Farfetch’d Now Available Worldwide in GO

We’ve done it!

We’ve collectively caught over 3 Billion Pokémon this week in Pokémon GO, which means Farfetch’d is now available across the globe for the next 48 hours! For those in the East Asian countries that Farfetch’d is already native to, you’ll be able to get your hands on Kangaskhan instead during that same time frame.

In addition to catching Farfetch’d, trainers can take advantage of the other Pokémon GO Travel bonuses we’ve unlocked until the beginning of December:

  • 2x Experience
  • 2x Stardust
  • 6 Hour Lures

Excited to catch this region exclusive in your neck of the woods?

  1. Pokemon Go and Farfetch’d….cool. ANYWAY I watched the Kanto episode of the anime!! May body wasn’t nearly ready enough. I’m so happy they brought back Brock and Misty!!! The nostalgia was too real my friends. I’d say the worst part was the Jigglypuff song…….When normally just doing her thing Jigglypuff’s voice was fine and I think the VA got it pretty spot on. The song was horrendous tho. It was too slow and didn’t sound right at all. Other than that I LOVED the first Kanto episode and can’t wait for the next one! I will say that Misty’s voice is a bit disappointing, but it was alright I guess. Nothing could replace her OG VA. Brock’s second VA was always a decent match for him anyway so it was good to hear him back. As a side note I think I know what is wrong with the VAing for most of the new characters. Or at least for the girls. Ever since TPCI took over all the girls went from having relatively believable voices to sounding like they’re grown women using a falsetto voice. They don’t don’t sound natural and it comes off as fake. They almost always sound the same when comparing characters. Mallow is one of few exceptions to this where her voice sounds distinct enough on it’s own. Misty’s voice while not terrible is more in line with the weird sounding VAing. Where it sounds like a woman making a fake voice. Well anyway the episode made me so happy and I can’t wait to see the next one. I REALLY wish Brock and Misty would come back as main cast or even as recurring cast. Gary as well. I’m surprised he didn’t make an appearance in these episodes. Unfortunately I don’t see them coming back until the inevitable end of Ash’s journey. If his last journey is a homage to his first where Brock and Misty come back to travel with him that’d be amazing. Ok I’m done fan boying out!! XD

  2. Definitely an unpopular opinion, but I really wish Niantic kept the region exclusives as region exclusives. I know not everyone has the privilege and/or means to travel, but having them “migrate” on occasion really takes away from their exclusivity. :/

    1. Well maybe if they added freaking trading to the game they wouldn’t need to migrate them over. If we could just trade then I’d sure the exclusives would come over naturally without them needing to do some special event. Plus then even if you met someone with one you’d be more surprised you could possibly get one than being straight up told that they’re around for you to get.

  3. I just caught one with one of my few remaining Pokeballs…I really should play this game more. But I’m here for another reason: can someone trade with me to evolve my Magmar? I finally made it to Poni Island and I’m rounding off my team.

          1. I’m Kevin. And there are some others I need to evolve through trade but I don’t have them all ready yet.

      1. Yeah I admit she won’t be easy with having a Special lowering nature, but I’ll nuture her regardless to bloom into a hypnotizing Shiinotic

        I love my little Luna so far

          1. It’s pretty awesome, used it in my Sun Nuzlocke and he lasted me until the end of the story.

          1. Haha, I was stuck with a Xbox 360 till I got my Switch, so I have an idea of how you feel, not that that was a problem, since that Xbox is the only thing I still have from my Grandpa

  4. This article sounds a little Farfetch’d. Anyway, I posted this on the previous article but I will post it again, for anyone that is currently doing a playthrough of USUM or will soon. I am offering a Prism Scale (or the Milotic itself) and a Sun Stone if they want to use it for their playthrough as these are items that might be difficult to find during a Playthrough. I am at the 5th trial site and I have been lucky enough to get them through Pickup.

    1. Just checked that you need to trade a Feebas holding Prism Scale so I am offering a Milotic and/or a Sun Stone to anyone who wants to use one during their playthrough.

  5. Also here is my team update right before the 5th Trial.

    Drunk Ubear the Bewear Lv. 33
    Varazzless the Salazzle Lv. 34 (Totem)
    Punk the Glaceon Lv. 34
    Astolfo the Primarina Lv. 34

    I believe that my team will probably be complete-as long as 29 of the 34 Totem Stickers on Ula’Ula Island are accessible without rides that I would not have yet-before I have to head to the Aether Foundation again.

