Pokémon Sun & Moon Follow-Up Coming to Nintendo Switch

EuroGamer writer Tom Phillips claims to have been told classified Nintendo information about the follow-up to the recently launched Pokémon Sun & Moon… and it won’t be a run-of-the-mill third version. The new game, codenamed Pokémon Stars, will be launching on the brand new Nintendo Switch console in summer 2017 or later.

Here are a few of the details:

  • Brand-new Pokémon not found in Sun & Moon
  • ‘Trading’ via Pokémon Box
  • Switch-exclusive features
  • Improved graphics

What do you think? This could be the first console version of the main series, but some fans may feel disappointed if there are exclusive Pokémon that require use of a totally different console.

It all comes together, doesn’t it?

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  1. Man, seems like a bummer tbh, but we’ll save critisism when theres actually something to judge.
    Also Bummer about it been on the switch, not the details about it, those seem awesome.

  2. Now THIS is tantalising…
    I’m hopeful/eager to see if it can catch up for Sun and Moon’s defects (however amazing these games are anyway), especially on the piffly number of new pokémon/the fact that Alolan forms turned out to be a massive joke/the somewhat underwhelming 20th anniversary feel compared to BW2 for example…

  3. WAIT……..WHAT.

    WAIT WAIT WAIT……this would be the third version of SUN AND MOON?!?! ON THE SWITCH?!?!

    GUYS….what if THIS is why the Pokedex feels SO incomplete?!?!

    If this is true, then this would be utterly unprecedented for the Pokémon series. We’ve never had the same generation cross consoles, and this would be the first main series game to come to a home console!!!


    1. Technically we have had the same gen Cross consoles.
      When talking main Games, only Crystal was a dedicated GBC game. While Marketed as GBC, G/S were GB Games.
      But yes, first home console, but also the implications in that could mean less people playing, most families have 1 Home console per family.

    2. This would be soooo amazing!!! I’m literally next to tears! I’m in love with Pokemon Sun and Moon and knowing that I can get a continuation of that experience on the Switch, which I’m already insanely excited for, is just too much for my little old heart to bear 😀

  4. !!!!Sweet merciful baby Jesus in a stroller on Christmas morning!!!! Oh am I excited 🙂 🙂 🙂

    If it’s true that is…

  5. I already have my doubts about this. I’ll try and debunk this too.

    1. New Pokémon never before seen in Sun and Moon. There have never been any third versions with new Pokémon.
    2. Sun and Moon have just been released. This is already a red flag, as there is never any news about the next game just after the newest games have been released. (Remember when just after X and Y were released there were rumors of Pokémon Plus and Minus and the games being in a region that was to take place in Southeast Asia?)
    3. While the switch does have a handheld feature, I do believe Game Freak wants to stick to tradition by releasing the games on handheld consoles like GB, GBC, GBA, NDS, 3DS.

      1. Probably a lot more than now. Considering there is a MASSIVE player base that has been dreaming of a console quality Pokemon experience since damn near the beginning of the franchise. It would also bring a lot of fans who have left due to stagnation back into the fold.

        1. But see, what reduces that is, well the Switch will be Marketed as a Home console that can be Portable. An awful lot of Families have a 1 Home console thing. So imagine families with 3 kids who all want Pokemon “Sorry kids gonna have to share”, which for 1 cartridge isn’t really good.
          Sure it’s fine for those who can afford to, but the beauty of it being on Dedicated Handhelds was that there was more than 1 purely for that reason.

          1. Ok except for the tin foil hats who always have to believe contrary to what is written in the stars, Nintendo isn’t releasing another dedicated handheld. Switch is going to be their only hardware. Are they supposed to just stop making Pokémon? lol

          2. That’s not what I’m saying at all. It’s likely they won’t make another dedicated handheld, which is sad, but they can come up with a solution to not make what I mentioned a problem.
            Price could be one.

