Pokémon Smash! July 7 — FINISHED!

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We’re here bringing you live coverage of Pokémon Smash! Our updates will all be posted below as well as a live stream.

We’d like you to come and take part in our site chat too which can be found HERE. Come along and talk about the new Pokémon revealed today and what’s going on in Smash! Also be sure to follow us on Twitter and like our page on Facebook!

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  • Smash is live!
  • The anime episode reairing this week is Fighting Ire With Fire!
  • Episode is over, and we’re on to a little segment relating to the upcoming movie.
  • Hosts are off to Yumiuri Land with Eevee, for some…tasks…
  • They’ve won themselves a sneak peek at some footage from the upcoming movie. It sure is looking lovely!
  • Seems that the next episode of Smash will be a movie special, we’d guess the episode after that will be filled with some XY stuff.
  • More special footage! This time from the Eevee Friends short.
  • Time for the XY section!
  • Showing off Litleo and Flabébé, nothing new from the footage. We get a look at Ursaring and Druddigon in 3D.
  • It’s battle time! Mewtwo/Genesect double-team!
  • Ho-Oh and Scizor are knocked out, Mewtwo & Genesect win!
  • That’s all for this week!

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  1. as usual, i will skip it. wake up tomorrow morning and catch the XY section.

  2. someone in 4chan said that they’ll reveal the starters then again it is 4chan

    1. They’ll reveal the starters…? I have a feelin they will be called Chespin, Fennekin & Froakie…
      You mean evos right?

      1. Hmm i wonder if that Grass/Rock,Fire/Psychic and Water/Flying bit is true?

        1. I think Grass/Dark, Fire/Psychic, and Water/Fighting because of there move sets! Chespin used Night Slash before, Fennekin haven’t seen much, and froakie is attack based! But I will love to see a flying frog XD

          1. Well its true that Chespin used Night Slash but Chespin Also used Rollout.

          2. Well it could have been given that just to give Chespin a fighting chance against the first gym in case you didn’t get Fletchling or Pidgy. I mean bug is a weak to rock in a sense, and its a similar route that Charmander took with the release of Fire Red and Leaf Green.

          3. That didn’t stop chikorita from being weak to falkner’s gym if you didn’t catch geodude or mareep in the remakes. Doesn’t stop torchic from being weak without the need to evolve her first to have a fire/fighting type if you did not catch the fair amount of grass and water types in gen three. Doesn’t affect chimchar without evolving either against Roark if you did not catch a grass or water type.

            Charmander was the only starter to gain an additional attack that coincidentally made the first gym easier without catching extra pokemon with type advantage or evolving.

            You’ll be able to beat Viola with chespin justl as its possible to beat every first gym leader who has type advantage over your starter. She’ll most likely have two basic pokemon anyway. Isn’t one of her Pokemon a Scatterbug? Pretty sure a traindd Chespin can beat that with out the need for a rock typed attack.

          4. I think its also safe to say that Chespin learns Rollout coz it’s a hedgehog and they roll
            Froakie is a frog, so it’s obvious that he should get Bounce.

    2. They will probably reveal Chespin, Fennekin and Froakie as if nobody has ever seen them before. I could believe that.

    1. Most likely soon, but it’ll only work when it reaches 7:30 their time (or 23:30 GMT)

  3. Sadly, I will expect SOMETHING, and get NOTHING. Like usual. Although, I wouldnt mind an extra 45 seconds of Honedge footage at the very least. I want to see the full animation of it taking off its scabbard.

  4. For the starter types I think it will be Grass/Dark, Fire/Psychic, and Water/Fighting! Why, Chespin was shown in the trailer using Night Slash, Fennekin learns Psychic later on and Froakie because he seems to learn attack based moves!

    1. Using Night Slash doesn’t guarantee Chespin will become Grass/Dark. Using Psychic doesn’t guarantee Fennekin will become Fire/Psychic. Using offensive moves doesn’t mean a Pokémon is guaranteed to become a Fighting type at some point in it’s evolutionary line.