    1. I am a bit worried that I may be underleveled for the Totem considering how I have been overleveled to the Totemfor each Trial and have had some difficulty in each of them.

  6. Hmmmm so according to that Lavandula girl (or Jynx Club/PokeSirena) (idk why she has so many handles……..) It’s pretty likely the Switch game is coming out next year. Apparently according to her Chinese sources ( the original source of the RR leak) the gen 8 script has been just about fully translated into it’s Chinese version and all the new Pokemon have been more or less named. She doesn’t think it’ll be out by Summer ads obviously that seems a bit too early regardless, but late 2018 isn’t out of the question. I wouldn’t be surprised at this point if we find ourselves in another situation like when XY came out. We get the final game of the current gen in the fall, USUM now and BW2 back in 2012, and then early next year we get a direct of some sort that announces the new gen. Doesn’t see THAT crazy. We will just have to see I guess.

    1. We shall see. I was honestly already expecting a direct in early 2018 showing the over legends and the starters at the most. That said I can’t wait for the gen 8 hype although I am tempted to jump off after seeing he starters to keep things a surprise like gen 4

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        1. Thank goodness it’s “Google Legitimate Network Jobs”. I wouldn’t want to waste my time with illegitimate network jobs.

    2. Perhaps the Chinese version is finished way earlier than the other languages because they prioritized collaboration with Chinese sources because the game takes place in a region based on China?

      1. That might not be the case. Blacephelon’s design was finalized back in SM. I believe according to PokeSirena, the Chinese Riddler has mistaken it for a Pokémon coming in SM and had included it in his riddles last year. Thus, I am currently not leaning towards any country. However, if the rumored Alola Oddish-Poison/Fairy-which was mentioned in the RR (Chinese source leak) was a case like Blacephelon, I believe there was reasoning that this regional variant is based on something located in China. Thus there is that weak connection as it stands.

      2. Have we seen something like this for the two American games and the French game? Because otherwise I’d eliminate this as a reason because they’d probably get translation for everyone started around the same time

      3. Could be. Who knows. Would be an interesting concept for them to prioritize the country/region the games are based off of when developing. I wonder how that’d work

    3. i really hope not. give the new gen time. it will be on switch so it needs to be good. i dont want to find myself not wanting them although a new gen is not the same as USUM. i just want the new switch games to look good and look like a lot of time was put into them. I also want to eliminate z moves from existence

        1. The same company known for delaying games and having years between games in successful franchises?

          1. I mean, is not that unrealistic considering that Nintendo would want to promote the Switch with one of their most successful franchise and the fact that there isn’t many big Nintendo games coming in 2018.

          1. Not making it less plausible if you also take into account what Xbox and especially Playstation have lined up for release in 2018. Nintendo dont want to fall behind, they’ll need at least one big title releasing next year

          2. Not Pokemon calibre but we’ll see. Playstation have titles like God of War & Kingdom Hearts 3 in 2018, almost impossible to compete with that.

          3. Considering those games aren’t directly competing with any of Nintendo’s games, I don’t think they’re going to feel that pressured to rush a game when they’ve had an extremely successful first year

          4. Only three Nintendo games strike fear into the rest of the gaming consoles

            Being Mario, Zelda and Pokémon

            And be it as two of there three already had huge games, Pokémon has yet to appear

            Hopefully maybe Nintendo will bring some of their workers in, to help make it or maybe they have been building this game for a while (apparently BotW took 4 years to make)

      1. I feel like people think they only just started development. They’re not going to out out a half developed game. It’s probably been on the works for a couple of years at this point. Whether it has the features people want or not the game will be a finished product.

    4. I’m probably leaving the jungle after they get announced. I really want that feeling of surprise that I haven’t had since Sinnoh, my first Pokémon game ever.

      That said, these games are hopefully gonna be good :/

      1. I am going to try and do this myself. I remember going into diamond version completely unaware of what awaited me. I remember capturing a starley since I saw it’s evo beforehand thanks to the anime. I also remember catching a shiny because I instantly loved it. Two of my favorite Pokémon now.

