Pokémon Stars: The 4 Facts We Know

With just over one more day until the big Nintendo Switch press conference (and don’t worry, we’ll be covering it!), fans are understandably excited. Pokémaniacs are particularly keen to hear about the rumored title that brings Pokémon Sun & Moon’s gameplay to the new console. While nothing has been outright confirmed, here is our mega list of rumors about Pokémon Stars (or Eclipse):

  • New Pokémon, Alolan Forms or Mega Evolutions: The game could add up to 20 (a number dropped by Laura Dale, gaming journalist) brand-new Pokémon or forms/evolutions to Alola. Whether or not these will be compatible with Pokémon Sun & Moon is currently unknown.
  • Improved Graphics: GameFreak didn’t skimp in Sun & Moon, but their successor will apparently utilize the Switch’s improved capabilities to breath HD life into Alola and its inhabitants.
  • Compatible with Sun & Moon: While the new Pokémon might not make it to your copies of Pokémon Sun or Moon, there will be ways to transfer existing Pokémon to Stars through an improved Pokémon Box app. Many are hoping that Pokémon caught in the console version will also be able to be transferred to the 3DS games as well.
  • Switch-Exclusive Features: Pokémon Stars will not only bring improved graphics to what we experienced in Sun & Moon, but will also introduce new features not found in the portable games. While not mentioned in the rumors, the animations found for walking Pokémon do hint that a companion system will be coming back to the overworld similar of that in Pokémon Yellow or HeartGold & SoulSilver.

This is mostly a compilation from various Twitter sources from gaming journalists, the initial leak, and also a Reddit AMA. The logo is an original creation of our wonderful moving and not official. If you missed it, don’t forget to check out for new Alolan Forms we’re hoping for!

Tell us in the comments about whether or not you expect Pokémon Stars to be revealed at the Nintendo Switch presentation!

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