RUMOR: CoroCoro to Reveal Alolan Arbok?

PLEASE REMEMBER: Rumors are for discussion and should be considered false until official information confirms their contents. They are posted for discussion and enjoyment purposes only 🙂

An anonymous poster on 2ch claims to have seen the October issue of CoroCoro, a Japanese comic magazine, and says that the latest issue shows Alolan Ekans and Arbok. They’ve given a few details about it and here are the translations:

  • Alolan Ekans & Arbok are Fighting-type
  • Their abilities are Fighter Skin, which makes Normal-type moves Fighting and increases their power by 30% (ala Pixilate, etc), and Shed Skin
  • Alolan Arbok is light brown and bigger in size than its normal counterpart, but lacks any pattern on its body
  • It is a Pokémon Sun exclusive and the CoroCoro issue also reveals that Alolan Sandslash is a Moon exclusive


Adding in other rumors from 2ch, newest rumors will be added to the bottom. The Alolan Electabuzz & Magmar rumor was preceded by a typo so I think I consider this much shakier than the above Arbok rumor. It would also leave questions regarding their evolutions as well.

  • Alolan Electabuzz revealed, new form looks similar to the pudgy Shinto god Ebisu
  • Brought electricity to Alola and is seen as a guardian-type figure
  • Electric/Fairy-type
  • Has the abilities Friend Guard/Healer
  • Alolan Magmar
  • It walks on all fours and is covered in vines; covered itself in vegetation as a way to survive in the jungles of Alola
  • Fire/Grass-type
  • New ability that reduces the effectiveness of its opponents attack when it switches to a teammate in battle (teammate will take less damage when it switches in)

Furthermore, one of the posters has promised to post pictures of the issue tomorrow at 7PM Japan Standard Time. Hopefully they’re telling the truth 😉

<3 PJ