UPD: Masuda’s Message to Fans from France’s Japan Expo

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UPDATE: The English version has been uploaded! Watch it now 😀 The new Pokemon’s name in English is Honedge!

Masuda’s message to fans has been brought up, thanks to the Youtube user Newtiteuf.  Although in French captions, with no audio, someone in our previous article gave us a summary of what Masuda said. Thanks to Diamond for this!

  • Masuda traveled to France in the past, in 2000, and in 2010. After the 2010 trip, he took his team and traveled all together to France, where he hired guides and met up with the localization team to help with the language barrier.
  • With that trip, the team took ideas from the french environment and buildings to create the Kalos region.

Here’s a little run-down of what Masuda discusses in the message:

  • Masuda begins by talking about X&Y being the first Pokémon games to release globally at the same time, and how he’s excited behind the idea of battling and trading between players at the same time.
  • It is then explained how the games take place in Kalos, which is inspired by France. As such, Masuda decided that the theme of the games is beauty. There’s a little mention of how France is known for it’s fashion and culinary sophistication.
  • The names “Kalos” comes from the ancient Greek for beauty.
  • Masuda then talks about his visits to France, as mentioned above. When visiting France, Masuda make sure to carry out research on specific areas, such as the Carnac Stones, something he couldn’t do at home in Japan. Lumiose City is also based on the centre of France: Paris!
  • After this there’s not much information disclosed. Masuda discusses a little about how he was getting recognised in France by members of the localisation team, and a quick reveal of Monorpale, going on to say how he doesn’t want to reveal everything before the games release in October.

You can also see Monorpale, or Hitotsuki, in action! it seems to use a new move; what do you think? That’s about it for the message though. Did your expectations for the message live up to what it actually was? Comment below!

– NL & moving

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  1. I already predicted that his message would be about Monorpale, still we know now that there is a new move. It reminds me of a Samurai with the petals and stuff.

    1. Predicted? The pokemon appeared in the message, That’s why we knew about it… Without the message, We wouldn’t know about this Pokemon…lol

  2. Interesting, nonetheless. They’re saving the bigger information for Corocoro next week. 😉

    1. You mean in two weeks xD Even if it did get leaked it’d be around the 12th-13th

        1. Yeah…and that’s too damn quick xD…but i think that the next friday (July 12th) we’ll have the Corocoro leaks 🙂

  3. Why do I have the feeling that will be 2 other Ghost/Steel types based around a suit of armor? I mean this one is a sword maybe based off Excalibur so I can see it.

    1. Brings back those memories when i started my Pearl version after a long wait and having so much hype…those feels :’)… and im glad that X & Y will be similar in that way…

  4. i know he was talking about, he said that the kalos region looks like Europe and he’s soo excited

  5. That move Monorpale used looked like some samurai move w/ cherry blossom petals & the background of that move on the screen reminded me of the kimono girls intro in SS/HG maybe it’s more of a Samurai sword or Samurai sword move, but I enjoyed Masuda-san’s message & the music was vry fitting Can’t wait for CoroCoro though! 🙂

    edit: btw i think the moves type would be either Steel or Fighting.

  6. i love it this new pokemon but i dont like the new imagination of pokemon, them they will create a pokemon train, or airplane, or ship, pokemon pen, pencil etc, that stuff

    1. new imagination? this is the same company that made a rock with arms turn into a rock with more arms, or a pokeball with eyes turn into an upside pokeball with eyes and a mouth, or a pokemon based off a seel with a letter change and a horn on it’s head. A haunted sword is definitely not their worst idea.

      1. Don’t forget about the psycho egg-seed squad that evolves together into a four-headed psycho coconut palm tree!
        That’s definitely a weird one…

        (ㆆ_ㆆ) (•̯ .•̯)

    2. Look at all the Fakemon that are inspired by airplanes and ships. I think it could always be interested. Btw, Rotom? Based on different types of appliances. Yet everyone seems to like it well.

  7. We can’t know anything about the new move. It seems kind of cutting attack, but it could be grass type, or fighting or steel. I would like it to be grass type.

    By the way, the other day I was wondering if in the new games, old gym leaders will come back. I would like to see Whitney again, turned into a fairy-type gym leader. In the second generation, she was a normal gym leader, but I always thought that her pokemons were very femenine and fairy-like. Maybe, now fairy is a type, she will be reclassified as a fairy specialist. I would love it, Whitney always was my favourite gym leader! (and one of the hardest ones to be defeated).

  8. Lame & Boring as expected. 90% of X&Y have been disappointments and a “sword” is another example of it. It’s suppose to be animals, not picking objects that have some sort of connection with the culture you’re using for your game. Other than Yvetal & Xerneas, every pokemon revealed so far won’t even make it to OU, they’re simple filler pokes and lame, including “Monorpale(wtf?)”

    Don’t feed the trolls guys. Especially not the obvious ones like these. ~Dae~

    1. “…won’t even make it to OU”… You don’t know anything about these pokemon aside from their designs, types, and a few random tidbits. But since steel/ghost is one of the absolute best combinations you can get, you’re basing it’s rank 100% on design. Also, since when is smogon’s ranking system the ultimate source to decide what pokemon are good and what aren’t? Not everyone participates in the cheatfest that is competitive battling; a lot of us enjoy the games for FUN.

