New Video: Shikijika + Pokemon Musical

httpv:// New video from Legendary Pokemon (website) shows a new battle with Shikijika and some new Pokemon Musical footage.  Not sure how they got this video “exclusive”, but better for us I guess 8D  More stuff to watch!  Not much is revealed, but here goes: Shikijika uses Energy Ball Chillarmy uses Swift Munna uses Psywave … Read more

New BW Commercial w/ Plasma + Gym Rumor

httpv:// Main thing in this video is at the 0:17 mark where you see Team Plasma lined up behind someone (their leader) who is saying to the crowd that he wants to talk about Pokemon freedom (or how he wants to forcibly give Pokemon their freedom).  This seems as though it ties them with N … Read more

Updating from phone…[FAKE SCAN]

Chimecho evo = horikyan Skull = zugasei Aaaand we also have known pokemon on there. This is RUMOR! And names could be wrong hard to read them from my phone. Or do this update… <3 pokejungle

zZzZzZ…what? New pokemon? (UPD1)

Sorry I missed this while I was sleeping, here are the pics.  That’s Aloe and Dento up top.  I’m not sure of Aloe is actually fat… if you look at her pants they have huge legs, but her own look relatively skinny… along with her arms.  So that’s a bit weird @@;  Can’t wait to … Read more

Picture from Tokyo

I was tickled to see this picture in my inbox this morning from my boyfriend.  He saw this while he was out shopping in Tokyo and decided to snap a pic on his iPhone 4 (I’m anti-Apple, but the quality of the picture is amazing) because he knows I am a Pokemon fan and am … Read more

Small Black and White News

And by small, I mean small.  I dunno if you guys like me posting these little crumbs of information, feel free to leave a comment about that.  But otherwise I’ll try to keep you abreast of anything that happens :3 Today there was a press conference of sorts for the “Black and White Pokemon Searcher” … Read more