Jungle Funnies #9: Dating is a lot like Pokémon…

Rejoice! Our weekly comic has returned now that gaming news has slowed down 🙂 Zach is back and ready to entertain! Have you had a significant other that shared your Poké-Passion? I guess I’m still waiting to find a guy who’s into Pokémon as much as me. Serebii keeps rejecting my advances 🙁 <3 PJ … Read more

Jungle Funnies #8: Pokémon Adventures IRL

Another comic by our wonderful artist Zach! We’re back to Pokémon-themed humor this week, too 😉 <3 PJ FEATURED DISCUSSION: Help us hatch some Cleffas by posting on the forum!  & Favorite Region Poll by Alpha Archeops127

Jungle Funnies #6: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

We all know May wanted to be the star of Pokémon Contests, but did she even have a choice in the first place? Zack Flavin looks at one of Pokémon’s gender stereotypes. <3 PJ FEATURED DISCUSSION: Who will you use in Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire? by New Archeops127

Jungle Funnies #5: Swagger

Zach is back with a great new comic 😀 Looks like Mega Swampert will be kicking ass and taking names 😉 <3 PJ FEATURED DISCUSSION: E3 2014 

Jungle Funnies #4: Gloomy Goomy

This week is actually sort of a break for our cartoonist Zach Flavin, but he was kind enough to sketch something up quick for us 😀 We all have those days that just don’t quite go as planned, so in the comments I’d like to hear about your #worstdayever! Bonus points if it relates to … Read more

Jungle Funnies #3: Cyclin’ in Lumiose

Jungle Funnies is back for its third week, again done by Zach Flavin (he’s on twitter, too!) and this time the focus is on an XY situation most breeders have found themselves in 🙂 <3 PJ FEATURED DISCUSSION: Electronicish Song By Me by Ookaruss EX