          3. That is why I think, you’ll be able to buy the portable part seperately – like a stand alone handheld
            and a bundle with the portable screen and docking station – like a home console

            you would only need to buy the bundle once and could add several portable parts later on

      1. They clearly aren’t… I’m also not understanding all of this immediate negativity. I believe we might be seeing the beginning of that split in the fan base that comes when a franchise is about to evolve, no pun intended.

        I’m also not understanding how we’re still holding gamefreak to the same old “traditions” and they’ve been bucking them gradually since BW2… Like at this point we’re just along for the ride because we don’t know what GF is going to do. And that personally excites me

  6. Lol And just this last week we and people on here touting how we would NEVER see a third version ever again.

  7. Pokémon Star is kind of a redundant name considering the sun is a star but wooooooooohh

    -I wonder how time will work
    -More evolutions maybe?
    -Hopefully the 3DS version will be updated to include the new Pokémon
    -Battle Frontier?
    -ok but where is Sinnoh?

    1. -Honestly, probably normal.
      -New Alolan forms?
      -Hopefully. Yet ORAS and XY offer some doubt to that.
      -That’d be cool.
      -My guess, holiday 2018 exclusively on Switch.

    2. -An idea for how time works is, 6 hours between sun and moon.
      -I’m not sold on the new pokemon thing, but Rockruff may be able to evolve into both lycanroc forms
      -Kinda doubt
      -Hoenn or Sinnoh, or something to mix the 2
      – Late 2017 depending on when Marshadow is released

    3. I suspect “new Pokemon” means new Alolans and new forms. They’re always treated as new Pokemon by official sources and what not.

    4. It says it’s the code name, the real name could be something else when it’s officially announced

    5. I posted my complaints about the Nintendo Switch on Miiverse and there were people that agreed with me. I was hoping for some of my favorite companies, like Namco, to create some new arcade shooters. If I could, even though they do not have the staff to review the ideas created and submitted by fans, I would try and write them letters of advice anfd tell them that the Wii U is definately built for arcade shooters. What happened to the new Wii U Zapper they had promised us?

  8. But on the real. This is very exciting. I wonder if it’s a sequel or an enhanced version. I was really hoping this happened!

  9. Third version? Yes please (even tho I don’t get the game for another 5 days)
    Switch? Please no. The 3DS is still a good console and I don’t wanna have to pay for a whole Switch console thank you. At least sell the main portable Switch bit at a lower price (or all together, just put it on both Switch and 3DS)

      1. Well I’m aware of that haha.
        Just don’t want to have to buy the Switch if its the new home console + portable. I mean it would be a waste of money for me since I’m currently at university and don’t have a TV
        That’s why I would like em to release the Switch portable bit separately

    1. That sucks, but you know what sucks more? Being stuck in school then having to rush to the store afterwards when other people are going to be doing the exact same thing.

  10. Tentative Stars Playthrough Team! lmao
    Alolan Sandslash

  11. According to GoNintendo’s reporting the game was ORIGINALLY a summer game, but no longer. It will be later in the year. Don’t hold your breath for DPP remakes in 2017 also friends.

    1. No idea, but that’s dumb :/
      Maybe because there wasn’t the Z version there should have been, and because GF just decided to say “screw making sense about Zygarde being a Kalosian legend”, we got Zygarde’s “full arc” turn into an Alolan fetch quest with, from what I hear, pretty much no lore?
      It still doesn’t make sense because even if we never saw it in action, Zygarde is clearly supposed to be the Rayquaza-style resolver of a Xerneas-Yveltal conflict, what with it being the guardian of order (ie life and death being in balance) and having the aura break ability. Also it’s Complete form clearly incorporates Xerneas and Yveltal elements in it’s snakes, and is purposefully stated to be more powerful than each…

      1. Also, it was released as a trio in the TCG with them, and it’s Pokedex entry for 100% Specificly mentions them, but despite that, Bulbapedia is refusing to add it to the Trio Page, because “Not enough evidence”

        1. Urgh,bunch of stubborn nerds, is there any way they can be reasoned with and that can change?

          1. I think the only way Management of Bulbapedia will change it is if there official confirmation, gotta hand it to them, least they’re making sure it’s all accurate, even if it does mean being anal

  12. You know what’s most exciting about this though:

    With a core Pokémon game being launched for it, the Switch is guaranteed to have a strong install base before the first year for it is out.

