3 New Videos [WOW] (UPD4)

Just… watch them.  Please.  Oh, and stay tuned to pokejungle.  Because I love you?  I wanna bring you the FASTEST news.  These apparently come from the Nintendo Channel on the Wii!  Seen these videos and BORED already?  Go check out my updated ‘BW Manga’ post! httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVGvlT69B8M 3 Plasma members ambush you in a city Wargle … Read more

BW Manga Scans (UPD: English Scans)

Thought you all might enjoy these :3  I myself like reading the occasional manga volume and these seem nicely illustrated and make Wargle look a lot more kick-ass.  There are some attacks that Tsutaja, Pokabu, and Wargle used which may not be indicative of moves they learn in-game, but nonetheless they’re worth pointing out since … Read more

Full CoroCoro Scans (Special Ed) + Fakemon

I doubt other sites will end up covering this because these scans reveal *nothing* new, but I felt you all were probably curious to see them anyways :3  The last scan is a poster that comes with it and you can see there is a screenshot of the ‘Battle Subway’ area.  Wish the captions were … Read more

Possible New Pokemon

Hey Loyal PokéJunglers! Wow, it’s been a record breaking day! 😀 Five posts in one day! The PokéCommunity on 2ch has really been buzzing with rumors and other little tidbits and with all of that talk this picture came up. There’s no name as of yet and no information on it at all really. So there’s a very … Read more

New Character: Riine *FAKE*

A *very* small scan has just leaked showing us the bottom corner of a new female character: Riine [ree-neh].  The poster on 2ch who linked this image named them as the leader of Team Plasma.  The caption does indeed state that this character is indeed some kind of mysterious leader and is after Iris. Also … Read more

Pokemon USA Sweepstakes!

A new contest hosted by Pokemon USA just started this morning!  They are offering up a grand prize bundle with a DS, HGSS, TCG, and more… along with a second place collector’s tin of TCG cards.  Unfortunately you must live in the US to enter. If any of my fellow Americans are interested in entering … Read more