      2. I get that. I’m always so on the fence about whether I want to go in completely unknowing or if I want at least the Dex. If I want the Dex then I need to accept I may be spoiled on more tho

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    5. Ugh then hope they’re good, I’m not sure if 1 year is gonna be enough for GF not to make a rushed game, because I really want Poke switch to be unique, I mean, is the Switch they have a lot of opportunities to be as creative as possible and I want them to take their time :T

      1. The question is how long have they been working on it. Gamefreak has multiple teams working on games so I doubt they have only been working on it for a year. They may have started around the time sun and moon released if not before.

        1. I’m pretty sure they started when they were searching for people who can work on the Switch which was a few months ago iirc

          1. Didn’t think of that. It’s a possibility. That said I am excited for gen 8. Mainly seeing the new Pokémon and all. Plus the switch is an amazing system and after playing both Mario Odyssey and Zelda botw I am even more excited at the thought of Pokémon on switch. That said I doubt it will be as massive as botw but still exciting to think about.

      2. You know they didn’t start working on the game last year right? They just announced it was being made. It’s prolly been in development for a couple of years and if it comes out late next year that’d be about 3 then. Which is the average amount of years they take to make Pokemon games.

        1. Nah, they started as soon as they said that they were searching for new people to work on the Switch

          1. Doubtful. Their senior staff already know how to make console games and hd models. They were prolly just bringing a few more people on to help out. If I recall one of the positions was map creation. They may have needed an extra hand if the games are really what we expect them to be in level design. Why in the world would you think that GF and Nintendo would put out a rushed game just to get it out? This time at least. And before you say anything about XY I’d like to remind you that it wasn’t rushed. They just had no idea what they were doing honesty when it came to making it. Obviously they’ve now honed their craft as far as 3d modeling and level design goes. The whole rumor is around how Nintendo wants GF to make a game that would rival BOTW and Odyssey in quality. So why would they push for a game if they didn’t think it’d be good? It’s clear that Nintendo is being incredibly picky with the games they put out on the Switch so it makes no sense to have Pokemon, one of their biggest franchises, release a sub par game just to get it out. Otherwise they’d just let GF do what they’re gonna do. There was never any doubt a game was coming to the Switch. It’s just a matter of when.

  7. So earlier tonight I hit the 4200 mark for Poipole resets, and decided I would speed things up with the shiny charm. Luckily I was able to get the four new pokemon easily enough (thank goodness the GTS was forgiving tonight)

  8. Following up on what Ultra Monster was saying about Gen 8 potentially being soon, if we see Zeraora revealed by the end of the year (January at the very latest), we’re almost definitely getting Gen 8 next year.

  9. So I just finished the main story in Mario Odyssey! That game was a blast to play! I honestly can’t decide if it or Zelda is my favorite switch game so far since they are completely different. That said they did manage to top my favorite mario and Zelda games. Mario sunshine and orcarina of time to be exact! Guess I will start ultra sun pretty soon now https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8ab73a9e9878f4e75c8b854165b5c219ed0b7a2d10ae02990107fc00f728e7b4.jpg

  10. How do I shiny hunt for Stakata ? Can I just run through Grass at Poni Grove? (While they’re there)

  11. Last call, I’m asking around for anybody who might’ve found a Heavy Ball Sandshrew on WT that they could spare, it can be a breedject,

    Otherwise I have everything to start my Ultra Moon journey

    If not it….dive ball it is

  12. Open world Scotland region, but only 50 new Pokémon vs Kalos styled Canada region with 150 new Pokémon

    1. It’d be handy if I included the actual question lol. Which would you prefer? The country basis are arbitrary

    2. Honestly? I think I’d take the Scotland region. I’d prefer quality over quantity any day. The fact is since they started doing less Pokemon the designs have been more on point. In gen 7 there’s hardly a Pokemon I don’t straight up like. Gen 6 has a few, but for the most part they’re all relatively decent. It feels like there’s less “filler” Pokemon and each Pokemon has more or less of a point. Also What would you define as “Kalos styled” The linearness of the region? the emptiness?