  13. Well that’s the end of Pokemon gaming for me then I guess. I never planned on buying the Switch, and I still don’t. *sigh*
    Oh well, at least Ill still be able to battle on Showdown.

    1. EuroGamer is unofficially announcing it. I’d say this is prime time to announce it for that internet traffic.

    1. I mainly thought Alolan felt incomplete. You hype up a new form just to only have 10 fully evolved ones? Hopeing for 10 more.

  14. If there is no fossil Pokemon again. I will be very angry and disappointed for GameFreak !!!

      1. Urghhhh…
        No, no no no, no no no no, that’s pretty patently false.

        Hawaii does have fossils. A few marine ones. Granted they’re nothing special, but it has a bunch of cool subfossils. (and anyway GF don’t care much about biogeography, so neither the type of fossils featured nor the presence or not of fossils should affect their choice anyway).

        And anyway, there are 4 fossil lines in the Alola dex, and they are indeed found in fossil form. That’s pretty much checkmate to anyone who wants to think GF is trying to make some supposed form of “sense” here.

        This was a stupid limiting of their own creative pool, and they don’t deserve anyone making excuses for them over it. Here’s hoping it was only because they’re keeping them for Stars.

        Sorry for the agro but i’ve already spent way too much time putting things right here. GF don’t deserve a pass on this one, it’s just another random dumb decision.

          1. That’s not a bad theory in general, but if they couldn’t fit a design idea for one fossil creature, they had LITERALLY HUNDREDS TO PICK FROM, so I don’t really see that being the reason in this case haha

  15. Nooooo! Another reason to buy the Switch. I on’t want to! But if I want access to new Mario Kart tracks and characters, the new Mario game and now this new Pokemon game, I must waste hundreds of dollars on it! My poor Wii-U. I want those games but I have to buy a new system in order to have access! UUUUGH! Also, do you know yet if the Pokemon in that version area able to be transported to Sun and Moon?

      1. “App” Nooooo, another mobile representation! I hate Pokemon’s slow but depressing shift to phones. Burnt em all! Stop appeasing the younger generations!

      1. I was alive (albeit very young) when the GBA was used, but I’ve been attached to the DS/2DS/3DS/3DS XL. They should just make a 3DS-17

  16. You got to be kidding me not only is there a line for the store
    It consists of cackling old hens Christmas shopping

  17. Still waiting for my games to be delivered. Since I had to work today I figured it’ll just order on Amazon Prime and it’ll be here by the time I get home from work. I’m starting Moon first cause it’s night now when I get home around 6:00 pm. Then tomorrow morning I start Sun. What does everyone think of the games so far?

        1. You know,just because you’re frustrated about the situation you’re in,it doesn’t mean you have to be such a dick.

  18. I wonder if it would also come to the handheld…I’d guess no cause the 3DS probably cannot handle the specs of the Switch.

    1. I’m personally doubting it. I don’t think Pokémon is coming to Switch this early because GF wanted it. I think Nintendo finally decided they had to make GF do what was good for Nintendo and told them they need an exclusive Pokémon game year 1.

      1. This honestly sounds like a fake rumor, but I guess they’re a trustworthy source? If it helps out the switch though, I guess I can’t be mad. I want Nintendo’s home consoles to do well

    1. Mine are coming in the mail, so I gotta wait till that comes. It’ll be worth it in hindsight cause I saved like $32

      1. Yeah me too. I ordered mine on Amazon Prime, saved a total of $23 compared to purchasing at GameStop so I can wait until it arrives in the mail. I’m mean, I’ll be at work all day so I wouldn’t be able to play anyways until later tonight.