    2. chespin didn’t use night slash. it was aerial ace. you can see it being used on the newest trailer during a sky battle.

      1. now i am not saying your wrong cause they look really similar. but i did notice a difference in the sky battle video the ‘swoosh’ in the attack fallows the red bar. and the attack that chespin does, the swoosh crosses the red bar

  5. Starter evos won’t be revealed yet, Smash today will be primarily based on the Genesect movie and Eevee friends. I expect there will be a longer than usual X and Y update on Honedge. Big news will be next week when more info will most likely be revealed in CoroCoro.

    1. most likely not, while we get the leaks for corocoro before smash, corocoro does not come out till the 15th a day after smash airs. next week will most likely be a review on the new movie and maybe they might reveal something that will be in corocoro the next day

      1. Well corocoro isn’t officially released tilll the 15th but leaks can happen as early as the 10th so new info will most likely be in that. Also Smash isn’t aired live, so next weeks episode would have been filmed about 2/4 weeks ago. If anything will be new it will be corocoro. Smash will most likely recap in the coming weeks.

        1. True, I fell I’m love with Litleo after that footage :D. Smash is usually a catch up as it is for children :). I do wish I was one of the smash children….knowing all that stuff that we don’t know yet must be tough 😀

          1. i was to see all the pokemons in 3d <3.<3 that will be beatifull, awesome,lovely

  6. That Sableye better have an evolution this Gen seeing as he is getting quite the promotion.

  7. Does anyone have pictures of Druddigon and Ursaring? I really don’t want to search for them in the video. ;(

  8. Sableye alongside Ash. Now that’s a team I’d like to see in future especially if a new evolution is introduced 😉 Now it’s just becoming obvious pokemon placement haha 🙂

      1. It also raises questions about the Manticore evolution line. If you look at it’s tail from the gif, it doesn’t look curved. It looks like fluffy tail end like normal lions have. Hmm.

        1. If you look closely, there is a slight shade difference so there could still be a “stinger”. We might just be at the wrong angle to see it well.

          1. I really don’t think Litleo is going to be a manticore. It’s probably just a fluffy tail that people are over-analyzing.

          2. But this is GameFreak making these little creatures. They could take Litleo anywhere. Remember Lovedisc and Alomomola? Anything can happen.

      1. It doesn’t. It’s a standalone Pokemon that can stand up on it’s own.

  9. Breaking news guys: I am a inside informant for the game freak designers for x and y. I have a good bit of information on some pokes that are out of this world. IMA gonna let y’all know some info on them.
    This is gonna be the best gen yet. The creativity is through the roof. I know y’all really enjoyed honedge and there is so much more creative juice where that came from.
    So let me get to it.
    Here are some other pokes that will be in x and y and help take things to the next level of awesome and beauty

    Phlagpole: steel/flying: the flag pole pokemon
    Tableclof: grass/ghost: the table cloth pokemon
    Teratira: poison: the tire pokemon
    Spooket: water/ghost: the haunted water spicket pokemon
    Humuchip: grass/fire: the hummus potato chip pokemon
    Carplode: fire/steel: the car explosion pokemon
    Thermcut: fire: the fat burner pill pokemon
    Metricount: normal: the tape measure pokemon
    Teepee: normal: the toilet paper pokemon

    Man this is gonna be awesome.
    X and y will be the best adventure yet

    1. Here is me thinking this was going to be good and then I realized it was blatantly a joke post. Where’s the intrigue? The mystery? The suspense?

  10. OMG!!! I’m soo EXCITED!! I want to see all the pokemon in 3D!! That will be really awesome, lovely, beautiful…… I will like to see Arceus, Wailord, REYqueza, Groudon, all the pokemon in 3D

      1. Pokemon Amie, movie posters, battle scenes throughout X/Y footage being leaked– any more proof you need, Mr. “I need some proof?”