      1. Linearity is what I was aiming for with that question

        I have to agree. Hoenn especially was bad for filler mons imo

        1. Gotcha. So yeah definitely the Scotland region with 50 new mons. Honestly while I know it’d make people pissed I wouldn’t even mind a game that featured no new Pokemon, but with a real baller story and a great level design. There are so many Pokemon that already exist that don’t get nearly enough attention and it’d be cool for them to focus on the Pokemon that are already in the dex than just to keep adding to the pile

    3. Canada, even tho open world would neat.
      150 mons would probably mean a BW, which I’d really like.
      And If they did just Scotland, it’d be weird cause I feel like UK would work better as one region split into few diffrent cultures like Alola.

      1. Alola is all Hawaiian with Japanese influences spread across all four islands. Not four distinct cultures.

        I don’t think you’re familiar enough with Britain if you think they can just be lumped into one without heavily underusing their culture

  13. Krokorok is surprisingly spry. It prolly isn’t the fastest Pokemon out there, but it’s much faster than I was expecting. It’s a good thing too!

  14. I have to make a decision
    I decided to catch Ho-oh but I underestimated the sheer willpower of the flying turkey

    I wasted nearly my entire inventory catching it and it is modest…

    Should I reset and go for adamant? Or run a special ho-oh

  15. Would that Zoraora thing you were talking about a spoiler for me? (I’m at the beggining of Chapter RR) If it wouldn’t be, what is it?

    1. It’s the new mythical leaked with USUM

      Its a Electric type, with a new move called Plasma fists which changes all normal attacks into electric ones during that turn. It’s a physical attacker and it looks like a Bipedial cat of sorts

        1. Eh. It’s not a story spoiler anyway. Unless you didn’t want to know info about Zeraora like type and stats. It’s like when we found out about Volcanion, Diancie, and Hoopa.

        2. Mythicals aren’t in game spoilers. I spoke with Dicie about this and he said it should be fine.

    1. It’s probably the most boring mythical to date tbh. It’s a common typing with a common abiltiy and its move pool is nothing special beyond the Fighting moves which show why it should be Fighting type but was introduced right after a more interesting fighting mythical

      1. WELL NOT FOR ME
        I love its colours
        Cats are my fav animals
        I like its design
        I’ve been waiting for a more Plasma related Electric type for some time
        I kinda think if it grows on me a little more it Might become my fav mon (Sorry Inci, your position is kinda endangered)

      1. It doesn’t look like a gen 7 Pkm tbh, but maybe that’s because is probably an in between gens Pkm, like Magearna fe

          1. We’re probably getting in Gen 8 another insightful gimmick (abilitis bUt strongz) and completely forgetting about the other 2 so yeah, I have to agree

          2. Introducing
            Give a special Giga Rock to your pokemon
            And their Ability becomes a Gigability
            Giga Intimidate
            The opponent is so scared of your mon it sh*ts itself
            Giga Sturdy
            Your pokemon can’t lose more than one HP
            Giga Poison Point
            The Opponent is forced to eat cyanide

            (I’m sorry)

      1. It’s a mythical, it hasn’t been distributed yet so he’s probably just looking at datamined info

  16. Hmm what type could a prism be? pure Psychic? Rock/Psychic? Pure Rock?

    And just to make it clear yes I know Necrozma is a prism Pokémon, they are in no way related to one another

    1. I think it could be
      Psychic in its usual form
      Psychic/Steel when fused with Solgaleo
      Psychic/Ghost when fused with Lunala
      And Psychic/Dragon in its pure form

          1. People here are still playing through the game. It’s a story spoiler. As they are not Japanese, it was not officially revealed to them.

            It has so much to do with it lol

          2. The very site we’re on doesn’t mark things officially revealed (No matter where) as spoilers (and they mark things like game leaks as spoilers)

          3. It’s not been shown on a non spoiler PJ article so it can still be a spoiler

            Enjoy fairy type specialist Lillie

    2. It annoys me it’s not part rock…
      That way it could have some more exploitable weaknesses

    1. I still have 2 more to collect but they are beyond my reach until I beat the pokemon league

    2. I’m up to 70 now. Got a bunch of Po Town. Just wondering if I missed any. It’l gonna be a pain if I did because then I’ll have to do a crap ton of back tracking…..

    3. I got about 71 wish Totem Stickers, but I’m not really feeling the urge to collect 100, at least by myself. I’m gonna use a guide probably from this time on.

