Volcanion Distribution Now Live!

For those stateside, from today until October 31st, you can head to GameStop and pick up a serial code to download Volcanion for your XY and/or ORAS games! Rounding out the 6th Generation a month before Pokémon Sun & Moon hit stores, the event Volcanion will be level 70, holding an Assault Vest, with the moves Steam Eruption, Flamethrower, Hydro Pump and Explosion!

Don’t live in the US? Check out a quick list below of where you can pick up your event Volcanion serial code:

  • Australia // EB Games
  • Belgium // Dreamland, Broze et Fun
  • Canada // EB Games
  • Denmark // GameStop
  • Finalnd // GameStop, Pelaajashop, Verkkokauppa, Viihdepysäkki, Discshop & Konsolinet
  • Germany // Muller Stores
  • Mexico // Gamers
  • The Netherlands // Bart Smith, Intertoys
  • New Zealand // EB Games
  • Norway // Neo Tokyo, Gamzone, Spillsjappa
  • Spain // GAME
  • Sweden // GameStop, Webhallen, Spel & Sånt
  • UK // GAME