        1. Same, I used Amazon. I luckily have today off of work, but I have so much school work so I’ll probably feel a bit guilty while playing them.

          1. Lol. I use to play while doing school work and it actually helped me focus and concentrate and come up with some great ideas. We also gotta swap froemd codes

          1. Oh, the USD and Euro are pretty close in value right now. 17 euros is about $18 here, so yeah that’s a great deal

          2. Well, im actually in Great Britain’s so it’s pounds. The conversion would make it $21, an even better deal :p

            And holy shit i knew the pound had dropped cos of Brexit, but damn…thats a lot lower than I expected

  19. Yeah, I’m not going to hold my breath on this and say that its either a false rumor, or full of half truths. From a business perspective this seems like a horrible idea. At best this would give them about 9 months to get out a new pokemon game on a console that has not been proven successful and is ultimately more of a home console then a handheld given both rumors about its specs and general observation. We have no idea of the 3DS having any connectivity with the Switch which would mean at beast it would have pokemon bank to transfer over pokemon, but otherwise it would lead to a large split in the user base.

    That, and I’ll be honest, and feel free to call me crazy, but I don’t see the switch replacing handheld gaming. Its rumored battery life is to low, the chips run hot on it which would be a concern as a handheld, its not nearly as durable as a handheld has to be, and honestly it seems like its too powerful for handheld dev’s to work with affordably.

    1. Not judging. Ultimately we’re all allowed to feel how we want. But I’ll get to work on your tin foil hat.

      But from a business perspective from Nintendo’s perspective, there is literally nothing better for the Switch than a main line Pokémon game.

      1. Ah lovely, shutting down someone’s argument by saying they have a tinfoil hat.

        And I disagree. Yes the switch will sell well in theory if their’s a main series pokemon game on it, but that’s not saying much. If you put virtually anything pokemon on the switch it would sell. On the other hand though it doesn’t change the fact that the console is still being marketed as a home console, and generally every game and dev we’ve heard is working on the switch are focusing on console games, not handhelds. If anything it could be very likely that the Switches development costs are simply to high for handheld developers.

        Again I’ll happily be proven wrong, but I do question the legitimacy of any rumor, especially one around technology that hasn’t even proven to be successful yet and is planning to release a port of a game that won’t even be a year old if this were to be true that promises everything that people wanted to hear.

        1. lol Ok my B. Let me break down my thoughts then. You didn’t really offer up anything other than a refusal of belief in the first comment. Even though EuroGamer literally doesn’t post rumors. This a legit leak. They leaked the general Switch design.

          And then you said how it doesn’t make business sense. Which I guess MAYBE for GF it might not? Since they already have a 3DS engine so they could see higher returns by just releasing the third version for it. But they gotta make an engine for Switch at some point. So why not start with an enhanced third version of what looks to be two of their best selling Pokémon games maybe ever.

          And then you start insisting that the Switch won’t / can’t act as both the Wii U’s and 3DS’ successor even though Nintendo has been expressing a desire to consolidate them into one for literally years now. And the console has been announced. And your denying its purpose.

          Just feels like a complete denial of reality.

          1. Your initial point was that putting pokemon on a gaming console will make money. I agreed with you on that. I simply said that anything pokemon related would make money. As for Eurogamer’s leaks, yeah they have a good track record, I won’t deny that. At the same time though I am a bit skeptical about their information, as you should be with any leak or rumor. And yes this is a rumor until stated by GF or Nintendo. Pretty much their clam, reading through the article, pretty much claims that the only clear evidence for it is the Pikipek model, saying it was a higher resolution version of the model, which really doesn’t mean much of anything.

