“Honedge”; a Sharp-Looking New Pokémon!



Well, we’ve finally got the reveal for the new sword-like Pokémon! Although its Japanese name (Hitotsuki) and French name (Monorpale) had already been revealed, the official Pokémon site has now updated with the English name: Honedge. This could be derived from ‘hone’ and ‘edge’ or possibly even ‘honor’ and ‘edge’. You can watch it in action in the newly-added high quality version of Junichi Masuda’s message to fans from France’s Japan Expo.

Honedge comes into being when a departed spirit inhabits a sword that once belonged to humans. It can use the blue cloth attached to its hilt as nimbly as an arm. If you were to carelessly take this blade in hand, you may find that blue cloth wrapping around you…draining the energy from your body!

Like the new name? Like the Pokémon? Tell us in the comments!

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        1. And they’re like, have you met Charizard?
          Damn right, I said Charizard
          I could teach you, but I’ll need some Shards.

          1. I’m holding a Honedge,
            I’m carelessly holding a Honedge
            ‘Til the end of the night
            It’s draining my soul
            Out of all of my holes
            God, I don’t have enough badges to fight.

            -Bonnie Tyler-

      1. (bad bad bad this is bad)
        What ‘chu up to when held there?
        wh-wh-when held there?
        Sucking souls up when held there.
        When you are hel-held!
        (cue music video of a girl with long braids and a baggy shirt rapping about Honedge)

  1. You also missed that it’s name is intended to sound like “On Edge” because it’s a ghost.

    1. From our super secret PJN newsroom:

      >>Both work, silent H makes it sound off though… They dropped MONO theme

      >>Yeah, On-edge sounds… Well just like on edge.

        1. French and Japanese names seemed to have the ‘one’ theme right up front, as the first word. Not hidden within another.

          1. Yes, they “kinda” dropped the mono theme, but you can still find it. I’ve just figured it out, maybe it’s intentional or not intentional but it’s still there, so i like the name even more.

  2. i really like this pokemon including its name, however that might have something to do with my fascination of swords though, unfortunately i like its ‘sheathed’ form better than its ‘unsheathed’ form

  3. Swords Dance + Sword Pokemon = massive amount of damage dealt
    But I do like the name Honedge (for some reason, I think they could be found around the Carnac stones stuck in the ground, maybe interact by pullin them out of the ground?)

      1. You never know, I mean Zangoose is the master of claw-based attacks but it can’t learn Cut.

        1. that’s a fail of nintendo/game freak than..
          just like that one that lickytung couldn’t learn lick in gen1..

          but who knows, maybe they’ll find out about that and correct it?

          1. To be fair, though, gen 1 was full of fail. Charizard and Dragonite not being able to learn Fly comes to mind.

            There’s still the occasional wtf moment where a pokemon should definitely NOT learn a move but does, or SHOULD learn a move but doesn’t, but GF have improved a lot since the days of gen 1.

  4. I wonder if this pokemon is going to evolve? it is quite hard to think what it might evolve from or into unless the do dagger pokemon -> sword pokemon -> Great sword pokemon! I can see it being a stand alone one!

  5. It’ll be sad & trolling to the max if this thing doesn’t learn Slash. Overall, I think it’s a cool Pokemon & I’ll probably use it on my team.

  6. I’m only going to like this pokemon if it evolves into a full suit of armor or if it has a shield counterpart. the name is going to take some getting use to, but I kind of like it. 🙂

  7. Idk why bel and moving are having a little singing session down there but hey what the hell, let’s all have a singing session!

    Still loving this guy every minute, just kind of weird that it doesn’t blink. Hope it evolves into a bigger Excalibur like sword, if you’ve played Sonic and the Black Knight’s final boss, you’ll know the image I’m talking about.

      1. Isn’t the plural for Pokémon names the same thing?
        Like how deer and swan stay the same.
        One deer, two deer, many deer. One swan, two swan, many swan.
        One Pikachu, two Pikachu, many Pikachu.

        • • •

        Ai iz kaindove ey gramer nahtzi. Sawry.

          1. (‘°_°)╯
            Welp, this is awkward…

            (ɔ՞ਊ ՞)ɔ
            Singin’ Time!

            ♫♪~Gave you every badge and you tossed ’em in the grass
            You tossed ’em in the grass, you did…
            To give me all your love is all I ever asked
            ‘Cause what you don’t understand
            Is I’d catch a Honedge for ya
            Throw my hand on its blade for ya
            I’d even catch Masquerain for ya
            You know I’d catch anything for ya
            OoOoOoh~ — *CoughHackChoke*

            ( •_•) ་ ་ ་

  8. So the new trend for some ghost Pokemon is departed spirits entering inanimate object.

  9. ______________________________

    Name Origin

    English: Honedge is a combination of hone and edge.

