Next Month’s CoroCoro to Reveal New Game!

This month’s CoroCoro issue, along with containing the July 14th movie debut date, also tells us that the next issue will reveal the first scoop on a new Pokemon game! It says that it will be the world premier for the information.  During the BW launch, many ‘CoroCoro Scoops’ actually ended up being revealed through other means first, such as being previewed on morning show Oha! Suta, so whether or not we actually first hear about this new game from CoroCoro remains to be seen.

Gray?  Remakes?! Let’s battle it out in the comment section! (Please no new legendary “formes”)

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  1. It’ll probably be a spin off, main games usually get released in September.

    And why no new forms? Kyurem seriously needs one, and his whole backstory blatantly screams he’ll get one.

    1. Did it say anything about releasing? Main games are often revealed months before their release.

    2. Being released in September would clearly indicate a reveal early in the year, and it ties in nicely with the movie.

      1. Main games are released in september, and usually announced around june of that year.
        From the Nintendo financial briefing we know ther’s going to be a game released in spring 2012, so that’ll be the one they announce in january.
        It’s probably a spin off. Hope not though!

        1. But… I don’t want another spin-off. :'(
          They have been lacklustering in quality in recent years. They should refocus them on quality instead of quantity. Maybe a spin-off from Retro Studios (sadly, not likely)

          Except, me don’t wanting something doesn’t mean it won’t happen. I’m not that stupid.

  2. As long as it’s not something that will seriously troll us or get our hopes up high again..which is already likely to happen I’m hoping for PMD3 or Pokemon Gray/Grey. And I’m secretly hoping there will be a Pokemon Snap for the 3DS one day. >u<

  3. maybe it’ll be either:
    2 third games ie: grey + (another colour)
    could possibly be all 3 third gen remakes…??? hurry up!!!!

  4. Chances are it’s going to be third installment and its going to play a homage to the movie. It be really exciting if Keyrum does in fact get a new Forme.

  5. Definitely hoping for RSEmakes! 😀 Keeping my fingers crossed on that~

    OR! A Mystery Dungeon game! 😀 I really wanna play as a Snivy~ <3

  6. My highest hope is for a RS Remake (No Emerald, since Crystal wasn’t remade. :/ )
    I wouldn’t mind a PMD, but those games are the kind I usually can play only once.
    A new form for Kyurem would be interesting, but I don’t see why it’s called for. Kyurem is simply the frozen remnant of the great dragon that the Energy Trio used to be, as legend has it. Maybe they’ll base the game off of that dragon, and make it a step or two short of Arceus in terms of power. (I don’t like that idea.) But anyway, if it’s Chrome/Grey/Gray, so be it. I’ll buy it with hopes that the story line is improved…
    Not into Ranger games…
    Anything else doesn’t interest me…

  7. On one hand, I really want Ruby/Sapphire remakes. At this point, I’m so tired of trudging around Unova, I really just want a break to a new region. The circular-ness of Unova is getting so boring and roundabout, I just want a game where there’s some place NEW to go. On the other hand, the new movie about Kyurem does seem to indicate a Kyurem-focused game in the near future, which sounds more like Gray than Ruby/Sapphire remakes. But as long as it’s a main-series game of some kind, I’ll be happy. Just so long as it’s not POKEMON TYPING 2: MORE BADLY-ROMANIZED NAMES!

  8. It better not be a spin-off, otherwise i’ll probably given up on the Unova region! C’mon GameFreak don’t troll us with spin-offs anymore. We mean it! >:(

  9. I’d love for it to be a R/S remake or a new stadium game!
    We have 3D models of every Pokémon, so why not a 3DS Pokémon Stadium or Snap?

  10. It’s obviously a Spin-Off. When have they ever announced a main game in January? I hope it’s PMD or else I won’t be buying it. I haven’t really liked any Pokemon games other than the Main Series or PMD.

  11. i will wait until the game…
    -several months later-
    What Pokemon Black and White 3?! >:(

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