Journey of Pocket Monsters: PokéJungle @ Pikachu Outbreak!

Today we are very excited to announce a new PokéJungle project!

We are incredibly fortunate to have two members of staff reside in Japan, the home of Pokémon. As some of you may (or may not?) expect, Pokémon is absolutely huge in Japan.  Almost everywhere you turn you can expect to find something Pocket Monsters-related, from station signage to vegetable juice drinks. It’s everywhere.

Because of this, we wanted to try something new for the site, and as such we’re proud to announce our Journey of Pocket Monsters project. Based on Instagram (for now) we will post daily photographs and stories on anything and everything Pokémon-related we find in our daily lives. In addition to this we will have accompanying articles for special Pokémon events hosted in Japan right here on Poké

So please, go follow the Journey of Pocket Monsters Instagram account and enjoy the journey! You never know, you might catch a giveaway or two! Let us know what other exciting projects you’d like us to undertake next… a Pokémon merch store? A subscription box?! Maybe one day…

PokéJungle @ Pikachu Outbreak 2017

As some of you may be aware, Yokohama is currently home to Japan’s 2017 Pikachu Outbreak event and yesterday we were lucky enough to attend.

Upon arrival at the nearest (ahem…) station to Yokohama’s Red Brick Warehouse Park, it was obvious that this event was hugely popular. Crowds of people filled the streets, every single one of them playing Pokémon GO despite being an almost 15 minute walk from the Kanto Park area. As we walked nearer and nearer the crowds became even larger and and it soon swelled to become a sea of cardboard Pikachu hats.

At the Red Brick Warehouse Park only Pokémon from Kanto could be found and, as such, it served as an excellent spot to find the previously unavailable (in Japan) Mr. Mime. The park itself held a few stalls selling Pikachu goods, refreshments, one specifically for the Pokémon GO Plus accessory and a few Pikachu-themed vending machines serving Pikachu vegetable juice drinks. Let’s not forget the giant inflatable Pikachu too! After walking around Mr. Mime finally appeared and after catching HER—yes, a FEMALE Mr. Mime (Miss Mime if you’re nasty)—we decided it was a good time to move on to a different area.

Next, we headed to the World Porters building in Minato Mirai. Along the way crowds thickened and it was possible to catch a glimpse of several smaller event locations as well as the Pikachu blimp in its land form. Inside the building crowds were gathering for a Hawaiian dance which involved three humans dancing with two giant Pikachu. The dance itself wasn’t all that entertaining, but the Pikachu prancing about in leis and grass skirts? Priceless. These type of events are the kind of thing that gives a sense of scale to just how big Pokémon is in Japan.

After more browsing and catching Pokémon in GO, we finally headed towards the Johto Park near the Cup Noodles Museum. Upon arrival, we spun the the special Pokémon Park Gym and picked up the badge and proceeded to catch as many Johto Pokémon as we could. The Johto Park wasn’t filled with any stalls, but instead held a few special replicas of PokéStops and Gyms from Pokémon GO, and also a special GO-themed WiFi hotspot truck. The park was probably the nicest area of the event as the crowds were much more relaxed and you could really feel a sense of community, even with everybody having their heads down in their phone. The view also particularly nice, looking out on Tokyo Bay with cruise liners and passenger boats passing through.

Finally, we decided to head home via Minato Mirai station. Just before passing through the ticket gates we noticed yet another giant inflatable Pikachu and moved towards it, discovering a small Pikachu goods pop-up store and a wall of Pikachu heads.

While we didn’t stick around for any of the scheduled events (parades, stage shows, etc) besides the Hawaiian dance, we did get a good taste of just how crazy these Pikachu Outbreak events are. If you ever happen to be in Japan next year, definitely be sure to check it out as it’s an experience you won’t forget.

Be sure to follow our Journey of Pocket Monsters Instagram and stay tuned for our next look into a Pokémon event here in Japan. Thanks for reading!

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          1. Fairy is rarely here, I literally have to beg for attention, and Earthen shoves his designs down people’s throat at every opportunity until ya choke on em

    1. The bear is very bland. It looks like a guy with a bear mask on. There is no detail and nothing to really look at. I’d recommend looking at Pokemon designs and observing what they take from the animal and what they do to make them unique.

          1. The snake is really flat. You need to keep in mind how it looks like in a 3D environment which can be hard since you’re using a flat piece of paper

            The Water/Fighting one is just really unappealing. It’s like a huge circle with legs. There is no seperation between the head and body but theres no way to really tell where each part starts. Pokemon are still animals. They have to be able to move around and have space for organs. The thing would plummit onto its face as soon as it stands up because there is so much weight on the top.

            I think your problem is that you start with too simple of designs. You don’t really plan it out with proper shapes and composition and you don’t observe real animals. I think you’re better off spending some time drawing some animals from reference and figuring out why they look that way

            Here’s some good resources.

            “how to draw with your fucking eyes and not your fucking brain”
            “KNKL Show: Design 101” (Learning about Small, Medium and Large in composition that should be used in literally anything)
            “Animal Reference”

          2. I appreciate that you’re looking for criticism. It’s the only way you’re goona improve 😀

            Just keep drawing and experiment with stuff

      1. Two of the starters are outright bland as heck and the fire one is the only one that really feels inspired. The fire one looks basic though..
        Star basically explained it prety well

  1. Damn never knew Pokemon was that big in Japan, but is not surprising considering that even the All Nippon Airways has Pokemon themed aircrafts lol

  2. AUGHHH lost my fucking A+ rank in Splatzones because some idiot was hiding in the corner

      1. I mean, pokejungle is a nintendo related site, isn’t it? So why shouldn’t he be able to post about nintendo games? Not questioning your decisions, just curious about that

  3. Just spent an entire fucking hour reading up on conspiracy theories for something in my fangame,…fml

  4. Anywhoooooooo so when do you guys think Virtual console stuff will hit the switch and what titles would you be excited for?
    i’d say 3 from GBA SNES N64 and GC

    1. Pokemon Emerald, Metroid Fusion, Zelda Minish Cap
      Earthbound, Super Metroid, Super Mario World
      Banjo Kazooie Majora’s Mask, Super Mario 64, Super Smash Bros

  5. ANIME COMMENTS/CONCERNS UNRELATED TO POKEMON COMING LOL: So I’m rewatching the Bleach anime……..So far I’m up the Bount arc and seriously thinking about whether I want to watch it or skip. I know it’s not the greatest, but it’s honestly not that bad either…….Either way with me doing this I can’t help but think about how I really hate how Bleach ended……It had such great potential, but due to it’s rushed ending it felt like a mess. There are so many confusing things that REALLY needs to be explained and so many characters that we are left to wonder what happened to them after the final battle. It really sucks. Also I can’t help but think about how much I don’t like the look of Ichigo’s outfit at the end or his Bankai. I don’t mind his Shikai, but his Bankai is so boring looking and I can’t stop thinking about how I really prefer his Fullbring Shihakusho way more…….This is my beef about Bleach which was really my first anime love hahahaha

    1. I skipped all the fillers. Sometimes fillers are fine, I’ve never minded the Dragonball ones, some are just poor to the point it’s like they are trying to be bad. Bleach ones are largely not worthwhile imo. What I hate about the anime is where it ends, I haven’t read the end of the manga yet but I’ll assume it’s just as annoying. I really liked Bleach, a shame it lost alot of popularity in Japan so was cut short.

  6. This is all so cute. I like the effort japan uses towards Pokemon. I mean a Pikachu blimp thats just awesome. I think most America has done is have a Pikachu float for Thanksgiving (Think thats the holiday). My home country definitely doesnt do a single thing for pokemon :P.
    I do have a question, what type of food were they serving? Were they Pokemon themed? Were there any other pokemon represented besides pikachu? Whats the weather/season? Looks fun and seeing how pokemon is like the only game series I play. I want to join in. MAybe one day

    1. They weren’t really serving that much food. I can’t remember to be honest! Mimikyu and Ditto were both around in a few places, but they both represent Pikachu anyway.