        1. Sooooo where is this proof? Got any images we can look at? Footage we can watch…?

        2. Uhm yeah. Actual confirmation would be just the thing I need. Until that happens, it hasn’t been “Leaked” As you say it has.

    1. UPDATE:
      Sabladark is the name of the Sableye evolution, as the original Sabkadark was proven to be fake. The type is Dark/Steel, rather than Ghost/Dark, due to the new evolution looks and battle techniques, as well as the new moveset. Sabladark has been hinted throughout Extremespeed Genesect posters, the new Pokemon-Amie feature, as well as battle scenes showcasing new/old Pokemon that are debuting/recurring in X/Y with a new 3D model.

  11. Here is the page of the new Pokemon Sableye evolution, Sabladark. It has not been confirmed to be a real Pokemon, as I say it was leaked. There is no real proof whether this is real or fake (no matter what the comments say), and if real, should be confirmed in this month’s CoroCoro. The supposed leaker also stated that the type is Dark/Steel and that this is Sableye’s 2nd and final evolution. He claimed that there will be 10 Pokemon from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh and Unova gaining an evolution, but does not affect the total PokeDex count (meaning that there will be more than usual). This leaker did not state all of the Pokemon getting an evolution, but Absol, Jynx, Dunsparce, Throh, Sawk and Farfetche’d were mentioned, without any actual confirmation or pictures like Sableye got. I was not the one who posted these rumors nor made them up, but a 4chan member supposedly works for Gamefreak and informed us about July’s CoroCoro leak, which is this new Sableye evo and the other Pokemon who are getting evos that are debuting in Extremespeed Genesect. This info, again, is TBC, but thoughts are always appreciated.

        1. ……. Cant you see that’s a crap drawing made by some kid as a joke??? 0_0 -_-

    1. So this week’s corocoro will be about new evolutions for past gen Pokemon? Hopefully they’ll actually reveal abilities this time then.

  12. CoroCoro will most likely be on the Movie for the bulk of its reveal. Which is good news for those wanting more info on Mewtwo, Sylveon or Fairy Types as all three are part of the next movie.

    So since the movie is on the 13th, some info may appear about the new Mewtwo form in this month’s CoroCoro. Sylveon is the main focus for the mini-movie going along with Mewtwo’s movie so we should get more info on Slyveon AND Fairy Type since Sylveon is Fairy type and uses some attacks in the movie.

    This should make up the bulk of the news for this month.

    1. i don’t think corocoro will have any movie info. i know we get leaks around the 10th but corocoro does not officially come out till the 15th, two days after the movie and my guess is that by then most of the population in japan that want to watch the movie will have.which seems counter productive to put movie info in if you ask me,unless the movie reveals a new pokemon and they might have more info on that in corocoro

    2. When Black and White were released in 2010, the CoroCoro issue printed on the month of the movie’s release (July 2010) did not include any information about the Zoroark film. Instead, it revealed a slew of new characters (rivals, N) and several new pokemon. Even back in 2006, when Diamond and Pearl were released, the CoroCoro issue released in July of that year had information on a few new pokemon and game mechanics.

      The CoroCoro that will be leaked sometime this week will most likely have new pokemon/moves/field locations announced. It will certainly not be about the Genesect movie, although there is always the possibility that the “Aulotte” pokemon that debuted in the X/Y trailer that aired during film will be announced.

  13. Just a heads up, but CoroCoro is out on the 13th this month, not the 15th.

      1. I found it strange too, but we can expect leaks as early as tomorrow.

          1. It’s on the official Corocoro site. We were discussing it briefly earlier in the staff chat.

          2. Exactly as Moving said it’s on the official site. I have a feeling that it will mainly feature the upcoming movie seeing as it’s out this Thursday (Isn’t it?)

