Official Twitter Shows New USUM Footage

As part of a campaign in Japan to determine which Hiker is the best across all generations, the official Japanese Pokémon Twitter account has just posted some brand new footage from Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon! The 20 second clip shows the male protagonist walking up to the peak of Wela Volcano, where Kiawe’s trial … Read more

New USUM Trailer Revealed [UPD]

As expected, a brand new trailer for Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon was released! The trailer highlights changes to the Alola region itself, as well as new looks for the protagonists. It also briefly shows a look at returning characters, such as the musician Ryuki. The Japanese trailer also contains a look at the … Read more

Worlds 2017 – New USUM Trailer Incoming!

It’s that time of the year once again – The Pokémon World Championships are here! The official Pokémon Youku (the Chinese equivalent to YouTube) has posted a private video whose thumbnail ended up in subscription feeds for a lucky few. The original title of the video, when translated to English, was “USUM 0818”. Based on the … Read more