      It’s actually summer right now, but we just went on a slightly rainy day. We originally planned to go on the first day of the event, but the heat here was insane so we rescheduled for the better

  7. 1 hours 45 minutes ago: Hmmmm, let’s check some conspiracy theories out! Maybe I could do something cool with the evil team!
    Now: I’ve gone to far… help

      1. The pedo rings…. the pedo rings… that’s what fuckin got me man… the dark web exists.. why hasn’t more been done about it

  8. I need some comforting please…. I know things man… I just wanna forget em..
    I’m never going to touch the dark web

        1. You were there to be inspired for fakemons right? If so, then I’m dieing to see what you’ll come up with 😛

  9. Can I be annoying and ask you guys to review these? It’s a concept for another fakemon concept (inception) I’m doing as an alternative to Acid/Base. It’s a BW style refresh, too.

    Also damn I wish we got cool events like that, imagine all the streetpass you get offa that! It looks really cute and fun too so I’m definitely jealous ?

    1. Sounds like it has a poteential, but the trio sounds off. In my opinion, they don’t really work so well when they’re suposed to work together. Either make them the opposites of each other or make it more subtle. Just my opinion.

    2. 1) The spinner? What does that mean?
      2) I kinda want to know how these Pkms look like and what are their dex entries so we can criticize them better (I’m talking about Debutaunte and Aarrogaunt)
      3) Fatelle is very interesting and has a good name. Do you have more information about it?
      4)Oh your spider is based on the whole stuff that when you see a spider you day is gonna be bad but the next one is gonna be good. That’s a good concept to be based of even though you apparently took the literal meaning :p
      5) The name “whatt” is weird
      6) “Based on a ‘lightbulb moment’” ngl that’s cool lol
      7) Also basing your three legendary Pkms directly from Greek mythology seems a little weird, has GF done anything similar?

      1. 1)

        2) I defo need to add more detail on them, it’s all in my head rn because it was just the info I’d written at the time.

        3) Yup, but it’s mostly up in my head rn and will be put in its dex entries.

        4) Decided taking it literally would be more interesting for design choices than the good luck/bad luck idea, at least imo. But a luck spider could be fun tbh

        5) It’s a play on ‘What’ (it’s dim minded as well as literally dim, so it’d probably be asking a lot of questions) and ‘Watt’ (it’s a light bulb :p)

        6) Thanks! The concept itself was definitely a light bulb moment

        7) Closest I can think of is Reshiram and Zekrom literally being yin and yang personified, but even then they have a twist on it. Mines will too, but I need to sort the concept properly before sharing it

    1. Higher skill gate than traditional + because there’s so much good digital art online it makes you feel bad about yourself

      1. yeah…. I dont know how I’m supposed to improve when I cant even finish a sketch. Plus drawing on a tablet feels so much worse than paper . Like, just drawing on it just physically feels unpleasant.

        1. I’m 90% sure we’re gonna see of those mons in the Sun Moon anime, Inci and Deci Might mean that they’ll both evolve

        1. No It’s not! That’s the age that’s children start their journeys, it’s a great age fo that. It gives you time to beat the leage and still have time to decide What you wanna do in future and learn important things!
          Is it just so they closer to your age and they’ll be easier to draw

          1. Fam I have a 12 year old brother and he would never be able to survive in the world even with Pokémon. There’s a point where it just becomes too ridiculous to me so I age up the characters

          2. “It gives you time to beat the league and still have time to decide What you wanna do in future”

            It takes less than a year to beat a league, is not that time consuming, and it makes more sense to go all alone in the big world being 16 than being 11 or 12

          1. Lana will probably have a fully evolved team. She kinda acts like she’ll be a rival for ash

    1. Wait didn’t Aash fought a guy with a Mega Sceptile in XY anime? Because if this poster is from the anime then that could mean that the guy with the Mega Sceptile is coming back

      ( There’s a Mega sceptile between Pikipek and Popplio)

          1. Dont see the reason of bringing him back, unless its for storyline reasons and he’s becoming the 2nd rival?

      1. If Sawyer comes back, but Brock and Misty don’t even have a small cameo then I’m gonna be pissed lol

  10. Dang I just had a fantastic game in Overwatch. It came down to stalling the point each time.
    I was on Hanamura and we almost called the first point. We were so close but I was the only one left. I saw torb and zen coming in which could both destroy me as Tracer. I blink backwards to try to get into a good position to throw the pulse bomb but I underestimate the distance and accidentally blink off the map and we lost.

    Then we couldn’t defend just barely

  11. 2018 has a potential to be an amazing year for nintendo. I hope for Smash Switch, Maybe a XD Gale of Darkness like post apo title and maaaayyyybe just mmmmmaaaaaayyyyyybbbbbbbeeeee Overwatch for Switch

      1. Ikr! as an Ice trainer I thought my theme would be One of the snow sinnoh routes, but this my theme

    1. Man the Marine tube was great. I hope they do another thing like it now that the games are in 3d models. Was a very cool area to sit in and watch the Pokemon go by lol

        1. It was a pic of a magazine (presumably) that was in Korean. It’s not necessarily confirmed one way or the other. Prolly fake tho lol

    1. I don’t hate it, but I’m pretty sure this will end up being fake. I’d be fine with it it either way tho lol

    2. For a creature with a supposedly super scary real form, it doesnt look too different

  12. I think what they really need to do next is give us a form that has a wow factor to it. We need new Alolan forms is what we need now. Lycanroc Dusk is cool and all (I actually like it), but it lacks that oomph to really get peeps excited. Half of the fun of mid gen games is seeing new forms and areas that weren’t in the original games. It doens’t have to be super grand, but if the next form is just Mimikyu out of it’s disguise then that’ll be kind of disappointing.

      1. Only if they fix it’s move sets. Did they really think that giving it only 1 move that works for it’s different types was a good idea? At least let it learn Thunderbolt, Flame Thrower, Psychic, and Shadow ball via tm…..I mean god……

        1. The forms should’ve been permanent, maybe then they would’ve given them decent move sets

          1. It shouldn’t make a difference. Who cares if someone has a Baile form Oricorio with Psychic? lol

          2. It’d just be weird for say a form that has nothing to do with electricity to have Thunderbolt

          3. There are plenty of Pokemon that have moves available to them that aren’t their types tho. I have a Nidoking that has Thunderbolt for example. That doesn’t exactly make much sense does it? lol

    1. I would be much more excited for Duskanroc if it wasn’t event only. At this stage I’m highly dubious about the possibility of new Alolan forms.

      1. Yeah the event only thing is a weird choice. I do wonder what their reasoning for that is. It could have been something special for Ash AND been something normally obtained in game.

    1. my interest in Sonic Mania literally went from a 0 to a 10 just from that opening animation. Now I listened to the music and it’s SO GOOD UGH!!!

      You know what this has done to me? It has made me actually like Green Hill Zone! AND I USUALLY HATE GREEN HILL XD

  13. Found some more interesting possible leaks, but it all sounds like garbage

    Trial 1 contains fighting a handful of Pikipeks, after which you battle Totem Trumbeak
    Trial 2 remains the same
    Trial 3 remains the same, but Totem Salazzle received a buff to withstand Water types
    Trial 4 remains the same, but Lurantis is replaced by Shiinotic as the Totem & utilizes more healing moves
    Trial 5 remains the same, but the Totems are different, depending on version. Passimian for US, Oranguru in UM
    Trial 6 is Bug type themed, Totem is Golisopod
    Trial 7 is Normal type themed, Totem is Bewear
    Trial 8 is just a battle with Kommo-O
    Trial 9 is Mina’s, Totem is Mimikyu
    After the ninth trial, there are 3 more Totems you can challenge freely as sidequest

    Aether Paradise undergoes a similar change like Team Plasma in B2/W2
    Lillie only has a few cameo appearances
    10 new Alolan forms, spread out over gens 2-6

    Ultra Solgaleo and Ultra Lunala go berserk at a certain point in the story, and the PC has to tame & ultimately catch them
    New Z-Crystals which have the effect of boosting a certain stat by x points
    New Battle Tree trainers, including Sycamore and Wallace
    New area, only accesible if you have UB-03 and UB-05 in your active party

    1. Lol you post so many of these “leaks” can we just call them fakes.What type would Totem 5 even be?

      1. Leaks are always fake until proven otherwise. I just post them here to keep conversation alive and because people like to speculate

  14. Can anyone please with bottom of my heart battle me in smash or pokemon. pleeeease. Just once more! Just for old times. We can do shinies babies, or legends or anything. Jus anything! Or else I will leave for a long time!