  17. I’m really curious about the poll that has been going on regarding opinions on USUM. There were a couple people who voted that they thought the original games were better, and I’m curious to hear the reasoning. I think USUM are great, and are everything the original two should have been in terms of story and character development. Not trying to start an argument just hoping for a friendly discussion 😀

    1. 59. I am still before Sophocles Trial. I think I have collected all of the stickers at his site and I think I was only unable to not get one so far because I think I would have needed Machamp for it.

    2. I prefer USUM over the originals because of how much more you can do. There’s Episode RR, with all the main villains returning, plus ~37 legendaries available to catch unlike S/M’s very lacklustre amount of legendaries, and how Lusamine is redeemed in this game which I personally found really sweet.

    3. I replied to the wrong comment. I meant to reply to Alex. Sorry if I caused confusion on your part.

    4. Maybe it’s because due to a story perspective:

      Some people say the story is worse due to removing crazy Lusamine among other plot points, and some argue the the new additions to the story were poorly implemented (like the Rainbow rocket)

      But about gameplay id really k, maybe they though that the additions were unnecessary or something like that

    5. People just have v high expectations and just don’t appreciate the good GF has done.
      For me USUM is easily better than SM despite similarities. For me possibly best of all time although ill see once I’ve completed the game!

  18. Just want to say I like what they did with Totem Pokémon in Pokémon Refresh. I am not sure if it applies to all of them since I have only used it for Salazzle but it is nice that Gamefreak spends time paying attention to small details like Size.

      1. Nothing really. It is just that the Pokémon is so large that it takes up both screens. You would have to press the stylus on the top of the bottom screen to move your reach and vision up to the upper part of the Pokémon and the opposite to reach the bottom side of the Pokémon. It really makes me feel like there is a significant size difference between the Totem and the character. Again I have only done Pokémon Refresh with Salazzle.

        1. Pokemon Refresh with Lunala is DEVASTATING. I mean, first of all, Lunala causes the game to lag so much, and plus, you have to carry the item ALL THE WAY UP of the bottom screen just so you can reach its mouth. Yeah, large Pokemon with Poke-Refresh is impossible. Basically.

  19. Minor Story Spoiler
    Why do we get Poipole soooo late? If you could get it earlier it’d probably use it

    1. I think it’s probably just that the UB Recon Squad don’t trust us exactly and use it to not only test it and train it, but also to figure out whether we’re worthy enough for it.

      1. I mean, I had a complete fully evolved team when they offered it to it, it’d be better if we could catch it at the third Island

      2. I mean in the original S/M you can easily get a (10%) Zygarde really early, about before the Grass trial, so it’s not too crazy of an idea.

          1. Oh…huh, that makes sense. OH YEAH, the Grass Totem isn’t over lvl 30, sorry I got it mixed up.

  20. Snowslash
    Midnight Lycanroc
    Alolan Muk

    Think this can handle Ultra Necrozma?

      1. Ehh you’re right
        Honestly everything I will face will be minor inconveniences

        Ultra Necrozma is the only thing I genuinely fear the rest are just in the way

    1. Pallossand and I think Muk (depends if he’s part-dark) ar super-effective against Necrozma so yes, I think you’re able to handle him.

        1. I think as long as you’re at least a level or two above him, you’ll do fine. I used a Primarina and got it down in two hits.

    1. …..that’s its entire origin?
      Nearly every one of its dex entries state it preform odd rhythmic dances when executing psychic powers

      1. It’s weird dance just bothers me though, it’s not a Comfey or Ula Ula Oricorio, it shouldn’t do some sort of luau dance.

          1. What not good enough for a regular run of the mill Grumpig! You sicken me *slaps you across the face* Good day sir!

  21. So as I have seen this spark some comments in the comments section before I just want to say that yesterday’s episode of Dragon Ball Super (I think it was 117) had the thickest women that I have ever seen in animation.

      1. Girl fights in a thick form, starts to get beat up, loses thick form, everyone sends her their love?? (She is from a weird universe), and attains this form of ultimate “beauty” where she is larger than a number of football fields-a giant women-with immense curves.

  22. Honestly I’d find it even nicer if the Totem you can get with trading stickers get the aura as well as the Totem song. It’d be funny having a random wild yungoos being forced to take on Totem Kommo-o.

