Pokémon Sword & Shield Expansion Pass DLC The Isle of Armor has been released!

The Isle of Armor can now be downloaded and played! HOORAY! We want to know what you’re doing on your adventure, so be sure to share in the comments and also join our Discord server for live chat!

Preliminary Information Pages

These are not complete and will continue to be updated


I’ll be documenting some of what I discover in this post, but to prevent anyone from being spoiled, it will be in this accordion block, so you need to expand it to see!

  • Ok, finally starting
  • Your Pokédex is upgraded immediately when you get the the isle
  • DLC starts with a case of mistaken identity, lol
  • Avery’s Abra was level 58, my Pokémon ranged from 63-67. His slowpoke was level 60.
  • Full camera control on Isle of Armor, appears to be a giant Wild Area
  • Girl on the way to dojo showed me dex entry for Miltank
  • Found a Galarica Twig
  • Dojo Master Mustard battled using Mienfoo at level 61 and Shinx lv ?
  • Ok, sorry, I’m too busy updating pages to fully note down everything here!

Have fun everyone!