    Japanese: Hitotsuki could be a combination of 一つ hitotsu (one) and 突き tsuki (stab, lunge, or thrust) or 付き tsuki (attached),
    possibly referring to how the sword is attached to the scabbard even when unsheathed.

    French: Monorpale is from mono (one), empaler (impale), and possibly vorpale (Vorpal Sword).

    German: Gramokles is from Gram (Old Norse “wrath”) and Damoklesschwert (Sword of Damocles).


    Source: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Hitotsuki

    1. Everyone who is not convinced w/ Honedge’s design or flat out hate the pokemon should just come and look at these pics! Seriously, if you don’t think Honedge screams EPIC in the first pic, then something’s wrong ._. lol I already warmed up to this guy :3 bring on more pokemon!

      1. Lol
        The picture is definitely epic.
        Dat lightning! Dat glowing eye! That shimmering… hand-like appendage!

        1. Tsuki is one of those Japanese words that have A LOT of definitions.Changing one kanji character can change the meaning from moon to arrival. I think tsuki (憑き) can apply here too; it means to be possessed, which I think fits perfectly with Honedge.

  10. I just had an awesome idea! what if you traded it with another pokemon mabye like haunter or jinx or something it can evolve into some kind of knight pokemon!? on a side note it seems like it will have 2 forms. one with the sword case

  11. Honedge isnt too bad of a name for this, but ill still be nicknaming mine “Hexcalibur”.

      1. Sadly, I didnt come up with it… but I loved it so much I took it for myself. lol

        1. Well, it being based on a sword, I’m sure you can still find plenty of names out there for it.
          Swords are found all around and up ‘n down fantasy lore. Take the Sword of Damocles, for example.
          Cool name right there.

  12. The only problem that I have with the name is that it would be pronounced very differently depending on if it comes from Hone+edge (something like Hoe-nedge) or honor+edge (Awnedge). Which is it??

    But it could just be a combo of honor and hone plus Edge, I’d be OK with either pronunciation anyway.

    1. Didn’t you see my previous comment showing it’s name origin in different languages? 🙁
      It’s a combination of hone and edge.
      So, it’ll most likely be pronounced as hone-edge. Simple enough.

      At least, it’s not another Cofagrigus. My goodness, that name insinuated a battle for English tongues everywhere!
      Kaw-fuh-gree-gus – A combination of sarcophagus and egregious, while also involving coffin. Jeezus. Not simple enough, at all!

      1. LOL sorry, I tend to comment before reading comments. I do like hone-edge since I’ve had some time to say it several times.

        Cofagrigus was crazy to pronounce when it was revealed lol.

        1. Yeah, it was. It’s English name made me sad cause it’s Japanese name sounded way cooler. Lol
          Deskan/Deathkan – A combination of death and 棺 kan (coffin).

          1. I know the feeling. What I tend to do though when I give my pokemon nicknames is makeup names for them that would look like their own names or from words that I associate them with. Like some example I had a female Serperior that I named Strelitzia after one of the plants it’s supposed to take inspiration from, I have a male Emboar that I nicknamed Lechon after for the Spanish dish of suckling roasted pig, a male Samurott named Nanbando after the samurai armor with a European inspired breast plate, but one of my favorites is my Sigilyph that I named Nazcaplume, after the Nazca lines and plume which is French for feather. I like making names up or giving nicknames that I associate with the Pokemon. Divol (male divo+evil) and Dival (female diva+evil) for Liepards and so on. Sometimes I just give them their foreign language counterpart names. Sorry too long lol.

          2. I do that, too! :O
            I hate Serperior’s *cringe* English name solely for the fact that it sounds too similar to Rhyperior.
            Sooo, I named it Basilord!! It’s a combination of basilisk and lord. It also incorporates the word basil, an herb used in cooking. I love that you named your Emboar Lechon! lmao! I’m Puerto Rican and that’s something most of us definitely like to eat. It’s fun nicknaming your Pokémon. Makes it a lil’ more personal.

