New BW Commercial w/ Plasma + Gym Rumor

httpv:// Main thing in this video is at the 0:17 mark where you see Team Plasma lined up behind someone (their leader) who is saying to the crowd that he wants to talk about Pokemon freedom (or how he wants to forcibly give Pokemon their freedom).  This seems as though it ties them with N … Read more

Pre-sleep Post

httpv:// This was a short 30sec clip on Oha Suta as well, for those of you who weren’t aware of its existence.  Nothing of real importance goes on, but I know that PokeFans love to see everything they possibly can :3  White Forest looks AWESOME.  Black City looks… like there are a lot of buildings … Read more

PokeBeach Vids

Here for your viewing pleasure.  First one is the battle you have right after getting your starter, other is battle footage.  These from a DVD in the next issue of Dengeki.  All we really learn is that Cheren takes the pokemon strong against yours, while Belle takes the weak one.  And what I personally always … Read more

Pokemon Movie 14 Clips

Here are clips from both the game trailer (not the greatest quality because there are seats in the way) but the second clip shows that new orange pokemon in ears flying in and gives it a little more personality than what we saw before!  Thanks darksun for the tip on that second clip!  (lol, and … Read more

Koromori Battle Vid

httpv:// Finally it emerges!  Nice wing animation IMO 😀  And confirmed that Grass Mixer does lower accuracy, just as my post yesterday had described and it also matched the 2ch rumor posted earlier.  Changed videos because this one is simply the battle scene That’s it for now <3 pokejungle ps- Prob won’t be any new … Read more

Is this your rival?

This is a screenshot of Pokemon Sunday and the above screenshot is saying “I will become the champion”.  Could this be our rival…?  If so it looks like he’s much older than any from previous generations. Also important (in order during the clip):  Battle animations are shown and look AWESOME if I may be so … Read more