  23. I wonder how Snowshrew uses Icicle Spear, I kinda imagine it’s tail glows bluish white and it spins on its belly firing a cascade of icy needles

      1. Well it’s easy to see it probably just fires spines from either its back or from its claws

        I’m talking about Snowshrew

        1. That’s what I meant. Btw if you want I can breed you a Heavy Ball Shrew. I’m thinking on making the egg moves Night Slash, Curse, Endure and Amnesia.

          1. (I edited it to say Snowshrew)
            But as for the egg I just need a female, no fancy moves I’ll probably end up deleting them just so my Snowshrew has only Icicle Spear and Metal Claw nothing more nothing less

  24. Wow, I never realized how stressful getting a shiny Altaria is. After learning that it has Perish Song, I was getting a bit freaked out and was desperately trying to catch it immediately. Luckily i got it before it even used perish song but wow, shiny Altaria is stressful to catch.

      1. I had quick balls but it got out immediately. After paralyizng, I luckily got it with one dusk ball.

        1. I cant tell you off the top of my head cause im out right now but its moveset was shitty (bubblebeam, sparkling aria, moonblast and dazzling gleam?) and it was holding a masterball

          1. Thats a thing? Lol i feel like a total noob to everything outside of the regular stuff of a pokemon game

          2. Yeah some youtube users do it. I won’t say any of the names I know because I don’t want to promote them.

  25. Ok in the air ultra warp they WILL stop putting out Energy Rings
    I was on fire and hit pretty much every ring and artfully evaded every spark but as I neared the 6k mark I noticed a complete decline in rings

    The max limit must be either 6.5k because my highest was 6418

      1. No 🙁 I’ve been trying since that day every midnight and I get every other ev reducing berry

  26. *Enters red portal*
    *In the spit second I see a Yanmega silloutte*
    I mutter to myself “It better be blue otherwise *Notices its blue* “Uph never mind”

      1. Meh it isn’t that good
        Brave utterly the worst nature but whatevs I like the military green over the blue

  27. If you could remove one of each, which would you remove and why? Actual reasoning pls, but some answers are going to be more subjectively answered


    1. Type: Rock, as it’s the most expendable, and from what I’ve seen one of the least popular. I believe all types have a role in the type chart but rock is by far the one I’d eliminate if I had to

      Species: Castform, and if I could do more than one every gimmickmon from Hoenn. They’re all hard to use in game and are terrible in competitive, but Castform is so weak and there’s something that does everything it can do better.

      Attack: Confuse Ray. The most annoying status shouldn’t have a 100% accuracy move. Even attract has limitations and thunder wave can miss.

      Ability: Magic Bounce, because it’s frustrating asf lol

      Item: All the Memories. They’re useless. Just let Silvally scan plates or something.

      Character: Rotom Dex. Worst. Dex. Ever.

    2. Type: Rock, it only adds unnecessary confusion to newcomers because it’s basically ground type, it really needs to fuse with the other to form Earth type.

      Specie: Stantler, (is not bias I swear ?) this Pkm is really just space filler that really didn’t need to fill any space. It doesn’t even have a little gimmick (castform) or ‘interesting’ look (pineco) to justify it 😐

      Attack: Bestow, there are better alternatives to this move really.

      Ability: Slow start, they should give Gigaregi another better move, this Pkm is supposed to be intimidating but now it’s just a jok cuz of this ability.

      Item: Strange Souvenir, only to hype up SM an don’t even resemble any legend at all but there might be more items like that idk

      Character: Most of XY rivals, annoying, cliche and with lackluster character development and personality 🙂

      And just noticed that your username is a feh joke lol

  28. Can someone explain why Frozen is the only status that can be cured in the same turn it is inflicted and has no widespread move that can reliably inflict it


    1. Because it’s only a 20% chance of escaping each turn so it’s basically a more situational sleep on steroids

      Ice needs a defense boost in hail like rock types get a Sp. Defense boost in a sandstorm

  29. Why is Zoraora in USUM at all? And second question are there any chances of it having its typing retconned to Electric/Fighting before gen 8?

        1. It’s the same as Volcanion. A late gen event Pokemon that doesn’t have much of a story and is just thrown at us to give us something between the final games and the brand new gen

          1. If you find that to be its biggest potential for you then…

            well, you do you, not gonna kinkshame you ?..

