Pokemon Movie 14 Clips

Here are clips from both the game trailer (not the greatest quality because there are seats in the way) but the second clip shows that new orange pokemon in ears flying in and gives it a little more personality than what we saw before!  Thanks darksun for the tip on that second clip!  (lol, and … Read more

MMC ‘Carbon’ Public Beta Released

Our community members have been aware for awhile, but one of our administrators (saul) has been working on our latest and by far greatest theme.  So we’re officially having a public beta!  It’s pretty nice and comes with some new profiles which have some nice CSS effects and a CSS style selector that is all … Read more

Ruuuuuuumor Time!

I know it’s been awhile since I posted some rumors, but I have dug up enough to warrant an entire post.  :3  Remember, these are not to be considered anything other than fiction UNTIL PROVEN OTHERWISE. But until then we can discuss, hypothesize, and complain!  Or… perhaps rejoice if something strikes our fancy? Oh and … Read more

Pokemon Sunday airing… (VID UP)

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w97Ao83gJIs Update1: Added preliminary images, courtesy of PLDH, the site who also had all those awesome wallpapers <3  We now know that the more “naturalistic” city is the WHITE version, while the more modern city is in BLACK.  Yay.  And the way Rankurusu bounces around makes me enjoy it slightly more to be honest (first … Read more

Goin’ to bed :D

At very least we’ll have an update tomorrow night after Pokemon Sunday airs, if nothing comes sooner.  Having fun with my friends though :p Oh and I might be going to Chicago. </personal boring post> <3 pokejungle ps- Hype about my site has left now 🙁  Kinda sad, but not really because I found a … Read more

B/W Pre-order Gifts

Revealed!  Everyone who pre-orders at a store in Japan will receive a clear plastic file folder (#1) and also a “sound rope” of Reshiram or Zekrom depending on which version they get.  I think I might have seen “sound ropes” at Target once, they make noise when you push that center button, common toy/keychain in … Read more