Weekly Wrap Up 11/20-11/26

Weekly Wrap Up is our end of the week digest of smaller news stories that are just as important, but didn’t get a dedicated post! If you’d like to get real time updates about what’s mentioned here you can follow our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. Here’s what you missed from November 20th to November 26th!

This Week’s Big Stories

Pokémon GO Travel Event + Pokémon Bank Update

Through the Years: Pikachu & the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Farfetch’d Now Available Worldwide in GO

Pokémon GO

  • Niantic has announced another new patch for the GO! This update includes several bug fixes and optimizes the display for those on the iPhone X
  • Raid Battle rewards will be altered soon so that more Golden Razz Berries and TMs are given, than Potions and Revives
  • Magikarp is set to return as a Raid Boss
  • For those trying to catch Mewtwo, Niantic has also put out the official list of criteria and general guildines so trainers can better understand how they can get their hands on an EX Raid Pass:
    • Trainers with a high level Gym Badge at the specific Gym are more likely to get an EX Raid Pass
    • Trainers who raid more often are more likely to get an EX Raid Pass as
    • The EX Raid Battles themselves will happen in places such as parks during their highest Raid Battle times to ensure optimal attendance

Pokémon Duel

  • Details of the popular mobile game’s Version 5.0 update have been revealed via a Japanese promo video. Not only will this update include the introduction of Mega Sceptile, Mega Blaziken, and Mega Swampert figures, but it will also feature the new UX Ingot and UX Rare Metal items as well as a updated user interface!
  • The Shiny Magikarp figure will soon be available in game via a new Time Booster

Pokémon Shuffle

  • The Zygarde competitive stage is available until November 28th
  • In addition the following stages have repeat runs until November 28th: Popplio, Sandslash, Araquanid

Check out the official Pokémon merchandise that was either revealed, leaked or is now available for purchase this week: