New BW Commercial w/ Plasma + Gym Rumor


Main thing in this video is at the 0:17 mark where you see Team Plasma lined up behind someone (their leader) who is saying to the crowd that he wants to talk about Pokemon freedom (or how he wants to forcibly give Pokemon their freedom).  This seems as though it ties them with N (Leader-guy and N have same hair color too :3).

Now for the totally suspect and not to be trusted GYM RUMOR.  Tackman @ SPPf apparently translated this from 2ch and I know someone already pointed it out in a comment, but I’ll post it here as well in case people browse the posted news and don’t go through pages of comments (and ALLEGEDLY this was the same poster who leaked N/Team Plasma).  Here are the alleged deets for the gyms:

  • Gym 1: Water gym lead by Leader Kenta who is a kid in a sun hat
  • Gym 2: Ground gym lead by Leader Asuka who wears a short skirt and glasses
  • Gym 3: Ice gym lead by Leader Hayate who rides a snowboard while wearing a snowman costume (totally rad idea)
  • Gym 4: Grass gym lead by Leader Aloe who we’ve already seen
  • Gym 5: Poison gym lead by Leader Masaru who is in a wheelchair and has a terminal illness
  • Gym 6: Fire gym lead by Leader Yoko who is a cheerleader with red hair and also does Pokemon Musical competitions
  • Gym 7: Dragon gym lead by Leader Makato who is a rich kid
  • Gym 8: Dark gym lead by Leader Nanami who wears a mask to hide their face.

I don’t put much stock in that rumor at all though.  Just saying.  As soon as we see another gym leader though we can pretty much confirm/deny it though 😀

Note about comments: Right now the plugin that posts my news directly on the forums is conflicting with the rating (thumbs up/down) for comments so I’m working on a fix for that!  Sorries~!

<3 pokejungle

ps- Hope you liked that little 2ch fake today, certainly gave us something to talk about!  I updated while I was on break but kind of kept tabs on the comments from my email and was like “Oh shit its confirmed fake so how am I going to have time to edit my post before the end of work??” so I had to covertly add “fake” to the end of the title while pretending to do something else.  Hehehe… Love you guys 😀

pps- My boyfriend is so amazing he sent an email asking if I had seen the GameFreak blog saying that “Pokemon will all be new until the ending” and had it all translated for me.  I *had* seen it, but he’s adorable for emailing me.  <3 </モエ>

      1. i think that’s one of the only types not to get one?
        ya it is. xD

        they really should stray away from the gyms that’ve been overdone -__-‘
        i.e. water,grass fire etc. we need more orignallity! D:<

        allthough i like grass gym leader..and fire ones..and water ones… xD

  1. ohh i quite like the loeaders~ :DDDDD
    hopefully it’s true, the first two will give my tsutaaja a chance to kick some major ass. 😛

    allthough the desprcitions seem a bit sucky, but then again, it’s very vauge so bahahah nevermindd 😀

    hopefully we’ll get some sugimori art of a few gym leaders in the MD :DD

    1. YEAH! I can train my tsutaja before going anywhere until he evolves like I always do! In diamond I would train piplup until he evolved before going to sandgem town!

      1. ya…i would think so. xD

        i usually don’t want my pokemon to evolve until atleast after i have 2 or 3 other pokemon and have one gym, allthough when i got diamond in japanese i beat the 1st gym with level 20+ ’cause i trained so much. xD

  2. I think these leaders would be nice if they are true. Also if true the last leader to me spuds like a part of team plasma

    1. Ummmm I didn’t make these rumors so I don’t know anything. 😡

      Aloe IS a plant though…

        1. then that would make sense for being a grass type leader but um no she would definitely not be dark type do u know how much controversy that would cause? black woman whos dark type=not good idea

    2. she doesn’t really look like shes in a grass gym or a gym at all for that fact in her screenshot.

      1. that’s what i thought to. -__-‘

        i personally don’t think she’s a gym leader, elite 4 maybe, but i think she’s just a character with a important role in the story that ya hafta battle. :DDD

        1. thats what i thought too haha 🙂 when i first saw cheren i thought it was a female gym leader haha

      1. im fine with poison i just like the poison gym leader cuz u know its something different. and it makes sense i mean hes sick and hes poison type it makes perfect sense

  3. Oh my, can’t Grass-type get a little more love and be assigned as Elite Four instead?
    And it’s always among the first four….. T.T
    And where’s our Electric-type gym leader? Isn’t the theme park a gym?

    1. no i doubt a whole theme park would be the gym but maybe electric is now elite four for first time ever :0

      1. oh wait maybe it is cuz of the roller coaster in the video it would make sense never mind about what i said. but yeah further proof that rumors not true right there. also wheres the honey comb gym cuz im pretty sure thats a gym

  4. Actually, it was an anonymous person on 4chan that did the translation, not me! I only posted it on Serebii!
    It is true that those information don’t really match with what we saw, like the honeycomb gym that looked like a Bug type gym. But apparently, this rumour was posted on 2chan by the same guy that leaked Team Plasma and N as the name of the antagonists.

      1. No, your site is one of the few website I actually bookmarked and visit often! It’s my favourite source for Pokémon rumours! So yeah, I was surprise to see my nickname pop out like this! 😛

    1. then maybe its true. or maybe its the guy using his power of persuasion to make something up. guess we will find out soon cuz id have to guess the master doc has info on the gyms

  5. Yes to a shota leader! Make it happen!
    Hearing about the cheerleader girl sounds like she’s pretty hawt (or more like a Flannery rip-off with less tomboyish appearance and personality), and for the wheelchair guy… That’s my idea four years ago like Triple Battles, a V-Shaped Pokemon (y’know, Victini), and the Technologically Advance Region… Is GameFreak reading my mind or something or one of my neighbors?

