Technical Record (TR) Locations in the Isle of Armor

Technical Machines (TMs) and Technical Records (TRs) allow your Pokémon to learn new moves. They differ in one key way: TMs can be used multiple times, while a TR is a single-use item. Unlike past games which had single-use TMs, TRs can be replaced with another move and then learned again via the Move Reminder.

On the overworld, these items will appear as yellow Poké Ball-like item balls.

Work in progress. This will continuted to be updated.

Brawlers’ Cave TRs

  • TR31 Iron Tail: Near the Max Raid den

Challenge Beach TRs

  • TR80 Electro Ball: Across the river from the Soothing Wetlands near where it flows into the Forest of Focus
  • TR98 Liquidation: Behind the Tower of Waters

Challenge Road TRs

  • TR95 Throat Chop: Behind the Tower of Darkness

Courageous Cavern TRs

  • TR37 Taunt: Deepest room in the cavern behind the rock. Three Max Raid dens surround it

Fields of Honor TRs

  • TR64 Focus Blast: On the right side of the dojo straight back from the garden

Forest of Focus TRs

  • TR78 Slude Wave: Found under a tree across a body of water

Honeycalm Island TRs

  • TR97 Pollen Puff: At base of tree in the center

Honeycalm Sea TRs

  • TR19 Tri Attack: Head to the mainland from Honeycalm Island and there is a small alcove with a raid den, follow the small path behind it

Insular Sea TRs

  • TR62 Dragon Pulse: On the large island

Potbottom Desert TRs

  • TR21 Reversal: Follow rock wall
  • TR87 Drill Run: In front of a rock along the rock wall

Soothing Wetlands TRs

  • TR26 Endure: Head through the Soothing Wetlands to the river and it can be found next to the cave opening
  • TR77 Grass Knot: Next to the tree on patch of ground surrounded by water along northern wall

Stepping-Stone Sea TRs

  • TR89 Hurricane: On the large island

Training Lowlands TRs

  • TR49 Calm Mind: Use bicycle to navigate river up towards the Forest of Focus

Warm-Up Tunnel TRs

  • TR76 Stealth Rock: Down corridor in the tunnel

Workout Sea

  • TR43 Overheat: On large southern island