Riddler Hints at Salandit’s Evolution & MORE

salanditWe are getting close to Pokémon Sun & Moon’s release and will be using our spoiler image more often to warn people about information they may not want to see.

Today’s post is about the Chinese Riddler who has recently teased information about the evolution of Salandit, one of the Pokémon revealed this summer. They have said that it will relate to one of four characters: a kyūbi (9-tailed fox), Cleopatra, the gorgons or a siren. The below image was included in his post:

img_1366In the description of Salandit, many fans noticed that it mentioned females being able to produce pheromones capable of attracting males of any species, Pokémon and human alike.

See any resemblance to one of those in its appearance or lore? Post your sleuthing and theories down in the comments!

In addition they stated that we do not know everything about the Alolan starters, even after seeing their second evolutions and the leaked third stages. Mysterious!