nice Bikutini pic and added a transparent background in case anyone wants to use it for gfx~ <3 UPD2: Added a compiled image by mirai_iro of the triple battle screenshots + a cute picture of mijumaru.  Just because I felt like it.  That’s how I roll foo. Some … Read more