TCG Hints Sun & Moon Have as Many New Pokémon as X&Y

Our friends over at PokéBeach have broken down the numbers from the upcoming Pokémon Sun & Moon TCG expansion and they’ve made some interesting connections that may just reveal how many new monsters we’ll be seeing in the Nintendo 3DS games next month.

Sun & Moon [TCG] will feature over 40 new Alola Pokemon, including some Alolan Pokemon like Alolan Meowth. This is the same number of new Pokemon as XY. The first XY set featured around 40 new Kalos Pokemon, Black & White featured over 70 new Unova Pokemon (when they were doing the whole “older Pokemon don’t exist” thing and had 156 new Pokemon to show off), and Diamond & Pearl featured almost 60 new Sinnoh Pokemon. This may be a large hint that Alola will have around the same number of new Pokemon as Kalos, since, generally, the TCG takes between three and five sets to introduce a new generation’s Pokemon.

The general consensus from Pokémon X&Y was that the games lacked a sufficient number of new Pokémon, so this could be worrying. Of course, this is just an estimate based on past examples, so don’t lose all hope just yet.

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