Pokémon Sword & Shield Crown Tundra DLC datamine leaks & returning Pokémon

Players have been enjoying The Isle of Armor, but it turns out that the data downloaded to update Pokémon Sword & Shield didn’t just contain information for the recently released DLC. It also included unreleased details about the second half of the Expansion Pass, The Crown Tundra, as well. Today, we’ll be going over what was discovered, which means we need to give you a little warning:

THIS POST CONTAINS SPOILERS! These are not rumors, per se, but the information is about unreleased content which is subject to change before release.

Most of the information we’ll be covering has been uncovered by SciresM and mattyoukhana_, unless otherwise noted. Both are experienced dataminers and have helped uncover many details hidden in game code in the past.

Map of the Isle of Armor

The Crown Tundra region

Many people are curious about how big the Crown Tundra will be. The Isle of Armor contained 17 location zones in the game’s code, and the Crown Tundra also contains the same.

This means we can expect a similarly sized area as what we saw in the Isle of Armor. Considering there is quite a lot to explore there, this is not necessarily disappointing news. There’s no guarantee how large these zones will be, however.

New Pokémon & regional forms in the Crown Tundra

One of these most interesting tidbits hidden in the DLC code was mentions of two brand-new Pokémon that we know nothing about! These are only known by their developmental monikers, “HAKUBA” and “KOKUBA”. Based on the programming, it also appears that they will be able to combine in some way with the legendary of the Crown Tundra, Calyrex. The code names are literally ‘White Horse’ and ‘Black Horse’, respectively. This could tie into the area’s narrative (see title images in the story section below).

This means that there will be two potential forms for it, possibly opening up a choice similar to how players had to choose between Single Strike and Rapid Strike Urshifu in the Isle of Armor.

Other than that, it appears there will be no other new Pokémon, including additional Regis.

Galarian Slowpoke’s other evolution, Galarian Slowking, will also be making its debut in the Crown Tundra DLC.

An alternate form for Zarude, corresponding to the one in Pokémon The Movie: Coco, was also found. This is not necessarily tied to the Crown Tundra and its release, if it gets one, is uncertain.

Returning Pokémon in the Crown Tundra

The exact Pokémon returning in the Crown Tundra DLC is slightly harder to pin down. Bulbapedia researcher abcboy101 has hypothesized that the Pokémon below are what to expect, based on removed Pokédex entries. Take it with a grain of salt.

Returning Pokémon in the Crown Tundra DLC

Notably, this would bring Ultra Beasts to Generation VIII. Sadly no Sewaddle line though…

Story and characters in the Crown Tundra

Some assets for the Crown Tundra’s story were discovered to be in the Isle of Armor data. These included title/chapter/expedition images, including one that hints at the potential for Calyrex to fuse with a new Pokémon (see the explanation above).

It appears that the second DLC will be much more focused on the story than the Isle of Armor was.

Data for characters was also found, including Peony’s daughter by mattyoukhana_. The last character is used for an old man trainer (without glasses) and possibly the village chief (with glasses).

Other details about the Crown Tundra

It looks like 17 new items will be added in the DLC. There will also be events that allow you to capture Regigigas, the Musketeer trio and Keldeo. There’s also a mysterious event that seems to tie in with Vespiquen.

That is it for now, let us know what you think in the comments! Looking for players to raid, battle or trade with? Join our Discord! Lots of us are exploring the Isle of Armor currently!