Worlds 2017 – New USUM Trailer Incoming!

It’s that time of the year once again – The Pokémon World Championships are here!

The official Pokémon Youku (the Chinese equivalent to YouTube) has posted a private video whose thumbnail ended up in subscription feeds for a lucky few. The original title of the video, when translated to English, was “USUM 0818”. Based on the overwhelming evidence, and past reveals at Worlds, this is preparation for a trailer that will most likely be shown at the opening ceremony for Worlds – which will be streamed on the the main stream at 9am PST! Keep it locked on PJN for what’s to come!


Click on the links below to watch along with your fellow Junglers and join in on the fun in the comments! The Main Stream kicks off with the opening ceremony at 9am PST, while the others will start at 10am PST!

Main Stream

Video Game Championships

Trading Card Game Championships

Pokkén Tournament  Championships