          3. still weary on corocoro mainly featuring the movie, they come out on the same day now. which still seems counter productive. unless their hole section on pokemon is dedicated to say ‘the movie is now out go see it’ or something like that. it my just be me put it seems like a waste to do that

          4. Well, they’re text based. But you never know, we might do a behind the scenes one day 😉

            You got a little sneak peek the other day!

  14. Hello, Pokejungle, you may know me from revealing the Fairy-type early, releasing tons of information about X/Y, in which most of it has been confirmed to be true, and also leaking Black/White Pokemon before their initial reveal by CoroCoro, Pokemon Sunday or other Japanese Pokemon sources. Today, I am here to inform Pokejungle, rather than Pokebeach, about a few surprising features I experienced after playing a demo of Pokemon X and Y when the game was initially announced. Today, I have three important details to share with the Pokejungle community, and they surely will be a surprise!

    1. In Pokemon X and Y, there will be Pokemon that have brand new evolutions, rather than pre-evolutions (as a Mr.XY claimed back before March’s CoroCoro). Pokemon from all 5 existing regions will be gaining new evolutions, however, as previously mentioned by a “4chan” user on Pokejungle, Absol, Jynx, Dunsparce, Throh, Sawk and Farfetch’d will not be getting new evolutions, however, to name a few, Mawile and Seviper get one new evolution with new typings, whereas Sableye gets two split-evolutions. Sableye gets a Ghost/Fairy and a Ghost/Steel evolution, by the names of Zrankion (zee-rank-eeon) and Trakeyeon (trak-eye-on) respectively. Sableye evolves into Zrankion through the use of a new Fairy Stone, which is also the evolutionary method for Sylveon. Sableye evolves into Trakeyeon when exposed to a Dusk Stone (even though Dark-type isn’t a primary or secondary type for Trakeyeon, Steel-types and Dark-types are able to be exposed to a Dusk Stone for an evolution in Generation 6). Seviper evolves into Serkobra (ser-kob-ra), at level 36, which is a Poison/Flying-type, a mixture between a Venomous Cobra and a Flying Serpent Warrior.

    2. The Kalos region has an archipelago– The Kalos Archipelago, accessible by Surf after beating all 10 gyms (yes, there are 10 gyms rather than the traditional 8) and the Elite 4 as well. The Kalos Archipelago is set up like the Orange Islands from the anime, however, it is more detailed and focuses more on a Battle Frontier-type style to it. The Kalos Archipelago features 8 different battle locations, where 8 of the most powerful trainers in Kalos reside, waiting for you to battle them. The Kalos Archipelago is like a whole new region, and adds a ton of post-game features, tough battles and amazing use of the 3D features the 3DS has to offer, making this a can’t miss part of the post-game.

    3. As previously mentioned, there are 10 gyms in the game, but they are ridiculously hard. One gym feels like an Elite 4 battle. There are at least 10 unavoidable trainers in each gym, and the puzzles are pretty mind-bending as well. Battle strategy and a game plan is definitely needed in order to complete a gym battle and earn your badge. You are able to preview and see all of your opponent’s Pokemon before battling, and you have an opportunity to switch Pokemon at the very beginning, without losing a turn. However, just like B/W 2, there are 3 unlockable gamemodes. Default mode (or Easy/Normal mode), which allows you to play the game as it is meant, Hard Mode, allowing you to not view the opponent’s Pokemon, or giving you the first turn opportunity, but passing that on to the opponent, along with other challenges that you have to find out for yourself, and Nuzlocke Mode, which allows you to play through X/Y in Nuzlocke version, with the rules of nicknaming your Pokemon, releasing fainted Pokemon, catching only the first Pokemon in each area and more. Only the basic rules are put into place in the Nuzlocke challenge, but there is an options menu if you would like to add more rules to make the experience harder.

    All three of these large pieces of information have been verified, and are set to be confirmed in this month or next month’s CoroCoro, along with Pokemon Smash. Although some of this information may be from the demo, there are chances that some of the more minor details such as Pokemon names may have changed, but nonetheless, expect this information to be appearing in Pokemon X and Y on October 12th, 2013.

