Top 5 New Alolan Forms We Need in Pokémon Stars

With up to 20 new Pokémon being introduced into the Pokémon Sun & Moon follow-up game for the Nintendo Switch console, code-named Pokémon Stars, there is a lot of speculation about just what we may see. It isn’t hard to imagine that some of those may be Alolan forms for existing Pokémon, rather than brand new monsters.

Sticking to the Gen I-only rule, here are the 5 we (or just me) want to see:

1. Kingler

Things were simpler back when Pokémon first debuted; fans didn’t care that their giant grab didn’t have much differentiating it from something they’d find at any beach. A classic design sure—but in today’s crowded list of almost 1,000 Pokémon it just doesn’t stand out. I’d like to see a secondary type added so that we can have a decent Water-type crab Pokémon to catch in Alola.

Some interesting combinations could be Water/Ground and play up the sand burrowing aspect or even go Water/Fighting and give it some backstory with Crabrawler. I’m not even going to be too picky here; just throw us Kingler fans a bone GameFreak!

2. Primeape

Have you ever wondered how a coughed-up furball became a Pokémon? Yeah, us too. This Fighting-type Pokémon has never seemed very popular, but it’s a shame since its rather simplistic design could be modified for a much better and more distinct Alolan form.

One of the more unique ways GameFreak could adapt it to the island region is by covering it with moss. Sloths have moss growing in their fur, why not Primeape? With only 3 Grass/Fighting types it would have a much better chance to stand out.

Or just make it a furball… but on fire. That’d work too.

3. Hypno

No Alolan Hypno?! This was one of the biggest mistakes of Pokémon Sun & Moon and Stars will have to rectify this. Make its collar resemble a Hawaiian lei and make it a Psychic/Grass type. Predictable, but also perfectly Alolan.

Another cool idea would be to make this creepy Pokémon part Dark. There have always been some sinister undertones with Hypno (carrying off sleeping people, etc) and it’d be great to see more of that represented in its rather plain appearance.

4. Electrode

Beast Ball.

I don’t think there are any good arguments against this; it just needs to happen. A new type for it would be great too—something that makes it more unique than just plain Electric.

Muk, the moving pile of sludge, got a rainbow makeover, so it’s only fair that the Pokéball look-a-like gets one too, right?

5. Jynx

Long left alone because of Political Correctness reading into its design, this fetching lass needs a vacation from scrutiny. Where better than to hit the spa? Alola, of course!

Many of you have seen the fan rendition of her Alolan form, complete with a coconut bra, and it doesn’t seem like a bad idea.

Or something else that would totally surprise people and give her more of a personality outside of the controversy she’s normally known for. There’s plenty of places to go with a long, flowing gown as any Project Runway fan could tell you.

Hope you enjoyed the list and I can’t wait to hear YOUR top 5 down in the comments below!

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