            And yes, if Nintendo’s plan is to merge both their console and handheld lines into a single device, which could easily backfire as I mentioned due to handheld dev’s simply not being able to afford to develop for it, getting started on a new pokemon game would make sense. The issue I have though is in its timing. Probably the fastest case we’ve scene of a game being re-released on better hard ware was with the Last of Us on ps3 to ps4, having about a 13 month window between the two. The thing is though that the game was basically given an HD upgrade and very little had to be changed in terms of gameplay. Going from the 3DS to the switch seem’s like a much bigger jump, and while yes we know now that the game’s a huge success, or liekly will be, it also run’s the gambit of burning a lot of people feeling like they were cheated for buying the incomplete 3ds version and not holding out for the true version on the switch, like people did feel when they kept on pushing back Breath of the Wild and not initially telling people that it was planned to come to the Switch.

            And yes, I stand by what I say there that combining the two would be a bad idea. For one, please give me any source that has said that Nintendo has ever stated they wanted to consolidate their markets. I’ve heard plenty of fans and critics desire this, but never have I seen any statement from Nintendo Saying this. As well, you seem to be in the mindset that the portability of the switch instantly makes it the new handheld, and that its not simply an additional feature to it. To me that’s like saying a cellphone’s a handheld gaming console because its portable and can fit into your picket and can play games. It certainly can do those things, but it doesn’t really have the battery life to support playing games constantly and the fact that a phone can play games is more of a fun feature then a major selling point.

            Look I fully do see that the Switch is replacing the Wii U as a homeconsole, and it very well might be replacing the 3DS as well, but I do question that it would. I do question that a device that is expected to appeal to AAA dev’s, which it is, will also be affordable for AA dev’s to make games for and compete in the market with it. I do question that they would release what is held as a better version of the game a mere nine months after the release of these games given that our only reason to believe it is a Rumor from a site that has a good track record. I do question if the Switch will even prove successful given how little we really do know about it, and that there are some suspected design flaws with it already.

            But I’m open minded about it as well. I’m happy to be proved wrong. I want to see these games in HD graphics. I want to see the switch be made of some insanely strong plastic and glass to make up for any falls the thing could have. I want to see Nintendo come out and say that they will advertise games as being for Switch home vs. Switch handheld or something so that people can set their expectation’s correctly to the game their playing and know how its best to experience it. But right now we know nothing. So please, and I’m honestly trying to be sincere here. Let’s not let this devolve into us saying that the other side is in denial and wearing tinfoil hats. We’ve both reached our own conclusions based on what we think is right, and time will tell how things play out. If these rumor’s are true, then I’ll be happy, and if not, then I won’t be surprised.

            Or if you want it in a shorter sentence, I’m not denying reality. I’m just assuming its false until proven true, and I’ll be happy to see if its true later.

          2. Ok so I read it all. But this is all I have as a response: I’ve followed GoNintendo for years. They post every little snippet of interviews all the major heads of Nintendo do. There have been countless comments about how they desire to consolidate their hardware. They even finished building an entire new building to consolidate their software efforts 2-3 years ago. I’m not going to dig up countless articles just to prove that point. It’s a thing. If they release a new handheld it’ll basically be a weaker Switch. It won’t be a wholly separate device.

          3. And I wouldn’t ask you to dig up entire articles. Just simply clarify the point. I’ve followed them for years as well and simply hadn’t hard them ever speak of this before, which is why I questioned the statement. And yeah I did figure if they do release a more proper handheld, it would be somethings similar to the switch with weaker hardware.

            But thank you for reading everything. I tend to have a habit of going a bit deep with it comes to debating an issue, mostly because I want to be proven wrong by the end of it, or at least find some sort of common ground of an agreement. I see your points and I can honestly say that I could see them trying to merge their markets, as much as I feel that they would be risking, if not destroy a portion of their market in the process, but if anyone could pull it off it would be Nintendo.

            And no worries. I’m sorry if I’m coming across as a jerk or anything as well as I’m really sick and running on about three hours of sleep myself. In any case though let us just be happy that Pokemon is here and take what ever GF gives us next

            That, and at least give us a port of Pokken for the Switch with the new character’s in it. I’ll happily wait for you to release it much later if it means we can get M-Empoleon into the game.