          3. That’s a pretty cool name, and yeah it bothered me that Serperior’s name sounds like Rhyperior too. I was originally from Mexico but even though I was raised in a Latino family in the States I never heard of Lechon, I guess I’ve been missing out LOL! I actually heard it in one of the Travel Channel’s food travel shows where it was either Anthony Bourdain or Andrew Zimmern that had gone to the Philippines and they had prepared Lechon and since it turned out orange-ish it stuck with me for Emboar, my female Emboar is named Lucha, after Lucha libre (professional wrestling) LOL! You’re right, nicknaming our Pokemon certainly make them a whole lot more special.

  13. To bad it can’t have vorpal blade, and Blade of fury….sigh it would be perfect for Honedge oh yeah I’m naming mines Hexcaliber

  14. I’m sorry, this is where I draw the line.
    I could deal with Garbodor and I actually liked Vanilluxe, Klinklang and Cofagrigus.
    But come on, Game Freak.
    This is why people didn’t like 5th gen. I mean, there were millions that did, but really?
    This is just my personal opinion though…

    1. The game is ruined now! It has become totally unplayable! The shame of being a Pokémon fan has become too big! We must perform sudoku immediately, before even more Pokémon leak out!!!

      1. I believe you meant “seppuku” there, the word for the traditional suicide of the samurai ;). I concur with you though, the design of a single Pokemon, which also is a matter of taste, does not ruin an entire game

        1. I don’t know… I think it’s better with sudoku. I can just imagine all of the dissatisfied Pokemon fans running off and filling boxes with little numbers in despair.

    2. It’s one flipping design… Seriously, this game had nothing but praise from everyone as of 2 days ago, people were liking all the other designs, the region looked amazing, the graphics are such a contrast, finally 3D. And now one, just 1 pokemon based on an inanimate object shows up and these games are all of a sudden the worst games ever. Seriously….Grow Up. Pokemon based on objects have been around since Gen 1! So you can’t play the ‘inanimate oblject’ card 17 years later!

      Saying GF has run out of ideas is stupid, we haven’t had a pokemon like this before, or should we have some more cats and dogs to keep you happy, coz we need more of them right??

      Would you not buy the games coz you don’t like the design of the Cascade Badge????

      Honedge’s design is even more interesting then some ‘old school classics’ like Charmander, thats just an orange lizard after all.

      It’s been 2 days and it’s one design of over 700….Grow Up.

      1. Damn Ditto24 you were preaching there!! I said Amen to every single thing you said lol.

        I mean people didn’t seem to have a problem with a set of Eggs in Gen 1, or a Penguin that delivered presents in gen 2, or a stupid green blob (gulpin), every gen has their fair share of weird and unique Pokes. Their are now over 700, possibly 800 pokemon. I don’t understand how 1 design can put people off, USE ONE OF THE OTHER FRICKEN HUNDRED POKES GEEZ

  15. Personally, I think it should be pronounced HWUN-ehj, as in hONEdge, putting more emphasis on the one

      1. Actually, to “hone” is to sharpen with a whetstone (the stone you use to sharpen a sword). To hone one’s skills is a reference to the original meaning.

        So basically the name means [email protected]$$ sword. lol

        1. I still disagree. The Japanese and English names all had a word for one at the beginning. Even bulbapedia says it’s based off hone, one, and edge. The h could even be silent, and it could be just pronounced won edge. Until an official pronunciation is given or heard, we can’t say for sure. But nonetheless, you have to admit the word one is definitely part of its name.

          1. If your saying his name starts with “one” then I have to admit your totally lost when it comes to English…. The H is not silent and one will not be a dominant part of its name… not even a possibility

      2. Based on the letters present in the word.. looks more like Hon Edge, you cant use the E twice…. also Kevlar that made me more confused about it 0.o

  16. I’m happy we’re finally getting a Ghost/Steel type. That’s a type combination I was hoping for. I wonder if its fainting animation will be it going back in its sheath…

    Btw, came across this picture of Chespin’s potential final evolution. I’m hesitant to just flat-out say it’s fake, it’s a little convincing to me. Like a real concept sheet. What do you all think?:

      1. I don’t know what to think about Chespin’s if it’s real. I like it and I kinda don’t like it. I like how it looks tough, can roll itself up, and has all those spikes. But I don’t like how it no longer has that cute round face lol. Also there was so much potential for Chespin’s thorn-like tail imo, and its evolution doesn’t change it much.

        As for Fennekin, it’s cool imo. I really like how its tail opens up into 7, and there’s a flame in the middle. Also, I think the purplish flames gives a great Fire/Psychic vibe.

    1. chespins ‘evo’ really looks legit. it just does. where did you find this picture from.