      1. I need some battling thrill~~ Plus a lot of people dont evn talk about pokemon anymore

    1. Ehh i could do a showdown if you want. My 3ds has been dead for weeks and I don’t have a wiiu so I can’t smash

    1. Can we agree that any Coro Coro scans release after the 13th of every month is fake?

      The only time a leak has happened way before corocoro came out was Mega Mewtwo Y

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  15. Ohmori confirms that trials were a last-minute decision to include in SuMo. Also says he couldn’t get artists in to design them, so he had to do it himself. Explains why the trials felt unfinished, and also explains the 8 emtpy slots.

    Skip to 5:15



        1. Further proof that gamefreak is extremely incompetent. Hate to say this, but unless they get their shit together by pokemon switch (I don’t expect usum to be any good) I may leave Pokemon..

          1. As long as they continue to develop the games for 10-12 year olds, nothing will change or improve sadly

          2. Worrying when Masuda said that a BotW style game would not work for Pokémon. It tells me that they’re also not willing or maybe afraid to change the formula in fear of losing the fans

          3. Pokemon is waay to popular to actually ‘fail’
            I just hope they realize it’s time to change stuff up like botw did for zelda and odyssey seems to for mario

          4. Calm down fam, They’ve still make great games and in the end that’s what matters! Don’t worry so much, Pokemon Switch will be amazing and you know that inside

          5. No I don’t actually. Because game freak is an indie company that got success quickly because it was picked up by Nintendo. They never got to fail. They never had to learn good design. Their games suffer for that and Pokémon Switch will be a disaster if thy don’t get it together

          6. I disagree that they’ve never learned good design because you could argue that every Pokemon game was good; but we all got our favourites. It is true that they have never had a game fail at all! Still, they certainly listen to fan-feedback, but lack what fans want sometimes (ex. Battle Frontier in OR/AS). It’s perplexing, but I doubt Pokemon on the Switch would fail. I’d love to see them do more with the standard Pokemon concept.

          7. How so? All Pokemon games are definitely structurally sound. I doubt their going to make a “Sonic 06” Pokemon game. Pokemon is Nintendo’s prized series, they cannot have a inherently bad game.

          8. X and Y were honestly bad… not like abysmal but complete shitholes by Pokémon standards

          9. Again, debatable. I personally enjoyed X/Y. It’s what assisted the 3DS strongly and brought a lot of people back into Pokemon. I think there great games, but lacking in what some fans like you desire.

          10. It just depends how much work they’re will to put into it! If they’re moving it to the switch then I hope there’s a distinct difference between the DS and Switch games. I don’t want it to feel like I’m playing it on a DS. I want to feel the power of the fewer limitations that the switch would offer. I’m certainly not asking or expecting anything like BotW lol, but it needs to be different, jaw dropping, and game changing. They didn’t need to say “lower your expectations,” but instead “don’t expect an open world game” or something like that.

          11. Not being rude, but your not affecting a massive company by you solely leaving Pokemon. I don’t think GameFreak is “incompetent” as we don’t have full details of their development process. It takes a team to create a game, so nobody could be “incompetent”. Still, I don’t understand how trials were added so late? Like how are you going to progress without them. I’m assuming that they used Gyms (which as UnburdenedLegume said would explain the squares on the map) and the Trial Captains were leaders, but he swapped them for what we got in S/M.

          12. Obviously it doesn’t affect them, but lately every pokemon games feels incomplete too me so if I don’t like the one on switch I’ll leave as simple as that.
            And they are incompetent. It’s not just the trail thing, it’s Every thing they’ve done since XY.

    1. I mean…..If the Trials and their captains were really a rush job then good on him! The captains (minus Sophocles) are all pretty great. I love the trial concept and honestly hope they refine it going forward. Mixing things up this time around was a good choice.

          1. Stop blindly ignoring everything they do right. The list of that is longer than the list of what they did wrong.

          2. No offense but outside of giving us possibly the best roster of actual Pokemon yet, what did gen 7 do right?

          3. I’d say Gen 4 or 5 did that tbh. The only great things gen 7 really did was bring BACK day/night (so that doesn’t really count because it’s not new), be better than Gen 6, have good characters (though some were not great), and dismiss HM’s (which was pretty awesome).

          4. A good story and the best world (as in stuff like Pokemon cries and the culture you can feel in each area)

            But for the most part it didn’t do much spectacularly

          5. This is a website that allows discussion. Honesty, I like seeing people surface the negatives of a series. It adds to the flavour of video games. I love GameFreak, but they do sometimes make questionable choices.

          6. Is it though? Not having the core progression system of the game established until so late you can’t even get them designed by the right people is embarrassing and shows how bad they are at planning these games. The trials were simplistic and were only really interesting because of the location, trial captain and the Totem.

            They fuck up so much shit every single game and they don’t care. They will just remove the good stuff from the last game and introduce new mechanics that aren’t fun. They are incompetent.

          7. Exactly this. They take out the good and leave the mediocre. They practically NEVER build on the good things they do.

          8. -Walking with pokes (they literally put the work in TWICE now to bring it back and haven’t done it TWICE)
            -Actual event pokemon
            -much more if I weren’t so tired

            Like why are they taking steps back!? If it just means we have to wait longer to get the next pokemon game then so be it. Just put the damn work in.

          9. I think that they were using Gyms before trials. But that’s just a theory… a Game Theory. lol. Let me get serious a bit. I’m stunned as well that they implemented them so late and couldn’t find people to design them. The team was fifty people, so I wonder what they were doing.

            I don’t think every Pokemon game is terrible all because they don’t change much. Look at series such as Dragon Quest and Shin Megami Tensei; they don’t change much but have such an amazing series. Yet, I do agree with some of your qualms. It’s like the listen to fans and ignore them at the same time (which is sometimes good and bad).

      1. The concept and characters are great. I’m sure he did the best he could, but they are still very clearly rushed.

        It’s amazing they couldn’t get the actual people needed to design them. That’s a failure on their part

        1. Yeah it’s a weird that they did it in such a way. You’d think such a huge part of the game would be solidified earlier on rather than it being something they through in. It’ll be interesting to see how USUM are with the trials now that they’d have them a bit more refined. Hopefully refined anyway lol)

    2. What was in place of trials before? You literally have to progress the game completing trials. I’d say that trials came out quite well, so he did do a decent job creating the Captains. Still, seeing how late they arrived is baffling.

  16. Nintendo needs a new Direct next week. Get that hype up for Rabbids, show those indie games for Switch, release date for Xenoblade 2,… Feel like we’re in a news lull.

  17. We’re 3 months away from USUM and we’ve got almost no news. Just give us something, even if it is insignificant…

      1. It’s kinda sad that this fan game is churning out more details than the original game

    1. i too have contemplated the ramifications of the concepts and potential of a pocket monsters open world game

        1. There was probably nothing worse they could’ve said other than maybe “it’s not happening now”

    2. Can’t wait to see it. No wonder you didn’t respond to my previous asking. Hopefully, someone pins in when you post it, just in case I’m not around when you release it. College life is starting up for me soon!

        1. Your fine! I like to see people pose different thoughts! It’s what adds to a series and discussion!

          1. It got the love it wanted, It didn’t have to look like pikachu, it looks the way it wants to look

          2. Then make it keep the black color scheme and white eyes. Give it the ghost arms. Give it a similar shape to Mimikyu. Something to make it obvious that it is Mimikyu

          3. That’s why we have mega evolutions
            Don’t ya know Reshiram is mega Mimikyu XD?

  18. Kinda wish Pokémon had a little more maturity nowadays
    Not like edgy Rejuvenation “WOW THE BADASSERY GUYS” kind of mature …

    Gens 4 and 5 had it, hell even ORAS had some due to dialogue changes in the climax… I wish the games felt more real with their NPCs, and the biggest battles in the game actually felt more impactful!
    Imagine if the champion was the head of the evil team and your elite four journey was a desperate journey to incorruptible the Pokémon league or something!