          4. Haha yea I typically get really involved in debates too. So I totally understand. But when I’m tired I get annoyed that people don’t immediately see my line of thinking. Which really just means I should abstain from trying to be opinionated until I wake up lmao

            But as far as destroying a portion of their market: I think the DS/Wii situation was a flash in the pan. Likely to never happen again. I think they’re more likely to see more success by consolidating due to having so many fans. But often times their fans don’t buy both their hardware so it creates a divide. I think from just Nintendo fans they’re guaranteed to do good numbers. Plus with less-to-no software droughts they’ll keep brand awareness higher and more sales on each software release, which is where the real money is. And then throw in quality 3rd party support and customers that come with that? I think it has hoesntly way more potential than a 3DS2 and WiiU2 combined. But that’s all speculation till we see what happens.

          5. From that perspective I agree, though honestly I simply meant handheld dev’s might suffer, not consumers. I’ve always been of the opinion that Console spec’s really only matter to the dev’s, and by making a console that doesn’t give a good way to include them in with the usual home console dev’s, they could be forced to go fully to mobile, or simply go out of business. But we’ll see with time.

          6. Also I’m sorry for coming across aggressive and dismissive. This is not a valid excuse of behavior, but I’m not running on much sleep right now and so I’m being snippy.

    2. I wouldn’t rule out 3DS connectivity with the Switch. It can communicate with the WiiU to an extent.

  20. I played for a couple hours last night before I went to bed and haven’t gotten that far yet. Current thoughts:

    -The game looks beautiful. Pokémon has never felt so immersive.
    -Beginning is very slow. So many cutscenes and tutorials.
    -Annoying lag after wild battles.
    -Menus are nice and easy to navigate ESPECIALLY the PC. I love how they’ve arranged it this time around.
    -Love the music.
    -Maybe it’s just that I’ve got a slow team and not much type coverage to work with, but I had to use SO MANY potions throughout the trainer school. Especially during the teacher battle. I’ve got a Munchlax that I SRd for like half an hour to get Adament, and a Rowlet which I didn’t bother to SR for…and it’s Bold. I could tell its Attack stat was hurting before I even decided to check up on what nature it had.
    -All the characters have SO MUCH MORE personality than anyone from X & Y.

    Aside from some nit picky complaints, I am really enjoying things so far 🙂

    1. Maybe their idea of making the games more difficult was to make all the new pokemon slow as hell lol

    1. My body is ready to soft reset for my Rowlet. My only regret is that I wish it had it’s HA ;A;

        1. I think you all mean MEGA Dragonite, whatever the typing. If Dragonite doesn’t get a mega like it’s counterparts and instead gets the short of the stick with a regional variant, I’m gonna be incredibly angry.

          1. Bruh. Azumaril is really good competitively. If Dragonite got a Fairy/Water Alolan form and had a competitive ability, that sucker would see a lot of use.

            But I’m also down for a Mega. haha Dragonite is the only one I really wanna see Genwun love for and GF refuses xD

          2. Oh it’s not a question of usability (though anyway I would really detest if it lost the dragon type, I guess I just assumed Water/Fairy was a big NO NO NO HELL NO anyway haha), it’s a question of patterning. I can be a little obsessive when it come to patterns, but I’m the sort of person who thinks every starter and pseudo should get a mega, and crazier I guess, that every starter should get 2 megas like charizard (it would give them an amount of further uniqueness) and that we’re long overdue jynx and banette evos (yes, I want mega/evo splits, don’t tell me mega scyther or mega dusclops wouldn’t be amazing), and who’ll always feel pokémon is just incomplete until we get those (and an eeveelution for every type, obviously).

          3. Nooooo, you’re letting GF and their nonsensical bullshit ways win…
            Nah, I kid, it’s probably best to accept things as they are, then you don’t get dissapointed.
            I’m just pining for the day I randomly get control of the franchise and can set things right haha :p .

