Worlds 2017 – New USUM Trailer Incoming!

It’s that time of the year once again – The Pokémon World Championships are here! The official Pokémon Youku (the Chinese equivalent to YouTube) has posted a private video whose thumbnail ended up in subscription feeds for a lucky few. The original title of the video, when translated to English, was “USUM 0818”. Based on the … Read more

How to Build a Killer Pokémon Team for VGC 2015

Aaron Zheng (one of the top US VGC players) has created a video guide for getting started in the competitive scene for the new year of VGC tournaments. If you’ve been wondering how the pros construct teams or if you’ve just wanted some tips it’s definitely a must-see! <3 pokejungle FEATURED DISCUSSION: Your Favorite SSB4 Character