Jump Festa Reveals Brand New Game! [UPD2]


The game is called Pokemon + Nobunaga’s Ambition, and will be released in spring 2012 on the Nintendo DS! The game is a crossover of Pokemon and Nobunga’s Ambition (obviously) and for those who don’t know about Nobunga’s Ambition: It’s a turn-based RPG game set in feudal Japan, where the goal of the game is to become the ultimate warlord and take over Japan. Except in this game it’ll take place in the Ranse Region.

Basically, how I see it anyways, this game will take place in the past and feature the player trying to become the ultimate warlord of the Ranse Region with the help of their Pokemon. How this will translate in the game is beyond me. ‘Cause literally nothing else is known about the game. :p

UPD: Details have come in from the official site!

  • Just like in the main games yo can choose your gender, Eevee is your starter Pokemon
  • Oichi is the girl with the Jigglypuff, she’s your ally and helps you throughout the game
  • Nobunaga is the man with Zekrom as his partner and is the primary warlord
  • Shingen is the man with Groudon as his partner
  • Kenshin is the man with Mewtwo as his partner
  • Mitsuhude is the man with Articuno as his partner
The website says that new information will be added in January, so it’s probably the game that CoroCoro promised to reveal in their next issue. Anyways, click the spoilers below for the trailer and pictures! (click pictures to enlarge)


UPD2: New HQ trailer, courtesy of us!


So what’re your first thoughts about the new game? Discuss in the comments!

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  1. Well I knew it wasn’t going to be a main game…but I really wasn’t expecting this! Haha. After seeing the footage, it actually looks pretty good, I wasn’t sure what exactly to expect just from seeing the picture, it’ll be interesting to know the story line/objectives.
    And that art style…♥
    Though some of the Pokemon kinda look out of place but I think that’s to be expected. x)
    ….AND YES EEVEE. ♥

  2. Pokemon and samurai what the F-
    Wait, Pokemon and Fire Emblem/Advance Wars? That sounds awesome!

    That was my initial reaction.
    PS: How likely is it to get a western release I wonder?

  3. Pokemon and feudal Japanese fantasy? I’m sorry, I know the screenshots look shiny and impressive, but… I’m extremely skeptical.

    1. …….Good point. xD
      And actually how is it that all their clothing has the Pokeball design when the current one wasn’t made until much, much, much later. :p

      Who needs logic in Pokemon?

    2. No it wasn’t the time donkey. The samurai/ninja guy made a wish for a boss psychic type, and Jirachi sent Celebi to fetch Mewtwo during his “who am I” emo period.

  4. o______O

    Was. Not. Expecting.

    The trailer seems rather impressive, but what I want to see now is some gameplay footage to see how a.) battles and b.) obtaining Pokémon work. :/

  5. i am thinking that mewtwo and nobunga must of come to ranse through a wormhole from either time (mewtwo) or space (nobunga)
    ps i was expecting that shocking game must of been grey having a crossover with metroid due to a bounty on kyurem for terrorising other planets

  6. Did anyone look at the Official Website? At the bottom it says something and “3DS”. Can anybody read that? x)

  7. OK, so this is the game revealed at Jump Festa.
    But if it’s also the one that will be revealed on the CoroCoro scan… I’ll be quite disappointed.
    I’ve been anticipating a new PMD game, Gray, or what I wanted the most, RS Remake.

    1. This game is basically 100% confirmed to be the one that CoroCoro will “reveal” next month. 😐

      Going off patterns though, a PMD or Ranger game featuring Unova Region Pokemon will probably happen eventually. And as for Grey/RSE remake: I think we’ll probably get our first bit of news for Grey around the time this game comes out (spring 2012) with Grey itself coming out at the towards the end of 2012 for Japan (Spring/Summer 2013 for US) and then the RSE remakes will probably come out shortly after.

      If I had it my way I’d have the RSE remake in my DS right now. ;-;

  8. It looks good actually, I love the music in the trailer. But I have a question: are we able to evolve our eevee into any eeveelution we want?

