New Announcement on Next Week’s “Pokémon Smash”!

At the end of today’s Pokémon Smash episode, a short blurb was shown about a new project that would be announced on next week’s show! This could be game, merchandise, or TRETTA related… or something else entirely. The Japanese there says “Urgent new project announcement!” Perhaps whatever it is will leak on 2ch this week, so … Read more

What is “Pokémon Tretta”?

Thanks to Pokémon blog AAPF, we learned that Nintendo has filed a new trademark for “Pokémon Tretta”. AAPF also mentioned that this is likely for toys or merchandise in Japan, although an English logo is also provided. Merchandise? Game? What do you guys think?! I’d like to see an actual logo instead of this mock-up for … Read more

Pokémon Adventure Camp

Trademark for “Pokémon Adventure Camp” has been filed by Nintendo. UPD: Pokémon blog AAPF reports that both GameFreak and Creatures Inc. have been named in the filing! Guess I was wrong, looks like a new game! <3 pokejungle

Next Month’s CoroCoro to Reveal New Game!

This month’s CoroCoro issue, along with containing the July 14th movie debut date, also tells us that the next issue will reveal the first scoop on a new Pokemon game! It says that it will be the world premier for the information.  During the BW launch, many ‘CoroCoro Scoops’ actually ended up being revealed through other means … Read more