New BW Commercial w/ Plasma + Gym Rumor


Main thing in this video is at the 0:17 mark where you see Team Plasma lined up behind someone (their leader) who is saying to the crowd that he wants to talk about Pokemon freedom (or how he wants to forcibly give Pokemon their freedom).  This seems as though it ties them with N (Leader-guy and N have same hair color too :3).

Now for the totally suspect and not to be trusted GYM RUMOR.  Tackman @ SPPf apparently translated this from 2ch and I know someone already pointed it out in a comment, but I’ll post it here as well in case people browse the posted news and don’t go through pages of comments (and ALLEGEDLY this was the same poster who leaked N/Team Plasma).  Here are the alleged deets for the gyms:

  • Gym 1: Water gym lead by Leader Kenta who is a kid in a sun hat
  • Gym 2: Ground gym lead by Leader Asuka who wears a short skirt and glasses
  • Gym 3: Ice gym lead by Leader Hayate who rides a snowboard while wearing a snowman costume (totally rad idea)
  • Gym 4: Grass gym lead by Leader Aloe who we’ve already seen
  • Gym 5: Poison gym lead by Leader Masaru who is in a wheelchair and has a terminal illness
  • Gym 6: Fire gym lead by Leader Yoko who is a cheerleader with red hair and also does Pokemon Musical competitions
  • Gym 7: Dragon gym lead by Leader Makato who is a rich kid
  • Gym 8: Dark gym lead by Leader Nanami who wears a mask to hide their face.

I don’t put much stock in that rumor at all though.  Just saying.  As soon as we see another gym leader though we can pretty much confirm/deny it though 😀

Note about comments: Right now the plugin that posts my news directly on the forums is conflicting with the rating (thumbs up/down) for comments so I’m working on a fix for that!  Sorries~!

<3 pokejungle

ps- Hope you liked that little 2ch fake today, certainly gave us something to talk about!  I updated while I was on break but kind of kept tabs on the comments from my email and was like “Oh shit its confirmed fake so how am I going to have time to edit my post before the end of work??” so I had to covertly add “fake” to the end of the title while pretending to do something else.  Hehehe… Love you guys 😀

pps- My boyfriend is so amazing he sent an email asking if I had seen the GameFreak blog saying that “Pokemon will all be new until the ending” and had it all translated for me.  I *had* seen it, but he’s adorable for emailing me.  <3 </モエ>