    1. I liked SuMo’s scale tbh, besides Lusamine trying to unleash UBs on the world (which even then isn’t as apocalyptic as other evil team plans) it felt like a personal journey for both yourself to become stronger and for Lillie to become a more independent character

      Also the NPCs were hilarious

        1. I don’t see the need for it always to be on a bigger scale, the small scale really worked and helped with the idea of growth of oneself. Lillie, Hau, and Gladion evolve as characters whereas you get stronger because you’re a blank self insert without a character in the first place

  19. I find it HILARIOUS that Masuda…..the MUSIC DIRECTOR doesn’t know how to play piano/keyboard. I’m not knocking him as the music in the games is typically great, but I just find it funny hahaha

      1. I mean he can probably play other instruments or can just use the music software very well? I mean it’s funny because how much Pokémon uses piano sounding noises but the series has never used actual instruments iirc

      2. Oh come on…..Like I said it’s not a knock. They do music for the games very well. It’s not like him not knowing how to play means he can’t put music together. It’s just a bit humorous.

        1. I know… it’s just GF is in such a shithole rn that everything about them seems bad

          1. Jesus….It’s amazing how a few months of no info on a game will make people turn on GF lol

          2. I mean… it’s more than that…
            it’s everything they’re saying in the meantime

          3. I’ll admit the recent interviews were a little shaky,but if it weren’t for them would people really be shitting on them this much? I feel like people are being overly critical of them for no reason at all. It’s so weird.

          4. I know… I mean still feel hopeful… just..I can only be so optimistic before …well

          5. Fair. Either way my point is if you like SM in any capacity then what’s there to worry about future games? We have no knowledge of USUM and while I’d be disappointed if it’s just a rehash of SM so soon after their release last year it’s not like that would necessarily reflect badly on the Switch game. I think part of the reason they sounded shaky on the Switch game was because people are expecting too much and they don’t want people to think the game will be more than it actually is. It’ll be a Pokemon game and if it’s anything like the past games it’ll be more or less a success.

          6. …that’s a really solid explanation
            I’m just worried they’ll always be so close to being perfect but barely miss the mark
            I guess I just want another Gen 5…

          7. That’s fair. I really like gen 5 a lot too. That said gen 5 isn’t without it’s faults too, but I hear where you’re coming from

          8. I don’t hate S/M, just hate their anti-post game efforts. It ruins the lasting effects of pokemon games. So over time they don’t become as fond as when first playing them

          9. The thing is tho, post-game for this series has a track record of being bad. Gen 1, Gen 3, Gen 6, Gen 7. Post-game isn’t always their focus, and when post game is their focus (Gen 2 and Gen 5) it tends to be that it effects the game in a way (Johto has its absolutely horrendous level curve, and Black/White (at least imo and from people I’ve talked with, this might be utter bullshit to you guys) has a fast, linear main game).

            Could they make it better? Yes. But they’ve shown themselves to not be as great as they could be with it already so I don’t see why people set themselves up for the disappointment of an amazing post game.

            And imo, Gens 2 and 5 still didn’t have amazing post games because neither had stories and didn’t make that great of a use of being in a new region/new part of a region. At least Gen 6 had all of its competitive-aimed features and Gen 7 had a return to an effort in story telling + different bits of post game activity sprinkled after Champion

          10. You’re right, my expectations are perhaps high considering their track record. It’s just disappointing everyone keeps asking for post game effort and they’re ignoring us

          11. Because they’re focusing on side features, mechanical features and main game (as well as their version of comp) which are all more important than post game too them (and probably to the fandom too tbh)

          12. They have a relatively small team especially including the non-coding members, they’re constantly changing direction in terms of design outside of their battle systems, and genuinely there’s no point in sacrificing a decent main story (what most people will be playing) for the post game

          13. Lol GameFreak has always been this ‘bad’, it’s just that it’s starting to show more + your nostalgia is wearing off

          14. My nostalgia is not wearing off at all , it’s just… gf is now literally waving their stupidity in our faces

          15. JUst because we’re not getting news doesn’t mean that GF is bad all of the sudden lol

          16. The ones that said that we shouldn’t hype the switch game up so we don’t end dissapointed? I mean, things shouldn’t be hyped a lot, specially when they’re doing a first timer (making a main series in a console)

          17. It’s the expectations. Some fans are yearning for a massive open world, but it’s not what GameFreak is making. You could still be excited, but know what to expect.

          18. Literally an entire studio sucks because they haven’t released info ever month on US/UM… lol. It’s kinda funny how everyone here turned on GameFreak suddenly.

    1. Yet he’s still able to make amazing music, I mean, making music and playing music don’t always go hand in hand

      1. Yeah it’s pretty good. From the Game Informer Podcast it sounds like he’s musically inclined, but it’s much more of a tech style than instrumental. He prolly has a very good grasp of music as far as notes and sounds go, but he just can’t play keyboard lol

        1. Maybe he plays an instrument, and that instrument is the computer that is able to make music 😛

    2. I was shocked until I looked up his actual work. He pretty much exclusively does the battle themes. The actual themes requiring piano are not his work (like the amazing shit from Sinnoh)

      1. Yeah I think his main bread and butter is making music on the computer. Still makes him a musician by the by lol

  20. “Now imagine this with Pokemon. Imagine finding a huge tree you climb and find a nest of Pidgey. Imagine going to a beach and seeing Pallosand rise like Leevers. Krabby wash up on the shore. Zebstrika, Mudsdale, Bouffalant and Ponyta run through plains. At night time aggressive ghost pokemon appear. Murkrow swoop down from trees. Maybe you are exploring a place with rock terrain and suddenly a massive Onix appears that towers over you. Maybe you are sailing in the ocean and your boat is attacked by a massive Wailmer. These “boss” pokemon could be like Totems. Powered up pokemon that call upon other pokemon to help. Maybe they can only be caught after lowering it down to red health and it loses its power up and becomes a regular pokemon.”

    I just got really excited about this idea

        1. Damn I got kinda hyped lol. This does sound sweet. It would take years and years for them to develop this though. Every pokemon would need to be generated in full 3D and would require extensive interactions between species otherwise they just bumble around and it wouldn’t feel alive. Each pokemon would have to counted as an “enemy.” Compare that to Zelda where there are less than 100 different kinds of enemies in the entire game

          1. I feel like this is their reasoning too but I don’t think it’s true. Again. come back in an hour or two. i gots the solutions 😛

    1. Sounds like a great side game. Would be really hard to make this work like a main series game.

    2. Idk, this could be done in pseudo-open world or just a 3D game with large routes but still has loading screens/black screens

    3. Your talking some good atmosphere. Still, it could be done in a traditional title. Every RPG would have to include some open world concepts. I do expect the next Pokemon game to contain more lively environments. Along with tall grass, I’d like to see the player interact with these Pokemon and be able to catch and battle them.

          1. Oh, I’ve consistently had every version since D/P. I own at least one from every generation though.

  21. Also, the trailers showed aftergame poni island areas with level 40 mons
    If this is actually in the game… wouldn’t that mean more areas were added?

        1. That’s just a generic battle field. They could have placed that anywhere.the only reason they prolly put it on Poni is prolly because you can catch the other two Lycanrocs on that island. Unless I missed something?

          1. I recognize that spot as being just before battle tree due grinding sessions
            Also that’s a place to find wild bewears

          2. Well again tho Poni island is where you find Lycans so it’s not crazy to think they just picked a random field on the island for the trailer

          3. I think they just picked it because it displays the dusk well and is scenic with it tbh

    1. Different island order. After all, we have an Ula’ula Z-Ring and potentially Togedemaru as a totem (which you can’t say would be hard unless it’s early or gets amazing stat boosts from that aura)

  22. Tbh I’m not expecting a lot from Gen 8 post game wise. The games with the most post game are Gen 2 and Gen 5. The Game Boy colour is very similar to the regular game boy, and tbh Gen 2 is very very similar to Gen 1. Gen 5 was the second Gen of games on the DS.

