[UPD] October CoroCoro Leaking

Well, it looks like this is it! After patiently waiting for Japanese comic magazine CoroCoro to leak it is finally here! Peep the images below.


  • NEW Rockruff’s evolution’s forms are version exclusive
  • NEW Day Rugarugan’s signature move is called Accelerock (or Accel Rock) which is a priority move described as “a flashing strike”
  • NEW Night Rugarugan’s signature move is Counter which is glamorized with the flavor text “a fierce strikeback”
  • NEW It seems these are not simple day/night evolutions but are a reflection of the powers that reside in Alola; Solgaleo in Pokémon Sun (Midday form) and Lunaala in Pokémon Moon (Midnight form)
  • Rockruff’s evolution is called Rugarugan (ルガルガン). CoroCoro is very vague on Rugarugan, though it appears that it may change form during day and night, and it is not simply a split evolution.
  • Two new Ultra Beasts are revealed, UB02 Beauty (shown in Pokémon Moon) and UB02 Expansion (shown in Pokémon Sun)
  • The new anime series is called Pokemon: Sun & Moon and will start in November. Since there is no league in the Alola Region Ash’s goal in this season will be to graduate from school.
  • Next month’s issue will reveal the true strength of Type: Null

<3 PJ