Hi-Rez Scans (UPD- New scan!)

Scan 1- (I knew this was missing but it JUST popped up!) Page 3: Introducing CHEREN!  In that first screenshot he’s saying “Inside this present are our Pokemon”, which explains why the trailers have show a present being unwrapped before you choose your pokemon.  The little screenshot below that is the “card” on the present … Read more

BW Pamphlet Scans! (Complete translations)

Scan 1- Showing off the new “triple battle” feature that was first seen back in the Oha Suta trailer.  Position of your pokemon in player is important for some new attack dynamics. Scan 2- Talking about wireless features, the map in the bottom right hand corner shows the new map!  You can exchange information and … Read more

CoroCoro leak! (few small updates)

These are pretty small images, even after you click the thumbnails, so we’ll hopefully get better shots soon… but may have to wait until tomorrow.  I guess these will have to tide us over 😀 Scan 1 – Kibago, Koromori, and Minezumi are shown.  Koromori seems to focus on its heart shaped nose, as we … Read more

Pokemon Sunday…

…showed the above silhouette of a bird pokemon!  I dunno, you guys think it might be Mamepato’s final stage?  Hopefully CoroCoro will leak tonight or tomorrow night 😀 <3 pokejungle ps- I love all my fans who have already joined pokejungle on Facebook!  And… to be honest I love all my fans who haven’t joined us on … Read more

More CoroCoro Rumors

In addition to the two new Pokemon Pokebeach covered tonight, thought I’d do a quick post before bed of the latest CoroCoro “summaries” that have been posted.  Totally unconfirmed and possibly made up bs: Gochiruzeru (green blob), Rankurusu (goth), Kibago (larvitar-ish one), Hatopo- (notice PO not BO, still long “o” but I feel like people … Read more

Pokebeach reveals 2 pokemon! (UPD)

Full credit for the pictures goes to Pokebeach…  Bidoof on two legs, no?  This is the oft hypothesized about Minezumi NOT Nezumimi.  And no name on the other pokemon yet 🙂  I just call it red ears 😀  (red-orange really). Minezumi is also the pokemon features in this leaked screenshot: <3 pokejungle ps- After reading … Read more