[UPD] November CoroCoro Leaking

The November issue of Japanese comic CoroCoro has started to leak online! This issue brings news on the mysterious Type: Null as well as some additional details on Alolan Grimer. Check out the scans and translations below!



  • Confirms Ilima (pink haired person next to Hau) as the first Trial Captain
  • Alolan Grimer is Poison/Dark-type.  It’s new look comes from eating Alolan garbage
  • Type: Null’s evolution is Shiruvadi – When Type: Null finds a trainer it trusts, it breaks its seal and becomes Shiruvadi.
  • Shiruvadi has a special item called Memory that gives it the power to be any type in conjunction with its ability, AR System. Also has a new attack called Multi Attack which changes its type based on the held item
  • Jangmo-o first evolves into Jarango, then into Jararanga
  • Both Jarango and Jararanga are Dragon/Fighting-type
  • The Pokémon Sun & Moon anime will premiere with an hour long special on November 17th
  • Samson Oak is the principal of the school that Ash will enroll in

 NOTE: There seems to be some understandable confusion on whether or not Shiruvadi is actually an evolution of Type:Null, or a forme change, or something else. The Japanese word for evolution, 進化 (しんか), is specifically used between the two. Showing that, despite the little aesthetic change and the special breaking the seal artwork, Shiruvadi is indeed Type:Null’s evolution.