      1. I agree, they really look believable. And these two pictures I found posted on Serebii Forum’s Starter Speculation/Discussion thread. They were posted there and people don’t know what to think. Some calling it fake, others saying they look legit. Apparently they’re floating around everywhere now (Bulbagarden, Tumblr, Deviantart, etc).

    2. Actually it looks pretty cool…anyways, the starter’s evolutions should be revelead soon.

    3. I actually love it. I’m definitely choosing Chespin and would not mind at all if it ended up like this.
      Fennekin’s isn’t that bad. Just wish it looked a little more mature and had a deeper color. Not too fond of the white, either.

      No fake sketch of Froakie final evo? 🙁

    4. If it weren’t fake (who knows because as you said it Does look really convincing) and we don’t know either way, I would actually be pretty OK with this. It looks really good and I like the design where it rolls up into a ball, pretty cool!

      I’d add that I wish there were a Froakie final evo picture too 🙁

    5. This looks like the artist was going “I’ll pick a new animal similar to what I think Chespin is based off of and make it bigger, and then…actually, that’s about it”
      This was certainly made by a good draftsman, but it looks like they could have taken more time with their design if they wanted to pass it off as the supposed leaked evolution.

    1. Both of these pics have already been posted in the comments; The legible Japanese is gibberish, and most likely fake.

        1. I don’t mean to discourage you, I just wanted you to know. Don’t feel sorry.

          1. I’m not discouraged that they’re most likely fake 🙂 I appreciate you letting me know actually. I wanted to call it fake, but it seemed a bit too real to me to do so. Just felt I should apologize for posting them when they’ve already been posted before. I don’t want to be considered spamming with something that was already brought up previously.

          2. Both Fennekin’s and Chespin’s evo i posted on the other article are fake, I just found out that a guy from deviantart made them.

    2. I love it, especially the tails and the mixture of the colors even though the white does make it seem a bit odd. I wonder if they’ll start deviating in some of the color palates of the starters’ evolutions and other Pokemon with this generation. Really though it looks like it could be either Fire/Ghost or Fire/Psychic and Yes I know that the leak on Pokebeach said that it would be part Psychic, I just felt like making the point that it doesn’t look all the way one or other in appearance.

  17. I just love this pokemon… the design the colors, it’s type… and about his name I liked more it’s french name monorpale… sounds pretty good I think i will nickname like this… Also i’m still hopping an evolution of this pokemon it will be so great!… two weeks for corocoro leak are to much!! I still wan’t more x y information

      1. maybe two… the past month it leaked on the 12th but maybe they wait a day or two to leak so… maybe I should say a week and one or two days are too much! :p

        1. Well the 12 is a week today so you never know, seriously so excited about this game!!!!
          I was no way near this excited during the build up for BW

    1. CoroCoro is released on the 15th of every month. Any expected leaks are revealed a few days before.

    2. With the movie being released 2 days before CoroCoro, expect some substantial info on both the new Mewtwo form as we will finally learn about it, and some more info on Sylveon and maybe Fairy Type Pokemon. Other than that…I expect nothing of real merit.

  18. I’m thinking that you will kill the enemy riding a whatever pokemon with your Honedge on you hand

      1. Javi, your comments always make me stupidly happy. This one wasn’t an exception.

        Thank you 🙂

  19. I’m not sure why yet, but I’m definitely excited for this pokémon. I have to have one called Tournesol!

  20. Honedge could evolve into a knight that has three forms: attack, defense, and speed. Each form has a different armor according to the held item which can be one of three swords. If the knight holds Honedge, he would change his form to the Attack form. However, if he holds another different type of sword he changes form according to their strengths. Here’s a pic of what the evolved form’s armor could look like. (The pic is from one of Fairy Tail’s protagonists Erza).

      1. They did it with Deoxys and considering the immense amount of french related inspirations, it’s possible to even draw a slight conclusion as to what Honedge will evolve into. There is nothing wrong with having three forms that deviate the attack, defense, and speed stats. Furthermore, with the evidence that Honedge’s inspiration comes from Roland’s three legendary swords, it’s possible for Honedge to evolve into a combination of those three swords or a knight using one of those three swords or levitating them. Another based theory is that each of those three swords substantiated a form of element in them: Fire, Earth, and Water. Each of those element has it’s own base like Earth = Defense & raw power, Fire = speed and attack, and Water = attack & speed. Seeing that evidence made me realize that Honedge could potentially have side evolution’s or form change (what ever you want to call it :D) like Eevee, Tyrogue, Oddish, Burmy, Wurmple, Rotom, Shellos, Ralts, Giratina, Deerling, Deoxys, Castform, Clamperl, Slowpoke, Ditto :D, Nidoran, Basculine, Tornadus, Thundorus, Landorus, Kyurem, Reshiram, Zekrom, Keldeo, Meloetta, Mewtwo.