    Jeeeez first Pokémon Rumble Blast. Such a bad game. Now THIS. Why not make a Pokémon Ranger, PMD, remake or Pokémon Grey?! I don’t have any NICE Pokémon game to play now. And I’m not going to buy this either.

    1. The quality should be comparable to PMD or Ranger. Maybe even better.
      The only problem is that it isn’t likely it will be released outside Japan.
      And even if Gray was announced, it would take almost a year to reach the shelves.

  10. Not usually into the spinoff type games when it comes to Pokemon, but I’m actually totally interested in this game now. I cant wait to see how it plays! This is exactly the kind of spinoff Pokemon needed, if you ask me.

  11. wurst pokemon game even :S

    you cant name it pokemon anymore :S
    OMG what happens with pokemon!!!! no idea any more or what??

    1. English isn’t a strong suit of yours, is it?

      1) All we have right now are a few screen shots and a trailer. There is no way to know yet if it will be good or bad.
      2) The game is centered around using Pokemon to reach your goal, therefore it is a Pokemon game.

  12. Huh, wasn’t expecting this at all, honestly it seemed kind of weird at first, but I’m legitimately excited now. I think this is just what the series needs, something to set it apart and this seems to be it. I like how the legendarys are divided up between the “warlords” or people. I hope this will make it to America. But I’m not getting my hopes up yet.

  13. I’m actually excited for this game. This is actually an original new concept for a Pokemon game. A little more serious one too.

  14. OMG!!!! Epical spasm engage…!
    Nintendo, game freak, creatures inc working with koie… could it get any better…?
    Haven’t watched the trailer yet (seeing as it is like 21:30 in the UK and I am on my 3DS, but from the main picture and the screenshots… I’m both excited & curious as to how this will work out!
    As to all the people who wanted another MD, third game or remake… tough break: seems like Nintendo are trying to branch out a bit but dont worry only another few months on details of another game (movie 16… im lookin at you)

  15. Ahh… I know I already left a comment, but I was a little more “stunned” then than I am now, so it was pretty insubstantial. And now that I’ve gotten over the surprise of seeing a game completely new for the Pokemon franchise, I have the following statement: this game is bad news. Seriously. It’s bad news for us, the players in the West, because unless we can read/speak Japanese (yeah yeah, gloat all you want, PJ) chances are we’ll never play this game over here. I mean, Japanese feudal society fantasy games are probably a lot more interesting to Japanese players than to American players who probably don’t know the first thing about feudal society or why it might be intriguing. The Nobunaga’s Ambition series is also largely Japan-exclusive already, so there’s that. But ignoring the fact that this game has a low chance of being localized in the US, the other issue I see with it is that it’s not innovative. Well, I take that back; it’s certainly innovative. It’s definitely something new, and an ambitious new approach to an ambitious new setting, and I just realized that the game has “Ambition” in the title and that was a sentence full of puns, so I apologize. But I don’t think it’s innovative enough, and before you harp on me for being too critical, I want you to consider for a moment what this game represents. Quite frankly, it represents a bit of a dead end to me. Feel free to disagree, but it seems like Nintendo is just beating around the bush at this point, taking longer and longer and building up more and more unspoken dramatic tension before they reveal Gray or R/S remakes or whatever new thing they’ll show that ends in “Version.” The longer we have to wait before Nintendo shows us their next main series installment, the more I worry that it’s not going to live up to the endless hype, and the more elaborate the spinoff games in the meanwhile become (this game being about the apex of elaborate spinoff games) the more distressed I am that the company is winging it behind the curtain. But maybe I’m just paranoid.

  16. I actually like how this game is looking. Let’s just hope it comes out in the U.S.A.

    And…. is Kenshin giving us the middle finger? 0-o (Look at his pic closely.)

  17. Really random series to do a crossover with pokémon, Nobunaga’s ambition is more underground than diglett, WELL outside of japan that is, seriously if they wanted to do a crossover, why not with another more recognizable franchise like dragon quest, final fantasy or digimon?

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