2CH SCAN=FAKE, Plasma Leader/Admin Shown?

Hey everyone, it’s your friendly neighborhood Daigo here making a quick update for Pokejungle. The scan from 2ch is unfortunately fake. From what I read from users like Kriffix in the comments on the previous post, the naming of the Pokemon seem like literal translations from an English translator, and from what I also read the Japanese on the above page is horrendous. Also Victini’s weight is incorrect, and Desukan’s backsprite isn’t right.

So..that’s that. The scans fake, CoroCoro releases August 11, so head back to Pokejungle for all your Black and White needs a little bit before then.

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Many thanks to user SymphonicMuffin for finding this. But it seems that the above photo shows Team Plasma’s leader/admin saying something of some sorts. I can’t read or comprehend Japanese, so I’m not sure if it’s real or not. Thanks to PLDH for the image!

P.S. – Sorry for me taking so long on the update! I had senior pictures today that took far longer than expected, then I went out with some friends after. :/

Forgive me please? :3

P.P.S. – It’s way past my bedtime, and I’m starting to lose mental sanity. Hopefully if any news leaks Pokejungle will be on top of it, if not, I’ll be covering it for you guys if he needs me to. 🙂