RUMOR: 20 New Pokémon Added for Pokémon Stars

A week ago Laura Dale, a video game journalist, participated in a Reddit AMA (‘Ask Me Anything’) session for the Nintendo Switch in which she claimed that the Pokémon Sun and Moon follow-up, codenamed Pokémon Stars, could feature 20 new Pokémon.

This is notable as Dale has been involved in leaking other information about the Nintendo Switch which has been proven accurate. She mentions that another gaming writer (who unceremoniously announced Pokémon Stars on the release day of Sun & Moon) didn’t think the inclusion was likely.

Where this leaves us, the fans, isn’t known, but it does raise a question: will their be Nintendo Switch exclusive Pokémon? While we have always had new forms or event legendaries for titles within the same generation, content has never been locked away on a separate console. This could make some uncomfortable if they can’t catch ’em all without ponying up what is likely to be $300 for the Switch this spring.

A Nintendo Direct focusing on the new console is just a week away, so we could see the title announced with more details then.

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