Pokémon GO announces plans for daily encounters, free item boxes

In a continued bid to make Pokémon GO easier to play from home, Niantic has revealed new steps they’re taking to improve the game. The official details were posted on the game’s blog:

In our continued efforts to adapt Pokémon GO’s gameplay to individual settings, we’re excited to announce that we’ll be testing two features: daily guaranteed Pokémon encounters and Daily Free Boxes.

Daily guaranteed Pokémon encounters

A limited group of Trainers will soon get a special visit from Professor Willow! If you’re part of this test, he’ll tell you that he’s been working on a special kind of Incense. This Incense won’t appear in your Item Bag, but it’ll be active after Professor Willow gives it to you, attracting a Pokémon once a day that’ll appear only for you. Be sure to check the game every day to see what Pokémon will appear!

Daily Free Boxes in the shop

Soon, a small number of Trainers will be able to receive a free box of items daily in the shop! If you’re part of this test, the Shop button will display a notification when a Daily Free Box is available. To get your Daily Free Box, simply go to the shop and claim the box in the Free section. The box will contain different items each time, so be sure to claim your Daily Free Box every day to see what items you get!

We will be rolling these features out over the coming months to more Trainers, so keep an eye out for updates.

We recommend logging in soon to see if you get into the initial rollout of either feature!

In addition, to celebrate the launch of Pokémon Sword & Shield’s first Expansion Pass release, The Isle of Armor, Galarian Farfetch’d have now spawned across the world! There are also special clothing items for your avatar as well.

In celebration of the release of The Isle of Armor (part one of the Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield Expansion Pass for Nintendo Switch), Galarian Farfetch’d is making its debut! Plus, you can pick up avatar items themed around Galarian Farfetch’d and the Isle of Armor.

Galarian Farfetch’d arrives in Pokémon GO Galarian Farfetch’d is appearing in the wild! This is your chance to catch this Wild Duck Pokémon, which fights bravely using its thick, tough leek!

Date + Time Wednesday, June 17, 2020, at 6:00 a.m. to Thursday, June 18, 2020, at 6:00 a.m. PDT (GMT −7)

In addition, avatar items inspired by Galarian Farfetch’d are available in the Style Shop, so you can match Galarian Farfetch’d on your adventures!

Isle of Armor–themed avatar items available! To honor the Isle of Armor, avatar items themed after the training clothing you can wear on the Isle of Armor are now available! You can get them at no cost, so check out the Style Shop!

Make sure to grab them while you can! Let us know what you think about the GO news in the comments below.

  1. Isle of Armor question:
    Could someone tell me in Vague, General terms what Mustard means when he says “does what he needs to do” ? I’d like to figure it out myself, but I definetly need a clue

    1. Which part of the Isle of Armor are you referring to? I just did the story yesterday and I’ve already forgotten where he said that.

      1. I just evolved my Kubfu into Urshifu and he says “the next step can wait until Butter does what he has to do”
        Again, if you could, be vague, I just want a clue

        (Also btw good to see you)

  2. Hello everyone 🙂 I hope you’ve been enjoying Isle of Armor as much as I have. I’m not sure how they did it but Game Freak almost won me back with this DLC. If Isle of Armor and Crown Tundra had been a part of the game from the very beginning, I think there would be far fewer complaints about the generation in general. We can only hope that Pokemon’s big 2022 game will only improve on their progress made in 2020. If they do manage to do that with a full-game Wild Area and lots of secrets and side quests, they will have won me over entirely. I can’t wait for Fall to get here because if we are to believe what the leaks are already telling us, Crown Tundra is only going to exceed our expectations.

  3. So, I just finished watching a playthrough of the Isle of Armor. As we already know, Urshifu lives in the mountains in a distant, unspecified region.

    When that was originally revealed, everyone thought “maybe this is hinting to a future region” or something along those lines. But, watching that lore being mentioned again in the game itself, a thought actually crossed my mind. What if Urshifu is from Sinnoh?

    Yeah, I know, we didn’t see aby Urshifu in Sinnoh, but bear with me a little. But, most people are expecting DP remakes this Generation, and Sinnoh is the region with the most prominent mountain so far in the franchise.
    Not to mention, Sinnoh is based on Hokkaido, one of the homes of the Ainu people, who worship bears.

    If you interpret the Draconids from ORAS to be a reference to the Ryukyuan people, as the Ryukyus are often considered part of Kyushu, I’m expecting DP remakes to have some kind of reference to the Ainu. And now that they’re adding new Pokémon in the middle of Generations, I’ve expected this to include a new bear legendary in Sinnoh, but maybe it might just end up being Kubfu/Urshifu, or even Sinnohan Kubfu/Urshifu. Kim-un-kamuy, by the way, is the god of bears and mountains.

    Yeah, I know ORAS didn’t have any shisa or other Ryukyuan culture Pokémon (that I’m aware of), but at that time they didn’t introduce straight-up new Pokémon mid-Gen. We were only stuck at new forms (and, for the first time, moves).

  4. Man, why aren’t there any lists of Cramomatic recipes? Are those not as easy to data mine I wonder?

  5. Do the mons added with the expansion also appear on the regular routes & wild area in the game or just Isle of Armor?

  6. In the Isle of Armor, Are you using your play through team, building a whole new team, or just adding a few new ones to your play through team? And what is your team?

    Galarian Rapidash


  7. Is it possible to get Park Ball? I mean the yellow one.

    People apparently received Sport and Safari Ball, so it’s the only one left.

  8. so is the Shiny Zeraora raid hard as balls or was I just paired with a bad partner (Dude started it with 2 people only too).

