Weekly Wrap Up 8/7-8/13

Weekly Wrap Up is our end of the week digest of smaller news stories that are just as important, but didn’t get a dedicated post. Here’s what you missed from August 7th to August 13th!

‘Pokémon: I Choose You’ International Release

  • Fathom Events has released a preliminary list of theaters that will show the English dubbed version of the movie across the US. You can check it out here – Don’t worry if your city isn’t on the list, Fathom Events has confirmed this isn’t the final lineup.

Pokémon Sun & Moon

  • For those who participated in the Weakness Cup Battle Competition, you can now claim your Altarianite, Ampharosite, Latiasite, and Latiosite entry gift!  Make sure to log in into the Global Link and claim it before they expire on September 29th!
  • With a total of 30,256 lottery wins, the 9th Global Mission, Try Your Luck, has ended in success! If you participated, you can pick up your reward of 2,000 FC, or 4,000 FC (if your game is connected to the Global Link). Distribution for the Fast Ball and Rare Candy will be available via the Global Link through a Serial Code later this month
  • It’s also been confirmed that this Global Mission was the last for Sun & Moon
  • Remember that today is the final day to download the event Shiny Tapu Koko via Mystery Gift!

Pokémon World Championships

  • Along with the livestream times and live commentators being announced, this year’s distribution Pokémon has been revealed! If you’re lucky enough to attend Worlds you can pick up a special lvl. 50 Alolan Exeggutor, holding a Sitrus Berry, with the Harvest ability, and the moves Celebrate, Draco Meteor, Leaf Storm, and Power Swap.

Pokémon GO

  • Shiny Pikachu, and by proxy of evolution, Shiny Raichu, have officially been released at the Pokémon GO Park in Yokohama! No news yet on when or where these shinies will become available worldwide.
  • Remember, today is your last chance to head out and catch Zapdos via Legendary Raid!

Pokémon Duel

  • Pokémon Duel has been updated to version 4.0! Details on the major update including Mega Evolutions, New Figures, and a new figure class here!

Pokémon Shuffle

  • If you were one of the lucky players who ranked worldwide in the Charizard X competitive stage, you can now claim your prize! The Charizardite X (or Level Up if you already have the Charizardite X), Attack Power, Mega Speedup and Raise Max Level are available to collect for the qualifying players, and if you weren’t able to qualify you can still log in before August 15th to redeem an Attack Power!
  • New main stages have been added to both the 3DS and mobile versions of the game
  • A new Pokémon Safari is ongoing until August 15th and contains the following Pikachu variants: Angry, Enamored, Smiling, Winking, and the brand new Charizard Costume Pikachu.
  • The following stages have begun repeat runs from August 8th to August 18th: Dialga, Palkia.
  • The following stages have begun repeat runs from August 8th to August 25th Beedrill, Kabutops, Meloetta.

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