          2. Oh I mean it actually has zero potential, I’m not into that
            But we KNOW that’s what it’s gonna be used for

          3. Eh, most antro Pkms are used like that a lot and yeah, Zera just seems like an average mythical Pkm and that’s it. But whether the design is lame or not is mostly subjective really, because for, it’s pretty gud

    1. Because it is and nope there is no way they’ll retcon the typing of a Pokemon not even a full gen after it’s released

  30. So what do people think the next region will be based on. Has anyone noticed any tweets over the last couple of years that stand out? Like how they mentioned they went to France and Hawaii in years past. Jumping off of that has anyone noticed any weird or cryptic tweets from Masuda? Before SM were announced he had tweeted out images of GF’s main entrance where they have a dark room and a globe (symbolizing space) and a picture of a moon rising in the sky. While they meant noting to us back then they were pretty hard hints at SM. I’m wondering if he’s left us any tiny nuggets to find this time around. Even if gen 8 is next year maybe it’s too early for that tho.

    1. Masuda tweeted a while ago about him going to Germany, I mean, I personally think that it has nothing to do with the games, but now that you mention that it makes me think if that’s gonna be the case.

      I’d love a Germany based region tho

      1. Hmmm Germany is an interesting country to base a region on. I’m not sure I know much about Germany’s culture historical or otherwise. (I’m going to assume they wouldn’t be referencing any thing about Germany between 1914 and 1945 haha). If Germany a big castle country? I gotta admit I’m a little tired of the E4 ending up in a castle. While Lanakila was lame as a victory road it was still kind of refreshing to see the E4 be somewhere that’s not a medieval castle

        1. Yeah, there are a LOT of castles in Germany so yeah, it looks like the E4 castle tradition won’t end soon

          1. Ugh….crap… hahaha Well either way it could still be fun. I just hope if it is Germany that they can make it different enough from Kalos to feel like it’s own region. Alola was such a majorly different region that it was a huge breath of air. Was so nice to go to another tropical region. Really felt like a vacation.

          2. If there’s one thing you won’t see in a Pokemon game is ANY reference to WWII. So I wouldn’t get your hopes up. I know Auschwitz isn’t JUST a city torn apart by concentration camps, but due to that fact they’ll never touch it. Japan as a whole has a really hard time acknowledging WWII ( I know they technically did now, but still) so it already is a sore spot for them. They’ll never touch anything that has anything to do with the Holocaust and for a good reason.

          3. Yes, Auschwitz I, Auschwitz II–Birkenau, Auschwitz III–Monowitz and another 45 satellite camps are all in Poland

          4. Just to clarify, there were placed there by The Third Reichy, not Poland itself (sadly some Americans don’t know that)

          5. To be fair they could draw inspiration from countries in the general area, but either way it’s not happening

  31. There we go fully upgraded Pokepalago
    Now I can finally save my beans for EV training and treasure hunting
    Can you still exchange shards for bottle caps

    1. It’s clear they wanted to add all villains in one game due to nostalgia but didn’t know how to do it

  32. I didnt know charjabug could evolve by the powerplant… i thought it was only at Poni Canyon that it could do that

      1. Apparently lol mine hit level 40 and the screen went to the “What?! Your charjabug is evolving!” screen and i was like oooh you can do that here?! ???

    1. That’s very cool really, because it was dumb that 2 Pkm that you get in the first island could only fully evolve in the last one

  33. A fun game (I think)
    Choose 3 countries that could become a region and make a mon that could be native to that region, or choose 1 country and make 3 native mons.

    1. Southeast Asian Region (Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam etc.)

      1.) A Hummingbird Pokemon
      2.) A Monitor Lizard/Tokay Gecko Pokemon
      3.) A Durian Pokemon

  34. I really kind of hope the reports were right and they change the formula for Pokemon.
    It worked for Mario and Zelda
    I’m Loving USUM.. Namely because I hardly played the originals, even forgot I completed it..
    But for first 20 or so min I was bored…
    Just thinking how long before it’s all boring to me
    Anyways ?
    Just beat trial, found Lillie, and made down route 3


    No idea what to catch next.. only one I wanted rockruff and Hau Not to have popplio lol

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