UPD: Masuda’s Message to Fans from France’s Japan Expo

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UPDATE: The English version has been uploaded! Watch it now 😀 The new Pokemon’s name in English is Honedge!

Masuda’s message to fans has been brought up, thanks to the Youtube user Newtiteuf.  Although in French captions, with no audio, someone in our previous article gave us a summary of what Masuda said. Thanks to Diamond for this!

  • Masuda traveled to France in the past, in 2000, and in 2010. After the 2010 trip, he took his team and traveled all together to France, where he hired guides and met up with the localization team to help with the language barrier.
  • With that trip, the team took ideas from the french environment and buildings to create the Kalos region.

Here’s a little run-down of what Masuda discusses in the message:

  • Masuda begins by talking about X&Y being the first Pokémon games to release globally at the same time, and how he’s excited behind the idea of battling and trading between players at the same time.
  • It is then explained how the games take place in Kalos, which is inspired by France. As such, Masuda decided that the theme of the games is beauty. There’s a little mention of how France is known for it’s fashion and culinary sophistication.
  • The names “Kalos” comes from the ancient Greek for beauty.
  • Masuda then talks about his visits to France, as mentioned above. When visiting France, Masuda make sure to carry out research on specific areas, such as the Carnac Stones, something he couldn’t do at home in Japan. Lumiose City is also based on the centre of France: Paris!
  • After this there’s not much information disclosed. Masuda discusses a little about how he was getting recognised in France by members of the localisation team, and a quick reveal of Monorpale, going on to say how he doesn’t want to reveal everything before the games release in October.

You can also see Monorpale, or Hitotsuki, in action! it seems to use a new move; what do you think? That’s about it for the message though. Did your expectations for the message live up to what it actually was? Comment below!

– NL & moving

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