    Everytime we’ve had a large transition in presentation and/or hardware, we’ve had little post game, probably due to GameFreak having to do so much stuff with their relatively small team.

    Yes, Gen 7 is on the 3DS too and has a rather small post-game (still not the worst in Pokemon tho imo), but at least in terms of out of battle that was a huuuuuge leap. We got rid of the chibi overworld characters and the grid, which would’ve been ageeeees to do because that’s way more complex

    On the plus side, now that GameFreak has more experience with accurate sized models and off the grid movement, hopefully the transition to a console game won’t be as bad.

    1. While I don’t expect much post game from Gen 8, I do expect it from USUM, I mean, the post game size may be the same as PLatinum and Emerald, but let’s be real, it’s better than what we got in SM

      1. Not sure about Emerald beyond rematches and battle frontier but Platinum at least had a decent post game tbh. Not huge but still p. good

        1. Exactly! Not huge but pretty good, that’s the kind of Post game i’m expecting from USUM

    2. I just wish the storyline with the ultra beasts had been more exciting. I hated the repetitive nature of it. Didn’t feel like much of an adventure, nor did they feel like bosses. It was just -meet at hotel-
      -catch ub-
      -back to hotel for boring exposition-

      1. It wasn’t meant to be an adventure or them being bosses tho, it’s meant to feel like a clean up mission. That’s what you’re doing. Someone has to clean up the villain’s mess and tbh I enjoyed actually seeing something out of the interpol beyond Looker tbh

          1. I think that’d be more boring tbh, because then you’d either have to just walk up to them and press B rather than just go into the tall grass and have them attack you like other Pokémon (because besides being from another dimension, they’re just regular Pokemon, or legendary or anything) or you would’ve had a bunch of cutscenes that would make it even longer. Especially since all but Nihilego and Guzzlord had you catch multiple.

            The only one i feel should’ve appeared in the overworld was Guzzlord to mirror Zygarde in XY, especially because only one is found in one room

  23. I really like this idea, folks! Sexy logo design as well. (Just saying, if you put that on a shirt I would buy it!)

    1. And here we can observe a comment relatd to the article in its natural habitat… it’s an extremally rare species…

    2. Of all the adjectives that I’ve heard to describe a logo, “sexy” is definitely the oddest 😛

        1. The won’t change the lore THAT much

          Especially when they have the chance to expand on it more than ever

          1. What if in this universe wormhole suddenly was interrupted and UBs (Nilego-Lusamine like) merged with Totems? We could see a Gumshoos pheromosa, Aloticate Buzzwole, Vikavolt Kartana/Celesteela, Salazzle Circutree etc

          2. Dude this will just be a third version with small changes in the story. And that whole thing of UB’s fusing with totems sound illogical

          3. Nihilego and Lusamine fused because of Nihilego’s biology, as well as Lusamine being a willing host probably making the fusion way easier for Nihilego than just becoming a glass wig like on other people.

            And from a design pov these all sound terrible aesthetically

      1. Incorrect. Ultra Wormholes cause Beast Boost (the kind that gives them a stat boosting red aura, not their Moxie on steroids ability) and Totem Auras on Totem Pokémon. Totem Pokémon, and UBs coated in Wormhole energy (so basically, have travelled between worlds) are pretty much the same thing, and they are mechanically identical with their respective auras.

  24. Does having each gym leader in my new fan region reflecting a colour of the rainbow sound super dumb and cheesy? The whole concept is based upon creativity and stuff and is mean for call back to RBY too

      1. Ehh I wouldn’t call it subtle but it’s also not going to be super obvious? Like, it’s mostly based on type and colour (so the red leader uses fire, not all of his Pokemon will be red) but their ace will be their colour

        It’ll be something like

        Red – Fire
        Orange – Fighting
        Yellow – Electric
        Green – Grass
        Blue – Ice
        Indigo – Water
        Violet – Ghost

        And then a secret eighth

    1. Half my names are random
      Caleb Normal
      Rusty Grass
      Token Electric
      Clara Psychic
      Leopold Ghost
      Abbigale Fairy
      Eva Dragon
      Jayden Fighting

          1. I didn’t mention the names

            And why would your GL’s names be connected to the rainbow anyway? Especially since they’re meant to be type based and/or plant based

      1. Nope. Their type and badge reflect the colour, names are either subtly colour based or not at all

    1. Ouran host club? I’ve seen that. It’s in the list of anime I’ve seen with the * next to it as a weird show for me to have watched. It’s out of the ordinary for me, but there’s something so freaking captivating about it and I don’t know why lol

        1. It’s just such a weird show. Despite it being SUPER niche-y you can’t help but get into it lol

    1. I’ll be interested to hear about them! I was gonna speak about mine but I’ll back off for now, especially since mines just a concept


    BOTW-Like seems to a term I see quite a bit now. When you say it you are not only thinking of an openworld. There is so much more to Breath of the Wild in terms of the series as a whole. Breath of the Wild brought so much change to the series it is almost unheard of in modern gaming. The way you play, where you go, how you fight enemies, how you explore, all of this while still feeling distinctly Zelda. When people say a game needs a BOTW like- sequel, they are talking about this.

    The Pokemon games have always had elements of open world games. At a certain point in Red and Blue you can fight many gym leaders in any order you want. Same goes for Kanto in Gen 2. But overall, the games have always been linear with characters blocking you off until you got a gym badge or defeated the evil team. It seems like they always envisioned the world to be big and expansive. I think RBGY and GSC did the best they could with the hardware available and at the time it certainly felt like a huge adventure but time took its toll on both of them pretty hard. By gen 3 they kept doing what they were doing adding more pokemon and features (and removing features) and updating the graphics.

    When it was time to move Pokemon to the 3DS, it could’ve been an opportunity to break from this formula they had built up over the years. This is hardware that featured a remake of Ocarina of Time, which while has plenty of problems, was very important for open world games. They could have allowed us to explore freely in this new 3D world with mysteries everywhere to discover. But guess what they didn’t do that so we got X and Y which has as much input as watching a let’s play.

    But after Gen 6 had held your hand through the ruins, you left on your own into snowden and entered Gen 7 which was a major improvement. The grid was completely removed. Routes were bigger and had more to explore. Towns and Cities were bigger and felt like real cities. Pokemon cries could be heard making it feel like a world. It was filled with the air of a region with many traditions but also one that is advancing technologically. Trials made the region feel less like a place that only exists so you can visit the gyms and more like one with these challenges integrated into the culture (Even if many of the trials felt unfinished) This was such a big step despite many of Sun and Moon’s flaws. Even with the added story the world felt like a world.

    Now here we are and Pokemon is developing a game for a console. And they refuse to make a BOTW-Like Pokemon game. I can’t begin to understand how they think this. Everything about Pokemon NEEDS a BOTW “reboot”.

    Take pokemon, and remove as much as possible. Take away all the extra mechanics and strip it down to the basics. This would be battling and capturing pokemon. You could remove everything else. Items, the overworld, characters, gym leaders, E4, every single pokemon. All you need is a attack to fight and a pokeball to capture the placeholder on the screen.

    Pokemon in its most basic form

    From this, if it is fun, (which is something Game Freak should consider and something I won’t talk about here) we can add some mechanics back in. Items, Running away. Move sets and Pokemon. The battling system has always been turn based but not even that is necessary. As long as you are battling and obtaining pokemon, it is still the same game. My point with this is that the overworld is not what makes pokemon… well.. Pokemon. Think about the fact that Pokemon Stadium works well without an overworld.

    But we do need a way to encounter these different pokemon. We need a place to go when we run from a battle and a place to get items. This is where the overworld actually comes in. An open world Pokemon game could expand upon every aspect of how do these things.

    Finding Pokemon in the World
    Currently you find pokemon by walking into the grass. Maybe you find them in a cave or fishing in the sea. This really isn’t interesting at all. It’s probably more annoying than anything when you are just trying to get through the grass before you can buy repels. Now consider how you encounter enemies in open world games. In BotW in particular, they can spawn on horseback. They can spawn in camps or in tree forts. Some pop out of the ground at night. And some are minibosses that you find scattered all over the place that give you a sudden challenge for nice rewards.