      1. No I didn’t.
        I just placed my ideas in my Notepad, And nothing else. I never used the internet past 2 years ago… *goes quiet and think of those days playing GBA and Basketball with my friends*

        1. Oh yeah, I have no computer during 2006 (that “past four years ago”). I just bought a laptop during “Past 2 years” so…

  6. I don’t think the gym leader rumour is true…..

    A guy in a wheelchair with a terminal illness sporting the POISON type? It just all seems a bit risky……..

    I guess Aloe being grass type with match her name somewhat…..but still not sure on it.

      1. yeah it could be true. but i think its not cuz dento and aroe got revealed at the same time so i think they may have a connection so that wouldnt make sense that aroe is a gym leader and dentos just some dude. also whatd u think of that team plasma thing? i wonder why theyre called team plasma too….

    1. It also seems strange for the Dragon type gym to not be the last gym. Dragon and dark don’t seem like they would both be gyms in the same region. Dragons have always been the last gym or the last member of the elite four. The status that accompanies the dragon type would be odd to be anything less that gym #8.

  7. Your boyfriend is so thoughtful. I wish I could find a girlfriend even half as dedicated as that guy!
    I’m usually the one telling my friends back in Japan the latest pokenews, and i’m half way accross the world from them! Surely it should be the other way round!

  8. Why do they keep taunting me with pictures of Desukan’s back! >.<
    I want to see the front so badly!
    Love the idea of snowboarding in a snowman suit.

    1. i dont wanna see any part of desukan at all ugh desukan is a major fail. but yeah thats a cool idea

  9. I don’t think that the gym leader rumors are true. Maybe the gym TYPING but not the leaders. Actually, the typing might be wrong too. I think we’ve seen a gym leader (in a Pokemon Sunday video, the one where they’re hanging out in the B+W Bus) – when they’re playing, they walk up to a man with long hair and a hat, and go “Gym Leader!” in engrish (it was.. kinda funny XDDD) He was wearing a hat, dressed in red and black, and not wearing a mask, so he doesn’t fit the descriptions. Some of the descriptions are cool but others are meh D:

    I think we’ve also seen a brief glimpse of an Electric leader too. -BEGIN FANGIRL RANT- Also, IF these are true, whyyyy is the fire leader STILL female!? We already HAD Flannery. We’ve had an old guy, a chick, and an afrotastic E4 member. I want a bishie fire gymleader guy, raaawr >:| Electric type fans got Volkner last round. -END FANGIRL RANT-

    1. wait when did we get the glimpse? but yeah i dont want another fire type leader thats a girl lets get a yound guy please

        1. when i first saw that when the video came out i thought it was a blonde girl with like little hair thingies on the side, but i guess it does look like headphones now that’s it a still shot… 😀

  10. to me personally i dont think this is true cuz i dont think aloe or aroe however u say it is a gym leader and if she was why grass type? but that commercial was pretty cool

  11. hey i need u guys opinion i reallyyyy want black and white annd cant wait until next spring so i might get it from japan. but they sed in this game u do make descisions that affect the game and since i dont get japanese i wouldnt know what i was deciding. i also wouldnt know the moves. and the story is more complicated so i wudnt really know the story. its also around 60 bucks plus s/h from play asia so shud i get it from japan?

    1. well before i couldn’t speak japanese (back when diamon and pearl first came out) i got them in japanese and i got through the game fine, when you strat playing you kinda memorize the “yes (hai) and “no” (iie) so that usually isn’t much of a problem….but they only thing that reallyREALLY sucked is that i didn’t know what to do sometimes and i didn’t get the storyline at all. all iknew then was this team galactic was threaitng the world and next thing you know, they’re on mt. coronet and i don’t know why. xDD

      but this game is a bit more drived on decisions apparently, so i’m not sure if it will be a bit harder to play if you wanna take a certain path (like good or evil etc.)

      but, i did make it through all the way like i said and i still reallyREALLY enjoyed it. 😀

      so it’s really up to you, if you have the money and can be patient with it then go right ahead. 😀

    1. yeah but its possible its not a gym according to pokebeach that honey comb “gym” is in that thing that looks like a hot airballoon thats the farthest point north west u know what im talking about? i doubt that place is a gym but maybe

    2. kinda.. but it was also somewhat confirmed as something else in isshu *forgets*
      but at the same time it did have gym music in the background.

  12. rumors are fake they wouldnt start with a water gym and there are no ground gyms just rock :/

    1. who says they wouldnt start with a water gym? and um hello giovanni=ground not rock

    2. well he is the only exception they and they probably wont have a dark gym because no dark type has been announced and there’s no psychic gym leader with the amount of psychic pokemon they have coming out there is going to be a psychic gym

  13. i can’t see these being true at all. for one, there’s no bug gym. two, no mention of electric. three, they’re all just a bit too interestng to be created by gamefreak. terminal illness? no. dark leader with mask? definitely not.

    1. no i think game freak could maake that i mean they have made an amazing game that we havent even played yet aka black and white and have made amazing pokemon games in the past so i think they could make this

  14. Water gym first would be a great idea =) and if the dark gym is true how much do you wanna bet he/she will have a Zoroark?

  15. paul, you’re “moe” at the end is aorable. 😛


  16. I love, love, LOVE the idea of the Poison type leader

    This single leader really stood out from the rest of the rumored gym leaders.
    Having a gym leader like this would be so AWESOME. It seems so clever and seems so surreal to be in a Pokemon. It would also show how diversified the series’ NPCs have become.
    Plus having another poison gym would be awesome.

    I just hope he won’t end up a total sissy like Wally was. =p

    Sadly though this conflicts with the more recent rumor released, which says that Aloe is a cook. However in this rumor she’s apparently a Grass-type gym leader.

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