“Honedge”; a Sharp-Looking New Pokémon!

  Well, we’ve finally got the reveal for the new sword-like Pokémon! Although its Japanese name (Hitotsuki) and French name (Monorpale) had already been revealed, the official Pokémon site has now updated with the English name: Honedge. This could be derived from ‘hone’ and ‘edge’ or possibly even ‘honor’ and ‘edge’. You can watch it in … Read more

UPD: Masuda’s Message to Fans from France’s Japan Expo

[vc_video link=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xqwYdOsbixI” shadow=”yes” width=”1/1″ el_position=”first last”] UPDATE: The English version has been uploaded! Watch it now 😀 The new Pokemon’s name in English is Honedge! Masuda’s message to fans has been brought up, thanks to the Youtube user Newtiteuf.  Although in French captions, with no audio, someone in our previous article gave us a summary of what … Read more

New Pokemon, “Monorpale” (French) Revealed! [UPD1]

This Pokemon, known as Monorpale in French, is a Steel/Ghost type and will debut in the upcoming Pokemon X & Pokemon Y games. More information as it comes! <3 PJ Remember: We have a great Pokemon forum! Won’t you join us? Log in with your twitter account!