    1. I lost it at Nuzlocke.
      +Serkobra and Trakeyeon evolution methods are not possible. Sorry, if you’re going to make fake info, please take your time to make it something plausible.

      1. Hey, punk, you try to make better information that will actually be confirmed real. Serkobra and Trakeyeon evolution methods are possible, because I’m the one with the info, not your stupid ass. Serkobra evolves from Seviper at level 36, unlike other Stage 2 Pokemon, because a Pokemon as badass as Serkobra doesn’t deserve to evolve at level 16. And look at Deino, who evolves into Zwelious at Level 50, see how stupid you are? And Trakeyeon’s evolutionary method through a Dusk Stone is a new feature in X/Y, which your stupid ass may have missed. Read a little more carefully next time, and the Nuzlocke part is optional to be unlocked, so don’t have a cow about that.

        1. Have you ever seen your Seviper evolving at level 36 in any of your games, or did you try using Dusk stone on Sableye? That is why they are not plausible, because they would have evolved in that way before if their evolution methods were what you have said.

          Anyway I’ve just broken the galactic internet rule: do not feed the troll. I’m heartily sorry God, forgive me.

          1. “Jokes are tend to be funny.”
            Nice grammar, and I understand this wasn’t very funny, but you try to do better.

          2. True. And nor will I anymore (these down votes mean something– that I am a jackass.)

    2. If you’re going to keep posting this sort of drivel, at least use a different email from the 4chan account you used below. Better yet, use an email that’s a little more believable. [email protected] isn’t exactly looking good for your credibility.

      You’re certainly fixated on Sableye getting an evolution, aren’t you!

      Myth: BUSTED.

      1. Listen here, smart one. Stop being an asshole about this because I don’t want fucking bastards like you to get my real e-mail and spam the fuck out of me for whatever other information I have about X/Y. Just you wait until this information is officially confirmed and then I will inform you of my real e-mail. Mind your own business, since you are not the one with all of the info, I AM. If you want my real e-mail, then here it is.

        1. First off, I wouldn’t spam you. I have better things to do with myself.

          Second, you’ve really no need to get so defensive. It’s great to see ideas like these posted. They provide excellent discussion, you just don’t need to claim to be someone else to post them. You’re welcome to post them as your own theory or whatever. We love them.

          Third, that email means nothing. The only reason we check emails is for the security of our readers, you included. The same for IP addresses, which I’d like to remind you has already confirmed you’re in fact not Hiro (who’s English is no where near as good as yours is)

          Finally, I’d like to invite you to take part in the comments as intended. Keep it fun, respectful and get your ideas out there for everyone to read in a sensible way. You’ve clearly got an excellent imagination, and you’re a capable typer. Like I said, everyone here loves reading ideas, so they’re very welcome. If you continue with the language and attitude you just displayed there, then, well… we’ll see.

          1. I understand. LOL I wanted to see how many people would actually believe what I was saying as these are my own fan opinions about what I would like to see in Pokemon X and Y, and pretending turned out not to be so believable after all. 🙁
            Anyways, thank you for the warning and the kind words as well, and I’m glad I have better English than Hiro (lol) but I just wanted to post these rumors to see who would believe what I was saying. I would like your opinion on the rumors I posted (if you would like to share your opinion) just to see from your perspective (since you have a ridiculously high rank on Pokejungle) how much of my information may actually happen and how much is just my wishes and will never happen. Thank you again, and I will assure you, this sort of thing (language, etc.) will not happen again. Thank you for your cooperation.