    Now imagine this with Pokemon. Imagine finding a huge tree you climb and find a nest of Pidgey. Imagine going to a beach and seeing Pallosand rise like Leevers. Krabby wash up on the shore. Zebstrika, Mudsdale, Bouffalant and Ponyta run through plains. At night time aggressive ghost pokemon appear. Murkrow swoop down from trees. Maybe you are exploring a place with rock terrain and suddenly a massive Onix appears that towers over you. Maybe you are sailing in the ocean and your boat is attacked by a massive Wailmer. These “boss” pokemon could be like Totems. Powered up pokemon that call upon other pokemon to help. Maybe they can only be caught after lowering it down to red health and it loses its power up and becomes a regular pokemon.

    Finding these pokemon in the wild (where they belong) where you can see them not only makes more sense, it also makes the world feel like a world. This would encourage capturing pokemon too. Think about all the pokemon you catch in go that you would’ve passed over in a main series game. If you find a pokemon in a strange place, it will be a bigger motivation to capture it. It feels like a once in a life time opportunity. Now add shinies to that and you have some amazing moments for players.

    Of course this kind of scale is insane. All of those pokemon have to be modelled with interactions and animations. But we already have every single pokemon with a 3D model made in Gen 6 and 7. Some may have to be shaped up to fit the world but we have them. So let’s take that Onix example. The onix appears from the ground like a stone titus and the battle starts. Maybe it’s seemless or maybe it does a battle encounter transition to hide loading. From there it’s just a regular Pokemon Battle. All that has changed is the way you encountered the Pokemon.

    Teams will fluctuate more than just the planned teams people tend to make since you don’t always know what you will find. Maybe you can find a pokemon to ride to get around faster? Or maybe they can just keep the current Pokeride system.

    With this system there will be some sacrifices to be made. I imagine that they will have to once again omit the national dex and have a dex of 150-250 Pokemon (Not necessarily all gen 1 and 2) These are the pokemon you can actually encounter in the overworld. Pokemon transferred from previous generations would only be seen in battles and in menus (Maybe in Pokemon Amie if they bring that back which they should)

    Suddenly you can include every pokemon ever made since you have the 3D models already and a smaller number of them need overworld animations and interactions. You may not feel great that there will be a lot of pokemon available in the wild but it is a needed step. Future games can proceed to add more pokemon including the ones from the previous game. Gen 8 will probably have very few Sinnoh dex pokemon so the remakes can include them.

    An overworld like this would make pokemon more exciting to find and catch. It will also make exploring more interesting in a world that is alive.

    Towns and Progression

    The progression system would consist of 8 gyms and an E4. The only thing you really have to do to beat the game is beat the 8 gyms. They can be done in any order and like the dungeons in Breath of the Wild, have small story lines and challenges attached to them. Sort of like trials combined with Gyms… except they are still gyms.

    Gyms have a much higher difficulty than in previous games requiring you to explore and find new pokemon to have a bigger advantage. After 8 badges are obtained, you can enter the Pokemon League which is basically the “Hyrule Castle” of this game. Gym leaders and E4 can be rematched after the first victory and you have to defend your title like in Sun and Moon.

    Towns are similar to that in the current games. Pokemon Centers with lots of houses and NPC’s. Except with such a big world, the NPC’s can actually be useful. Rumors of a rare pokemon in this area next to this landmark, warnings of dangerous trainers that gather in a certain spot or places that contain secrets like rare items. Pokemon Centers contain healing items that cost money but heal more than the various foods and berries you can find in the world that you use to heal your Pokemon.

    Some towns can contain facilities for the competitive side of Pokemon. Places for EV training, move tutors, and breeding.

    Arriving in these towns gives you an area to warp to with Pokeride. Other warp areas in the world can be established by battling special trainers different from the normal ones that roam the world. I’m sure there are lots of other ways to get warp points though. That’s just the first one that came to mind.

    The towns and wilds are also filled with items to feed your pokemon to heal them. Lemonades, Fresh Waters, Sodas, and Malasadas in the cities and Berries, Fruits and Apricorns in the wild. Pokemon Refresh can be used to cure status without having to waste items and minimize the use of Pokemon Centers. The game could be beaten with relative ease without ever using Pokemon Centers


    A BOTW-Like Open World game for Pokemon would be the best way to evolve the series. It keeps the core gameplay while making it into a true adventure in a wide Pokemon world. It doesn’t have to be as big as Breath of the Wild and in the case of Sinnoh Remakes, they are simply expanding Sinnoh and getting rid of barriers that block the way like walls and trees you get walk past. It eliminates the dreadful tutorial and let’s the story be experienced by those who want to and letting competitive battling elements be accessed quicker. It caters to both sides of the fanbase while changing just enough. It’s the change Pokemon needs.

    1. I’ll list my comment in order, so that’s its easier to digest. I can’t type an entire paragraph.
      – Overworld games need to have a lot of content to fill such vast worlds. Stripping down Pokemon to the fundamentals would create a repetitive title such as Pokemon GO, in my opinion.
      – Pacing is an issue as well, in a large dynamic world turn-based combat would feel restrictive. I believe a swap to an action-RPG would be superior. It’s similar to why majority of open-world games lack an turn-based combat.
      – Your explanation of interacting with Pokemon in the environment could be added in a regular game. I will agree that you should ultimately be able to see more Pokemon be available on the over-world, but along with tall grass. Pokemon must be more expressive in the next title.
      – I think the PokeRide system should be kept. Honestly, HMs need to be gone.
      – A small deck would not be able to fill a vast world that you want it.
      – Your essentially still restricting the player by implementing Gyms and an Elite Four. Breath of the Wild has the story content be optional. That;s going to seriously disrupt how such a world is dangerous, which BotW has completely. It would feel like your just exploring an overly large world unnecessarily.
      – Again, your statement of towns could be done in a regular game.

      Ultimately, I’m fine with Pokemon incorporating larger environments and ideas from open-world games. The necessity of an “open-world” concept is kinda useless. If you like at Dragon Quest XI as an example, that’s the perfect method of giving players freedom while still requiring progression. The next Pokemon game will obviously contain a large region, but still have natural progression (hopefully). In my opinion, it seems like your just describing a standard game with the ability to go to any Gym you want. Some other things I agree with is making tutorials optional, but it is necessary for new players. Your not changing much to the series but being able to just walk anywhere.

  26. Team Vaccine are a mysterious team who operate under a goal to “better the world.” The leader of the team experienced a tragic accident as a child in which his Pokemon companion was slaughtered in a battle that had gone too far with a wild Pokemon. Through technology, the pokemon was brought back to life and giving enhancements making it stronger than it ever had been before. As time went on the leader experienced more and more struggles of loss that humanity and Pokemon began to deal with and created a team to help bring back the dead. After a while the goal began to shift from reviving the dead to flat out improving all living beings via enhancement, to make their lives easier. The plan was to have those who are able to tolerate the enhancement live freely forever while those who can’t would simply die out. The team has generated a rather large group of followers who have received some of these enhancements of their own. Despite the positives it is said that those enhanced lose a bit of who they are…. exactly what is not entirely known…

    Team Vaccine~ The cure for imperfection

          1. Thank youuu!!!
            The thing is this, every single battle you have with them actually feels like something is at stake. Hell, even the grunts would high level AI, competitive movesets, and in some cases even items like mega stones or z-moves

    1. I like it a lot, but I also feel like “vaccine” is the wrong title since actual vaccines are not harmful. Maybe that’s just me though

      1. Oh I know, that’s the point though
        They don’t see it as wrong, they literally see it as a cure for the worlds issues. The name Vaccine is a name from their own view

        1. I do get the irony, I just don’t necessarily like the negative connotation being applied to vaccine. I’m probably overreacting though hahah

          1. No I mean I totally get it, I just feel like the name fits them perfectly.
            Picture how when you get a vaccine it’s meant to help you but you may have soreness or maybe a fever that follows as a small side effect
            They’re so dehumanized that they view elimination of millions of people with the same sort of severity as minor side effect

          2. That’s really neat. I guess my issue really lies with anti-vacciners than with you, I’m sorry xD

          3. XD it’s okayyy
            I think anti-vaccine is pretty dumb too..
            (Doesn’t mean I’m up for getting them because I’m a sissy when it comes to needles XD)

    2. Team Enhance, Team Saviour, Team we’re not secretly bad guys, Team Utopia, Team Aspire, Team Grandiose, Team Science is Cool OK.