  9. So I tried to get to the “Crown” island in the Isle of Armor and there is a very clear invisible wall there, so now I am convinced it’s something that will get unlocked with the Crown Tundra.

    1. There are a lot of identical crown symbols in the Galar map. I’m sure they’re just meant to represent grass. The island might be nothing, just like the small islands that are near the mainland and can be seen on the map but you can’t go to.

  10. My pokedex hasn’t registered Heracross despite being in my party as we speak? Its dex #121 below Pinsir

    1. Regarding Pokémon transferred via Home, just deposit it in the daycare and take it back to trigger the Pokédex to register it. 😉

  11. I’m sure you guys have heard the theory that this Gen’s Mythicals are related to the Starters. But for those who don’t know, because Zarude is a Grass ape like Grookey and its reveal trailer had it using a move on Rillaboom, there’s a theory that 2021 and 2022’s Mythicals will be a Fire rabbit and a Water reptile.

    If this theory is correct, how do you think the Mythicals will be?
    Zarude appears to be inspired by the Tarzan books if we go by the movie’s plot.
    The Fire rabbit might be inspired by Alice in Wonderland, where Alice ends in Wonderland by chasing the white rabbit.

    Any idea on the Water reptile? The best I can think is the Loch Ness monster. But that creates a few problems in my opinion.
    First, using the Loch Ness monster would mean this would be the only Mythical in the “trio” not based on a book, although you could say its counterpart Inteleon is James Bond, who is often depicted as Scottish.
    Second, is that this would mean Zarude would be the only one not based on British culture. The Tarzan character is a British lord, but the book, or at least the author, is American.

    Any other ideas?

    1. I remember thinking up this theory after Zarude was shown off. Didn’t realize it might be based on Tarzan so you may be right about the rabbit from Alice in wonderland. Not sure what they can do for water though besides Nessie though I’m sure there is something.

  12. Are GMax Blastoise and Venasaur available in raids? Cause I just missed a shiny one and I just want to make sure since I saw a locked raid for a Zarude

  13. Why would I ever go back to Mainland Galar now? The Isle of Armor is lush, fun, the raids there give more rewards, Pokemon follow you and there is no Hail weather.

  14. So what’s everyone’s verdict on the DLC? Is it worth it? Should it have been a part of the game originally? Is DLC the right direction for Pokemon?

    1. 1. For me, absolutely
      2. I was satisfied with the game before and it’s good they made this after the original because it’s clear they learned a lot from making the base game
      3. Yeah, it’s better than a third version and more content in the same region is a fun concept

    2. The DLC is definitely worth it. Isle of Armor looks a lot better than the wild area and the pokemon models to me look a lot cleaner. There are some glitches though like I’ve seen people going up and over rocks on their bikes but that’s just something minor. I do feel like it was a bit short but I’m sure Crown Tundra will be more story focused

  15. The Shadow Pikachu plush in the background of Pokemon presents makes me hopeful that it’s either a remake or a new game in the XD/Colosseum franchise, which maybe could explain all the Gen 2 stuff that also was in the background. Though the fact that there wasn’t anything related to Gen 3 wouldn’t make sense in that case. Well, anyway, Let’s Go Johto is more likely anyway, though it does make me very worried about Gen 4 remakes this gen. The worst case scenario would be Let’s Go games replacing normal remakes from now on, so let’s hope that doesn’t happen

  16. So potential Crown Tundra spoilers from IoA datamine:
    There are apparently 2 extra Pokemon that they haven’t revealed, and Calyrex has a Kyurem like relationship with them where it changes forme when fusing with one of them. Their names seem to imply they are also a Black and white Pokemon pair, and they might be Horses or Knights.

    1. One of the missions/chapters is titled “The Sacred Bonds of Sovereign and Steed!”, so it means they’re horses. So the question is, does Calyrex ride these Pokémon, or does it fuse with them into centaurs? Having Calyrex mount them would make the fusions more unique than Kyurem and Necrozma’s, but I kinda want a centaur Pokémon.

      Funnily enough, these last few days before the DLC, for some reason I’ve been thinking about how we still don’t have centaur Pokémon.

  17. Hey guys, this location layout implies more DLC is planned.


    So, bottom left seems like something based on the North Isles, but with its location moved slightly south. Bottom right could be something based on the Hebrides, but it seems a bit too small. Alternatively it’s just part of the Crown Tundra. Top right has a border on what would be Ireland. Finally, there’s a square above Wyndon, slightly to the right. Isle of Wight?
    By the way, the small rectangles on sea are clouds and waves.

    If all of those get made Galar might legit become the biggest region ever. Seriously, how long can this Generation last? However, they’re gonna need some new ordinary Pokémon if they intend to run SwSh for years. Having lots of DLC with Legendaries as the only new species can get old very fast. I mean, many people were disappointed Isle of Armor had no surprise Pokémon or Galarian forms.

    Maybe Ireland is where the unseen Gyms are. Seriously, I’ll be disappointed if they never answer where the rest of the Gyms are, or if they somehow imply all the 18 Gyms are in the cities we’ve already seen and they’re just unreachable. I get that the version-exclusive Gyms likely share cities (though I think Melony’s rare card seems to imply the Ice and Rock Gyms don’t), but it’s a bit dumb if all of them are in just these 8 cities and the minor ones are all part of the “invisible world” for lack of a better term.

    I wonder if a North Isles DLC would introduce aquatic roaming Legendaries. The Isle of Armor had water paths, but was mostly a big island with smaller ones around. Meanwhile, an archipelago area would require more frequent use of water routes. And I think they should make an aquatic trio/group someday.

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