Pikachu Outbreak-Chu Event: Mewtwo in GO, Snapchat Filter & More!

To tie in with the Pikachu Outbreak-chu event in Yokohama, Mewtwo has officially been released via Legendary Raid in Pokémon GO as an exclusive to the Pokémon GO Stadium event in Yokohama, Japan!

Mewtwo in Pokemon GO

Shortly after Mewtwo’s first appearance in the stadium, Niantic released an official statement that it would be coming to players worldwide via a new mechanic called Exclusive Raid Battles. These work exactly like regular raid battles with the only difference being to participate in them you have to be invited to them. To receive an invitation trainers must have successfully defeated a raid boss recently at the Gym where the Exclusive Raid Battle will be taking place – meaning that it’s completely by chance and there’s no way (that we know of yet) to predict which Gyms will spawn an Exclusive Raid Battle later. The invitations will include advance warning of when the Exclusive Raid will take place, giving trainers ample time to coordinate with other Trainers before taking on the powerful Raid Boss.

It was also confirmed in the statement that Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, and Lugia will be returning to Legendary Raid from today until August 31st!

Pikachu Snapchat Filter

Along with Mewtwo, a special Pikachu snapchat filter will be available for the next 3 days! The filter gives you a pair of signature Pikachu ears, nose and red cheeks (and luckily enough also air brushed my skin and shaved off a good 10 pounds from my face) – if you open your mouth it activates Pikachu to charge in from the left side of the screen to give you an electric kiss, allowing your face to give off bolts of electricty before Pikachu returns to the bottom left of the screen. There is no additional use of the filter on the back facing camera.

Check it out below:

Ditto & Mimikyu Distribution

Last but not least, in addition to the announced distribution of Pikachu at the Pikachu Outbreak-chu Carnival Parade in Yokohama, two other Pokémon are having a special distribution: Mimikyu and Ditto! Mimikyu is Level 10 with the moves Astonish, Copycat, Baby-Doll Eyes, and Splash, while the Ditto is holding a Light Ball.