      I wonder how enhancements would work on Pokemon. I can see the human characters with cyborg type enhancements though.

        1. I am expecting a Dr.Frankenstein-esque character to be a higher up in this team. The reviving the dead Pokemon reminds me of the animated film Frankenweenie actually.

          1. I actually had an entirely different idea XD
            They aren’t exactly physically terrifying as much as they are mentally

    1. Masuda Method is better if you want specific natures/IVs/eggmoves etc. but if you don’t care about any of that then chaining is the way to go

    2. Both can vary widely in length of time to achieve. I prefer breeding to have access to egg moves, guaranteed nature, more likely higher IVs etc, it’s also easier in that you won’t run out of the ball you want it in, should you care about that.

    3. chaining with the shiny charm is the best way for speed, for quality control, try masuda method.

  27. The second team is more along the…. edgy kind of team
    Hell they’re over the top edgy…. but the actual morals and mindsets of the team are a little… different than they may appear

  28. Just saw a brief part of Interstellar on tv and it’s already reminding me of how sad that movie really is………and how long it is……

      1. It’s a great movie for sure. It’s a little long, but certainly worth watching.

  29. Guys, while I’m all for active discussion in the comments it really is disheartening to see a grand total of THREE people actually mention the article.

    You can talk here, yes, but as we always say we have a chat and forums for some of the stuff you’re discussing here. For once it would be nice to see some discussion regarding the event that we went to specifically so we could share it with you guys.

    1. I……actually keep meaning to comment on the actual article, but then something comes up or I have another thought come to mind……I usually try to comment on topic before jumping to other stuff………I do feel bad tho. Please don’t take the weird lack of comments on this article as a sign that we don’t want interest pieces and articles about other stuff not relating to actual news. I think we’re all just in a very comfortable place and that may not be good lol

    2. I don’t really know what to say on such articles except I am jealous you guys get to experience cool stuff like this ’cause you live in the Pokemon capital of the world. I also have no interest in GO so I can’t really say much on that. I am interested in Pokemon merchandise but don’t have instagram or twitter and don’t care for either platform. I did read the article though, it’s just I don’t know what to say and now feel bad :/

    3. Did this event cost money to attend? I would definitely go to one if they held one in my city, but the Chicago one was too far for me to venture for whilst working on near-minimum wage.

    4. I agree, but there’s not so much stuff to have a have an opinion on with this sort of articles

    5. Sorry Moving, I do actually read the articles and always try to make it a point to comment on them, I was almost sure I commented on this one, but I cant find my comment so maybe I didnt. I really do apologize.

      I think this is all awesome, and just generally cute. Do you how aswesome it would be for a foreign Pokemon fan to experience this. Granted, I dont play GO, so I wouldnt be inclued in that department, but that atmosphere would still be great. I want to know what type of food they served there and did they have Pokemon themed treats? and the weather too. Definitely will join in on an event like that some day. Maybe if its about a Pokemon game I do play lol. Also I didnt know you LIVED in japan. That’s pretty cool! Definitely keep us updated!

  30. Moving is totally correct. As the mods here have mentioned multiple times as well as the chat mods, we do have a discord server that any and every one of you is welcome to. Since i have come back to disqus, i have noticed a lot of interesting things, from speculation on what usum will bring to some cool fan ideas from you guys. We want more than anything to invite you guys over to discord as we have many times before to share your ideas that do not reflect the content in these articles. Here is the invite to the server,, and you can always find it in the chat tab above. I admittedly have had my own instances where I have posted off topic comments because I want to hear what you guys have to say on certain things, yet not many of you are in the discord server. I understand I cannot force any of you to join, however, this article is one of the longer articles I have seen that moving put a lot of effort into. It shouldn’t be ignored. Not many of us get the chance to experience cool events like this so to have someone tell us about the cool events is amazing.

  31. I’m sorry moving and PJ if I offended you by not commenting more on the article, it’s less I’m not interested more jealousy that I can’t be in Pikapalooza with y’all…

    That aside I’m sorry 🙁

  32. I wish there were more events here imo. I saw a pikachu costume during SDCC. I love the costumes. So far there was the unfortunate pokemon go fest that didnt go well but even so i dont play go. I just want more pokemon stuff here in general. But yeah this event looks so fun and i would love to see a hula pikachu

  33. A small part of me just died inside.
    I had to sit in line an hour and 20 mins. for a glowstick hayride with two shrill voiced little girl neighbors while camping and got tackled by their cousin

    I have limited hearing and feel like I’ve been hit by a dump truck right now

  34. Oh some videos including ones viewing the merchandise in some detail could be a cool thing to do for future stuff, maybe you could do voiceover or annotations after too (to eliminate background noise issues), translating things and explaining them, especially the more Japanese orientated merchandise that are seldom seen elsewhere.Just a suggestion, I don’t want to try give you guys too much work.

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  36. Sounds like a better event than what was held in Chicago lol. I hope the Shiny Pikachu make their way to the rest of the world. I have a Shiny Gyarados, now must hunt Shiny Pikachu/Raichu.

  37. Good morning, deers~
    Today’s question is a fun one:
    if you could make a reigon variant of any pokemon to any reigon from jhoto to alola, what evo line/solo pokemon would you like to see?

  38. Lol @ 4chan leaks

    At Worlds they will reveal 2 new forms:
    Togedemaru Bomb Form
    Quills are gone, metal parts are black and its tail is now a fuse. Ability is called Flame Fuse, when hit by a Fire type move, its HP goes beyond its current maximum by 25% and a ”countdown” starts for 3 turns. After these 3 turns, Togedemaru will automatically (regardless of move chosen) launch an attack which is the equalivent of Explosion but Fire-based.

    Mimikyu Creepy Crawl form
    Spiky black shadow with red eyes and 8 claws instead of the one that regular Mimikyu has. Certain Mimikyu can now have the Grand Reveal ability, which has the same effect as Disguise, only this time when hit by an attack it changes Mimikyu to Creepy Crawl form and flinches the opponent.

    1. This is definitely real because in current day and age it is quite acceptable to have a suicide bomber Pokémon. Lol, totally not.

      1. Aren’t all Pokemon that use self-destruct and Explosion suicide bombers? They may not look like bombs but still…

        1. Yes, but they were created before the actual threath of suicide bombers and with the attacks of the past two years it wouln’t do them a good image by creating such a form in where it is kill or be killed but still take everyone down with them.

    2. The Mimikyu Creepy Crawl form is literally the description of the leak from the korean magazine of Mimikyu

  39. Reading all this open world Pokemon talk, i think it’s quite unlikely we’ll get it. But I have my own (realistic) wishlist for what pokemon switch needs to be good.

    -The best thing to do, is just make the region feel bigger. Like make the towns larger, the routes aren’t straight roads and look more like hyrule field than a typical pokemon route, there are secret areas to go with extra stuff, cool side quests.Basically not exactly open world, but with open world elements.

    -Think the story through, don’t make it like gen 6 where you make two games that seem to buildup towards something but then drop it.

    -trials and gyms don’t need to be there. They were just there for the sake of being there, either improve or drop entirety.

    -drop the two versions, then superior Version bullshit

    -difficulty options

    -lots of things to do, whether it be a large post game with stuff like bf,pwt or typical open world game stuff like sidequests and hidden areas

    -more dynamic looking battles. Sm was a step in the right direction, but at the same time they removed the important trainers Saying things when they were down to their last pokemon.

    -supporting characters like professor, rival and evil team to be well developed.

