8/14 Pokemon Sunday (UPD)

UPD: Pokemon news coverage: Pokemon cardboard boxes were confirmed to have the different packaging, while the plastic box will have the previously released boxart. Went through the 7 pokemon revealed in CoroCoro… no new footage Rotation battle footage, previously released Went over Dento being a gym leader, but also appears in the anime Also mentioned … Read more

Pokemon Sunday Stream (ENDED)

As usual, here is the Pokemon Sunday stream!  News will also be brought to you as-it-happens in another post.  This is simply provided to those who like to watch it :3  Set to air in about 30minutes of me posting this but game information probably won’t start for about an hour and fifteen minutes from … Read more

Kanto Starter Promotion

Guess I’ll report this :B  A new booklet is coming out which features interviews from people who work at Game Freak (such as the Director and Producer) and those who purchase it will receive a code to get one of the Kanto starters in the Dream World!  Frankly I would love to get a bulbasaur! … Read more

Black and White Tidbits (UPD1)

Image… unrelated.  I just thought Mamambou’s pose was interesting ;D  Yahoo! Kids website revealed some *very* minor details so I thought I’d share them with you.  Translated the information from blue skY. Swanna learns “Brave Bird” (not sky attack, video confirmed this.  Thanks guys <3) Shikijika learns energy ball which we had already confirmed from … Read more

Official Pokemon Site Update (UPD2)

The new information we got in CoroCoro has now been added to the official Japanese website for Black/White.  If you wanna see some clear screenshots head on over to the site. Very little new information, but some confirmation on a few things: Moguryuu’s abilities BOTH activate when sandstorm is active ‘Sand Scatter’ raising speed and … Read more

Wakoishi, Plant Pokemon = Fake

A user in the comment section of my site has identified screenshots that he faked.  I have to admit, Wakoishi was by far the best.  The only thing we really had to doubt about it was the cave setting.  The plant-creature is also fake so I’m sure MANY of you will breath a sigh of … Read more