          2. I love the way you replied to those who denied your “leaks”. The way you start off by name calling is classic. I also cannot stop laughing at the email address [email protected]. As for your “leaks,” I find especially the very second one to be plausible. The third sounds like a nice enhancement to the BW2 difficulty feature, and I think a lot of players would enjoy it 🙂

          3. Hey, NLque, thanks so much! I’m glad you enjoy my leaks and my fake e-mail address LOL. Anyways, thank you for the feedback, and I hope some of what I wrote here today (took me over 30 mins to come up with clever ideas) will actually take place in Pokemon X and Y, especially (like you said), the part about the Kalos Archipelago. However, I still think that Sableye or other old Pokemon will get evolutions, but it took me a while to make up names that make sense in my imagination, but Sableye is getting credited a lot (Extremespeed Genesect posters, the Pokemon-Amie feature, Pokemon Smash with new battle scenes featuring Sableye and a lot more.) I hope to come up with some more “clever” rumors soon…

          4. Just please be a little nicer. I think posting the ideas as a regular commentator would be better for all of us, don’t you think? I’m sure those down votes mean something 😉

          5. do you mean rumors as in you’re going to act again? because I don’t think now that you’ve revealed yourself that would work…

          6. Alright, I’m glad to hear. Maybe create an account on disqus sometime too? Enjoy your stay!

          7. Yeah, I will make a disqus account probably later today, and thanks, my stay will be more enjoyable now since I am a bit recognized by the community and I have revealed who I truly am. 😀

          8. UGH. Typed out a nice big reply for you then, but lost it all accidentally clicking a link…

            Now we’re talking! They’re much more enjoyable to read as theories or whatever you wish to call them, we have less reason to fire them down that way too. 😉

            Forgot exactly what I said about the evolutions, but just know that I love the idea of Sableye getting an evolution. The idea of a split evolution for it seems interesting. Gaining Fairy type is also something I think some people like the idea of. I definitely want one!

            Length of Pokémon games is always something I dislike. There’s the Battle Frontier but I don’t really find that too appealing. If the games had an Archipelago and they had some sort of story I’d definitely accept them. Anything that extends the games is good in my eyes. I like the idea of there being a set of strong trainers residing there too.

            Difficulty of games are also something I’d like to see improved. I can definitely see them bringing over the Challenge Mode from BW2 (or whatever it’s called), so what you said are nice ideas. One thing I didn’t like was the Nuzlocke thing being implemented. The general functions are already in the games, it’s jsut your choice whether you follow them or not.

            Anyway, welcome aboard! You should definitely take part in some of the posts we put up, I’ll say it again: it’s great reading original ideas. Hope to see you around Dicie! As for me having a ridiculously high ranking on PJ, what give you that idea? 😉

            EDIT: Also, in addition to what NL said about downvotes below. Ignore them. You’ve hopefully already noticed they mean nothing and people just seem to click it despite there being some good content.

          9. Thank you for your thoughts, and I definitely will take part in future posts regarding Pokemon X and Y rumors and official news (such as the CoroCoro leak in just a few days). And also, whenever you post a comment on Pokejungle, it shows this: moving (Gym Leader) and from what I heard, that means a ridiculously high ranking (from the Ask Pokejungle post comments) and also since you post articles on Pokejungle. I wish to be able to post articles on a Pokemon News Source like this someday, but the chances of that happening are super slim.

  15. Don’t ask me how I got them, but the Wild battle Music and the Rival/Online? Battle Music for X/Y has been leaked. I’ll post them later.

    1. Any chance you’re talking about the youtube user Utuber6061?He’s famous for recreating pokemon music when they’re released in trailers and such. He recreated the wild battle, trainer battle, and also the Pokemon-amie theme, so I’m guessing that’s where you got it from.

      1. Well, you got me xD

        Why not post them? They may be recreated but there exactly the same.

        1. Well, I don’t have a problem with it, but when I asked in the pre-beedubya days, PJ was rather unwilling. I will bring it up to him though!

          1. I would love to hear the new X/Y music, just so we can get a little taste of the soundtracks to come (during E3, Junichi Masuda, during the Q&A, mentioned the music being less digitized, and that it will bring a whole new feel to X/Y.)

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