    1. it would be interesting if GF incorporated the nuzlocke system since i would hope they know how the fans are playing pokemon. also why havent there been difficulty settings since bw2? i thought it was such a cool twist. also trials and gyms were there for the sake of being there? what? can you explain? and as ive expressed before i agree i think its unlikely pokemon will get to open world. if anything there needs to be a transition. Pokemon with open world elements would be so different and strange for the series. I just dont see it working at all. It would change the games and imo not for the better

      1. gf incorporating nuzlockes will most likely never happen. And not full blown open world but with a bit of freedom and the world feeling larger will work with pokemon Because Pokemon is supposed to be an adventure and it doesn’t feel like one currently. What i mean is, the routes right now are pretty much like straight roads and the towns are small. Bigger towns and instead of typical routes expansive areas you have to traverse with secrets hidden.
        Gyms and trails are just a mandatory checkpoints more than anything is what I meant

        1. Gyms are to check how much progress you did and challenge you. They are how you progress through the adventure! They always bring us intresting characters, buildings, desings… What would a pokemon game be without something like gyms?

          1. Sun and Moon because Trials weren’t that much like gyms at all besides being boss battles

          2. Go to gym
            One hit leaders pokes.
            Get badge.

            If each gym had an interesting side story i would be all for it. My main issue is we do gyms and trials in the game just because. There’s no actual reason to. There isn’t even a reason to become champion. Even if they make it clear that your character dreams of becoming a champion or something like that it would be fine but they don’t. It’s just an obligation

    2. Really? Two extremally charateristic traits of the series and you want to remove them? I’m sorry, but that’s just stupid

      1. The two versions thing is stupid and unnecessary tho, it’s just a trend they do so they can get more money

        1. I think they should keep doing it tbh. They get more sales, which means more money to produce. As well as this, the game is heavily based on its trading features, and removing the different versions just completely messes that up especially now that we’ve got a breeding system so you can’t just trade rares because you can practically duplicate them due to breeding.

          And I don’t see why it’s that much of a problem tbh? Like, you don’t need to buy both versions, especially with how easy trading is nowadays and the fact you can now use Pokébank to hold your Pokémon as well as to get more rare Pokémon to trade. Like, I literally finished by Gen 6 Livedex with only Y and Alpha Sapphire, didn’t need X or Omega Ruby thanks to trading.

          As for third versions, it’s good they have the opportunity to go back to a game they put effort into and then polish it up. Diamond and Pearl as well as Ruby and Sapphire are beloved games, but Platinum and Emerald are constantly referred to as better because they had that base to refine in an extra year or two.

          1. Tbh they only get more sales for the people who buy both versions? And that’s not a very significant number. You cant trade with the same version tho? I mean, the only difference regardings to trade are versions exclusives but there aren’t even that many anyways.

            Even though is good to have a chance of polishing the games afterwards, I’m not very found of the idea, like, why bother buying a version of the game if you know that they’re going to release a better version just a year later (I tried doing this with XY :T )

          2. That’s still extra sales tho, and whilst it’s a relatively small number it’s still a decent in come. As well as that, say you’re a mother with two or more kids, you might be inclined to buy more than one of your kids Pokémon than just one because you technically buying them two different games rather than just one game

            Thing is tho, third versions (mostly Platinum, I’d say Emerald and Crystal are closer to their original versions but still change it up a bit) at least change it up rather than being a straight improvement. Like, Diamond and Pearl had huge roster differences for most trainers than Platinum, and the middle three gym Leaders are in a different order, so it’s up to you which you prefer. Hence, Diamond and Pearl aren’t made redundant by Platinum, but Platinum is still seen as the better game.

      2. I mean people complain about the series being samey, like hell even CoD tried to innovate with those exoskeletons and shit and even though they weren’t received amazingly and were eventually revoked at least they tried something new

        Whereas Pokémon doesn’t really ‘change’, it adds and removes changes to the core system. The core itself has been pretty much unshakeable l.

      3. Gyms and two Version Isn’t pokemon. Catching and battling new creatures to battle with is Pokemon. What’s Stupid is recycling the same formula for 20 years.

    3. I mean, trials and gyms served the purpose to be some kind of challenging “boss battle” so I wonder what could replace them.

      I agree on the difficult thing tho, no idea why they dropped it in BW2

      1. Because they were trying to play up the interaction between versions but botched it (if you had to connect with another game to get difficulty options, they should’ve made it at least straight away and not post-game).

        As someone who managed to play. White 2 challenge mode in its entirety and absolutely adored it, I really do hope difficulty options come back.

        1. Wait, so you were supposed to connect to another game to get the options and it’s only post-game?

          1. The game you get challenge (Black 2) or easy mode (White 2) from needs to have beaten the champion. The receiving game can be at any point really, as I managed to play through the whole game with challenge mode (first two gym Leaders weren’t that much harder imo but then shit hit the intensity fan)

          2. Uh, that’s the weirdest difficulty selection i’ve seen in a game lol, other games just let you select the difficulty from the beginning

      2. The boss battles should mean something. Gyms and trials don’t. Heck i don’t think there’s even a motive too becoming champion in the games, it’s something you just do. You can replace them with story battles, or keep them but give the player an actual reason to go and challenge them.

        1. The reason is to prove to the league that you’re strong enough to challenge them by collecting 8 badges, tirals are simmilar. How they interract with you is dependant on each of the games.

          1. I’ve never ever felt the need to go and win the league, and this is my entire problem with the gym-trail system. For something that’s supposed to be the final battle, there is absolutely zero build up to it.

  40. Tbh this whole event kinda makes me wish we got a Hula Pikachu in game in USUM, that’d be absolutely adorable :0

    Did they have any event distributions during the event? Like at least Surfing or Flying Pikachu?

    1. Electric/Grass hula pikachuthat evolves into a New kind of Raichu that’s half Grass too

      1. I don’t think It’d change its typing. Unless they change the typing of the other cosplay Pikachus as well.

  41. Seraph posted about his fakemon Evil team yesterday, so hell, Why not do the same? I have 2 tho

    Team Spring
    Once upon a time cheerful girl lived with her Bug type pokemon. Well she was too young to catch pokemon, so she just met with her insect friend every day. But when Winter came, the pokemon died. The girl was so depressed that she became obsessed with Spring, the time they were the happiest. When she grew up, pretending to be happy, she decided to use the power of pokemon and make Spring last forever… whatever it takes.
    Team Spring grunts are based on hippies and use fairy, Grass and Bug type pokemon.

    Team Autumn
    A boy Lost both his loving parents and grandmother in one year. He became obsessed with looking for a way to bring them back to life, and he discovered the powers of Ghost types. The first step in his Big plan is to create eternal Autumn, the time when Ghosts are the strongest.
    Team Autumn grunts are based on mages, wizards and LARPers

          1. yea but if u see people arent posting it probably that reason no need to reply to yourself asking for criticism if someone sees it and wants to respond they will

    1. Team Harmony (based around the hippie team peace and harmony)
      Team Eternal (Eternal Life)
      could be better names

      1. I actually created the teams around their names. My games would be called Summer and Winter, so the teams finish the 4. But Harmony and Eternal are great names and I think they could be used as key words in speeches of the leaders, or they could be names for their hideouts.

    2. Team Spring is like Magma/Aqua but with better backstory. But again kinda stupid, also spring forever isn’t that bad or evil imo. Maybe change her goal to be a bit less ridiculous like achieve immortality or make it so noone she loves dies or something.

      I like this one. But ‘ghost types are strong in autumn’ thing is wierd. But i guess it fits the theme of the games so it’s fine

      1. The goal isn’t supposed to be so bad, it’s the way she has to archieve it. She wants to kill the legendary pokemon of summer, so the balance is destroyed. Then she will be able to make spring eternal.

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  42. Finally have time to properly comment on the article. It’s cool that the event went so well. Hopefully after the disaster that happened in Chicago future events (if they do anymore outside of Japan) will run much more smoothly. I think Niantic just needs to get better at communicating with the service providers in the US. The whole story sounded messy. Anyway it’s cool that you had fun and I’m glad you shared your experience with us. I always love these interest pieces and want you guys to continue to keep posting them. News articles are cool, but having special articles about events and experiences of the staff are much more personal and interesting to read.

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