    1. New megas seem inevitable to me. I could see them not bringing back alolan-eqs forms. They like to drop features that people like 😛

      1. I’m mentally preparing myself for no new anything lmao But ready to be hyped for whatever is new.

  21. Due to this, there are many Pokémon that will only appear when you call for an S.O.S. Battle, such as Mareanie. You can also get low level versions of fully evolved Pokémon, like a Salamence when you have an SOS Battle with Bagon in Route 3.

  22. Like I’m suuuper hyped for this but like, Sinnoh. I gotta wait another year for Sinnoh .-.

    Oh well, I have a feeling that Star will be a huge game

  23. I hope everyone who’s playing now, spills water or some other kind of liquid on their 3DS

    1. Wha? Classic GF at it again haha. I’m pretty chuffed sitting is at least back though, that’s something!

    2. Spoiler much? That was the most importantest thing for me to discover myself

    1. Rowlet evolves into Lunala
      Ash-Greninja is UB09-Gimmick
      Lusamine is Looker’s wife
      Hau is Lysandre’s Godson

      Mwahahaha ban me I’m out of control

  24. I’m going to start saying Alola, I’ll make more friends if I do *tries at work with jazz hands, get funny expression*

  25. Just wondering, but this is my first time doing this because I usually avoid trade evolutions. But I think I want to run an Alola Golem on my first playthrough. I’m not sure how to do long distance trade, so I am asking, when the time comes, could someone on here help me out?

    1. I don’t have the games yet so idk if it’s different but I think you just have to register that persons friend code in friends on the 3DS then use the festival place?

      1. I don’t either (pre-ordered through Amazon) just asking ahead of time. Are we able to access the festival place early on in the game?

    2. I dunno if it’s the same as XY and ORAS but in those games it was so easy to trade with anyone, anywhere in the world as long as you had their friend code registered.

  26. WTF I just bought a NEW 3DS XL to play Sun and Moon…. does anyone know if it’ll be a Switch Exclusin?

    1. Well it’s not coming out until next year and it’s a third version. You probably won’t be missing much. Go enjoy Xenoblade and Binding of Issac since you have the new one!

      1. I would feel a lot better if they either delay the console or scrap it for a new one. Satoru my dear friend, why did you have to die when your succesor still needed help? If I were working at Nintendo, I would give a double thought on how people would react if they saw the console all of a sudden.

    2. My little brother almost did that. But he has a 2DS. I told him that he should just save for the Switch since Pokémon will inevitably be on it.

  27. Oh fuuuuudge. My engineering friend forgot about a phone interview this morning because he was playing Pokémon. xD :/

      1. It would tear off pretty quickly. if you look at the parts holding it on, they aren’t very strong.

  28. The time of this rumor is wrong in so many levels. We should be talking about SuMo, not this. 🙁

        1. Still though man, wishing death on someone over a video game being delayed by 5 days is a bit much.

          1. StarStorm, you owe me an apology for saying that Ultra Beasts are not Pokemon…I told you that they ARE indeed Pokemon.

    1. I doubt it’s because of him. I have a strong feeling it’s because of PEGI.
      Mainly due to the fact that South Africa has to wait too, and that Canada Leaked too.

  29. I cannot wait for Stars. I’m planning on purchasing Sun sometime in December, likely for Christmas. I’m just glad that this is technically the first Pokemon Game on a home console. Nintendo might kill it with the Switch launches, with Super Mario Switch at launch, Breath of the Wild likely in the Summer, and Pokemon Stars is late 2017. I would love to see S/M in HD with an improved frame rate, animations, textures, and an overall HD quality. I guess the rumour of the Switch getting a Mario, Zelda, and Pokemon games within the first year was correct!

