Item Locations in the Isle of Armor

Throughout your adventures on the Isle of Armor, you’ll be able to find many items.

Work in progress. This will continuted to be updated.

Gift Items

  • Style Card: Given to you by Avery or Klara after your first battle with them outside the station in the Fields of Glory. Unlocks new hair styles and clothing options.
  • Exp. Charm: Given to you by Hyde when you enter the dojo.

Items in the Wild

These are items in Poké Ball-like item balls, not items found in sparkling spots on the ground.

Brawlers’ Cave

  • Iron: Near rock pillar close to exit that leads to Challenge Road
  • Rare Bone: In flat, low area with Max Raid den

Challenge Beach Items

  • Cell Battery: Found in southern-most area on the grassland past the beach
  • Zinc: Found past the berry tree towards the Tower of Waters
  • Mystic Water: Behind the Tower of Waters

Challenge Road Items

  • Muscle Band: On the level leading up to the tower to the left of the stairs
  • Black Glasses: Behind the tower
  • Metal Coat: Near entrance to Brawler’s Cave

Courageous Cavern Items

  • Icy Rock: Along the river next to a rock

Fields of Honor Items

  • HP Up: On the hill overlooking the ocean east of the dojo
  • Expert Belt: On east side of dojo
  • Max Revive: South of the station
  • Sun Stone: Head north of the station and keep to the left. Found on raised area in front of watery cave.

Forest of Focus Items

  • Leaf Stone: Near berry tree
  • Miracle Seed: Near the other berry tree
  • Shed Shell: Next to a tree alongside the river
  • Hyper Potion: Next to a berry tree in a small alcove

Honeycalm Sea Items

  • Dragon Scale: On a small island past Honeycomb Island

Potbottom Desert Items

  • Rocky Helmet: In front of rock straight from entrance/exit of Warm-Up Tunnel
  • Flame Orb: Next to the two dead trees
  • Smooth Rock: Head right from the exit of Warm-Up Tunnel along the rock wall
  • Protector: Along the southern rock wall
  • Fire Stone: Next to tree near eastern-most wall

Soothing Wetlands Items

  • Damp Rock: Next to submerged log near the berry tree
  • Poké Doll: Near a tree in the northern area in front of the river
  • Black Sludge: Along northern wall in a puddle of water
  • Protein: Near the entrance to the Brawlers’ Cave

Stepping-Stone Sea Items

  • Toxic Orb: On island with rock and Max Raid den

Training Lowlands Items

  • Moomoo Milk: Along eastern wall leading to cave entrance
  • Upgrade: Behind large rock formation when approaching cave entrance
  • Carbos: To the side of the stone steps

Workout Sea Items

  • Calcium: On island across from the station in the Fields of Honor
  • Destiny Knot: On the largest island next to a rock
  • Dubious Disc: On the barren island far to the east
  • Rare Candy: On the far eastern island with a rock