        1. I wouldnt mind if Honedge became the “Rotom” of this generation. Its a Ghost type already, and if it gained a couple forms, as you have said, and another elemental affinity- it would make it that much more awesome!

          1. Thanks and I hope it does seeing as his inspiration really draws from Durendal one of the three legendary swords that I listed on my first/second post.

        2. No idea why you replied with that to me. Was commenting on the fact that that angel looks suspiciously like some digimon, although I can’t remember her name.

          1. I just wanted to say why I want no, REALLY WANT for Honedge to have three separate evolution’s. I’m sorry if you took it offensively ;C. That woman is Erza from Fairytail, my #1 favorite anime to date.

  21. OMG!! I love this pokemon, It’s look pretty awesome, I will catch a Honedge, It’s wonderfull and look soo stronger

  22. I just wanna post this picture again because it’s just soooo damn epic.
    Dat lightning! Dat glowing eye! Dat shimmering blue… hand-like appendage!
    My goodness! That blue cloth is wrapping around me and draining all my wants!

    A total of 7 pics below! Behold its glory!

  23. I’m worried ….. I do not want the next generation after the X and the Y is only for Wii U. …. Pokemon deveria to continue taking their games portable games emosionante because that’s what you have in your pocket Pokemon game and that is the reason why it is called so because it concerns POKEMON Pocket monstuos ….. well I hope Pokemon 3DS games continue taking

  24. I don’t dislike this pokemon, it just confuses me. It’s a ghostly sword that’s holdingthe sword that happens to be it’s face? the anime will probably clear things up for me, they make pokes seem more realistic

    1. no exactly. it’s a ghost that it’s posesing the sword and that scarf-hand-like thing, which uses to hold the sheath. as it is a ghost, it’s obvious that the sword is floating around. and finally, with the holes of the sheath and the drawings of the edge, it looks like its face

  25. I like that there are so many possible points of origin for this little cutie without knowing what it evolves into, if anything. For now, I wanna say it’s an enchanted sword???!

      1. enchanted makes it more

        And it reminds me of Grandark, a magical sword that was created and then given access to its fullest magical potential by being imbued with a particularily malevolent soul.(but this is in another video game. Grandark also has one big eye at the top of its hilt)

        1. I guess, but enchanted sounds more Fairy-type and seeing that it’s part Ghost-type,
          a haunted sword is most likely what it is.
          But, meh. Maybe it’ll get an Excalibur counterpart that’ll be a Steel/Fairy-type.

        2. It says that a soul possesses a sword that belonged to a human, so Possessed Sword is more accurate.

  26. I have never been a big fan of ghost and possession even of items in Pokémon.. I was just defending this thing but I will never like that one aspect of any Pokémon involved with that..

    It mainly just confuses me.. are they saying it as folklore? I think most Pokémon like this are said to be possessed by legends but this Pokémons entry says it as if its a fact. So where does the soul come from.. Is it a humans or Pokémons.. either way Im not a fan, they should keep it to breeding and its a live creature

  27. I really like its design, I just don’t like how it holds its sheath in its arm. It’s so cool when it’s sheathed. It looks like it has 3 eyes and a mouth which is so cool

  28. I must admit this Pokemon looks amazing with the cover…but when you take it off and it’s just a sword with an eye awkwardly holding a metal sheath the same size as it, if just feels weird. Don’t get me wrong, I love newer Pokemon gens, gen 4 and 5 were my favourites, but hoedge, for such an amazing concept doesn’t cut it for me ;-). It’s just a bit plain.

  29. Only thing I don’t like about Honedge is that it’s a haunted sword (without levitate since it was announced that its ability is no guard D: ) and not a haunted suit of armor, which would have been a better appearance for such a defensive typing (with 3 immunities, 7 resistances, 1 double-resistance, and only 2 weaknesses)…and yes, I know how nerdy that made me sound, but this is honestly the typing I’ve been hoping for since around gen 3.

    Also, bulbapedia discussion has also discussed “Honedge” being a play on the word “homage”, which leads me to think more about the “tsuki (attached)” in “Hitotsuki” leaning more towards an “attachment” such as a ghost might have, as well as playing to the “homage” pun the English displayed (homage also being able to refer to the relation between a feudal knight/vassal and their lord)

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