  30. I posted this last night around midnight but in case you hadn’t seen this,
    It’s a comic dub/animation
    made by myself and my friend to celebrate Sun and Moon’s release!
    It’s about everyone’s favourite starters woooooo! XD

    p.s.: we do in fact like all 3 starters

  31. Honestly if you are told classified information about a company who is pretty liberal with their use of C&D and lawyers, I would not go writing articles about it.

    Particularly not on the day said company’s brand new flagship titles are released, therefore taking the attention away from them (and maybe even hurting sales if anyone out there now thinks ‘hey, maybe give Sun and Moon a miss and just wait for the new Switch version!’). Eurogame writer Tom Philips is an idiot :/

  32. I’m not super far in the game yet, but I really love it. The graphics are absolutely breathtaking and I can’t keep my excitement down, I love the characters as well. With Pokemon Sun and Moon coming to the switch it gives me a new found hope that we’ll see Kalos again 🙂

  33. Despite being one note so far, I already like Lillie and Hau WAY more than Shauna, Trevor, and dancing guy.

      1. Tierno just makes me think of Footloose. And I haven’t even seen that movie. We should have gotten a scene of him in a warehouse dramatically dancing furiously.

    1. Hau’s a fun guy, but I’m disappointed he only has 2 Pokemon. I know you’re in it for the good times, Hau, but the more the merrier I think…

  34. I got the last 2ds on target #blessed anyways i played for 20min and i only got till the starter picking scene

    1. I hope. To hell with them if they made a third version with different content (new pokémon or forms) for a different console just to makes us spend more money.

        1. I tried tellin’ them on Youtube. I had high hopes for Cosmog until I saw the datamine. Thanks for breaking my heart Game Freak ><!

          1. I tend to put less faith in gf sometimes sure they are worse companies but they tend to do one step forward 5 steps backwards (even for minor stuff) that I can no longer tolerate at times

    1. The Pokedex itself…huge disappointment. I couldn’t agree more. Those backstabbers at Game Freak even ruined Cosmog for me! Why would they make a Legendary that would evolve? To make things worse, why would they make it useless in battle so that you could waste your time and BP on Rare Candies until it becomes Solgaleo/Lunala.

  35. I’m telling you, someone called this. I think it might’ve been someone on this chat or I watched It online, something.

    1. Well I have about 8 more hours until I get home and can start playing… I was hoping they would have miraculously arrived before I left for work this morning so that when I was bored I could play it… Just hope today flies by!

      1. I’m getting mine before 20h tomorrow but the delivery guy always comes at 8 am or something. Come through!!!

    2. Been playing it since 9 AM but a lot of disruptions came in and I just finished my first Trial! lol XD

  36. I tried to make complaints, on Miiverse, that the Nintendo Switch is a huge mistake and hoped that it would start a huge outcry. We need a real portable Nintendo system, call it the Nintendo “VDS.” Running on cartridges with “CDs” built right in (to really rival the PS Vita). Plus you can insert your favorite 3DS and DS games. Speaking of DS games, even though I found Gen IV to be my “Golden Years” of Pokemon, I found that the Dream World in Gen V was the most innovative way to get the Pokemon you want and send it to your game. That to that I was able to knockout Elesa’s Pokemon, in my Pokemon Black game, with the Geodude I found there.

    1. Aw, man! Hopefully your complaints will make Nintendo change their mind and just cancel the switch all together. Hopefully they do that and instead, make a brand new console in less than 4 months! Great idea!

    2. Uhhh how about, NO! The Switch is AWESOME!!!! Simple solution to your problem, if you don’t like it, how about you don’t buy it, and try not to ruin it for the people who ARE excited about it.

  37. Quick question; What Pokemon should I have?

    I have a lvl 18 Bounsweet and a lvl 29 Morantis.
    Which is better?

  38. Another group question! Once again, how’s your progress?
    For me, I just completed the game, I’m at the credits, and have caught Tapu Koko. I’m going to try to get the other Tapus and Cosmog too.

  39. This would be amazing. I just boned daddy Guzma at his place. Headed out now. I’m so glad I avoided spoilers. This game is amazing.

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