      By the way, EVERY generation has had pokemon based on objects. Are you honestly going to tell me that a horseshoe magnet is a better idea than a sword? How about a pokeball? Or rocks? Oh wait, I know! A blob of jelly! So much better and different than a sword! No, the design isn’t perfect, but it’s fine and it fits in the universe just fine.

      I’m normally not aggressive, but sheer ignorance like this upsets me. The name is French, it would only take looking at the article right behind this one to know that if you didn’t pick it up through context. If you know French, you can break it down and it makes sense, if not, don’t complain about other languages. You’re on the internet for pete’s sake, use it to educate yourself instead of complaining “I DON’T LIKE THIS” with nothing but fake “facts” based in obviously biased opinions.

      1. you know at first i was like wft but the more i see the better it looks to me

      2. I agree! I prefer to enjoy the game, and to study the Pokemon’s name and design, I think Monorpale great, why do we have to play against the ability to fancy it?

      3. Has anyone noticed the “protection” symbol in the design? I nearly thought Charmed immediately. Makes me like it even more. Personally I probably wont ever use this creature but i think it’s interesting to look at and Im excited to see its attacks. Pretty sure its gonna know Slash!

    2. I agree with you on the fact that it sucks that most pokemon that we’ve seen probably won’t be powerful, but that’s always been the case; it’s just how a start in pokemon works. I’m sure that move Monorpale used is it’s signature move, and probably a physical ghost type, solving the problem of having no legs or real arms(As I suspect a sword will probably have high attack).It seems like the best pokemon revealed so far in competitive battling terms, and I’m really excited about what this pokemon might bring. I’m sure you are too.

      1. Excadrill was on the second batch of revealed pokemons of last gen, and, if I recall correctly, he is flippin awesome.

    3. Well I dunno about that, Chespin will probably be Uber, it’s just so awesome ^_^

      1. i dont know about that… if it turns out to be grass/dark and fairy turns out to beat dark, as predicted then chespin will have a lot of weaknesses.

        1. It will also have a lot of resistances and an immunity. Plus Chespin is adorable, and that beats any weakness you can throw at it :3

    4. ^This, ladies and gentleman, is one example of Smogon’s ideology…and a result of those stupid “rules”…

    5. Hey! Your name is relevant.
      So, why don’t you go ahead and do like it says…

    6. OU is a type of ranking and ranking never says something how good or bad something actually is. It only says how good or bad something is compared to something else. If I were to put Galileo, Pascal, Da Vinci and Einstein in one room, and I could easily say Einstein is the dumbest person in the room.

    7. Dude, you’re missing the point! Kalos SHOULD be based off parts of the culture to maintain a theme! You shouldn’t have random Pokemon in the wild that have no correlation with the area in any way. Why do you think we got Braviary in Unova- IT WAS AMERICA! Why did we have Bibarel in Unova? Again, AMERICA! Unova could have all sorts of cultures in its Pokemon, because we’re a melting pot of cultures.

      1. “You shouldn’t have random Pokemon in the wild that have no correlation with the area in any way.”
        Actually there are some examples like Braviary but nonetheless there are countless examples of non-native animals in Unova and other Japan based regions.

  9. Monorpale’s new attack reminds me of the finisher in Power Rangers Ninja Storm lol

  10. The new move seems pretty badass and elegant for me…reminds me of senbonzakura from Bleach…you know, everytime you saw those petals appearing, It was like…”oh, F*ck ._. “…xD

  11. (-‸ლ)

    Ugh. It seems like some people feel that Game Freak is running out of ideas and they’re imagination just isn’t what it used to be…
    Welp, those people can go suck something because Game Freak has been inspired with “weird” ideas for Pokémon since 1996.
    Nothing has changed other than your tolerance for these unique ideas.
    Have you people really just noticed Game Freak’s use of weirdness/uniqueness??


    Aaaaand now we’ve got a sword. A haunted/cursed antique weapon, might I add!


  12. When are people going to realize that this is going to keep happening, every new region will have these Pokes if they like it or not. The idea is that people based their tool, items, and machines off of the design of the Pokémon around them not vice versa. In the Pokémon world they looked to Pokémon for how to build their society. So this would mean humans modeled swords after this Pokémon after seeing how useful its shape was and its abilities.. Pokémon are ALL MONSTERS not animals so they have a large range of things to chose from so they never have to run out of ideas.. =]

  13. I watched the video and using my awesome B in French GCSE, managed to deduce what he was saying (yay for me)
    If you don’t like the designs, nobody’s forcing you to play the game -_-

  14. Looks like Hitotsuki used False Swipe or Night Slash, or something else with a samurai-inspired Japanese name for the attack.

  15. It’s the first time they’re explaining their souce of inspirtation with details. I’m surprised that they even revealed the name origin.

    And I can’t see the move Honedge is using at the video posted.

  16. Honedge well tha’s a cool name
    kind if cool design but my least favorite pokemon from all X&Y pokemon

  17. Does anyone else think it’s strange that the English video did not show the “new” move?

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