Dae asks: Favorite Spin-off

So we got some pretty surprising news this weekend. Hope you all like the idea of a Pokémon crossover SRPG, as I love it.

Anyway, this is a perfect timing for some spin-off discussion. What is your favorite (or least favorite) spin-off ever released? Do you like the spin-off games in general? Or do you think they’ve gotten worse over time? Personally, I only like Pokémon Stadium and Snap. Ranger and Mystery Dungeon were a let-down for me, but I know a lot of you like them. It’s all a matter of preference and choice.

Made up your mind? Good! Tell us about it in the comments below.


  1. I’m part of a rare & legendary tribe who like Ranger games instead of Dungeons… -_-
    My favourite has got to be Rumble Blast for me. There’s something exciting about challenging a boss and seeing if you will get it or not… also, the toys are cute =P

  2. I love Ranger and Mystery Dungeon, and actually enjoyed Pokepark. I’ve yet to play Rumble Blast, but will be doing so soon, as I’m getting it for Christmas! 🙂

  3. i put my hands up for pokedex 3d because you can take a pic of your mii with your fav poke plus if you ask the right people, you can take a 1:1 scale pic of your fav poke

  4. My favourite has to be XD and Collosseum- just amazing spin offs and most similar to the main rpg’s, however i love the storylines of the mystery dungeons and in many ways they outclass the main rpg’s storywise, the ranger gaes are also quite fun and are good if you like beating quests and gaining achievements like i do!, snap has also been an old favourite and i love the old stadium games too….. id say my least favourite and in my opinion most pointless spin offs were the dash and trojei games….. storyless and low satisfaction…..

    Overall id say the spin offs are in no way pointless..in fact in my opinion they enrich the franchise by offering an alternate way of playing in the pokemon universe, each offering their own enjoyment and style for differnet types of fans and moods…

  5. I love the console spin-offs, Pokepark was fun, the first Stadium (US) was just near perfection. The mini games were the best, I don’t know why they haven’t made a mario party style game with different pokemon themed challenges… I played one of the dungeons it was ok, but not my cup of tea. All of those other one shot spin-offs hurt my eyes (dash, trojei, that funky typing game).

    We all know what the best spin-off would be, A real home console style rpg. Just imagine using your wiimote to toss a pokeball, a beautifully rendered free-roam world similar to Xenoblade… Think of the money Nintendo THINK OF THE MONEY!

  6. I’ve loved most of the spinoffs. Colo and XD are definitely my all-time favorites, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed Ranger and MD as well and can’t wait for this new series!

    Good luck on your French test!

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